Hang on, this is an afternoon game? Anthony Gose is up with the Jays for some reason, but not in the lineup. Apparently this is something resembling big news. I don’t know. Happy Bastille Day.

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  1. so anyone know what the deal with vipbox is?

    no picture no sound last 2 days…..

  2. New Sportsnet girl Caroline Cameron…


  3. I’m at the game today, hoping to improve my 0-3 record. The former windows space is pretty cool.

  4. Edwin’s sure getting his work in here.

  5. Atta boy, Adam Lind!

  6. Is this a new thing for the Jays? Stealing second with one out and a full count?

    I’ve seen it a few times this year but it’s often ended with a K and double play.

    Not a huge fan of the idea myself. Especially with a runner on 3rd.

  7. The Man from Muncie takes beaucoup de pitches, thoroughly tires out Eddie, and cashes in Melky. Nicely done, Kittenface.

    • I’ve been charting quite the bromance between the two of you in recent weeks. It’s nice to see positivity.

  8. Thanks Yunel.

  9. Dimed gets 3.

  10. Gose hasn’t done much to deserve a call up but hard to argue with adding depth to the bench.

    Especially with Davis out of the lineup. Good speed to have on the bench late in the game.

    • The only reason to have gose up here instead of sierra is if they plan on giving melkey quite a bit of rest in the field and want a superior defensive option

      • @voice of reason

        It makes sense to have Gose as Defensive OF. They can use Melky as DH against LHP.

        LIND would be on the bench against LHP.

  11. That was a preventable run.

  12. Looked like Blanco was pulling a weighted sled

  13. What? A crappy call went the Jays way? It’s time to capitalize.

  14. Can someone tell me what just happened with Blanco? Esp. as we got an #umpshow tweet from Klaw…

  15. Yes, take advantage of the crappy call and the turf bounce.

  16. why cant we get these breaks when we are playing the yankees?

    ump gives us a call….bloopers falling in..astroturf bounces leading to extra bases.

  17. Cletus done real good.

  18. Dickey’s velocity is down again. must have taco neck syndrome

  19. Dickey serving meatballs again.

  20. Come on Brett. Get in front of the damn ball. Don’t give me any of this ‘OLE’ bullshit.

  21. For fuck sakes dickey. This was a cy young winner in the NL? The offense gave you 3 runs so keep the other team off the board like you should.

  22. AA is such a massive fuck up. He spent years building up the farm system just to throw it all away on this useless bunch.

    • Stifle yourself muffin top.

      • hold on now. lets take an honest look at what AA has done recently..or not done recently.

        one could argue kyle lohse and dickey would be a wash right now.

        lohse was available as a relatively reasonably priced free agent.

        dickey cost us two big time prospects..

        nick swisher was a reasonably priced free agent that we should have made a run at. an on base percentage machine.

        • Why bother judging AA by what he or his players have done or not done ‘recently’ or ‘right now?’

          And, more to the point, are you also Wilner’s love handles?

        • Well, dickey was supposed to be significantly better than lohse. Its on him to perform. Agree on swisher. Hes a switch hitter and versatile. Can play rf/1b/dh.

        • 2 words

          Cy Young

        • Well now VOT ,hold on there.Let’s consider this.
          What has he done lately?The beginning of the season isn’t exactly a flury of activity.
          Since when don’t you trade prospects for a current Cy Young winner?
          You wouldn’t trade prospects for Price,Verlander or King Felix?
          There were lots of question marks about Swisher preseason.
          And who didn’t think this was a great team before the season started?
          AA is doing fine. The players aren’t performing.

          • Questions about Swisher?

            Not saying the Jays should or should not have went after him, but can’t imagine there were
            many questions about him.

            One of the most consistent players in the game over the past few years. Pretty solid .270/.350/.425 line with 20 or so HRs. You can basically book him for it every year.

