Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees


There will be a battle of initials and aces this afternoon, weather permitting. The Blue Jays will send R.A. Dickey to the mound while the Yankees counter with C.C. Sabathia. Rain falls in NYC, so we may have to wait for baseball today.

This can’t get any worse, right?

The first inning of yesterday’s game versus the Yankees started with some promise. That is, following Melky Cabrera’s striking out on a ball that hit his foot. Both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion drew walks, giving cleanup hitter J.P. Arencibia an opportunity to inflict some damage with two men on.

Maybe we all saw that coming. Worry not, though. Here comes walk machine Adam Lind and his two home runs in seven career at-bats versus David Phelps. Lind works the count to 3-1 and then…

The tone was set for a sloppy afternoon of Blue Jays baseball. 7-2 Yankees. The season in a nutshell. Here’s to the Blue Jays salvaging a game out of this series. Like that’s worth something at this point.


Marcus Stroman will return from suspension today and take the mound for the Double-A New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Shi Davidi highlights some changes Stroman has made to his repertoire, which will feature a changeup, slider, and “true curveball”.

Gregor Chisholm updates J.A. Happ’s status, noting that it’s the left-hander’s knee, not head, that’s currently holding him back from throwing off the mound.

Davidi relays a facetious quote from Brandon Morrow following yesterday’s loss in this tweet.

One of the other pieces the Kansas City Royals sent to Tampa along with Wil Myers for James Shields, Jake Odorizzi, will make his Rays debut on Monday versus the Jays.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)

R.A. Dickey RHP

New York Yankees

CF Curtis Granderson (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
SS Reid Brignac (L)
C Austin Romine (R)

C.C. Sabathia LHP

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  1. What’s with the 4:37 game this week?

    • Off-season scuttlebutt was that the Jays wanted to see if people would show up to an earlier game after work, as opposed to having to having to hang around a couple of hours for a 7 p.m. game.

      I can’t remember if there were any official statements along those lines.

  2. I know it sounds crazy but Lind should be in the lineup today against sabathia instead of rasmus. He has good numbers against him. In all honesty though, how is this lineup supposed to compete against sabathia 4-9 with all these weak hitters. The only key guy missing is reyes, yet it still looks pathetic.

    • I don’t know how you define it, but I’d call Rajai a key guy against LHP. Arencibia hasn’t been as totally awful against southpaws in his career as well (though he’s oddly been terrible this year). Lineup looks a lot deeper with those two in it and not Bonifacio/Blanco.

    • When it comes to playing one of the lefties that can’t hit lefties, I’ll go with the good fielding CF rather than the DH. The drop-off in defense from Rasmus to anyone else on this team is huge.

      • Yeah, your point is very valid, but I also think having both rasmus and lind in instead of bonicrapio woudnt be a bad move either.

  3. I cringe every time I see Blanco’s name in the lineup. Still can’t figure out why Thole isn’t up. Might be a better starter than JPA right now. It bothers me so much that changes aren’t being made.
    In a hockey game, if a team gets lit up, the coach and GM moves things around. Bring up a guy from minors, move a guy in from the bench, change the lines, etc. I know hockey is different but we’re just sitting back and doing the same thing over and over again. Can’t we try some different things to maybe just start things a bit? Bring up Thole, maybe Negrych rather than awful Isturis. We’re a quarter of the way into the season and don’t see anything changing!
    I love my team, just wish I could see something attempted to give these boys a jumpstart!

  4. I just watched a d/l copy of fast & furious 6- it was like watching some kind of art movie except in violence where I just watched and can’t figure out what the fuck it was even about. Nothing makes sense.

    BTW, some Stroman swag is exactly what is needed after the shit pounding the pitching has taken over the last couple of years.

    For those of you hating on JPA, here’s some context:
    2010: McGuire, Sanchez, Syndergaard, Woj,
    2009: Jenkins
    2008: David Cooper
    2007: Ahrens, JPA, Cecil, Justin Jackson, Magnuson
    2006: Snider
    2005: Romero
    2004: Zach Jackson, Purcey

    • @ED,

      So the Jays drafts have not produced sufficient talent to help the team.

      Who will have the better career at this point? JPA?Romero? Cecil?

      It’s scary when you see those names.

