Tornto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

The Jays continue their home series against the Tampa Bay Rays and their non-David Price, non-James Shields pitching, sending staff ace Ramon Ortiz to the hill, hoping to find just one small corner’s worth of pixie dust left in his bag, as he turns 2013 into the first year in which he’s made at least three Major League starts since he was a member of the Minnesota Twins back in 2007.

Uh… fingers crossed? Uh… I dunno. Yunel Escobar, everybody!


Junior hockey? Seriously?

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that the Jays (read: the Buffalo Bisons) have released Miguel Batista. Chad Beck has been placed on the DL, while Thad Weber has been activated by the Triple-A affiliate.

Shi Davidi adds that, as part of the above transaction, Ricardo Nanita has been moved from Double-A New Hampshire to the Bisons.

According to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy: “Maddon said he believes the Rogers Centre turf is ‘way bouncier’ than the turf at The Trop. ‘Honestly I think ours is more true.’ ” WHAT??!? You mean this thin layer of film is shit to play on?

No, but seriously, though. Junior hockey?

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Ramon Ortiz RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
RF Matt Joyce (L)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
DH Luke Scott (L)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
C Jose Lobaton (S)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

Alex Cobb RHP

Comments (369)

  1. Well that was the worst possible outcome.

    Shit flavoured popsicle.

    • JP cares not for half-way measures.

      He’s a total fuck-up.
      The complete package.

      • Hey spuds-the other day when I was ragging on him, you were telling me that is what he is and not to go postal about it. Well, I am here to remind you that he is what he is.
        Everywwhere I hear the sounfd of marching , charging feet boy,
        Cause summer is here and the time is right for fighting in the street boy

        This team needs a dust up or a field trip to the zoo or something . They play like fukin zombies half the time


  3. Rodney has been walking a lot of people this year.

    Maddon: “Yea, that won’t be a problem vs JPA.”

  4. Of course.

    Why couldn’t JP just strike out as per usual? At least then the rally continues.

  5. JPA!

    What a beast. Like buster posey without the postseason experience.

  6. they are all fucking losers. pack it in shitbaggers. arencibia is dead, thank god we have D’Arnaud waiting in the wings . . . or AJ Jimenez, whoops. nice, AA, nice.

  7. Rays: Here….take some more runs…you’ve had a hard time this year..go ahead…

    JPA: Nah…

  8. yup. he went full retard

  9. Leadershit

  10. I honestly think the jays have never employed an every day player as shitty as jpa.

    • Well what about Kevin Millar, David Delucci,Coco Cordero, Corey Patterson, Omariasquel etc..

      JPA has to learn how to take a walk.

      • Which he either refuses to or cant do.

      • Very rare for players to learn to walk with as many professional plate appearances that fucker has.

        • Adam Lind is just figuring it out this year. What I dont like is Gibby -or whoever it is – not doing anything about it. Granted short of bringing up Thole there isnt much they can do but if my catcher was running his mouth off about strikeouts being unimportant while touting himself as a born leader…..I’d sit his ass so f**king fast….

          • yep, gotta say that the behavior will not change until he is motivated to do so, just like in any work environment and that falls on management ( take your pick). So yeah, I would call up Thol;e and he would start like 4 games in a row. Somebody send JPA some kind of sign, girl, allright

          • Adam Lind is figuring it out because there are fucking major dollars on the line.

            Never forget, these guys are pay cheque collectors and nothing more.

  11. Surely the bottom of the lineup will pick the team up.

  12. But at least he looked really handsome doing it.

  13. Fucking JP….

  14. If Evanka Osmak would JUST ONCE get her tits out during a mid-inning break, then I will chalk it up as an okay season.

  15. This should give you an idea of the complete ineptitude of one JPA

    on 3-2 counts this year:

    1 / 20 with ONE WALK

    that must be historically bad

  16. ooh what a play

  17. At least yanks lost. Redsox losing

  18. Man, JP is so terrible.

  19. For the record…Kawasaki ‘s on base percentage is now over ONE HUNDRED POINTS higher than JPA…

    • I bet he can frame a pitch better too.

      • That may be true..but he is no team leader.

      • Michael J. Fox could frame a pitch better.

        • That’s a little chilly.

        • If only we could up-vote or “like” comments.

        • JPA is officially my least favourite player on the Jays in a long, long, long fucking time. At least CoCo Cordero I could appreciate for the value of being able to shave my face in the reflections of the sweat on his face.

          I hate JPA. I hate his approach as a hitter, I hate his defense, I hate his attitude, I even hate his face. I can’t fucking stand that bastard.

          And holy shit is Brett Lawrie looking horrible too.

          Good game by the bullpen, too bad it was spoiled by an asshole.

