San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays

Well, if we remove the damage inflicted upon Sean Nolin in his MLB debut, then last night doesn’t look so bad. There were some positives, y’know, like Brett Lawrie hitting a home run, and pretty much everyone not named DeRosa or Arencibia collecting a hit.

Then there was Lawrie getting #umpshow’d following a gentle (by his own acrimonious standards) discarding of his batting gear. Crew chief Wally Bell told reporters that Lawrie was ejected for violating “baseball etiquette”.

A 10-6 loss to the Orioles, compounded by Lawrie and John Gibbons getting tossed – and Sean Nolin’s 1.1 inning premature shitstorm of a debut – made for a frustrating night of Blue Jays baseball… But hey, R.A. Dickey takes the ball today and he’s had three nice starts in a row, so let’s pick ourselves up from last night and hope the bats come out for a feast of Freddy Garcia.


John Lott’s excellent game story features quotes from both Brett Lawrie and Wally Bell. FWIW, Bell’s explanation of the ejection comes across as forthright as a DJF author claiming he didn’t know carrying open alcohol was against the law.

If you’re into such things, Brooks Baseball‘s pitch f/x tool shows Bell made the right call on the third strike.

Ok, last bit on the Lawrie ejection…

Shi Davidi serves up some quotes from Nolin and Gibbons.

Thad Weber will join the Blue Jays to take Nolin’s spot, according to this Mike Wilner tweet.

No teenagers playing hockey this afternoon, yet the game is on Sportsnet ‘Nis.


TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
DH Danny Valencia (R)
2B Yamaico Navarro (R)
C Chris Snyder (R)

Freddy Garcia RHP

Comments (196)

  1. Trade JP. Go Jays!

  2. Danielle is right, bullshit theatrics by umpires is getting far too frequent.

    Now let’s go pound the shit out of that stain Garcia.

    • you only think that because of the little box on the tv screen

      data shows umpiring has been getting better


      look it up

      nobody likes a whiner either

      • Please provide a link. Or kindly shut yer yap.

        And I was complaining about the theatrics/umpshow, not the balls and strikes.

        Fans don’t pay to watch the umps.

      • Just because it’s getting better doesn’t mean it’s getting good. FYI

  3. The Red Bull Rager has a now has sidekick to help fight the evils of the Men in Black (…or Dark Blue, whatever). Awesome!

    I can see a game in the future where Danielle gets ejected from the stands by one of the Douches.

  4. What is up with Hayhurst and Zaun? is there a general disdain they have for each other?

    • Classic smart guy/meathead relationship, like Spade and Farley in Tommyboy.

    • Of course, I got no proof,but it seems to be a bit of a shtick.
      Old school vs new.
      Sabermetrics vs experience.
      Good cop vs bad cop.
      Makes for better TV ratings.

  5. Danielle lost all credibility once I saw she’s with some masshole in her twatter pic.

  6. Dome should be closed for Dickey.

  7. Nice start, Dickey!

  8. I’m enjoying Matt Devlin, obviously he doesn’t think he’s an expert (being a basketball guy) like Buck does so he’s not saying stupid shit just solid play by play with a good voice that can build up nicely.

    • Strongly agree.

    • I also agree. Less ridiculous comments. Sticks to the meat and potatoes of the call, doesnt feed us a bunch of bullshit like Buck.

      Still hearing ‘soft hands’ from Tabby multiple times a game makes me wanna puke.

  9. Yay, Kittenface!

  10. I don’t think Dickey knows where the ball is going once he lets it go, even more so then a usual knuckle.

  11. The rotation is in shambles. Too bad, because the offence is firing on all cylinders.

  12. This Dickey shit is gettin sad

  13. Oy vey.

  14. Ay, chihuahua.

  15. This really is pathetic.

  16. I’m sorry guys, but really, what would have been the difference in keeping our prospects and signing Lohse? R.A. far from being worth what was paid for him.

    • Easy to say now. Lohse still cost a future first.

      • Congrats on pointing out that it’s hindsight…pretty obvious. Should I just be a good fanboy and not vent?

        • No, you need to slap that cock back in your mouth so you’ll shut the fuck up.

          • Lol thanks for your input man, real mature input you bring to the discussion! Fuck off haha.

            • I get sick of reading all you self loathing, self pitying, “why me?” Jays fans on this board. Jump ship, and stay the fuck off, cause people liek you make for shitty fans.