          • You cant seriously be comparing Dickey to Price, verlander…those guys are much better than dickey ..not even close…and have a longer track record….AND are either in or entering their primes…not 38 years old who throw a feel pitch.

            swisher has been a very consistent player …not much risk in a high on base switch hitter who can play multiple positions and has some pop.

            • Cy Young 2012.
              Led NL in strikeouts.
              Has improved every year for 3 years straight.
              Gives you a ton of innings.
              Your not going to trade prospects for that?

        • Captain Hindsight to the rescue!


        • @Voice

          You make some good points, but didn’t Dickey have more “marketing appeal”.?

          Also, Dickey had a cheap 2013 contract, which given an internal budget of 125 million or so, would allowed the Jays to “go all in” in 2013?

          The complete mess of Romero has really hurt the team. Loss of Reyes & Johnson has made it worse.

        • Hey great work on the hindsight. Too bad its only barely 2 months into the season. If you think that over the entire year that Lohse is going to be better than Dicey than youre a fucking moron. Dickey has been fine. He is clearly not the problem. What is the problem? Glad you asked. ITs a combo of bad luck and too many guys under performing. Eventually, they will start performing and luck will swing the other way. To say AA did anything wrong is so fucking annoying. If you think about it, I don’t recall even slight critisism of any of his moves. They were all good. Johnson will return, Dickey will improve. Morrow will find his game. Reyes might be worth 2 wins against replacement from the fucking bench. Lawrie won’t always bat .185. Time to patient and not be the first asshole to say ‘I told you so’ when you didnt tell us so and youre wrong.

          • Wow, extrapolate much wind bag? Apparently you lack the ability to comprehend what someone has written. Not sure where I said anything about “I told you so” …I like most of the moves he made, just saying AA is not some other level GM that is pillaging his GM rivals with voodoo and guile. But yeah..go ahead…and beat your drum of george bush like “with us or against us” noncritical bs. clap your hands like the monkey you are to every move ever made by your team. it suits you quite well.

            And in fact your are writing Loshe low if you dont think he can outperform DIckey for an entire year. The guy is a very solid pitcher.

    • Derp da derp da derp derpity derp

      • People who use the word “derp’ deserve to be drugged, Tbagged and then have the pictures sent to their grandma.

  23. I think this team leads the majors in 3 or 4 pitch k’s. These guys just dont battle

    • They’ve got 2 guys (Rasmus and JPA) in the top 5 in strikeouts in MLB.

      • Difference is Rasmus also walks a lot and contributes mightily on defense.

        Those are two big differences.

        • @Rob good point. I thnk Jpa has the lowest OBP of any catcher in the AL at .275 or .245.

          It’s really low.

        • Perenially Cletus is at or around 10% which is acceptable. And his defence makes him above average (1.7 WAR). It puts more pressure though on the other players in the batting order when you have 2 guys striking out at the rates they do. The elephant in the room is JPA.

  24. Holy Lord.

  25. This ump entire strike zone is shifted a foot to the right handed batters box.

  26. Josh Lueke,….what a guy.
    Do a Google search on his past. Sketchy.

    • While in the Rangers organization Lueke was arrested following a May 2008 incident and charged with having committed rape and non-consensual sodomy. During the investigation Lueke lied to the police by denying he had sexual contact with the victim (an assertion proven false by DNA testing), and he pled no contest to lesser charges of false imprisonment with violence and was sentenced to 42 days in jail, time served prior to making bail.[4]
      After the July 9, 2010 trade which sent Lueke to the Seattle Mariners, team president Chuck Armstrong denied having any knowledge of Lueke’s criminal past and stated if he had any knowledge he would have stopped the deal with Texas. Team GM Jack Zduriencik said Texas stood by the completed deal after Armstrong instructed him to cancel the deal with Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels. During trade negotiations Zduriencik asked Daniels why Lueke only played four games in the 2009 season and Daniels told the Mariners GM that Lueke was arrested after an incident involving a woman and Lueke was later acquitted. Daniels later apologized to Zduriencik for the misuse of acquittal when describing the events, but the two sides disagree on much of the rest of the communications between the two teams. Daniels did say the Rangers understood Seattle to know more about Lueke’s situation than what was directly discussed between the two parties, and according to former Mariners pitching coach Rick Adair, the Mariners did know about Lueke’s criminal troubles prior to the trade and the details of the criminal charges were common knowledge. Adair served as the Rangers minor-league pitching coordinator for the Rangers in the 2008 season before joining former Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu for the 2009 season. Wakamatsu and Adair were both fired from the Mariners following the trade deadline after a very disappointing 2010 season.

