There has been lots of Jays stuff coming out of MLB’s Fan Cave so far this season, thanks in no small part, I’m sure, to Jays fan April Whitzman (aka @Alleycat17), who is one of the select group imprisoned taking part in it this season. Case in point? This gem of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion dropping bombs on the driving range at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers.

Check it out after the jump…

Clip via MLB Fan Cave.

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  1. I know it’ll end – likely sooner rather than later unfortunately – but I am enjoying the Bautista/Encarnacion era as a partnership.

  2. Sports is the great.

  3. “Lets do it!” is now Edwin’s catchphrase

  4. Hey stoets, where’s zuber? Please answer everyone is concerned about archi and we want to make sure he is safe and sound

  5. I have so much ManLove for these two beauties.

    • Bautista and Encarnacion or Zuber and Stoeten? Please clarify.

      • Can it not be both?
        I deem that this post be directed to both Big Bau//Edwin and to Zuber//Stoeten.

        Both are a pair of God Damn Beauties.

  6. I hope it’s not video editing that Edwin cracked that golf cart in one shot. Because that would be awesome.

  7. Let’s do it! I feel a McCain’s commercial in the works, maybe a Robbie Alomar and EE tandem… “Catch D tasted, let’s do it.”

  8. Why didnt Edwin take the parrot for the walk after hitting the cart?

    Instead he did the hulk pose

  9. Nolin’s your starter for Friday.

    @Sean_Nolin @BigFourInsider Friday in Toronto, congrats on the call-up #theshow

  10. Can Gibbons get some love for moving those 2 up in the order with Reyes out?

    What have our 1-2-3 done since then?

  11. Well that was absolutely entertaining. Loved the high pitch “see you” right at the end.

    If the rest of the team could find their strokes like these two beasts we could make some noise.

  12. Let’s do it.

  13. Speaking of shitty asshole JPA, how low does his OBP have to get before it cuts into his playing time? Would .225 do it? That would only take an 0-10 streak, believe it or not.

    Why are Thole and his .336/.411/.496 line still in Buffalo????

    • I think the main reason is marketing, to be honest. JPA is very popular with female fans, and statistically thole and JPA have been about even at the big league level.

      That being said, JPA’s declining plate discipline says to me that hes a little too secure in his job, and doesnt care to make an effort to take walks or avoid Ks like he had to in order to get a shot at the big leagues

      • +1

      • Or he just sucks. Enough of this comfortable in his environment shit, the man sucks right now, period. but what I don’t get is when certain fans shit on him when he talks about wanting to get better and be a better hitter. Yeah, he obviously sucks ass and hasn’t made any strides in that regard, but don’t we want to hear him say that regardless? Stop being contrarian douchebags, and have some fucking hope, will you? I know JP is probably going to be garbage for the rest of major league career, but if you’re a fan, stop wasting your energy on hate and just hope there’s a fucking baseball god out there that gives him the ability the take a damn pitch.

      • Have you seen Josh Thole?


        Tell me you can’t sell that to the female fans.

      • As much as I am starting to dislike him, let’s not delve into tinfoil about his strong jaw-line. For better or for worse he has learned something of the hitters in the AL and has learned (somewhat) our pitchers. A switch has to be a little more graceful than just cutting him cold turkey.

      • When D’arnaud and Buck were traded JPAsshole knew he could basically shit on AA’s desk and still play all the time. He’s got superstar mentality and marginal skills. His HORRID approach at the plate is simply case of a selfish player with a swelled head.

        I think they should send him down because it’s only going to get worse. He refuses to adjust at all.

    • The reason JPA can hit badly and have it not cut into his playing time is because if you don’t give that play time to JPA, you’re giving it to Blanco. And I can assure you, giving Blanco playtime over JPA is just a horrible, horrible idea.

      Thole is not up here right now. That means one of two things.
      a) The Jays feel Blanco is better than Thole.
      b) The Jays feel JPA is better than Thole.

      Given that a is proving ridiculous, the answer is probably b. And if the answer is b, then that means the Jays don’t see Thole as a backup catcher; they see him as a starting catcher, and potentially JPA’s eventual replacement.

      How do I know those are likely the two options? If all the Jays saw in Thole was “backup catcher,” then either he’d be up here right now acting as our backup catcher, or else they actually think Blanco is better suited for that role (or else AA made a promise). But if they saw starting catcher potential in Thole, they’d be trying to feed him as many at-bats as they could in Buffalo to develop his not very good bat, as opposed to letting him rot on the bench in Toronto.

  14. guess his wrist is okay

  15. For those asking — Edwin DID hit the golf cart on his first shot. It was incredible. Thanks for the post, guys.

  16. Never in a million years would I stand that close to Edwin Encarnacion swinging a bat.

  17. Edwin: see you!

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