              • Dude what in the fuck are you even talking about? My comment was not even close to that sort. Get a fucking life lol. I commented on Dickey’s performance thus far. I was on these boards in fucking 2009 when you were probably wearing a Red Sox hat, give me a break. If you can’t take people criticizing the team during a shitty game maybe YOU should get the fuck out of here.

                People like me make for shitty fans, lol jesus christ. So sick of fucks like you trying to tell everyone what a real “fan” is. Fan, fanatic, get a fucking clue. I buy merchandise, go to games, have watched every single game every season, what more do you want???? I never saw you around here before this season…I guess AA’s big trade made you search for Blue Jays blogs?

                • @Riggs. There is a general disdain on this board for people that support the team financially & have the urge to criticize moves made by Rogers, AA, Beeston etc.

                  They are referred to as casual fans & because they don’t understand the latest saberstats, they are mocked.

                  For 3 years, there was strong support for Rogers & AA’s approach of building the team through prospects & the consensus was that teams that signed free agents or acquired Veteran MLB talent were wrong.

                  It was easy to sell fans on theLansingTtrio, random pitchers like Dyson “best stuff in the organization” etc.

                  In November, the” prospect loving, low payroll, build the team slowly fanbase” , were lured by the “trade of the century ” & free agent acquisitions which should have made the team a World Series contender. This was a logically defensible move.

                  The team got off to a low start & fans were mocked for seeing that something wasn’t “gelling” with the team.

                  At this point in the season, I think it’s best to just sit back & enjoy baseball as a sport & drink beer or wine & watch some god performances.

                  • I am all of the above, but far from the casual fan. I support the team financially, I understand sabermetrics, I was a fan of prospect porn Jays and was also a fan of the trades. I like to criticize and analyze, I like to complain using hindsight, and I will still be sitting back enjoying the games. This is a god damn comment section, lol people act so high and mighty it’s hilarious. You (not YOU) are not professional scouts, not MLB players, just all another fan who thinks they are the ultimate fan.

                    • @Riggs, I agree with you but I am pointing out that the majority of the posters on this board do not support criticism of the team, unless it is directed at JPA & Adam Lind.

                      #Gibbythebest & #Dickeythebest.

                      Pointing out that the trade has not worked out yet is a logical analysis.

                      I assume AA was aware that Dickey may not have Cy Young numbers in 2013 in a hitter & windy friendly park.

                      Perhaps AA knew that TDA would not be good in the MLB… I don’t know.

                      What is very bad for Rogers,& baseball related businesses such as blogs which depend on page views etc, is that the poor performance of the team so far is not god for ratings.

                      I think Rogers would rather have the team get off to a hot start, so they could get more ratings & revenues based on buzz etc..

                      Luckily, Toronto FC has no fans, so anyone who wants to watch sports outside this summer has to go to baseball games.

                      Going to Rogers Centre is still fun on a nice & sunny day.

                • Been reading this website when Rex Murphy was still just a twinkle in his father’s eye. I usually don’t have the patience for posting though, as it is usually more frustrating to read than what it’s worth.

                  And you have exemplified my feelings regarding posting here yet again today…..’still a Redsox fan’….gimme a break brother. I’ve been watching the Jays suck for a looong time now, and the only thing that matters is, I love baseball, and I love the Jays – even when we suck, or underperform.

                  • “No, you need to slap that cock back in your mouth so you’ll shut the fuck up.”

                    That was you that posted that am I correct? Yet I’m the one causing bad blog feelings for calling you a past Red Sox fan LOL, right…

        • +1.

          Venting is not allowed unless it is at the antics of fans who boo the team or throw stuff on the field.

          It’s a disappointing season, & the trade for Dickey hasn’t worked out so far.

          In fairness, Stoeten has been calmer about attacking posters which is a +1.

          I thought the Jays were going to keep the roof closed when dickey pitched?. It’s windy today.

          Down 5-2 to the Orioles.

        • Why wouldnt you want to sign the NL Cy Young winner?

          • Is that all you see? The change in leagues, age factor, natural regression factor? I was excited when we signed him too. All I’m saying is it sucks he has performed this bad, and people who gage talent and are paying for what people are going to do in the future (not paying him for winning the Cy Young), should have seen this coming. They are professional scouts, not average folks commenting on a baseball blog who know how to read fangraphs.

