We’ve got ourselves a manatee! Er… matinée!

The Jays play an oddly– read: spectacularly– timed businessman’s special today, in a getaway-ish game for the Rays beginning at 4:37 PM ET. As someone with an office downtown, uh… moar please.

The Rays send Jeremy Hellickson to the hill, facing Mark Buehrle and a lineup led-off by Anthony Gose, who will give Melky Cabrera a rest and take over in left field. It’s… another game in 2013. I don’t even know anymore…

Hey maybe an actual series win though, huh?


It’s all Brendan Kennedy, all the time, in today’s scuttlebutt, as the Toronto Star reporter tweets that John Gibbons has been reluctant to announce Chad Jenkins as the starter for his club on Friday. The pitcher is preparing to start, but is available out of the bullpen tonight as well, and Richard Griffin notes that with Sean Nolin set to start for New Hampshire on Thursday, and Marcus Stroman on Friday, either could be possibilities instead.

Gibbons, according to another Kennedy tweet, says that “as it stands” Ramon Ortiz is still slated for Sunday.

We’re also given word that Melky Cabrera is available as a pinch hitter today.

Gibbons “had no problem with JPA swinging at Rodney’s first pitch yesterday with the bases loaded,” Kennedy tells us, “saying when closers get ahead they tend to put you away.”

Lastly, Kennedy also says that, while nothing is official yet, it appears as though the Dome will be closed for this afternoon/evening’s tilt. Ugh.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Anthony Gose (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maier Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
3B Ryan Roberts (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
DH Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
RF Sean Rodriguez (R)
LF Kelly Johnson (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

Jeremy Hellickson RHP

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  1. So apparently it looks like Beede could be the #1 overall pick next year

    • So the Jays might be able to draft him a again?

      • With the changes in the draft wont he likely receive less money this draft than he would have had he signed with the Jays however many years ago they drafted him? Was going to Vanderbilt that valuable?

        • Yeah that wouod be great. And its not like that was out of he bkue, everyone at the time knew abiut how the draft changes would affect him.

          So basiclky he’ll have cost himself two years development while maybe making an extra couple hundred grand.

  2. Annnd leading off…. Anthony Gose!

  3. Jays suck donkey balls.

    Who cares anymore.

  4. what you are seeing is what you will see for the year… the Marlins stole that trade who would have believe it????

  5. People shouldn’t shit on JP for swinging at the first pitch, they should shit on him because he’s terrible.

  6. Remember on Friday when we all had dreams of sweeping the Yanks and getting our record to 20-24. Now it seems unlikely the Jays will be at 20 Wins before the Barves roll into town.

    Can’t wait for the Colby/Cory wankfest when ATL is in town next week. I hope Tony makes the trip.

  7. I know nobody wants to hear it but I think this team could still get to .500 by the all star break. If they are, or close to it, they still have a chance at the playoffs. This shit ain’t over. Lets quit with the negativity, people around here are beginning to sound like pre 2004 Boston fans which is disgusting, the Jays are going to be all right.

  8. Jesus Christ I just read a way too long, way too annoyed rant by Mendoza Line in the Daily Duce today.
    Holy hell some people need to relax a bit. I get that you want the team to win, but mother of god, writing on a blog about every little thing that you perceive to be wrong – is this really helping?

    The part of fandom I do not get is when you always have to find something wrong, or someone to blame. These are the kinds of guys who always call for the managers or gm’s head. These are the kinds of guys who obviously (heh – obviously …) know so much more about baseball than the people that have dedicated their entire professional careers to it, yet they still work at their menial desk jobs?

    And lets take a hypothetical. The Jays fire AA and fire Gibbons tomorrow, then what happens? The team automatically starts winning. Because Gibbons plan of strike out at a record pace wasnt a good one for JPA? We need a new hitting coach because clearly Mottola is telling all these guys they need to hit into a double play in high leverage situations.

    My word, take a breath people. Its sports, nothing is predetermined, regardless of how badly you want it to happen. The team in that other clubhouse is trying to win just as much we are.

  9. I dont really see why gose would lead off, it’s not like he’s going to steal with jose or edwin up, i thought gibbons would put him 9 with kawasaki leading off.