      Wasn’t AA somewhat involved in the draft picks during the JP Riccardi era?

      • I’d say in the context of mlb drafts, Romero, Cecil, JPA and snider can all be rated as successes, even though at least three of them never hit their ‘ceiling’.

        • How can you consider snider a success?? He has done absolutely nothing.

          • Snider’s numbers are all against RHP. He’s had about 7 AB’s against LHP. Btw, if the Jays didnt have a desperate need for pitching last summer, what the Pirates are doing is the way it should be done: platoon Snider that way until he could at least look halfway decent (if possible) against LHP.

    • Let’s keep in mind that 2009 and earlier were all Ricciardi’s picks. AA came onboard in the fall of 2009 and Sanchez is still in the system and D’Arnaud and Syndergaard got us RA Dickey. Wojciehoski was part of the Happ deal.

    • Gotta say, Ricciardi was a really crappy drafter. In five years (still too early on Jenkins), he got one all-star in Romero, and one starter in JPA. Maybe Snider as a starter too. And I guess Cecil looks like a pretty solid pick at this point.

      Maybe Ricciardi wasn’t so bad. More like “replacement level.”

    • I just wanted to show that relatively, JPA was better than a lot of shit bags the team had drafted in the first round + comp.

    • A successful team needs to be able to draft and develop their own players. The game is changing dramatically. Superstar talent is being extended prior to free agency. This obviously negatively impacts teams like the Yankees much more than teams like the Jays.

    • By comparison, here are the Red Sox selections since Richardi was hired
      2002-Jon Lester, Scott White, Chris Smith
      2003-David M Murphy, Matt Murton, Ab Alvarez (Papelbon in 4th round)
      2004-Dustin Pedroia, Andrew Dobbies, Tom Hottovy
      2005-They had five picks in the first round, taking in order, Clay Bucholz, Craig Hanson
      Michael Bowden, Jed Lowrie and Jacoby Ellsbury
      2006-Jason Place, Daniel Bard, Caleb Clay (Justin Masterson was their 5th selection)
      2007-Rick Hagadone, Ryan Dent, Jeff Morris (Will Middlebrooks was their 5th selection)
      2008-Casey Kelley, Brian Price, Stephen Gibson
      2009-Ray Fuentes, Alex Wilson, David Renfroe
      2010-Kolben Vitek, Bryce Benz, Anthony Ranaudo
      2011-Matt Barnes, Blake Swihart, Henry Owens, Jackie Bradley
      2012-Devon Marreo, Brian Johnson, Pat Light

      So, while usually drafting after the Jays, Red Sox got Lester, Papelbon, Pedroia, Bucholz, Lowrie, Ellsbury, Masterson & Middlebrooks while the Jays were getting JPA, Romero, Cecil, Snider etc.

      Richardi sold Rogers on the “moneyball” approach and made a habit of drafting low floor/low ceiling types who could make it to the majors quickly but who would have minimal impact once they arrived. Meanwhile, the Red Sox drafted the nucleus of two championship teams.

  5. Braking!: The game today!

  6. This fucks up the rotation

  7. ESPN says the game is rained out. Hey, it kept us from losing 3 games in NY this weekend.

  8. With the game cancelled,does that mean the Jays have lost the #unsweepable tag?

    • They were swept in a 4 game set already by the Yanks…… I like to pretend it didn’t happen too.

  9. I think it’s great news that the game i cancelled. I would rather have Dickey pitch tomorrow against the Rays. The Jays have a better chance using Dickey tomorrow.

    Perhaps the makeup game , will be later in the season when the Jays have a better chance of winning.

  10. Don’t have to play the Yankees for three months! Woo!

  11. Melky gets a day to rest and we get to go through the rotation again with a day off so we don’t need a 5th starter.this could not have come at a better time.

  12. What a fucking pathetic organization. How many people paid attention this weekend? 17?

    I didn’t hear a thing about the Jays the entire weekend at any golf course or BBQ or whatever. They’ve managed to bring back indifference in a whopping 6 weeks. That’s pretty impressive.

    • blah blah blah blah blah.

    • You’re confusing your emotions with everyone else’s.

    • Well, its along season but they’ve fucked themselves pretty good with all these extra wins theyve given the yankees and other teams in their division. Its hard to say the season is done in mid may but this could very well be an insurmountable hole.