      • Yep, I am also a big M’s fan, they fucked up bad on grabbing him in the deal.
        I also believe that one of the biggest community partners at the time was Abuse Against Women group, so it was a PR nightmare.

        As Tabby would have us believe, the reason he has moved around is b/c “teams want ya”.

      • Kinda makes Jeffress sound a little better.

    • Wee-ow. Bugs me how things like this tend to be glossed over in sports. I can’t support a player who is a gross human. I don’t care if they are best player ever Miguel Cabrera or this douche nozzle.

      • MLB also doesnt care if you drink and drive..not even a short suspension (gallardo didnt even miss a start) but if you smoke weed you get 50 games.

        • I find Cabrera objectionable for more than just the drinking + driving, but I hear you. That’s pretty ridiculous. Even as someone who doesn’t like the pot.

  27. why not steal second and bunt to third? kawasaki is the guy we are bunting guys into scoring position for?

  28. Melky looks like my fat filipino friend

  29. Does Dickey have 2 passed balls today already? Remind me again why this waste of space is on the team?

    Man, those 38 total innings he caught Dickey before 2013 must have been pretty incredible to give him this kind of rope because so far this year he has been mediocre at best. Certainly not even remotely close to justify his spot on the team whilst keeping down a LH batting catcher with a 1.000+ OPS in AAA.

    Nice that weve carried this clown so far the whole season based on 5 games he caught Dickey back three years ago.

    • That was a pretty nice bunt he laid down.

    • @Rob .

      That is shocking that Blanco only caught 38 innings of Dickey. It’s not like he was a regular starting catcher for Dickey.

    • Lets just assume for a second you know something about baseball, scouting that AA, Gibbons and their army of scouts do not. Then lets take into account how much difference a back up catcher makes. Ok, now you can fuck off.

      • Sorry but with JPA being one of the worst ranked carchers in MLB Thole could have more of an impact than most backup carchers.

        He was terrible last year, But prior to that was a .350 OBP guy. No power, but a decent catcher to start against righties.

        • Your right. I didn’t realize how good of a track record he has until I checked his minor league stats a few weeks ago. He has got on base at every level, and I’m pretty sure he dealt with nagging injuries for most of last year. Can’t wait til he gets a call up.
          What’s scary is JP is striking out more than ever, and his walk rate has disappeared. Tholes stats from last year, he struckout 14.1% of the time. JP was at 29% last year, and up to 33.5% of the time this year. That’s over 5% more than Kelly Johnson struckout last year. Wasted abats! DFA Blanco and get Thole up here, so JP knows if he doesn’t hit, he isn’t going to be automatically penciled in.

  30. Jose has been getting fucked by curves all day. He used to crush the hanging curves.

  31. EDDIE

    • @small potatoes.

      That was a base clearing double by chicken wing!!!!

      Lawrie is an easy out now. . Sad….. He’s a Canadian Johnny Mac on defensive who drinks too much red bull.

  32. Big knock!

  33. Eddie the best…

  34. Funny times when Adam Lind gets IBB’d to face Lawrie. (Who sucks)


  36. Man carney isnt the most charismatic guy in the world, but hes my favourite bluejay!

  37. lo viste muthfucka!

  38. Great start, Gose.

  39. Im not crazy about the gose defencive replacement thing if gibbons is going to do it every close game. I thing the difference between cabrera and gose’s bat is larger than the the d. Just my opinion.

    • Especially if gibbons does it when theyre down which thankfuly theyre not.