  20. Never fear, I’m sure one of the 3 sub replacement level hitters we have coming up will come through.

    • This is where AA has failed. Too much banking on a couple of hitters to carry the line-up through.

      Teams are not packed with fucking superstars, but they at least get SOME production out of the latter half of the line up.

  21. I blame the Jays season on the awful montage monster truck or whatever music they play every game.

  22. #FreeThole

  23. Wow, Lawrie. Not a pitch in the strike zone, and didn’t even get it to 3 balls…

  24. Cmon lawrie. He swung at way too many poor pitches that AB.

  25. I don’t think rodney threw lawrie a strike.

  26. This might be heresy, but does anyone think Lawrie maybe should be sent down until he doesn’t, you know, suck at hitting baseballs?

  27. See if lawrie could actually take a walk. Fucking clown.

    • That was the whole reason they left him at AAA 2 years ago. They told him to work on getting his walk totals up and he did. He learns well. He has problems retaining.

      • you beat me to it. I was thinking exactly your thought as I watched his pathetic swings. They told him he w/b promoted after he proved he had proper plate discipline and could take a walk and he learned to do it and did it when he first came up. For some reason he has spent too much time with JPA and has become a hacksaw just like him-walk? that is for pussies. He needs a brief stint in AAA IMO, just like Lind got, to remind him to work on his game.
        A.188 great fielding 3B is worthless in MLB and somebody better tell him taht soon

  28. Cleatus…you’ll always be my fav

  29. Kawasaki walk-off HR.

  30. Lawrie is batting .186. God is this shit depressing

  31. Rodney looks high, look at those eyes

  32. Holy shit Rasmus can hit any fastball..101 mph on that one.

  33. Cmon Mace.

  34. If lawrie takes a walk and scores on the rasmus double this is a much more interesting game right now. Oya, and if jpa isnt a shitbag.

  35. Stop teasing me please

  36. gose time.


  38. Melkyyyyyyyy

  39. Kawasaki just works with what he has.

  40. R u fucking kidding me????

  41. Fucking wow…….

  42. fuccccck.

  43. The art of pitch framing.
    He pulled it right in.

  44. Dale Scott needs to eat some listeria tainted meat.

  45. Those weren’t even Casey Janssen strikes.

  46. FUCKING UMPIRE! He decides to change his strike zone on the final batter of the game, adding an extra 2 inches. What a fucking joke.

    • Fuck tradition. In the same way that saberrmetrics have made the game more measurable, electronic calls for balls and strikes would give the game a greater degree of fairness and accuracy. Regardless, they should have won it in the 8th.

  47. Our bp did a really great job to keep us in the game, our offense was just silly tonight.

  48. UMP SHOW- LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. its not so much the guy called an outside pitch a strike..its that he waited five minutes to do it.


  51. 3 reasons jays lost this game:
    1) jpa
    3) awful ump

  52. that umpire is an incredible piece of shit

  53. #UmpShow

  54. Wow that was depressing. Oh well, better go check out the Buffalo box score to see how McGowan and Romero are doing …. AUUUGGGGH

  55. you know who Id kike to send down? Arencibia.

    Give him a shock. FORCE him to work on bis plate discipline.

  56. Things I Hate:
    - The Tampa Bay Rays [like, approaching Red Sox levels of haaaaatttteee]
    - Rodney + his fucking sideways cap – straighten it up!
    - Sportsnet One – this game with the Tampa Bay booth guys was fucking brutal

    • You can add leaving the bases loaded in the 8th.
      Can’t blame the ump on that.

      • we hit a double play ball at a crucial part of the game but somehow ended up with the bases loaded with only one out. JP “strikeouts don’t matter” Arencibia promptly took away our good fortune by hitting another double play ball. we suck : ‘ (

  57. LaRoche walk-off hit

    Let’s call him up and have Lawrie catch. Can’t be any worse than JP

  58. JPA is officially my least favourite player on the Jays in a long, long, long fucking time. At least CoCo Cordero I could appreciate for the value of being able to shave my face in the reflections of the sweat on his face.
    I hate JPA. I hate his approach as a hitter, I hate his defense, I hate his attitude, I even hate his face. I can’t fucking stand that bastard.
    And holy shit is Brett Lawrie looking horrible too.
    Good game by the bullpen, too bad it was spoiled by an asshole.

    • “At least CoCo Cordero I could appreciate for the value of being able to shave my face in the reflections of the sweat on his face.”

      I laughed

    • You shouldn’t hide your feelings.
      Tell us what you really think and this time don’t sugar coat it.

      • Oh come on Radar did you see that hack? 8th inning bases loaded down, 1 out, down by 2, and he just can’t help himself from swinging at the first piece of shit he sees?

