Now a little something to kill time on a Thursday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today it’s just Drew and me, with no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we talk about the Jose Bautista’s fantastic game, Brett Lawrie’s struggles, J.P. Arencibia (again), Sean Nolin, and a bit about my moment on last night’s broadcast (GIF after the jump!).

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Unless it’s about this! Which, y’know, we will never speak of again:


Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

Hat tip/fuck you to Dave Burrows for the pic and @Matt_HBB for the GIF.

Comments (35)

  1. Nice form!

  2. Hey you guys pronounce gif properly.

    • no fucking way they actually pronounce it that way. had to be drew/stoets trolling.

      • Oh fuck off, both pronouciations are used. Tomato, Tomaaato. They ain’t trolling.

        By they way, if anyone wants to make lots of money working from home, contact me.

  3. You don’t even wear a fucking Jays hat?

  4. You should take smaller bites. It is better for your digestive system and will reduce the choking risk.

  5. Haha that’s amazing man! Looks like a good sandwich. Are you double fisting with your phone in the other hand?

  6. Is that a cold cut sandwich you brought from home?

  7. I didn’t think Stoeten could look that much like a homeless person.

  8. I also got Costanza’d by the Sportsnet broadcast last year when I was at a game in Oakland. They got me as i was finishing a slice of pizza. I feel your pain, Stoeten.

  9. That beard is out of control. If you ever need to flee the country for whatever reason, come to Eugene Oregon, you would blend in like nobody’s business.

  10. Holy fucking neckbeard Stoeten

  11. Well… a man’s got to eat. You do look a little drunk or something.

    You’re living the dream either way. Don’t let the troll(s) get to you!

  12. stoeten, you need a haircut

  13. I think I’m most impressed with how clean you were able to keep the beard post-bite.

  14. Pretty sure the girl behind you is saying “so after I blew him… it was all down my clothes”

  15. I remember thinking after the d’arnaud trade that all I wanted out of JPA was a little consistency. No more painful month long stretches of sucking. Right on cue, he’s been beyond dreadful at the plate in the month of May. Despite not taking walks in April, he was having great at bats and laying off terrible pitches he used to swing at. For a while he was averaging the most pitchers per at bat on the roster. If he could just stop whiffing at fat strikes in the zone pitchers might start to pitch around him just a bit. As Drew pointed out, when he gets ahead of the pitcher he’s gold. His 1 or 2 strike approach is god fucking awful. If he could just not whiff on those straight fastballs pitchers might stop throwing them as often. He would also have to gain some of that approach back from early this season.

  16. Do you think the cameraman knew who you were? Typically they show fans decked out in Jays gear…

  17. Looking good buddy!

  18. At least you look better than the beaut beside you.

  19. ….and that’s how I ended up with nine fingers.

  20. If this is not proof Stoetrn is a fat, fucking, disgusting loser, I don’t know what is. What a hipster douchebag! Fugly hat, face and beard. Anyone who wears a trucker hat should be shot and pissed on. Of course, that fat asshole is so proud of what a slob he is. That’s Peterborough for you.

  21. don’t you listen to anyone Parkes!
    we love and owe you!

  22. You look amazing similar to the Cuban Assassin from Stampede Wrestling:

  23. I thought the wipe of the mouth with the un-napkined hand was worse. Hey, we’ve all been there.

  24. Love the retro Padre hat…

  25. He looks like a fucking scumbag terrorist!

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