  10. OPEN THE ROOF YOU FUCKING COCKSMOKERS (not that there’s anything wrong with smoking cock. In this particular instance however it does seem like cocksmokers are the ones with their sticky fingers hovering over the open/close roof button

    • It’s gorgeous outside. What on earth would the justification be for closed dome on a day like today?

      • Weather changed pretty fast between 2 and 330 but this is just dumb to have a closed roof ATM. Close it mid game if you have to you Cheap fuckin COCKSMOKERS

    • Chance of rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast.

      Not that I agree with keeping it closed, but I guess that is their justification.

  11. So many comments already! I was all worried that no one would be about for the game, given the start time. Good times.

    Who’s that new[?] baseball chick? I could become a fan.

    Best of all today I get to listen in on Buck + Tabby. Not so much for the rest of the week when the hockey takes over the Sportsnet.

  12. Over the the last year I have expanded these horizons and Buck and Tabby are truly of the upper echelon folks! Talley ho bitches you got the best!

  13. Buerle just painting those corners

  14. Those Home Hardware Twins creep me out

  15. Gose hit?

  16. What’s up with Ortiz, does he not get DFA’d until the friday start passes or what??????

  17. WTF? was there a mistake on Game Day? Bautista with a foul bunt?

  18. Anybody think Gose is worth a waiver grab in a limited move league? Think he’s up for good?

    I’m so torn.

  19. I like Gibby but sometimes he gets in the old school, dumb dude mode.

    Him liking JPA to swing at 1st pitch from Rodney because “closers tend to put you away.”

    good g-d ….

    can’t possibly believe that Stroman or Nolin are candidates for Friday .. but at this point .. why the hell not!

    • I think it was kennedy on twitter who said that he saw a card from gibbons that said that jenkins was starting on friday vs the o’s but i guess it oculd be one of those two in the near future, not friday though

    • Yeah that was idiotic.

      So even crappy closers whonare oitching like shit this season and cant find the strke zone? Those guys too?

  20. Atta kid, great start.

  21. But why?!

  22. Why Jose?

    • I don’t get it.
      Defies logic.
      All I can figure is he’s trying to make up 10 games in the standings on every play.

      • And yet when he’s at the plate he doesn’t foolishly always swing for the fences.

        All his common sense leaves him on the base path.

  23. Yikes

  24. another bone headed base running play by Bautista. wow.

  25. Oh my god our team is such a fucking embarrassment.

    “Hiiiiigh and deep to right field…” – No Buck, that barely made the warning track.

    Jose tries to be cute and gets tossed out easily by a former Jay. Seriously, fuck off. I hate this team.

    Trade Jose now while he still has some value lol.

  26. Blue jays are so good at making out

  27. Let’s go sports team! Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.

  28. And Buerhle strikes out the side… Take That, Logic!

  29. Let’s hope this bush league coaching staff gets every runner thrown own, and has every batter (even Bautista) trying to bunt.

    What a joke! Not a big believer in batting coaches, but if anyone deserves to not have a job it’s Chad Mottola. Every single batter is below their career. Murphy should be back as batting coach instead of getting runners thrown out trying to take second, Mottola and Gibbons should be back in the minors where they belong, and Rivera should be back in the stands getting ready to speak Spanish to the players.

    • I’d address you point by point but I’ll just stick with this:

      You’re an idiot.

    • I agree I think AA’s worst decision was to have his championship calibre team be coached by underwhelming choices across the board.

  30. The season is over, folks.

    The team just isn’t good enough and it’s too late to stage a comeback and get to the playoffs. I can’t believe I keep subjecting myself to this. In fact, I absolutely refuse to be exposed to it any longer. I’m out of here and I will not return to the site again this year. Furthermore, I will not watch another game this year unless the Jays have officially made the playoffs.

    I think any intelligent baseball fan, such as myself, can see that the team needs to be blown up. Bautista has to go. Trade EE while you can. Lawrie is a meatheaded bust – get rid of him for prospects. Most of the shitballers we have won’t amount to anything. Gibby is asleep behind the wheel. AA has failed and it’s time to turn the organization over top to bottom.

