2013 Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Sean Nolin takes the hill for the Jays tonight, making his Major League debut and hoping to fare a little better than Kevin Gausman, who made his far-more-heralded debut for the Orioles in last night’s Jays win. It’s… uh… yeah, another win would be nice.


Earlier today, to make room on the roster for Nolin, the Jays– rather than D’ing Ramon Ortiz FA– placed Darren Oliver on the 15-day DL with shoulder soreness, and moved J.A. Happ and his injured knee to the 60-day DL (meaning the earliest he can return is July 7th). Oliver’s stint is retroactive to his last appearance, which was back on May 19th.

Speaking of Happ, Chris Toman tweets that John Gibbons says the left-hander’s head is fine, but that he’s waiting on a brace for his knee, which has kept him from being able to throw since the incident in Tampa.

Mike Wilner tweets that Nolin will wear number 35 tonight.

Tim Micallef throwing out the first pitch. Nice!

Jose Reyes running? Jose Reyes running. Fuck yes.

No, seriously, junior hockey?


TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Sean Nolin LHP

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
DH Danny Valencia (R)
LF Steve Pearce (R)
2B Yamaico Navarro (R)

Chris Tillman RHP

Comments (357)

  1. Sorry I’m a bit late to this comment, but if they are going to give Lawrie the boot for being Lawrie – how can he ever expect to play again?

    • Though I don’t agree with his ejection tonight, I think he needs to make some fucking changes.

      It’s fine to fired up, but the dude is on edge all the fucking time. Every play he’s involved in is like Game 7 of the world series to him. He’s a freak.

      Umps aren’t going to give a young player respect until he earns it. Ump shows aside, he’s not going to get any respect until he learns to take the good with the bad and not have a highly visible reactions to every fucking play, good or bad.

      Anyway, all that aside, tonight was a bullshit ejection, and I think Lawrie was trying his hardest to do the right thing and keep his mouth shut. That ump is a shook bitch with a terrible zone. Calling two high strikes and then a low one… i don’t know what a player is supposed to do other than hack at everything. Simply not fair.

      • You’re preaching to the choir, dude. Granted, I didn’t see exactly what happened tonight [choppy stream online], but I trust everyone’s assessment here that it was OTT from the umpire.

        In general, however, I am no fan of Lawrie. He’s just too much all the time. I don’t like him chirping @ fans, I don’t like him amped up like it’s game seven of the World Series + he’s on bath salts, I don’t like his smug, entitled, cocky ways when he’s done nothing to be deserving [truth be told - I don't even like super mega stars with attitudes like that].

        In short, I do not like him, green eggs + ham.

        • haha sorry man. I don’t think I quite grasped the context of your question (boozin’). Agreed on all fronts though. Bath salts made me fuckin’ laugh.

          • I’m no man, but thanks – I aim to please. Or to make people laugh. Whatever.

            I was going for sarcasm in my original comment. Sarcasm doesn’t travel well on the internets.

  2. Holy shit Machado is good.

  3. Lincoln sucks.

  4. Lincoln is terrible.

    • Lincoln sucks which is disappointing. This guy was a dominant reliever in pit for a while. Hope he figures it out eventually.

  5. Firstly, Nolin let the nerves take the better of him, hope he’s given another shot.
    Secondly, I honestly Lawrie handled himself well and didn’t blow up because that’s what he would have done last year. But hey the ump decides to be a pompous sensitive asshole. So early in the game too!

    • They might as well give Nolin another shot.

      For all the talk about the Jays “rushing” Alvarez & Hutchison, they both pitched fairly well in their first few major league starts. Maybe Nolin can do the same.

      The alternatives (Ortiz, Bush, Vargas, Germano) are just as likely to get shitcanned. At least Nolin has a chance to be something more.

      And if nothing else, Nolin will know the adjustments he needs to make to be successful in the majors and he can work on them in the minors.

