The Jays are easily one of the most GIFable teams, whether on the field or off. If you frequent our blogs, Scott Lewis usually does a Friday GIF post from around the league, but this post will focus only on the Jays. So here we go:

The Aaron Loup ball caress is simply mesmerizing. And maybe even a little creepy. Even more when it’s x2:

There’s no love for DeRosa, as he gets shut down TWICE. First by Morrow:

Then by Brett Cecil:

This was a strike 3 call to end the game against Tampa on Tuesday:

Brett Lawrie hears the news that the CityPlace Sobeys stopped carrying Red Bull #BellLetsTalk:

Brandon Morrow spazzing out in the dugout:

Lawrie and Abraham Cibia change emotions in a second:

Gibby is tired of your shit:

Kawasaki and his pre-game stretches are always entertaining:

This might be my last post after Stoeten sees this, so it’s been fun:

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  1. Epic!

  2. “That’s GOLD Scott, GOLD!”

  3. Loup as bot a righty and a lefty—oh that would be neat!

  4. *slow clap*

  5. What’s up with DeRosa?
    Are they pretending he’s not there?

    • In the second GIF, with Cecil, it looks like DeRosa has 6 fingers.

    • The ‘left hanging’ by Morrow preceded his dugout rager gif…so it’s probably best for DeRosa that he didn’t get his arm ripped off.

    • either that or morrow is a prick?

    • The best part of the Cecil one is that while DeRosa is standing there, Lawrie wanders up to him and gives him the “I got your back, teammate” high five. It was pretty funny live.

    • Yeah, what is up with that? I heard he was a good motivator and mentor for the young guys. I think we have the footage that says different..

    • If you go to, they have a full GIF of the DeRosa second hanging by Cecil.

      It is classic, Lawrie walks up and gives him one, just because his hand is up. Epoc stuff.

  6. OMG the last one is brilliant. Well done Scott, well done.

  7. interesting way to eat a hotdog!!

  8. I checked out the Stoeten .gif, downloaded and watched it again, but then still had to come back here again. classic .gif!!!! almost lost my shit!

  9. Awesome! Classic Gibby & Kawasaki magic.
    Next thing you know we’ll see Stoeten the Ball Man!

  10. Stoeten… my sides

  11. Thos gifs are amazing!

  12. Happ must have really hurt his knee

  13. That last one belongs in the DJF hall of fame (should such a thing ever exist)

  14. nailed it this week

    Its about time we come to grips with the fact that Morrow is a fucking weirdo

  15. The 2013 Jays are 3 – 0 when gose gets into the game

  16. if you showed a stranger the stoeten gif, and asked them to describe the scene, what is the likelihood that their breakdown would be something along the lines of:

    ‘a benevolent businessman had an extra ticket for the game, and picked up a hobo on the way to the stadium, bought him a DELICIOUS samich, and let him play with his phone.’

  17. lololoolol

  18. so, Scott, have you been shitcanned yet or what?

  19. Someone needs to make an Emo-DeRosa meme. HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED YOU GUYS

  20. This is why this site rocks right there. Love the giffs, they are golden.

  21. If I read lips properly, Arencibia screamed ‘Boom Baby’ rounding first after hitting his homerun yesterday.


    just when he was ‘Totally Redeeming’ himself

  22. i’m totally crying at the Kramer/Stoeten one.

  23. As I said before, Stoeten looks amazing similar to the Cuban Assassin from Stampede Wrestling:

  24. Stoeten is one fucking fat, disgusting, sorry excuse of a human being. Just keep licking your arm like a cat. Wilner is jacking it to that gif right now.

    • Doesn’t look that fat to me. Also unless you are a woman you really shouldn’t care.

  25. Is it weird that I just noticed how lovely Stoeten’s eyes in that shot? What a big, beautiful, bearded bastard.

    One time I had front row tickets, right behind home plate and I tried to only eat and drink (my face off) in between innings because I was too self-conscious about everybody looking at me trying not to cover myself in mustard. But look at Stoeten go! He doesn’t care! Somebody needs to paint that. Stoeten rockin’ a meat sandwich at the ball game…It needs to be in a gallery somewhere.

  26. so glad i checked into this site today lol

    need a good laugh lately

    Hopefully you dont get fired so you can keep it up.

  27. Morrow does not care for Spitz seeds.

  28. Re : strike 3 call

    A beautiful pitch frame by the catcher.

  29. Can someone explain why smashing a gatorade case after getting pulled means you’re weird? Seems like a natural reaction following a poor performance…

  30. I wouldn’t call it natural.
    They may be saying he’s weird because they’ve seen him do interviews

  31. Did I miss something – I can’t get DJF through The Score Mobile … ? Haven’t been able to get it for a week or so. Appreciate it.

  32. Holy fucking shit Jose Reyes Running!
    I guess the rehab’s going well!

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