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Blake Murphy of Bluebird Banter looks back on last night, and the controversial called strike that ended the game, with the Jays potentially in the throes of a comeback. The Blue Jay Hunter tweets an overhead view of Fernando Rodney’s final pitch, and honestly, that’s going to be a strike against a lot of left-handed hitters, I think. Doesn’t make it right, but that’s within the bounds of how they call it.

A couple others from Bluebird Banter, as Jays182 looks at the good and the bad of J.P. Arencibia, ultimately deciding that A.J. Jimenez is the future behind the plate, and that hopefully “everyone (even Gregg Zaun) can now agree that J.P. Arencibia should not be behind the plate with the Blue Jays going forward if they look to be a contending team.” Elsewhere, Nick Ashbourne looks at smoke, mirrors and Mark Buehrle.

Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at this afternoon’s lineup at Sportsnet, noting that Melky Cabrera will get a day to rest his sore legs, with Anthony Gose taking over in left field and leading off.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star wonders whether ex-Jays benefit from getting booed– often for nothing close to good reason– when they make their returns to Toronto.

To help with their woeful rotation, the Orioles have called up uber-prospect Kevin Gausman, and he’s going to make his big league debut tomorrow at Rogers Centre. Drew fills you in on all you need to know about this at Getting Blanked, while Baseball Prospectus gives some scouting report tidbits before their paywall takes over.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Drew takes a look at the renaming of a section of Montreal’s Rue Faillon after former Expo and Hall Of Famer, the late Gary Carter. And he also looks at the surprisingly competent– and then some– Alex Rios.

David Laurila of FanGraphs has an interesting Q&A with recently reinstated Jays prospect Marcus Stroman.

Michael Beraskow of Jays Journal provides some handy tips for watching the Jays while at work– especially useful with today’s 4:37 PM start.

Shi Davidi looks at the Jays’ rotation options, among other items in a notebook post at Sportsnet.

Bill Lankhof of the Toronto Sun reflects on last night’s game, noting that the Jays seem to continue to stumble along through the season. “They are a schizophrenic 10 games behind the Yankees, one moment playing smash-mouth baseball, the next getting smashed in the mouth,” he writes.

John Lott of the National Post speaks to a grateful Casey Janssen, who struggled to shake off some rust on Monday, but welcomed the fact that he’d been rested for so long prior.

Lastly, at Baseball Prospectus, Zachary Levine wishes a happy birthday to the now 40-year-old Ramon Ortiz, while elsewhere, Sam Miller finds the worst thing the L.A. Dodgers have done all year– and be careful, folks, it’s not copywritten. Your team could do it too!

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  1. Go Jays!

  2. Hey Stoeten, is Zuber no longer contributing here?

  3. Well the ump has no way of really seeing that pitch from where he is positioned. What a joke.

    “It all evens out!”

    Not if that ends a game 7 of a World Series. And some time it will.

    My fucking phone shows me right where the pitch was within seconds. Can we not put an iphone in every ump’s hand??

    • the 3rd strike call was a joke, but no more than the 1st pitch strike call, which is what led to melky swinging at the 2nd pitch (same location), and shit, since he swung at the 2nd one, the 3rd one (just slightly more outside) was ‘close enough.’

      fuck, i love baseball, but this affection of ‘discretionary’ calls as part of the game’s illustrious history drives me fucking bananas. to willingly embrace mediocrity & then try to pass it off as ‘part of the game’ is a fucking joke.

      • “embrace mediocrity”


        That’s what you get – because having a good eye as a batter or good location as a pitcher means less when it *might* not get called your way anyway.

  4. Blown calls suck but what sucks even more is loading the bases and not scoring a run.

    • Yup

    • after reading about aaron cibia’s uber clutchness, i was shocked – SHOCKED – when he failed to strike-out, and instead, produced an even worse outcome. just kidding…i actually turned to my wife as the pitch was being delivered & said ‘double play.’ because i am that awesome.

  5. the jays are currently undefeated when gose gets into the game,
    bit of a small sample size but you can’t ignore facts.