    • Yeah, they should give Norris at least another start now that they’ve brought him up here; whether they should have brought him up is another question. They can’t send him down with this start and an ERA of 40.50 as his memory of the Big League. It would fuck up his psyche

      • I assume you mean Nolin because giving Norris a start right now would make current day Romero look like Cy effin Young.

  6. The Man from Muncie strikes.

  7. Back to the JPA we all know and love, I guess.

  8. Man what a gong-show I’ve been missing. Late to the party, but ready to take up my usual deck chair on the boat.

  9. Hey guys, just got home. Is the shitting all over JPA already done for this game or can I still join in?

  10. Lets hope JP can get the golden sombrero to go along with all those LOB’s and the shitty game he called.

  11. Who throws a glove?

    C’mon Toronto.

  12. Anyone know when JJ is set to come back?

  13. This is it! Kawasaki then the heart of our lineup. Never too late

  14. What the hell is a bean weasel anyway?

  15. Wow, didn’t we all used to hate Kittenz?

  16. So…Adam Lind…not such a dud as I’d thought.

  17. What a fucking shame. Score 6 runs you should win the game. Pitching let them down big time. Season has been a MASSIVE disappointment so far. Although it wouldnt be as bad if they couldve beaten the fucking yankees a few more times.

    • First time all year that the Jays have lost when scoring more than four runs (something like 16-1 now, iirc).

    • I just don’t get why they didn’t use Jenkins.

      • a mystery to me as well…

        • Then who starts sun then? Still need a starter for that game. Wouldnt have made a difference.

          • Use any other shitballer from AAA (Germano?…it doesn’t matter who) for the one spot start before JJ is back, to avoid prematurely calling up a prospect from AA who hasn’t even spent 1/2 a year at that level. This is a stupid move in both the short and long term.

            • It looks bad in hindsight but before the game everyone was saying how nolin was a better option than the AAA scrubs. But i guess AA should have known better. I agree it was dumb and risky.

              • Actually, if you look at the beginning of tonights comment thread, I was saying this before the game (and since the call-up was announced). No hindsight from me on this one.

                • Even if Nolin had a good outing, the strategy of calling up a not at all ready (6 AA starts, 30 IP, for fuck’s sake) AA pitcher is baffling from a GM who has otherwise seemed to be very sound in his decision making. Between rushing Nolin and recalling Romerwoe way too soon (he should have been held from advancing to the next minor league level until he had at least back-to-back quality starts), I’m not sure what Anthopoulous is thinking. You signed shitballers for AAA to be emergency back-up for the MLB roster, fucking use them that way.

  18. Becoming a non-fan of that sleepy eyed sumbitch down at third for the O’s.

  19. Is Darren Oliver really injured or is this just a fake roster move to get Nolin to start tonights game? If its a real injury, does anyone suspect that the Jays training program may be failing or have faults?

  20. Well, that was a thoroughly unsatisfying game. A loss and a rookie donkey punched

  21. Wilner’s getting some real angry wackjobs on Jays Talk tonight.

  22. another season lost to injuries. yeah!! :(

  23. was it really a smart move to bring Nolin up after such a small # of AA starts and waste one of his options?

  24. Jays Durham- Starring Sean “Meat” Nolin, Aaron Cibia as “Crash”, and Brett Lawrie as “The Lollygagger”
    Nolin: Geez, JP he teed off on that one, like he knew it was comin’
    Crash (JP): He did. I told him.
    OK, you can’t blame the kid. What the hell did the brass expect? A “quality start”? Who’s decision was this to bring up this not-ready-for-prime-time player to the Show? Fuck, if the Bulls (oops, Jays) are so hard up, just bring fuckin’ Romero back up. At least he’s pitched in the big leagues. He couldn’t do any worse. And that fucking Brat Lawrie, his temper tantrum act is getting real thin. Yes, those were two shitty calls. So was the one that ended the Tampa game the other day. But Lawrie totally deserved to be thrown out. I really think that Papa Alex needs to take the red headed step child out to the woodshed for a little “conversation”. Tonight’s game was one of the most ugly losses I’ve seen in a while.

