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BlueJays.com tells us that Fred McGriff will represent the Jays at the Rule 4 Draft, which will take place on June 6th.

Not quite the blockbuster that the title makes it sound like, but Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail writes that trade winds seem to be swirling around the Jays, as they continue to find it difficult to make up ground in the AL East.

Elsewhere from Maloney at the Globe, we hear that Alex Anthopoulos dismisses criticism of John Gibbons, and also get a deconstruction of the season so far, which… yeah.

And, for good measure, one more from Maloney, who looks at the fantastic at-bat Adam Lind had against Jake Odorizzi yesterday.

Interesting stuff from Marc Hulet of FanGraphs, as he wonders openly whether Sean Nolin is the next Jays saviour.

“A piece of paper on Gibby’s desk lists the starting pitchers for the next few games,” tweets Brendan Kennedy of the Star. “For Friday it reads, ‘Jenkins?’ ”

Kenned also tweets that Josh Johnson “will start again in Dunedin on Sat. Gibby says he’ll prob need a 3rd rehab start. ‘But we’ve been known to make some adjustments.’ ”

Speaking of tweets, earlier today @DrewGROF passed along this gruesome bit of news: “Brett Lawrie versus ‘soft’ pitches in 2013: .282 OPS. Oh Pee Ess.”

Think teams haven’t got that message yet? Think again. Gamereax has a nifty GIF of Hiroki Kuroda throwing Lawrie five straight sliders. Ugh.

Drew continued trolling with this gem: “J.P. Arencibia’s sporting a 31 wRC+ in May. So weird. I thought he’d hit 8 home runs a month forever!”

As always, interesting stuff from John Lott of the National Post, who looks at the Jays’ promotion of Anthony Gose rather soon after his having hit rock bottom as a Triple-A player.

Dirk Hayhurst suggests that it’s the ghost of Chris Carpenter that has kept the Jays invested so heavily for so long in Dustin McGowan.

In case you missed it, MLBTR fills you in on the Jays’ big waiver claim of Thad Weber, a move made possible by their placing of Sergio Santos on the 60-day DL.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun evokes last year’s Marlins in his assessment of this year’s Jays. So… y’know… next.

The headline makes it sound worse than it is, as in the Toronto Star, Mark Zwolinski writes a piece titled Blue Jays leave New York broken as ever.

Elsewhere at the Star, Richard Griffin calls Anthony Gose’s promotion puzzling, and also looks at Gose’s promotion in his latest Bullpen post, among other things.

From the weekend, at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi looks at how Sunday’s rainout in the Bronx may have been a blessing for the Jays.

In another piece at Sportsnet, Davidi tells us about the recently reinstated Marcus Stroman, who is once again beginning his push to be a quick call-up to the Majors.

At Bluebird Banter, Nick Ashbourne tries to find the “real” problem with R.A. Dickey, and presumably comes up short.

Similarly, in another Bluebird Banter post, Shermanator91 tries to find out what’s up with Emilio Bonifacio, and presumably comes up short.

For ESPN.com (Insider Only) Keith Law re-drafts the 2003 draft, and it turns out the Jays actually did pretty well for themselves, with their 13th-overall selection, Aaron Hill, moving up to third in the class.

Interesting stuff to put in your back pocket for draft day in a couple weeks, as Minor League Ball looks at the key amateurs with signability issues this year.

Spencer Fordin writes for BlueJays.com about Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion visiting Jays-fan Fan Cave dweller April Whitzman (aka @alleycat17).

Must-watch stuff via Getting Blanked, as Nick Purdon and Leonardo Palleja of the CBC travel to the Dominican Republic to produce a 20 minute doc on the dark side of baseball in that country.

Lastly, not Jays-related, but still… also from Getting Blanked… uh… Crazy Eyes LaRussa is pretty much the greatest.

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  1. Me likey.

  2. I dropped Brett Lawrie from my fantasy team yesterday. Yippee.

  3. Presumably Hill moved up to third in the class based on the value he has provided for Arizona and not the Blue Jays. Even taking into account the ‘bounty’ they got for trading him.

  4. Any news on Aaron Sanchez?

    Low velocity – sounds ominous.

    • Currently on the DL but no reason given, not ideal considering they are talking Tommy John for Roberto Osuna as well. Your two best pitching prospects go down. What else could go wrong? Oh ya, the big club stinks.

  5. Its a pretty safe bet that AA is into “Where do we go from here?” mode.
    Number of untouchable Blue Jays on the major league roster should be zero.