    • Depends on the context totally.

      One run lead in the 6th? No way. 3 run lead in the 8th? Im ok with that, especially consodering Melkys sore hammys.

  40. Can anyone imagine just how shit the Rays would be if they didn’t have Longoria? He’s basically the only reason the Rays are hanging around.

  41. Bobifantastico to Bonifiasco in a heartbeat.

    Fuck me.

  42. Blanco has just as many walks in one game as JP’s had all year? Is that right?

  43. “Life is short, so why not just enjoy the game?”

    Why not indeed.

  44. Not to bring us down on such a glorious day…but what kind of sad fuck dyou have to be to boo Kelly frakking Johnson? Really? Boo thineself, sad “fans” currently @ the Dome. KJ’s life is sad enough.

    • Yeah the whole idea is a bit embarrassing. Moreover, booing guys – like Escobar – just makes them want to show you up.

      • I don’t know if I get that into sports psychology, but it certainly doesn’t help. I can at least understand why people would boo Escobar.

      • As a staunch opponent of booing people just because they had the misfortune to play here in the past, booing Yunel Escobar is pretty justified.

  45. Welp, at least he didn’t walk him..

  46. Tabby, our resident ‘expert,’ is now teaching physics?

  47. Casey hates low leverage.

    He just wants to make it worth his while.

  48. Casey noooooo

    Your precious stat line.

  49. Looks like he’s just guiding it now. Is Lawrie going to scream at him?

  50. Ok….. Not even close Casey. Slow it down and let the next guy warm up.

  51. Thank God!

  52. YESSIR!!! We needed that!

  53. Fuck it would of sucked if Longoria had gotten up to the plate.

  54. Jose, please don’t hurt yourself celebrating.

  55. Janssen’s ERA has spiked to a barely manageable 1.98, his FIP is an atrocious 2.30, and BB/9 and HR/9 to a horrendous 0.66 each. What a bum.

  56. Is Buckner behind home plate tomorrow? He scares me.

  57. In other news Yan Gomes is the best player in the world

  58. Nice gesticulations Yunel.

    • He’s the very definition of “baby man” – WHY did he have to behave like that? It’s gross. It’s just baseball. Relax + have fun.

  59. Nice win.

  60. How about Yan Gomes. Hits a 3 run jack to win the game tonight

  61. A side of chop suey

  62. Well, that was much needed. Team still has a huuuuuugggee hole to climb out of. But its a start. Things arent looking promising based on the pitching matchup tomorrow though.

  63. Can anyone tell me why the Rays havnt called up Will Meyers? I’ve been keeping on my bench all year and if he comes up I might have a shot at this thing.

  64. What happened with Bautista celebrating? Some mention of a possible back tweak? I didn’t see it.

  65. That Melkman double was ridiculous. Nearly at his feet and he bloops it into center.

  66. At the game today -nice win for the lads ona glorious day. Couple of brewskis went down real nice and I am now enjoying a bottle of Mondavi Merlot.
    Dickey’s knuckler was bobbing today and i think the ump missed a couple of easy strikes which ended up prolonging some innings.

    Bonifacio continues to prove he cannot play 2B as he botched a DP that w/h got Dickey out of an inning with a poor feed to Kawasaki in the second inning.

    Blanco is not really ready for MLB anymore. My goodness he had 2 easy passed balls , one of which cost us a run and he was an easy out at second even tho he hit the ball to the wall as he cannot run anymore ( called safe on a technicality). So, cannot run, cannot hit, and plays every 5th game_why?

    Lawrie’s swings today looked ackward, like he was trying desperately to hit to RF, which he did with the triple, but otherwise looked weak. Hope he gets it together soon

    • Lawrie’s swings have looked like that for a long time. It almost gives the impression he’s swinging uphill. Pitches that he used to drive (like the triple in the first, for old time’s sake) he’s missing or fouling off. Instead of turning on pitches he’ll fighting everything off. I dunno.