    I’m out and I will NOT be back! I urge you to join me!

  31. Has JP Arencibia ever watch this guy called Jose Bautista hit? Notice JP how he walks about as frequently as he strikes out? Also notice how his numbers destroy yours despite having similar homer run totals?

    Why hasn’t anyone in the Jays organization (preferably hitting coach, but Bautista, AA, Gibbers, etc. will do) pointed out to JP that walks are a crucial aspect of the game.

  32. Brett Lawrie is a fucking loser

  33. Bret Lawrie has one of the weirdest swings I’ve seen. He jumps like a frog after every swing.

  34. Honest question:
    Is there a chance JP goes to buffalo this year if his struggles continue?

  35. Speaking of the minors, what’s Brett Lawrie doing on a major league roster? Lawrie makes Vernon Wells’ 2012 season look MVP calibre.

    • Who would play 3b all year? Derosa? Lawrie’s defense and the hope that his bat turns around make him a better option than Derosa, but I agree if the struggles continue he needs some time in AAA.

  36. Bullpen’s gonna be taxed again today

  37. I think this Game Threat is the trolliest of the year so far.

  38. Izzy, noooo.

  39. Maicer you are not Brett Lawrie. Use your glove.

  40. Have guys like Izturis and Bonifacio always been this incredibly stupid or is it a Toronto-factor?

  41. Is it me or Izturis looks high all the time?

  42. This team is a joke. It spots the other team about 3 runs a game with shitty defence and shitty baserunning.

  43. TheToronto Blue Jokes.

    • Troll troll your boat

      • The fat pig Stoeten’s on TV trying to cram food into his mouth.

        • I thought that was Stoeten. Holy fuck, what a fat fucking pig! Even licks his arm eating his hot dog. That’s not the first time he has had weiner in his mouth. He is Zack Galifinakis with Down’s Syndrome.

  44. Seriously, Izturis sucks more than Paris Hilton. My gosh-ness.

  45. Maybe we can have Wilner and Stoeten tell us that losing the first bunch of series is meaningless.

    • Small sample size. Haven’t got to midseason yet. ;-)

      Seriously, the Jays could easily put a run together, but they have GOT to figure out the sloppy defence. Say all you want about their offensive stats coming back to the mean, they need to stop giving away runs.

  46. Not Izturis fault. Molinas speed forced that error. Got in his head.

  47. Who the fuck keeps signing these assholes

  48. Holy shit was that just Stoeten demolishing a sandwich on the broadcast???

  49. Stoeten,

    What kind of sandwich was that?

  50. haha who saw stoeten that bug eyed son of a bitch inhaling a burger?

  51. Stoeten busted stuffing his face

  52. Is that you Stoets???

  53. Omg stoeten at the game, eating a hot dog


  55. This weekend the Blue Jokes play the OriLOLe’s. Look for the O’s to sweep this joke team.

  56. gif please

  57. Stoeten, you looked so dreamy eating in HD, beard flowing in the wind…

  58. Sad to see this site really has gone to the trolls. Makes a Yahoo Sports comments section look like a Mensa convention.

  59. Apparently there is a society for Blue Jays that wants the Toronto Blue Jays to change their name. The birds are humiliated to be associated with this shit franchise, and their crap artificial turf and their crap team.

  60. Stoeten, you should really shave that beard and stop trying so hard to look, um, cool (?).

    You look like an idiot hipster.

  61. Gose is nowhere near those two pitches right down the pipe.

  62. 05.22.13 @ 5:23 PM EDT
    The fat pig Stoeten’s on TV trying to cram food into his mouth.

  63. Apparently Rob Ford is embarrassed to be mayor of the city that has the Blue Jays. ‘Nuff said.

  64. This comment section today makes me want to laugh my ass off

    • Really? A few minutes ago you were whining your ass off about ‘trolls’ if someone disagreed with you. You must have two asses. One at the back and one at the front.

  65. Sandwich
    Hot dog
    Corned beef

    And these are guesses from people who insist ‘it was a strike!’