    Might not be the worst idea to try to make the kind of trade the Red Sox made with LA last year. LA wanted A-Gone. Boston told them fine; but you have to take Crawford too. Not sure which side pushed to have Beckett included.

    I would not at all mind AA saying, “We’ll move Bautista, but you get Buehrle and his contract too. Worst case scenario is you get something back, they’re out from the Buehrle contract and Sierra plays right field.

    Bautista will hit his 35-45 dingers and he has a good are. But I don’t see him as the principal piece on a championship team.

    Guys I’d least want to trade would be Reyes, Encarnation, Janssen and EE.
    But if the offer was good enough………

    • That should be “has a good arm.”

      • Way too early, those guys will all have as much or more value closer to the deadline.
        With the added wildcard lot’s of team will be in the hunt. Guys will have more value in trade this year then any year prior.

        Hope for a turnaround and revisit this in July.

        Personally I hope we keep most if not all of the core, even the guys struggling.

    • The Buerhle deal will likely suck, but you’ve got all your core players locked under contract for 3+ more years other than Johnson. Why would you trade em away now?

      Even if it doesn’t pan out this year, keep Jose, EE, Reyes, Dickey, Lawrie, Melky etc etc … add more and try to win in 14.

    • So to be clear: 7 weeks into a roster that is mostly contracted for 3-4 years, you want to trade anyone and everyone?

      You want to try and replace Bautista (impossible), Edwin (good luck at that price), Morrow (good luck at that price), Janssen (good luck at that price), Reyes (impossible), Lawrie (good luck at that price), Melky (good luck at that price)?

      That’s 7 guys that would turn into first ballot hall of famers if you sprayed a bit of magic Yankee fairy dust on them.

      Even Lind is looking good for the money right now. And for 500k, JPA at least stays healthy and can hit some home runs.

      The only contract that might have value and expires this year anyway is Johnson.

      • @sons.

        Well said. There is no reason to trade anyone other than Johnson.

        If someone wants Buerhle, they can have them , but I doubt anyone wants him unless they throw in jose Bautista.

        I doubt AA want to get rid of Bautista.

        AA has to reload for 2014.

        • Lets not forget that Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez were not exactly chopped liver when Gillick moved them for Alomar and Carter. If there is some ingredient that your are missing, it behooves you to get it. This is why GM’s can’t get too attached to any particular player.

      • These guys are all talented players: but the only way any of them will ever see the Hall of Fame is with a ticket.

        AA’s job is to assess whether or not the pieces fit. Right now it looks like they don’t.
        They don’t need to blow it up entirely, but they need to move a few guys. If he can do it by moving the likes of Lind, JPA, Rasmus and Boni, fine.

        But to get anything of value and/or to ship out a contract you have to move something of value. And Bautista would be a guy who would yield a hell of a return.

        • I was alluding to the yankees seeming ability to turn bums into Babe Ruth. Like with Vernon, Overbay, etc.

  6. Further to my comment above, AA has compiled a tremendous amount of assets in what will probably be the most lucrative trade market in memory. He did it with the intention of a Championship but indirectly has set the Jays up for significant quality/quantity should he decided to sell.

    With added wildcards there could be as many as 10 to 15 teams within range of a wildcard at the deadline.

    Currently there are 12 teams either holding a wildcard or within 3 games of one.
    I’m hoping we turn it around but if not Anthopolous could create a bidding war that returns quality and quantity for guys like Josh Johnson, Oliver, Bautista etc.

    • Again I hope we hang onto as many of these guys as possible but for those dreary folk who think we emptied the cupboard and lost, there’s plenty of opportunity to replenish the prospect pool and even get solid big leaguers.

    • The sellers market is my humble opinion. To me it just makes sense with the added wildcard that there will be many more buyers and consequently a much larger return then in recent years.

      • There were more buyers last year as well, didn’t seem to be a big sellers market.

        I think one part of the equation you’re leaving out is yes, there are more teams in the hunt. But you need to remember…..there are more teams in the hunt!

        In the past, if you were “in the hunt” yoyu knew you might only have to fight off one or two other teams the rest of the way. No, you might only be 2 games back……but so are 6 other teams.

        In that scenario, are you likely to bet the farm? Not in my opinion.

        OI think the trade market will be about the same…..that is, there has always been about 2-3 teams willing to make a big move to put them over the top. Now, even though mathematically more teams will be legit contenders, I think you’re still only going to have 2-3 willing to make the big move.