  25. Disappointed sigh.

  26. whatever happened to the caustic comments and insidious insight of one night_manimal and Buck Matinez hair swoosh? I think I better put out a BOLO. While i’m at it I’ll issue one for a blue jays 2B ( we now know why AA was saying before the season started he was still looking for a guy to play 2B) and for adecent minor league starter ( Romero excluded).
    And yeah , that ump tonite was a pompass ass. MLB better rein some of these prima donna in. Almost daily I see these guys make shit ass calls. I once belived the kool-aid that they were right “99%” of the time. Rubbish. Maybe 67% and for some umps I swear it is 50-50 on balls and strikes. Makes a mockery of a game sometimes

  27. I feel better about trading Snider when I fool myself and think of it like this:

    AA traded
    Thames for Lincoln
    Snider for Delabar

    Stinkin’ Lincoln seems like the classic American who hates the fact that he’s been traded to the Jays thus having to live part time in Canada.

  28. I hate to say it as a Blue Jay fan for almost 35 years. This is a pathetic fan base.
    We have one of the ten best GMs in baseball who took a crap organization, built a solid minor league system and this year put what appeared to be a solid team on the field.

    Yes- injuries, bad luck and some underperfoming has led to a lousy start to the season

    But the bitching about dealing Snider is stupid. Where would Snider play? Bench EE, Bautista or Melky? Then if you did – he is hitting right about league average – not quite someone to be drooling over.

    • One of the best 10 GM’s in baseball?
      What have you been smoking?
      What has AA done really?
      He traded all of the clubs top prospects to go “all in”.
      Problem was he miscalculated his own team’s strengths, and miscalculated other teams miserably.
      He has made so many bad moves in the past year (not just bad trades), I’m wondering who’s his boss? Why is AA still in command?
      Injuries?? Injuries hurt every single team in the majors!
      Look at the Yankees, everybody said they were dead before the season started. Hmm, dead in first place. And 2 more crucial injuries last night.

      • Ffs! Please, shut up about AA trading prospects. Prospects in baseball (1) are currency for trades and (2) don’t pan out as often as people think. Fuck, if one of them becomes an above average player, then Miami did well. Seriously, I’m convinced that this city thinks you can analyze all sports through a hockey lens, lending to all the fuckery coming out of people’s mouths.

      • get a life …seriously

    • Agreed

  29. Is weber up today because of the lack of a mop up guy?

  30. Give em’ the Dick this afternoon.

    Go Jays.

  31. Yeah even if we didnt trade Snider he wouodve been lost on waivers when we sent him to AAA.

    As for pitching, why not just bring up JJ? Rehab starts are about getting timing back and reps in, he is obviousoy healed or he wouldnt be doing rehab starts.

    Surely a non fresh JJ with poor timing is still light years better then anything else we could come up with for Sunday right?

    Plus yiu neger know how many starts your gonna get outta that guy. May as well use them up here while we can.

  32. On the bright side, since Gose did not play last night, the Jays are still undefeated (3-0) when he makes an appearance! :)

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  99. Blame that halfwit AA.

  100. I wouldn’t mind the both of them getting fired (AA and Gibby)

  101. Troll another one

  102. How’s things down there?

  103. You’re a real mental midget, aren’t you?

  104. Don’t be stupid. Most other fanbases would kill to have AA.

  105. Yeah – he took a team that had NO chance last year…and then in the space of one off-season, made them competitive.
    He did what a GM should do…upgraded most positions and hopefully, give the team a chance to win. The rest of it, unfortunately, is up to the players to perform.

  106. Professional Commenter Medoza’s Line drops another steaming pile of #REALTALK into our collective lap.

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