    • +1 for the Mondavi Merlot. The parent company, Constellation Brands , STZ. NYSE is one of my favourite investments.

      I have no clue why Blanco is still on this team. If the team was in first place, it would be OK to have the luxury.

      However, the Jays are reserving a roster spot for a 40+ year old than can barely get a double,
      catches once a week, & cannot be used as a pinch hitter in any games.

      If Dickey had a 2.0 ERA & I believed in Catcher ERA, then he could stay.

      He looks like a suspect on COPS.

      Bringing up Thole would help the team & since he has experience catching Dickey, we wouldn’t have to worry about his defence.

      Perhaps AA made him a promise in March that he could stay on the team, but it’s not helping the team.

      AA has to stop wasting roster spots on “clubhouse leaders” that no one would take seriously given their lack of performance & lack of history with the Jays.

      • agree with you there. BTW, thanks for the tip about STZ, I will research it tomorrow. Years ago, someone told me to buy shares in Mondavi ( after I visited their winery and was suitably impressed) and I guess they must have been bought out by these guys as they no longer trade individually. I’ll check it out

        • @fukstik

          STZ bought Mondavi , & Vincor which is a Canadian wine producer. ( Jackson Triggs etc).

          The stock has doubled this year due to the new deal to take over Corona, which is a popular mexican beer. They have the US Distribution rights.

          Another good liquor company is DEO, Diageo.

      • I guess you’re right Oakville. But he did get an ump assisted double in his 1st AB, laid down a perfect sac bunt in the 7th ( at a critical point in the game) that few people on the team (except for maybe Melky) could do. He then walked again in the 9th. He can battle for a walk when he has to and he catches RAD.
        JPA cant do any of that. Period. Oops! JPA can hit a home run every 20th game when there’s no one on base. In between , he strikes out.

    • Mondavi? Merlot? I would not use that cheap shit for a demi-glace reduction!

    • I was there too, what a beautiful day to be at the park.

  67. Posters here aside, how much rope are people giving Lawrie precisely because he’s Canadian? I can’t stand the guy and wouldn’t mind seeing him shipped out

    • +1.

      Lawrie plays defence well.His hitting has been falling since 2011. If he had a name like Escobar he would not be a fan favourite.

      • What the fuck does that mean?

        • oakville is living proof that you needn’t be oriental to be thought inscrutable.

          • @small potatoes.

            Why are you making references to “orientals” ?The term orientals is considered to not be politically correct.

            • I was referencing a saying, not a race.

              You, however remain impossible to understand or interpret.

        • @Mr Good Face.

          Part of Lawrie’s appeal is he is a good Canadian player.

          If he had the same numbers, but wasn’t Canadian, then fans would be more aggravated with his performance.

          He is a “local boy” relatively speaking & has the support of the media .

          Stoeten has made this point since he has become a Blue Jay.

          • Part of Lawries appeal is that he is a damn good ball player and to bring anyone’s last name into any discussion about how good they are at their job is dubious at best. But what the fuck do I know, I am just a potato farmer.

            • @ Goodface. I could care less about Lawrie’s name. I referenced using shorthand Lawrie as a Canadian born player vs Escobar who is born in Cuba. It’s quite possible that the Jays could have a Canadian born player named Escobar,Lawrie, Kawasaki, or Oliver or Gose.

              The race of a player does not matter.

              Lawrie is treated well by the media becauise he is Canadian born & very animated.

              You can’t be happy with Lawries’s output as a hitter. Defense is fine, but he isn’t Scott Rolen.

              • Bear in mind that the man missed the first three weeks of the season. ALso that he is twenty goddam three for fucks sakes. You are right though. I have never seen any hitter bounce back from the Mendoza line after a full month of the season. Lets ship him out you fucking fool.

                • @Goodface.

                  Now you are jumping to conclusions. Where did I ever say that Lawrie should be traded?

                  His offense is not acceptable at the present time. He Can’t be benched because he is the best defensive option at 3B.

      • Oakville, that is a piece of shit, racist comment and I hope that you were raised better than that.