    • I don’t think they mind that no one was paying attention this weekend, given how they did.

    • A little bit of embellishment on your part Gord,but it is true,the hype that produced excitement in the casual fan, has faded.
      On the positive side, it has shown that a little humilty, to temper the overconfidence that started the season, is a good thing.
      Baseball is a very hard game and is like life itself.
      Just when you think you got it all figured out,got all the pieces in place and everything looks good on paper, it kicks you in the nuts and says “you still got to earn it”.
      Nobody gets a free pass.

  13. Since there is no game today, pehaps we should turn to some prospecting.

    What is the organizational feel on Pillar? Every single level the guy has been at he has raked…….doesn’t strike out that much…and walks at a decent clip. He plays CF..steals bases….continuing to hit the shit out of the ball at AA (where alot of guys who raked at lower levels seem to stumble). Is this guy even on the radar? Is he the next Reed johnson (or better, or worse?). Why is there no talk of him as a possible solution to our CF issues going forward if rasmus and gose fail? Is it because he is not “toolsy” enought?

    Nolin threw 5 shutout inning last night..two dominant starts in a row…perhaps he will be the next guy in line to bring up once the ortiz magic wears off (and it will).

    • Yup, sad.Really sad.
      21 years old.

    • Does anybody have any idea how he died? I remember when he was drafted and didn’t sign. It was surprising. Bad advice from an agent I guess.

      • I never heard anything definitive but it sounds like mental illness.
        That is my interpretation on what I read.

        • I read it and googled it too and tried to figure it out from possible hints but nothing. There has to be something in the fact that he was drafted by Toronto, then LA, and then Toronto again and he wouldnt sign anything. My guess would be some kind of chronic debilitative disease.

          • The fact that there was no “hint” is generally a hint.
            The only thing I saw was in lieu of flowers, donations to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

            • Noticed that too Karen. Got nothing. That would be as likely as my guess. Probably more?

            • Alll signs point to suicide, and without speculating about the reasons (as none of us know) its pretty hard to imagine what happened with his baseball career didnt factor into it.

              Truly tragic.

  14. Nine men pen now , Wtf? Call up coming up? McGowan????

  15. Stroman so far 2.1 IP 4 k’s. no walk, no hits, no runs.

  16. Nick Cafardo ‏@nickcafardo 4m
    Would Blue Jays deal Jose Bautisa and/or Edwin Encarnacion if they’re still bad before trading deadline? Some teams think they may.

    • Looks like a complete rebuild is in the works.

      • Rebuild after 7 weeks? That is so stupid it hurts.

      • Remember that that tweet is coming from the Boston media. I am in no way in favour of a complete rebuild but I would consider a Bautista trade for a spectacular package.

      • @ jesuscristo Are you Grumpy bear? Because when I read your posts, I imagine this really grumpy dude with a rain cloud, and odd strike of lightening following you around. No rebuild needed. The Jays got Alomar and Carter in 91, mind you they made the playoffs, but they didn’t get to the world series. They have a solid core, and just need to make a few tweaks, add more depth, and they will be dangerous. They can learn a lot from the way they’ve played this year (like improving defensively and on the base paths). This team will get above .500 and they will be even better next year.

        NO NEED FOR A REBUILD. That would be one of the stupidest moves you could make. You don’t go all in, and then fold after the flop. You play your cards to the end, and you either win or learn from the gravity of the situation. Go big or go the fudge home. The fan base asks for the team to spend, and then when the team spends, the fans (using this term loosely for “the fans” who whine and moan about EVERY FUCKING LITTLE THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE) want a rebuild. Get bent. Jesus christ jesuscristo, your ruining my DJF experience, almost daily. Do us all a favor and lighten up your shut up, Mr. Doom and Gloom would be a better handle for your whine ass.

        P.S. I do not like signalling people out, but seriously dude, life is short. If you are clearly not enjoying your Blue Jay experience, find something that is enjoyable. Even when the Jays are winning, your on here complaining about just about anything you can put a negative spin on. It’s really annoying, and doesn’t seem like your enjoying anything at all. So I ask you WHY? Why bother dude. Good luck on finding something not to bitch about!

