Judging by the picture of a mountain of donuts he posted on Instagram this afternoon, Kevin Gausman is ready. Or, at least, as ready as he’ll ever be to jump into the fray against Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.

Gausman, you may not be aware, is a superstitious sort, including when it comes to his in-game dining, telling reporters last year, “I eat four doughnuts in between innings.” He has apparently since given up the practice, on the advice of nutritionists, but obviously that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t come prepared, just in case.

With only a small slate of games on the schedule throughout the Majors tonight, and nothing with nearly the appeal of a potential duel between the O’s top prospect (sorry, Bundy) and Brandon Morrow, the eyes of the baseball world will all be on the rugged carpet at the Rogers Centre. Let’s hope for an unfriendly welcome.


Both John Lott and Brendan Kennedy were at the Rogers Centre today as Brett Lawrie did some work in the cage, hitting balls off a tee and with hitting coach Chad Mottola.

Chris Toman tweets that Gausman was throwing 97 when the Jays saw him back in Spring Training, while Mike Wilner adds that Mark DeRosa was the only Jays big leaguer to face him, and he doubled.

To make room for Gausman, Shi Davidi tells us, the O’s have optioned down Jake Arrietta, and D’d former Jays waiver claim Alex Burnett FA.

Brendan Kennedy notes that John Gibbons says Josh Johnson will make three rehab starts before he begins, the remaining two of which will be for Buffalo. Danny Knobler of CBS Sports spoke to some scouts who saw Johnson’s first rehab start, in Dunedin, and came away unimpressed– we mentioned on today’s podcast, however, that it’s certainly not implausible that Johnson was simply trying to get balls over, and not being too fine, which could explain why the scouts felt that “there were a lot of pitches in the middle of the plate.”

Not to give away the main picture for tomorrow’s Game Threat, but apparently the Orioles came to town wearing Canadian tuxedos.

No, seriously, junior hockey?


TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
DH Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
CF Chris Dickerson (L)
2B Alexi Casilla (S)

Kevin Gausman RHP

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  1. I love when those smart-assed punks with their cockeyed baseball caps get lit up like a Vegas whorehouse.
    Put your fucking hat on straight, for Chrissakes….and while you’re at it, pull your fucking pants up, too.

  2. Someone needs to tell MacFarland that the 80′s are over.

  3. Based on his hairy whitface, Could you imagine how long it would take Stoetrn to manscape? It would be years to dive In and find his willy. Wilner is up for the challenge.

  4. Yea…uh oh!

  5. Morrow, you being gifted this win- don’t fuck it up.

  6. Forget the ‘stash. That man has the eyebrows of a villain.

  7. Coming back from the commercial break – those two bleacher flowers – money.

  8. Get that ‘pen going. Have to lock this shit down asap.

  9. Yank’im Gibby…

  10. Was there a point to keeping Morrow in with a rested bullpen?

    • He had barely thrown 90 pitches. If things went well he could have pitched our first CG of the year. He would have been pissed if he wasn’t sent out for the 8th. And rightly so.

  11. 2 strikes and did you see where JP sets up?

    Heart of the plate.

    On a guy who flails at breaking balls away.

    As a catcher I just don’t understand him.

    • The problem is that he’s not much of a catcher. I wonder how long until he loses the confidence of the staff.

      • The female population of Toronto for the most part has great confidence in his staff is what I hear….

        • I’m guessing they don’t shake him off.

        • Not this female!
          And yes, I know I chime in with this repeatedly + it’s probably hella annoying. I just have to do my part to DEFLATE his tires.

          • You can say that again!!


            • Wait. I just realized that both “pump his tires” AND “deflate his tires” sounds kinda risque.

              • ah ha, see?

                Even you females who hate him cannot help but fall under his Latin Twittery charm. You guys just cant help it.

                Remind me never to bring my gf to a JPA signing. As it stands, I alrady cover her eyes when he comes up to bat.

                • Don’t get me wrong, I have my baseball crushes. Strike3bia is not one of them. I like guys with talent.

      • It speaks volumes to me that as bad as Blanco is with the stick they let him catch a Buehrle start. I think Mark had set that up.

        • Yup. My guess is the veteran pitchers recognize what a piece of shit he is. I find it funny that the 2 starters in their 30′s don’t want him catching them.

          • Look at Molina last night + . FRustrating as hell cause he’s manipulating shit but goddamn I wish JP had that intuition.

          • I think thats probably pretty close to the truth. None of our young staff realize how crappy he is.

            Once they get a good catcher on another team they’ll look back at their time with JP the way a woman looks back at her asshole ex after finally dating a decent guy. “wtf was I thinking” they’ll ask, rhetorically.

    • Its because he always calls games thinking “ok, what would get ME out if I was hitting……”

    • He has no capacity for self-awareness.

      He doesn’t understand himself.

  12. Just try and give it all back, Morrow. It’s not like we are going to be going with two rookies in the rotation now.


  13. I’m surprised Lawrie didn’t rush Morrow in the dugout to start a moshpit.

  14. Jesus. Looks like Morrow got into one of Lawrie’s redbulls.

  15. It kind of sucks, but I don’t think Morrow will ever be much more than a #4-#5 pitcher. He has the stuff to be a true ace… but fuck… he has no consistency from one game to the next.

    It appeared he had gotten over this shit last year… but 2013? Nope.

    His strike-outs have also been way fucking down since 2011.

    • A really good catcher makes this staff so much better.
      If Yaddy Molina or Carlos Ruiz only hit .200 they’d still be the best catchers in the game.
      You simply can’t underestimate the value of pitch selection/location and then receiving/framing.

      If Morrow pitches to one of those guys he’s an allstar.

      Fastball in call to Jones right there was laughable.