  66. Holy fuck hobo Richard Griffen! The whole DJF gang is at the game!

  67. Buerhle, Reyes, Johnson, Dickey etc. must rue the day that they were traded to the joke team in Canada.

  68. Brick Top fuck off already. Is your life that pathetic that you’re going to sit here for another 2 hours posting dumb shit about the Blue Jays?

  69. JOSE

  70. okay, that run turned the season around, world series here we come

  71. Hold on for a moment! CB Bucknor’s umping the plate. He couldn’t call hogs let alone balls and strikes. Maybe the Blue Jokes have a chance today after all.

  72. Poor Lind. He’s been rung up twice on balls this series and both times the ump put on a show.

  73. Arencibia and Lawrie, our future core. Sigh

  74. Nothing says Buffalo like the Anchor Bar and Brett Lawrie.

    • Is that you jesuschristo???

    • Jeez Brick, bet your a lotta fun at a party.
      My drink isn’t cold enough.
      The pretzels are too dry.
      Why’s the party so dull?

      Fuck me, you’ve been trepanned one too many times.

      • His drink isn’t cold enough because some asshole forgot the ice, and the pretzels wouldn’t be so goddamn dry if someone just covered them with a fucking napkin or something. How stupid are the people running this party!?

        • The people running the party aren’t stupid.
          They’re feeding Brick Top warm drinks and shitty pretzels so he’ll leave. Then the real fun and partying begins.

        • So you’re saying Brick Top is sadly misunderstood or just plain sad?

  75. Mottola was just shown talking hitting with RA Dickey. Dickey was giving him advice.

  76. And here I thought Stoeten saved his fangs for Radar, I think he may have chewed off a few digits cramming that sandwich in his noise hole.

  77. Nobody commenting on Kawasaki’s push up after the tag out? it was mint

  78. Cletus 5th deck

  79. Gameday Platinum just called it “food” that Stoeten was eating. Premium service my ass! I need details!!

  80. Sweet Mountain River or Stadium Love? Which song is shittier? Discuss, bitches!

  81. Also, what was the injury delay about?

  82. The Vancouver Canucks have scheduled a presser for 6:30 p.m. The rumour is that they’re changing their name to something less embarrassing, because Canuck is associated with Canada is associated with Blue Jays. They’ve chosen the Vancouver North Koreans.

    • Oh Prick Top, just because your transvestite mother doesn’t love you, doesn’t mean you should talk like a butthurt 3 year old. Get help dear.

  83. I just found out that me having issues with this psychotic bitch known as the “old lady” and me, known as just”a great guy” have now come to a non pirate type issue> giggiti

  84. The ship is now completely underwater.

  85. My MLB TV shit the bed. Won’t fire up.
    Let me know when I should jump out of my chair.

  86. Stoeten is one filthy, hairy beast! I feel sorry for anyone around him. They should open the roof once he starts farting.

  87. Bautista please stop running. Please. You’re safe, but not because you did a good job stealing 2nd.

  88. Wow what kind of shitty stolen base was that?

  89. Hope Stoeten makes it to the shitter on time, laying some poor toilet to waste.. Otherwise, he will fucking puke in the seats like that other loser earlier this year.

  90. Love that Stoeten is the poster boy for the Grand Slam combo. Feed your fat fucking face like this fat, bearded lady. Somebody get a weed whacker for that beard. Then again, some baby could die.

  91. Colby Rasmus is asking why the fuck Dopey has him hitting behind JPA and Lawrie.

  92. Is it just me, or does Pat Tabler thinks every pitcher is similar to one another…

  93. God bless Colby Rasmus and his .229 average.

  94. Smasher, time to BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  95. Let’s start the Delabar pool. Walk or tater?

  96. I wouldn’t walk behind Stoeten after the game. If he has one more bite, he’ll explode like the fat guy in Neaning of Life.

  97. Just got home and forgot that the Jays were doing the late afternoon game. Nifty start by Buehrle.

  98. Cmon Melkman

  99. This team plays more dumb baseball, makes more boneheaded plays and decisions, than any Jays team I can remember. Shouldn’t the manager address this at some point?

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