        The guy’s a schmuck,

        • I wasn’t mocking you Moseby, just trying some humour. I think you vocalized the frustration felt by all.
          Wilner was trying to pull some stats on JPA’s successes by swinging at first pitches.
          I personally was hoping JPA would take one for the team.

          • I know man, I’m just raging as usual.

            He gets me going.

            • “At least CoCo Cordero I could appreciate for the value of being able to shave my face in the reflections of the sweat on his face.”

              I laughed too.

    • dear JPA

      TAKE A FUCKING WALK. out of qualified players, JPA is 164th out of 170 in OBP. not getting out is kind of an important thing in baseball, and JP is one of the absolute worst at not getting out.

    • It’s getting like that for me too. I hardly ever have players I dislike on the Jays, but between Arencibia’s

      -shittiness at framing pitches
      -shittiness at catching the ball
      -shittiness at throwing the ball
      -54 strikeouts to 2 walks
      -sub .250 obp
      -2 fucking walks all year

      coupled with his arrogance, and the fact the casual fan seems to love him, it’s really getting hard to stomach.

      • I’ve never seen a K:BB ratio like that. Ever. I’m sure it’s been done, but man is that some kind of awful.

        The fact that he is totally unapologetic about his approach, to the point of belligerence, is nauseating.

      • Casual fans in toronto dont understand the game that well, unfortunately, They think because he hits homeruns he must be good. Also, the fact that the mainstream media is good to him helps his cause. I was impressed that mccown ripped him apart the other day but people like blair choose to pick on better overall players like rasmus and leave this piece of shit alone because he gives them good quotes.

  59. wilner actually said there’s no way lawrie would be hitting .200 by july. really how do you know this? based on what evidence? isn’t this the same crap he said about aaron hill?

    • I would’ve taken that bet, Lawrie might have to go to AAA for the sake of his hitting future if he can’t figure things out though


    I’m late to the party, as I PVR’d the game.

    Brett Lawrie’s at bad is one of the worst fucking things I’ve ever witnessed.

    It’s the bottom of the ninth. You’re leading off. Down by two.

    WE NEED A FUCKING BASE RUNNER. A walk is almost as good as a HR.

    So the first pitch is at your head. Maybe Rodney hasn’t quite found his arm slot yet. I’m pretty sure 99% of the league takes the next pitch.

    NOPE. Swing at a ball, up and in.

    Next pitch, right at your fucking head again. Now it should be pretty clear Rodney is having trouble throwing strikes. Take a pitch?

    NOPE. Strike two at another fucking ball.

    EIGHT PITCHES in that at bat. NONE of them were in the strike zone.

    Result, strike out.


    I’m ripping the fucking letters off my Lawrie jersey.

    This is the most frustrating season in the last 20 years of mediocrity. Because there was HOPE. There were expectations!

    This is the low point for me. This one fucking hurt.

  61. who is filling out this shitty lineup card, gibbons or cotton candy and red bull?

  62. kawasaki is now 4th on the team in walks. this noname AAA player has the best quality ab’s I have ever seen. it demonstrates how easy it is if you just try a little. he’s now only 6 behind number 2 edwin despite half the pa’s. fucking amazing. and his reward is he bats ninth??????

    I honestly believe gibbons is a puppet and is too afraid to upset the clubhouse.

    • Hmm, I’d rather Kawasaki bat 9th than 6-8, since he could get on base for the big guns at the top of the order.

      But Rasmus batting behind Arencibia and Lawrie (at present) is just stupid. I don’t get it. Neither of those two are getting on base, and Colby has been hitting well lately.

      • the only reason kawa bats 9th is because his ego is miniscule compared to the other 2 fools who cry and whine when they don’t get there way

    • Kawasaki is the only player who goes up and does not TRY to hit a home run. He takes pitches and only swings at balls he knows he can hit.

  63. I don’t participate in Twitter, because I think it’s the worst thing our society has ever invented, but I’m on the #FreeThole train now.

  64. Arencibia and Romero need to get together and trade walks.
    JP is LEADING the majors in K/BB and if Ricky had enough innings he’d be blowing the competition away for BB/K

  65. Stephen Hawking walks more then JP Arencibia.

  66. Just so much anger tonight.
    This was posted at BluebirdBanter cant stop watching

    • it caught a corner…

      of the opposite batting box

    • Rodney couldn’t throw a strike to save his life and we had a speedster on base. Melky walks there and we’ve got Jose Bautista coming to the plate.

      Even JP’s shittiness is part of the game, but this? Fuuuck.

    • Just noticed the little pat on the back he gives the catcher there. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

      Is that ump actually Parkes in disguise? He has to be.

    • Shouldn’t the ump be centered behind the plate? From where he’s standing, way on the inside, it’s easy to see how he blew that call, watching from that angle.