    • This guy sucked too much at baseball to be an ace too:

    • The majority of pitchers, including most of the “#2′s” are inconsistent. It’s just basic math really.

      And Morrow seems to always start a bit weak and get better throughout the year.

  16. What did Morrow do?

  17. Gose’s speed (or anyone) puts pressure on the opposing defense.

  18. can’t wait for the replay

  19. OriLOLes

    • calling them that is not a good idea….Stoeten pulled that shit last year all pre-season and the fucking turds turned into the hot red headed step sister.

  20. How many times has Bucky Showalter been out out of the dugout tonight?
    And he still hasn’y been tossed!

  21. Only Gose has the speed and the stones to that kind of special shit.

    That stuff makes my panties wet #scoutingjasonparks

  22. O’s announcer compares jays turf to kansas back in the day – shin splints walkin in to pitch from bullpen.

  23. Boston getting spanked by Cleveland, 11-3

  24. C’mon Lawrie, break out

  25. Flow

  26. It’s funny how a bunt hit will turn around hitters out of a slump.

    That and “slump busters” .

  27. Everyone is fucking scoring

  28. Let’s leave a few in the chamber for the next 3 games.

  29. Orioles glovework this inning is justice for McLouth faking an out.

    • This!

    • Pretty sure that one’s on the ump, not McLouth. Players who fall out of play after making a catch are supposed to be deemed not to have made the catch. (Rule 6.05 (a).)

      (It would take a real asshole ump to call that a no-catch, though.)

  30. Getting Lawrie hitting would be so freaking big for this team

  31. Time for another Lincoln log!


    Maybe Morrow won’t feel like this after the game is done.

  33. Here comes the Logster.

  34. .500 or bust.

  35. My philosophy on Brad Linoln is very similar to my philosophy on hedge fund portfolios……stay away from the highly leveraged.

  36. Good win.

    I wish Morrow wasn’t so hittable this year. He kinda stunk but it’s nice when the offense helps out and wins the game.

    Oh and fuck the Orioles.

  37. Aaaaand that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen…those fucks who threw beer at Mclouth should be kicked out for life. Wasting $12 beer like IDIOTS!

  38. I’m in Montreal. Anyone know a bar here that plays Jays games?

  39. I really don’t want to see Morrow doing that shit with his right arm in the dugout.

    GSMC- I agree, .500 or bust

  40. That was very nice…

  41. Fuckin love DeRosa’s veteran walks

  42. holy shit, our win and loss records both start with the same digit, playoffs here we come!

  43. There is a disturbing trend with the Jay’s the last couple of games.
    They are bitch slapping opposing fucktard relievers who seem unable to wear their caps straight on their melons!!

    I hope to see it continue…

  44. Does every game threat have to end with some questioning of junior hockey?

    While I love baseball and choose to watch the Jays over Memorial Cup hockey because I have Sportsnet One, there is a case to be made that junior hockey is better than pro hockey.

    Go. Watch. It. Seriously.

    • No, it really is stupid. I was in Texas for a few weeks a while ago, and the locals kept trying to get me to watch high school football. This is exactly the same as that, and both completely suck.

      It’s completely fucked to watch 15-17 year-olds play hockey.

      • Memorial Cup is under-21 and now also draws on juniors from the U.S. and Europe.. Most of the players have essentially been full-time hockey workers for the last four or five years.

        • Although the hockey season is like three freaking months too long. It’s time for baseball.

        • Juniors from the U.S. and Europe? Sounds like it’s a global sport/tournament. Maybe they should put it on Sportsnet World then…

        • I don’t doubt that, but so have the Texan high school players. Doesn’t mean they’re not young as fuck. Look up the OHL players slated to be drafted to the NHL this year (ie the best ones). They’re all under 18!

          Canada’s national obsession with junior hockey is completely fucked. Other countries take junior sports for what they are and don’t take them too seriously. In Canada, it’s a source of national shame that our 19 year olds lost to the US 19 year olds even though no one else in the fucking world even knew the tournament was going on!

          I have no animus for hockey. It’s my winter sport of choice, and I’ll take a Leafs playoff game over a Jays regular season game (usually, at least). But fuck, man, the only people who should be watching 16 year olds play a sport are their family and friends, or at best the local crowds at the arena. They should not be discussed on the FAN 590 and they sure as fuck should not be nationally televised in prime time.

    • I’ll watch junior hockey players when they become pro hockey players.

  45. Jays are the hottest team in the AL!! (7-3 in last 10)

  46. So the Jays and BoSox both made it to 20 on the same night

  47. What fucking halftards are spending their evening watching the fucking Saskatchewan Blades and the London Knights? That’s fucked. Seriously. Put that shit on overnight with the infomercials for some mixer.

    • About the same number that are watching Jays games (depending on the game), if I heard the TV #’s correctly on Tim and Sid earlier this week. That number (around 375,000?) is waay more than those watching playoff basketball games.

  48. Daniel Norris had 10 K’s in 4 innings tonight, zero runs.
    Hope he’s turning the corner.

  49. Manny Machado has some funny ears. I guess he’s also an exceptionally good baseball player but, you know, the ears…

  50. Aaron Sanchez is only out 7 days, good news.
    Osuna is rehabbing but may need ligament replacement.

    Honest interview here with Happ….

  51. That Instagram picture has no mention of “Canadian Tuxedo” or what the hell is going on.
    Here’s the rest of the story.

    I’ve never heard of denim being refered to as a “Canadian Tuxedo”
    Anybody else?

  52. Nice win tonight. But, fuck, Morrow almost lost his shit. Calm the fuck down man.

  53. LOVING the “Strike3bia”. Solid gold!

  54. Stoeten’s too fucking cheap to tip. Too busy feeding his fat fuckface with hot dogs. Give him a turban and he would be a raghead. Who the fuck let him into the country?

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