        • @Goodface.

          Not sure about the vitriol unless you assume that Escobar was Canadian. If he Jays had a player aised in BC named Yunel Escobar, I am sure he would be treated well since he was a “local boy”.

          Today the fans booed Escobar several times. He hit a HR in the 9th inning & made some weird gestures when he crossed the plate at home.

          Escobar wasn’t booed very much after the Maricon incident as a Blue Jay, yet today fans boo him because he is a Tampa Bay Ray.

          Frankly, I blame Farrell & Omar Visquel for not paying attention to what Escobar was wearing on his eye patch last year. Visquel was a highly paid mascot & clubhouse leader. He had a patch on today with writing, but no one on the broadcast made any comments.

          • I get the impression that you are genuinely unable to connect one thing that you say to another so I will write your comment off to someone who just likes to see their writing posted.

            • @Goodface.

              What are you talking about?

              It is a common theme that Lawrie gets favourable treatment from the sports media because he is Canadian born.

              If you read this blog on a daily basis, you would know that Stoeten has complained about Lawrie”maple boners” since he joined the Jays.

    • Lawrie gets rope because:
      a) He was a top-ranked prospect coming up Milwaukee’s and then Toronto’s system.
      b) He hit well in his debut, and if Colby Rasmus earned that much rope over being awesome three years ago, surely Lawrie still has rope left over.
      c) He’s 23 years old, and according to normal career trajectories, is likely to get much better than he currently is.
      d) His BABIP is about 100 points lower than last season (.311 last season, no previous season below .300, this season he’s at .215), which would indicate some of his struggles are luck-based.
      e) He’s not costing the team runs on defense.
      f) We have no replacement for him, whatsoever. There is literally no one in the minors who we could legitimately call up to replace him and reasonably expect to do a better job than Lawrie is doing right now.
      No, don’t bring up Andy LaRoche. Andy LaRoche is not the answer.

      • Is it the astro turf that makes him “bounce” like that in the batter’s box?

        • Probably the Red Bull.

          But you’re right. I haven’t seen a batter that active in the box since Gary Sheffield.

          Lawrie’s hacking like he’s trying to take down a spruce. Two hands all the way and no relaxed follow through. Even when he misses he rips his bat back to the plate with two hands. He needs to release his left hand and swing through the ball.

          Even his hard drives are mostly to right field lately. Can’t turn on the ball without releasing the top hand and letting your hands fly.

      • @Canard.

        You make some valid points, but Rogers made him the team’s poster child last year. He thew helmets at an umpire & was suspended. He tried to steal home & nearly got himself & Bautista hurt.

        He ran into a camera bay in a meaningless game agaisnt the yankees & got hurt & was on the DL.

        I applaud his defense, & the Jays have no replacement fo him at 3B.

        He spends far too much time on twitetr attacking fans who complain about his performance.

        • I’d be fine with his twitter usage if he could figure out a way to lay off the looping breaking ball out of the strikezone.

  68. Lawrie’s not going to just come around and be the guy he was when he first came up until he cuts down his swings outside the zone.

    check this out:

    Season Team O-Swing% Z-Swing% Swing% O-Contact% Z-Contact% Contact% Zone% F-Strike% SwStr%
    2011 Blue Jays 22.3 % 62.1 % 40.1 % 65.5 % 83.5 % 77.9 % 44.6 % 46.8 % 8.3 %
    2012 Blue Jays 31.7 % 66.9 % 48.3 % 70.5 % 90.5 % 83.6 % 47.1 % 62.1 % 7.7 %
    2013 Blue Jays 31.4 % 63.9 % 45.8 % 63.3 % 79.8 % 73.6 % 44.5 % 62.8 % 11.9 %

  69. Ok, I am done watching the Jays this year.. every game I miss, they win, and the ones I watch they lose.. now I know I know.. in the infinite amount of numbers and calculations there is no way to backup my claim.. but.. it happened with the Leafs playoff series so just maybe..

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