  7. Had a question/idea and wasn’t sure where else to put it….

    Does anyone think it might make sense to try and use Dustin McGowan and John Stilson as tandem starters? Both have the stuff to be starting pitchers (at least that’s what I’ve read about Stilson, anyway), but both have wonky arms that have apparently consigned them to reliever roles……But if each could go three innings or so every five days, they could potentially combine into one above-average starter, which I’d think would be more valuable to the team than two really good relievers.

    Not sure if the fact that they’re both right-handed would screw this up or if there are some other obvious problems that I’m overlooking. Just a thought.

    • The biggest issue I can foresee is that you’re using 2 roster spots to essentially fill 1 role.

      Now, if they could each do 3 innings every 3 or 4 days, then it might be worthwhile, as far as roster spot usage goes.

  8. I’d like the Jays to give Stroman and Nolin some spot starts. You can argue that it could hinder development but our ultra-slow approach to protect arms continues to send kids to Dr. James Andrews anyways. Give the kids a shot.

  9. Podcast today?

  10. I don’t think AA sells assets off and starts a rebuild this year for one important reason: It would likely be signing his own death warrant.

    I can’t imagine after all the “going for it” actions of the past offseason that he would be allowed to helm another rebuild. IF the owners decide to go that way, they will almost certainly find a new GM to do it.

    So if AA starts the rebuild process by selling assets, he’d essentially be firing himself. Whereas he could just hold on to the core and see what they do next year.

    This team was always meant to have at least two shots anyways, 2013 and 2014 that were realistic when you consider the ages of the stars. Beeston was on PTS last week saying exactly that, that this was never meant to be a one year thing.

    Not to mention, attendence and ratings havent shown any signs of slipping. That’s mostly what Rogers cares about, so I don’t see their being any pressure from above to sell at all. And I can’t imagine AA would chooose to do so on his own.

    • I’d have to disagree here for two reasons. First, the Jays are corporately owned and, frankly, shareholders won’t be too pleased if the franchise is negatively impacting the bottom line. Second, Rogers has now twice opened its wallet for the Jays with less than stellar results. I won’t be surprised if AA is ordered to sell at the deadline if the team is still struggling, but time will tell, of course. Just don’t trade Morrow since I bought his fucking jersey at the start of the season. Fuck me.

      • But they’re not negatively impacting the bottom line. Ratings and attendence are both up, with no signs of falling.

        Rogers is making a ton on the Jays, even with the $120 million payroll.

        And I’m not saying that Rogers won’t decide to sell. They very well might. But they’d almost certainly fire AA as well. They wouldn’t allow him to do another rebuild.

        I’m just saying…..AA himself won’t decide to sell.

        • I’m wondering if the rise in attendance and increased viewership, which would justify charging more to run ads, will be significant enough to offset the higher payroll. My hunch is that the best case scenario is the Jays may be profitable but end up making less money this year and shareholders don’t like that. I will gladly come back and admit to being fucked in the head, though.

  11. People aren’t seriously dumb enough to think anything but that it’s fucking stupid to trade the core pieces of this team who are signed through 2014 and 15, right? Seriously?

    You’re right, RobA, but you don’t even need to wrap it in all that stuff you’ve wrapped it in. There is zero reason to trade any of the key pieces on this club. Period. Anyone even entertaining a possibility otherwise is, I’m sorry, fucked in the head.

    • Yeah I agree, as I stated earlier I’d like to see/and believe they’ll hold onto the core. Should we be out of it come trade deadline there should be a strong market for guys like Oliver and or Johnson should he not wish to resign.

    • Looks like I’m the one who’s fucked in the head. Lol.

    • True, but if you can get a cheap cheap controllable core piece for an older, less controllable piece…why not? Im talking about something like bautisa for profar

      • We have a SS but I get what you are saying, something like an Oscar Tavares would be enticing.

    • It makes a lot more sense to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, ignore what you see, blindly stick with what your have and proceed to have four losing seasons instead of one. Yeah, lets go with that.

      • Everything in this fucking world has become a technocracy, where the processes and methods and policies are more important than the results. Its a warped world view that gains more traction every year.

  12. That Lawrie at bat against Kuroda reminded me a of a right handed version of Brad Fullmer’s shittiness.

  13. The Gose callup is a little weird but he makes sense as a 5th OF. Sierra will come up if Melky has to hit the DL.

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