            • The professional scouts judged that a 38 year old knuckleball pitcher had/has more years left. So too did the Jay’s management and all the rest of us.

          • Because he is a 38 knuckleballer who won the cy young in the NL . It also cost a future #toptencatcher Travis D’Arnaud & a top pitching prospect.

            I don’t hate Dickey, but you have to admit that a hitter friendly stadium that can be windy may not be the best place for him to optimize his skill set

            I believe the point that Riggs is making is that the trade hasn’t worked out so far.

            Don’t forget, because of Dickey we have to have to carry Henry Blance who cannot be used as a pinch hitter in any other games.

            If AA brought up Thole, that would help, but AA refuses to do that

            • I also fail to understand why Dickey has a personal catcher if it isn’t making much of a difference for him? Lol. Why is Blanco here over Thole? It makes NO sense.

      • Edwin Jackson, Ryan Dempster, Jeremy Guthrie, BrandonMcCarthy…I know their numbers, but not the difference is minimal. AA “army of scouts” should have seen the hindsight coming.

      • wrong. our first round pick would have been protected due to our shittiness last year.

    • You’ll have to ask AA why he did the deal. He’s the one Rogers put in charge of wheeling and dealing… and he’s the one who will answer to them when they see the standings.
      I suppose Gibby will be looked at first….

      • The original question was, why didnt AA choose Lohse over RA Dickey? In addition to Dickey being voted the best pitcher in the NL, Lohse had elbow problems in ’09 and ’10 and had been rated in one place lower than the 15th best pitcher available.

  17. Come on, man.

    This is like shitty late-career Wakefield.

  18. Everybody raving how the Jays are starting to turn it around, yet…we will still be 10 games out after today LOL. What in the FUCK. Getting absolutely embarrassed by AL East opponents.

    • Embarrassed by the Yankees not the o’s how many games vs Astros have we had?

      • 10-6 last night, already 5-2 today…yes they played close games with them in April, but last night and today are embarrassing.

      • @Will

        Mike Wilner has pointed out that if the Jays exclude all the games they played against the Yankees, they would be close to 500.

        • They should do this then.

        • Wilner…what a fucking tool sometimes! Somebody should point out to him that if you ignore all of the games where the Jays scored at least five runs, they would be 5-28 on the season.


          • +1. I love Wilner spin when the Jays are losing. It’s hilarious to have hi try & twist facts to make the jays look good.

  19. atta boy Brett

  20. Well, that was mo’ better.

  21. Time for a good ol Alabamabomb a la Cletus

  22. MELKY

  23. Attaboy Melky!

  24. Sore legs? What sore legs?

  25. Give credit where credit is due, Melky has been an awesome signing. The bat looks great and it is refreshing not to have a revolving door in LF.

    • Yes, yes and yes.

    • Yup,although people had to wonder when he started off slow at the beginning of April.
      It’s gonna look good when Reyes comes back. ( If he performs anywhere near where he did preinjury)

    • @Riggs

      +1. Melky has been a definite upgrade over Snider ,Corey Patterson, Thames etc…

      On the other hand, if you have Travis Snider in LF daily & 7.5 million extra per year, do you get a solid pitcher, for that price.?

  26. on that ground rule double by JJ hardy, before the homerun by Valencia, it looked to me like Rasmus initially broke in. I hope I am wrong but that seems to happen too often.

    • He had a bad habit early of chasing flies and stopping short to get the bounce off the fence but he seems to have stopped that. My guess is they’re playing him a little deeper now.

  27. Yay, an uneventful inning for Dickey.

  28. Well, all I can really say about this, is that if teams are gonna beat up on our Ramon Ortiz, we have to beat up on their fucking Freddy Garcia; we cannot let this guy beat us. We have to get to third tier starters.

  29. Turned on the tube to watch the game and instead I find some euro-fag kicky ball thing on instead. WTF? Fucking fag sport and fuck you Rogers for putting it on the main channel.

  30. The Man from Muncie-professional hitter.

    • Fuck yeah! 3-3 today means he’s the only Jay (other than 10-game Reyes) to be batting over .300!


  31. Watching Lind is a treat. He’s been great this year. Bautista has been his usual awesome self lately with the bat. Having Reyes back will make this lineup dangerous again.