    • If they do, it has to be both along with everyone else who could possibly bring any kind of return and isn’t <3 years of service: Dickey, Morrow, Johnson (though he likely won't be back yet), Buehrle (with the Jays eating 80 percent of the money), JPA, Rasmus if anyone will take him, Janssen, Lind, Melky, Oliver, Cecil and so on. Reyes next year, if he comes back. Rip it all down and get as many prospects as you can. No sense in trading your one or two best players if you keep a bunch of other guys who are even older and make more money.

      I'm in favour of it if they're still this bad at the deadline.

  17. Sirotka, oops, I mean Santos, to 60-day DL. We won’t see him again this season.

    • Stop

    • Great trade. Maybe have a physical done before trading for someone… just a thought.

      • Yeah, but Molina got sent down to AA this year (from AAA last year) and his ERA is 7.30

        • Not suggesting we should have kept Molina, but trading him for someone capable of pitching more than 5 innings a year would have been nice. We could have gotten a lot of other offers for him at the time, his stock was sky high. Hard to call AA a ninja when he got outsmarted by Kenny Williams who was universally known as one of the dumbest GMs in baseball.

          • I dunno GC. The trade as it looks now is so-so guy for so-so guy….kind of a wash. But back when Molina had value, so too did Santos. I remember at the time checking an article on Santos’ effective velocity. It had to do with the length of his stride and his release point. He was among the top 3 in MLB.
            ps I think it’s team policy (if not league policy) to have all trades contingent on passing physicals.

          • Fuck GC are you ever an idiot. We got 5 or 6 years of a hard throwing closer for a guy that is not worth a bag of balls now.

      • There’s a little bit of truth in what you say JC.

      • 1) Pretty sure they Jays did a physical before the trade, since, you know, every trade requires them.

        2) Given what we gave up in the trade, I’m pretty sure we’re still ahead.

        • Opportunity cost.

          • Hind sight is 20/20. At the time, it was a good deal, taken with calculated risks. Any trade for a pitcher, or signing for that matter, even with physicals, are risky. Such is life as a pitcher, where they violently contort their body to get as much power and movement on a baseball, that injuries are almost impossible to avoid and even harder to predict (did you know when someone who throws 100mph, it isn’t the ball that travels at 100mph, its how fast the pitchers arm is coming down when releasing the ball that shows up on the radar gun.). To say that AA got fleeced by Williams is totally inaccurate. Team A gets prospect, team B gets Closer with power arm and team friendly contract. Which, by the way, still gives him the time to earn every dollar of that contract and give the Jays an edge in this trade. And Molina could turn things around too. Really, way to early to tell.

    • I think Williams got some 80 year old BP pitcher, gave him a face lift and hair transplants, and sent him instead of the REAL Santos.

  18. A billion dollars to build new Yankee Stadium and no type of roof.

    I’m convinced that certain markets probably make money off of postponed games vs. selling seats in inclement wether.

  19. Any word about a possible start time?

  20. Piss. It’s SHITTY outside in Winnipeg, and now I dont got nothing to do.

    • Comment more on DjF!

    • It should be “I don’t have anything to do.” Using a double-negative in a sentence will get you kicked off my radio show evrytime.

      • So says Mike Wilner.

        • To his credit, Jim, Mike would probably toss you as well for using neither the Queen’s English nor Merican.

          • Incidentally, Hartman’s Law Of Prescriptivist Retaliation states that “any article or statement about correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling is bound to contain at least one eror.”

            And yes, I’m being sarcaustic.
            You’re welcome.

          • For anyone else, that’s a 3 game suspension.

            • Also, see “Skitt’s Law”

              Skitt’s Law, a corollary of Murphy’s Law, variously expressed as “any post correcting an error in another post will contain at least one error itself” or “the likelihood of an error in a post is directly proportional to the embarrassment it will cause the poster.”

    • Yup. Rain all weekend here in Winnipeg. Lousy May Long…

  21. Fuck, I broke the interwebs (again.)

  22. Speedy Gose-ales called up. Mickey Storey sent down.

  23. I’m a gibby fan. The first time he put JP ahead of Lind,at clean-up, I thought he was playing a hunch (even with a righty on the mound) Why he is continuing with 4-5 this way, I do not understand

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