  6. As a long time Jays fan, I remember going to Exhibition Stadium buying cheap seats almost for every game. But I am truly disappointed in what I have seen so far this season. I took my kids out to a ballgame a few weeks ago, paid over $40 x3. Lost 10-1, this is entertainment? Bunch of overpaid bums blown out by a pathetic Bosox team.

    I blame management 100% for creating this mess we are in. One of the highest payrolls in baseball, and last place in the AL east. I actually wish we could go back one year and don’t make any of those trades AA made. I actually liked our position as a young talented team that just needed experience and a bit of luck. But after the trades from late last season and off season, we’re now stuck with over-the-hill overpaid players who can’t produce anymore. You can’t teach an old dog tricks. Coupled with Laurie and JP who are overmatched in the majors. They should be at AAA developing properly. At least Laurie who is extremely talented but brought up too quickly. JP is well… lets see, what talent does he have and what doesn’t he have… he can’t catch, he can’t throw, he can’t frame, he can’t hit for average, he can’t walk, but he can hit homers. That’s managements fault again, why don’t they make him a dh or trade him. Bring up someone who can actually catch and will give confidence to the young pitchers.

    Another thing that bothered me this past off season was AA’s stubbornness to re-sign Kelly Johnson. Yes he strikes out a lot, and he won’t be our secondbaseman 5 years from now. But why the hell not sign him for another year?? He was cheap and he can actually play secondbase! We need strength up the middle, which includes Reyes, Rasmus, 2b and C. Out of the current 4 “middle” Rasmus is the only decent one we have. Kawasaki is ok as a fill-in. But 2b and c is below pathetic. AA is sitting on his ass watching this team fall apart. Does anyone really and truly believe this team can even reach .500 ? Be honest! There is no way this team with its current leadership will ever reach .500 before the end of the season.

    Just like Brian Colengio paid for his trading and signing mistakes, AA must also pay for his mistakes. Gibby must also pay for his mistakes. His job is too motivate the players to perform to their capability. He is not doing his job. Some people will say how can he make the club better if he can’t hit or pitch. But thats the point, he has to figure it out and its very obvious by their last place position he is not capable of it. Crhist, even if Bobby Valentine was the manager, we’d have a better record!

    Rogers didn’t get to multi-billionaires with stupid decisions. Both AA and Gibby will be shown the door very soon. People who can do the job will be brought in… very soon.
    Although we did trade away a lot of our future getting these old men, we can start rebuilding again. I can see Rogers is very keen on producing a winner at any cost, so whether it is another 3 or 4 year rebuild, or trading or signing true stars, I can see it happening starting with a change in management.


    • Ive been having a pretty terrible day today but I just want to say thank you for making me laugh. I really needed that.

      • Gibby is motivating the players to play to their capability. It’s just that their capability right now is really, really bad.

    • That is a lot of typing and a lot of stupid. Congratulations.

    • Appreciate the rant but you’re wrong on a more than a few points.
      The players are definitely underperforming.
      The disappointment of going to a ball game and the home team gets blown out is part of the risk taken when you purchase a ticket.If you went to exhibition stadium , you’d have known this already.

      • I most enjoyed the part of the rant where you wish we still had a team needing more experience and luck. .

      • So they’re definitely under-performing?
        Now ask why they are?
        It’s the manager’s job to make them perform is it not?
        So who do we blame… Gibby? Hmmm… probably. AA? Maybe also.
        You ask why is it AA’s fault? He built the team. How is it possible that everybody he traded for is underperforming? Hmm, maybe he “wished” for their career years to happen? Or maybe AA should have given more thought to the manager position before he hired Gibbons? Maybe… he should think about canning Gibbons before the season is totally lost? Just maybe…..

        For some players and teams, certain types of managers fit better than other types of managers. For example in hockey, who is the coach most hated by players but always seem to win games, even if its only for 2 or 3 years max? Mike Keenan. Do you possibly think AA should be thinking about bringing in a kick-ass type of manager to salvage the season?
        Or perhaps you think we should keep on rolling down the hill with Gibby and hope the players all have career-years next season?

    • You’re the perfect example of fan arrogance and stupidity. You are mad that they didn’t sign Kelly Johnson yet mad that they have JPA. You can’t spell Lawrie’s name yet know his future.