    Reyes, Cabrera, Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind makes me happy.

  32. Shitballer is a shit-thrower too!

  33. Ugh…Colby and Edwin get out on those shots but Lawrie hits a squibber to score the run.

  34. Let’s rock this shitballer’s world.

  35. Fuck Blanco just watches a straight fastball for the third strike.

  36. Ok so who’s pitching tomorrow?

  37. Our Ace goes head to head with the corpse of Freddy Garcia and gets tuned.

    This has to be the worst rotation in baseball not in Houston.

    • It has been a tad disappointing. Morrow hasn’t been looking great and Buerhle’s been bad save for 2 or 3 starts. I can’t even remember the last time Johnson started and obviously I don’t have to mention Romero.

      Return to us quickly, staff ace JA Happ!

  38. Has Gibby lost weight or is that a bigger moo-moo?

  39. Mr. Clutch

  40. Going to try to enjoy this season, and look forward to 2014 Jays ball.

  41. Never say never.

    Whatever you do, don’t get off the boat.

  42. C’mon Jose.
    Do it.

  43. Just came to say Devlin is so much better, so much more peaceful

    • Agreed. There’s something grating about that voice of Buck’s.
      Still Mr big, strong athelete with soft hands abides.

    • Give him some time. It will get worse.

      It was the same thing when watching Raptors games. Having the calmer Devlin replace the annoying caricature that Chuck Swirsky became. Now Devlin is pretty much the same idiot homer .

    • He really sounds like Rod Black used to when the games were aired on TSN from time to time in the 90′s. It’s really refreshing, almost like a trip down memory lane. Also, enjoy that he doesn’t think he’s an expert so he’s not trying to tell fans things he thins people don’t know that he doesn’t even know lol.

  44. I get the sense that all the close pitches go against our batters and for theirs.
    Anyone else?

    • I was just discussing this with my brother. Yes there have been more heartbreaker bad calls against us than our opposition, but that is probably because the jays are usually in the losing side of the ball game and has more opportunity for heartbreak

      • If that were the case. than their opposition, more bad calls against the Jays, what would be the rationale?
        I’m skeptical.

        • Sorry my cursor wasn’t behaving.

          Let me revise…

          If that were the case..more bad calls against the Jays than their opposition, what would be the rationale?

  45. Cmon Edwin….

    At work for todays game….have to watch the play by play ticker to follow the game….aaaasss

  46. WAHHOOOOO Dortmund saugt an Fußball!!!! Es lebe der FC Bayern München!!!!

    • Dortmund does indeed suck

    • +1

    • So Zaun’s reporting all the O’s runs came after 2 outs. That would signify the Jays are relaxing after the 2nd out. That looks reasonalble.
      I’m also kind of interested in Dickey’s knuckler not performing with the roof open. Noticed also his velocity seems to be down too.

  47. Only if Johnson had a sideways cap…

  48. even the early innings 5-2 moaners cannot say that wasn’t quite entertaining

    • Yes we can. A loss is a loss is a loss is a loss.

      • i guess you have proven you are a loser then

        i prefer to emphasize the positive since baseball is a game of failure/losing and winning results from playing the right way and allowing good things to follow.

        in that regard this team is doing much, much better than a month ago

    • I personally would prefer our ace pitcher to not shit the bed. It’s tough to find entertainment in any game where that happens. If this was Buehrle or Happ then “oh well, close game”.

  49. What a sorry sack of shit this team is …

    • They keep on finding more ways to lose which is the mark of a bad team. At this point, it would take an incredible run to even sneak in the playoffs. Quite frankly, i think this team is too flawed on offense and in the rotation to do that. That fucktard olney was right but for the wrong reason.

      • The point should be made that everyone has underperformed to this point, save for one or 2. (like Janssen.)

  50. This has to be one of the more frustrating losses of the year. Starting Pitching these past 2 games has been dreadful. Especially today because i expect more from dickey. And that rasmus ab against garcia in the 5th was a turning point in this game in my opinion. He hit it hard but right at davis. The baseball gods hate this team.

    • It’s been SO hard to get everyone on the same page thus far. When the pitching’s bad the offence is ok and vice versa. I was hoping that they’d get to .500 by the time Reyes came back but it doesnt look like it.

  51. Gibbons left Dickey in one at bat too long. Tough loss, but then again aren’t they all.

  52. 65 wins? Dickey and Morrow need to go to AAA so they can play with Ricky.