  67. Got to say, something needs to be done with lawrie and jpa. The horrible ABs their having is hurting the team. JPA is a bit more of a problem but lawrie is sucking really bad also. Thole should have been up two weeks ago to play against righties. I mean, I would honestly rather have him at he plate in high leverage situations than jpa.

  68. Selig needs to do something about pitch framing. Serious, it’s getting embarrassing. You can actually see the ump glance at where the catchers glove is right before he calls that piece of shit ball a strike. Seriously, if Selig’s umps cant adapt to the fact that catchers are cheating the system, then something needs to be done. This of course is a rant coming from a fan of a team that has a catcher that cannot comprehend the art of pitch framing…


    great move trading for lincoln.

    what a joke this franchise is.

    • But, but but Snider was out of options and we were going to possibly lose him for nothing…..which it turns out….would be no worse than ending up with Lincoln log

      • whoa wait lose him for nothing? and why would that be? we didn’t have a left fielder? and it don’t recall that pittsburgh lost him for nothing did they?

        • He was out of options. if they had to send him down this year, he would go on waivers

          • Not to mention they had a desperate need for pitching. They were using Aaron fucking Laffey and half their rotation was on the DL and Romero went south and is still there.
            And they had no one in the minors. I would say though that the Pirates are bringing him along the way they should; just using him against RHP til he’s ready for LHP.

    • +1 for Snider. he also hit a HR last week. I think he does a lot of pinch hitting for the Pirates.

      I am sad that AA traded Snider, but the Jays were unable to do anything with him. He was treated like a yoyo.

      A few years ago Snider was the hottest prospect in the Jays system.

  70. Can’t wait to see the Pit bull Mope Show.

  71. Jesus H. Christ! Will all of you who keep yapping about ex-Jays please shut up? Great! Snider and Gomes hit bombs. What makes you that those home runs would have been hit here when they were needed? And so what if there are ex-Jays doing well elsewhere? For every ex-Jay doing well with another franchise, I can name five who are doing nothing.

  72. Is Arenshitbia a Natural Born Leader or a Natural Born Rally Killer

  73. exactomondo

  74. Early game today

  75. Although JP is useless at the plate, he isnt entirely to blame. From what I have seen from the jays thus far is a “license to swing”. Regardless of who is at the dish (minus kawasaki) every player is going up there trying to hit the ball out of the park, not go the other way or take a walk. You never see the jays go with the pitch and slap it opposite field. Well, if I am an opposing pitcher I am pitching blue jay hitters low and away (see JPA last night), the result is a DP or strike out. This is management. It has to come from the manager and the hitting coach. I hate to use moneyball as an example but they clearly had an organizational philosophy of taking pitches and getting on base. It seems to be the opposite for the jays.

    • and minus Melky

    • Gibby has made no secret of his HRs win ball games philosophy.

    • while i agree, I think we’ve started to see a couple of adjustments and exceptions beyond the ones you name. I’ve felt all year long that the following have had a stronger approach in terms of taking pitches and pushing the count up:

      - Melkey
      - Kawasaki
      - Reyes

      and more recently, and shockingly:

      - Lind. it has to be said!

      also, more recently I’ve seen Bautista try to fire some down the left line rather than crush them, I’ve seen Encarnacion hit opposite and straight up the middle after a number of pitches.

      On the flip side, the worst offenders are obvious:

      -JPA (get this fucking clown off the team. I absolutely hate this asshole).
      -Lawrie (get him away from JPA and he’ll listen more)
      -Bonifacio (no one is fooled by a first pitch bunt when they know you can’t actually do it).

      izturis, davis, blanco, derosa are just kind of middling…and their bats are shit anyway.

  76. I guess it’s all perspective?

    From Shi Dadvidi on Romero last night

    “Four straight walks to open the sixth inning spoiled what had been an otherwise strong start for Ricky Romero”

    He referred to this as progress. I guess it is relative to his previous start..but for me..its the just shows you his is good for a nice blow up inning each and every single game. you dont know might be first, the 4fourth, the 6th..but its going to happen

    • Should have read:

      “Four straight walks to open the sixth inning spoiled what had been an otherwise strong start for Ricky Romero in AAA.”

      I am not holding my breath for his return.

      • Ditto but if he can rebound to a point where he may be tradable the Jays should unload him first chance.

        • As a side note to the above: If they were to trade him to the Yanks he will win 20 plus games and a Cy…’s just the way it is.

          • Yeah because Vernon Wells, John McDonald, Shawn Marcum, David Eckstein, and Corey Patterson were machines the second they left Toronto. Fred Lewis is probably ripping it up in Japan right now. Can’t believe AA let him walk!

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