      Mendoza you realize it is a sport right? And that you play against other competitors? Just checking. Because if the result was guaranteed it would be even more pointless.

      Anyway, no one is firing AA or Gibby over this year. This is the team for another 3 years or so for the most part. So having showed your disdain, leave and don’t dare show up when they manage to get it together and get into a pennant race.

      • sons….. KJ can field… JP can’t. That’s the difference. Who the fuck cares how you spell laurie? He can’t fuckin hit and you “fans” think itrs ok for him to learn in the majors. Have you heard of minors sons? You know, A .. AA… AAA etc. Why are we paying fans watching a potentially great hitter learn up here? He should be learning with a proper batting coach who can spend his time being patient with him. Not in the fuckin major leagues. Why the fuck am I paying good hard earned money to watch minor leagues play attempt to play in the majors? Who’s the arrogant and stupid fan?

        And while I’m at it… yes I admit I did boo the home town Jays when I went to that “ballgame”. I work hard for my money! Why should I pay to watch this pathetic team get blown out. We weren’t even in our seats yet and we were down 2-0. It’s my money, and if I want to boo a lackluster performance I damn well will. Maybe you get freebee tickets or you’re filthy rich and don’t mind blowing cash on a poor product. But I do, thank you very much.

        And oh btw, next game I go to (when I can afford it), and if they again stink out the place, you can bet I will be one of many that boo.

        • If you can’t cheer your team when they’re down… what is the point? Might as well just get Super RBI Baseball for Nintendo and turn on a bunch of cheat codes.

          I admit to getting bored of watching poor play. That’s when I turn the tv off and go work on something around the house.

          • you lost any credence when you call your self a ball fan who shows up late. if you were anything more than a bandwagon fan you would show early. batting practice too.

    • Jeezus! Shit hasn’t worked out as high as the fucking media and fan expectations had pre packaged. If you have been a ball fan as long as you claim (and I am that fucking old too) you have seen it countless times over the years. Sure it’s a piss off but they still have a chance. Go hug a Cubs fan today and tell them about your concerns, let me know if they kick you in the nuts after your done. Anyways, this team like many before them, looked pretty damn good……..baseball is a bitch.

  7. I’m leaving work early today and taking my daughter to the game. Heading out early to see if we can catch some BP and a few baseballs.

    This 4:30 start isn’t the worst idea in the world.

    • Having shared baseball with my dad growing up, it always warms my heart to see fathers and daughters at games together. Hope it’s a good one!

  8. Caroline Cameron>>>> Barry Davis

  9. Searching ‘Dale Scott Strikezone’ on google is hilarious.
    So many articles over the years of teams crying foul over his generous zone when lefties are up

  10. The Getting Blanked link at the top takes you to the Sportsnet article.

  11. Is Melky being out a rest day

  12. Is JP really underperforming? I think he is performing at the lower level of his normal..not standard deviations below.

    and the last time he threw out a baserunner was during the nixon administration.

    has there ever been a bigger disconnect between how a fan base views a player and the organization views a player ? (Im talking about an everyday player..not a 25th man)

    • as long as he keeps walking into mistakes, he’ll get a pass. keep everything else equal, and give him a 2-3 week hr dry spell, and the tune will change.

  13. So Colby is on pace to strike out 212 times this year. Jesus fucking christ. I didn’t realize it was that bad. That’s inexcusable… and our only other option is Gose who is potentially worse, because at least Colby hits? RIP Colby. Irrationally still my fave.

  14. Mendoza is correct we do not have a very good team at all. To keep saying the players are under achieving should not the person who has signed all these under achieving players be responsible. Ramon Ortiz has started 2 games for us this year. For fuck sakes AA doesn’t get an award for signings like that he never will. We’re well into the season now there is no playoff coming and we will not make 500.

    • I’d be surprised if you possessed opposable thumbs.

    • Yes SJM the problem is that we signed Ramon Ortiz. That’s our trouble.

      Thanks for the great insight.

      Why didn’t they just sign James Shields to be their 8th starter?

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