  53. I hope one day the Blue Jays can find a top-of-the-rotation starter like Freddy Garcia.

    Maybe AA can trade Osuna and Sanchez for one at the deadline.

  54. season in a microcosm. crushed balls right at baltimore or just foul with men in sccoring position. Rasmus drilled one to davis..bautista drilled one to shortstop. midget pulls one just foul.

    meanwhile baltimore scores all but one run with two outs. wtf.

  55. So what have I missed so far? Montreal is cold and rainy. I went to the big O and there’s a fucking Biodome there, but no expos.

  56. This just goes to show you that the NL Cy Young award means absolutely jack and shit.

    The Baltimore Orioles wipe their asses with that award.

  57. Diner’s Club Mem Cup Final is on tomorrow. Who ya got? Moosehead or Black Cock? Stoeten loves the black cocks!

    • Why do these 2 guys always show up together? Every time one posts, the other posts right after. Co incidence??? I think not!

  58. Why does this team tear down every fucking prospect and ruin every major big league player they sign?

    Why is every batter allergic to BA and OBP?

    The Blue Jays have some serious problems they need to fix in their philosophy and management style. Until they do, in the cellar we will stay.

    • Why do these 2 guys always show up together? Every time one posts, the other posts right after. Co incidence??? I think not!

    • The Jays have to be given a lot of credit for “unlocking” Bautista and Edwin.

      With that being said, they have been unable to develop a single fucking prospect into an above-average major leaguer in God knows how long. It is also infuriating to see players who were underperforming here shine with their new clubs: Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Aaron Hill and Kelly Johnson come to mind. Fuck, even Lyle Overbay.

      The inability to develop talent from within is killing the Jays. Most teams are locking up their superstar talent rather than trading it away or losing it to free agency. Unfortunately, a control environment doesn’t exist where we could see how some of these prospects would have fared under alternate conditions… so we have to acknowledge the possibility that they would have failed regardless of the club that drafted them.

      • @jesus.

        It is strange that the jays are unable to develop prospects.

        Bautista & Edwin has saved the team, so maybe the jays should focus on the dominican republic as a future drafting & development areas.

        • Yeah, the Jays don’t develop prospects. Roy Halladay, Carlos Delgado, Tony Fernandez, John Olerud, George Bell, Jimmy Key, Jesse Barfield …

  59. Cut the crap about Lawrie getting umpshow’d. Whatever bias MLB umps have against Lawrie is his (and the Jays) own doing. Plus he totally goaded the ump into tossing him. Plus the whole “what did I do” act afterwards was so bush league.

    When you throw your helmet at an umpire like Lawrie did last year one should expect nothing less. And since it seems absolutely no one in the organization is willing to put a stop to Lawrie constantly acting like a wild ape then they are partially to blame as well.

    You can go on about how how he’s only 23 years old….blah blah freaking blah…..

    Give me a break. Do you think one fucking umpire gives a shit how old Brett Lawrie is?

    Lawrie has talent but the man is a clown plain and simple and needs to tone down the circus act pronto.

    You and Wilner can shill for him all you want (which I sort of understand) but someone has to tell it like it is.

  60. GM AA and the Beest have only come out of their holes once this season pretty much to face the media. It should be very interesting what they will have to say the next time they surface. Gibby has been left to face this shit on his own day after day and at some point the media is going to be demanding blood if this team goes cold again.

    • AA and Beeston shot their prospect wad prematurely. That’s all there is to it.

    • @Ed, I believe that AA has been available to the media in the past month. He did acknowledge that the team was not winning .

      I don’t think he has to blow up the team after 50 games, but Josh Johnson may be the first to be traded.

      Could Colby Rasmus be replaced by Gose to save money?

  61. Two things have to get better……

    Vs. LHP the Jays need to improve….. hopefully the return of Reyes and Davis can be enough.

    Starting pitching has to be more consistent…. hopefully Dickey can get to where he wants to be (knot in back gone = fast knuckler), Morrow has the goods (just has to put it/keep it together), Buehrle building on what he has done of late, JJ being a healthy JJ. A bit of luck in the 5th spot would be welcome too.

    A big list yes, but not unreasonable considering past performance.

    I remain,


    On the the boat.

    • There is no such thing as a perfect team… but God damn it seems like the Jays are always surrounded by these “ifs.”

      I remember in the beginning of the year, there was a post on GB about how many questions needed to be answered positively in order for the Jays to be able to compete this year. There are questions marks above almost everyone’s fucking head on this team. There has never been even a modicum of consistency. Even when the fucking roster turns over, its still the same shit. It’s really baffling and utterly frustrating.

      Dickey was supposed to be the rock. Cementing the rotation. He’s sucked ass. This is part of the problem with getting a knuckleballer… its a fucking gimmick pitch. Say what you will about how great he was in the NL, but it hasn’t transferred at all.

      Morrow is the same old Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

      Buehrle *may* be coming around. But he sure as fuck won’t be worth 2 years / 40 million.

      Johnson wasn’t putting together good starts and now he’s injured.

      Happ was inconsistent. Now he’s injured.

      Dontrelle Romero is never coming back.

      Then the fucking hitters? I don’t expect shit from anyone not named Melky, Bautista and Edwin. When it’s a RHP, Lind usually shows up. You are fucking completely dependent on 1/3rd of your order to consistently produce runs — is this how winning teams are constructed?

      • Still waiting for the day where I can piece together why you watch the Jays at all. The amount of angsty hindsight you perpetually concoct can’t be good for your health.

        • I grew up a Jays fan.

          You can bark hindsight all you want, but don’t act like these big trades for Dickey and the Marlins crew were universally accepted. Stotes, Drew and Co. talked shit about people who were not as excited about the trade as they were. I never thought it was a good idea. The injury histories of Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes were worrisome. Mark Buehrle was never very successful against AL East opponents. Bonerface just plain sucked. Dickey was an interesting pick up but the cost was high and there was a question of whether or not his skills would translate.

          Sorry I don’t slob all over AA’s knob because he managed to get rid of Vernon Wells’ contract a few years ago. Try to think critically for once.

          • I agree completely.
            When will the Jays actually make some changes?
            How long will Rogers put up with AA?

          • Critical thinking is NOT looking at what has transpired and proclaiming you would’ve done it different. It’s so easy to see that people aren’t performing up to expectations and shit all over the decisions that brought them in. Of course they weren’t universally excepted, i wasn’t over the moon about the Dickey trade, mostly cause it meant a commitment to Arencibia for the next 3-5 years. Sorry AA and the players he brought in aren’t meeting your elevated expectations, but there does exist some middle ground between the people that think he’s pure ninja, and others that think he’s shit where he might just be a GM competing with every other GM to field a competitive team.

      • come on me son, come back on the boat, you’re the only one who can save us … but first you have to get a more ordinary name, like Biff … later in today’s thread the smelly one will explain and answer all your questions, but first, just get back on the boat … no straight jacket or dinner jacket required.

    • The pitching Has been consistent. Consistently bad. I fear for Dickey because even he has admitted that the knuckler is an elusive pitch to master and control…just when you think you got it…it disappears. That is what seems to be happening to him this year. The entire knot in the back thing sounds like bullshit to me. . He said it was gone and yet yesterday he looked like shit. The orioles were pelting balls all over the field and it could have been alot worse had we not run several of those down.

      Some genius asked me if you would trade prospects for price or verlander..and I tried to explain to them that Dickey is not in that league..and yet he claimed because he was a cy young winner he WAS. Bulllshit.

      Aces of staffs arent dependent on the vagaries of weather and wind conditions to dominant.

      Dickey is a 3 or 4 at best. that’s fine. we need those too. just dont try to claim he’s some ace.

      • Holy fuck. Some critical thinking in the comments section for once.

      • Say Mike, that genius was me.
        You wish to debate it, then get your fucking facts straight.
        Start by looking at Dickey’s splits for the first two months of the season for the last 3 years vs the last 4 months of the year.

    • Just because Gose was called up doesnt mean he was doing great. Gose hit .227 in AAA. Do you think he could do better in the majors?
      Just because AA thinks he ready as with Nolin, doesn’t mean they’re ready.

  62. At this point, the team needs to fly Arnsberg in to work with Rickey because this is bullshit. The guy is a legit #2 and he is in AAA while the rotation is in tatters.

  63. Sounds like there’s cautious optimism for Reyes. An earlier than expected return would be fantastic. This team sure as fuck needs more pleasant surprises.

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