Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

I got nothing today. Here’s to hoping the Blue Jays can escape the top half of the first inning without spotting these overachieving shitlords a 3-run lead. Chad Jenkins will make his second start of the season, while Miguel Gonzalez takes the mound for B-More.

Give us a series split here so we can prepare for the Atlanta Braves with some semblance of optimism. Go Jays.


Josh Johnson surrendered just one hit and one walk in four innings with the Bisons yesterday. He also struck out three.

TSN’s Scott MacArthur provides some encouragement via Twitter with a photo of Jose Reyes working with strength coach Bryan King.

If you make it to the park early enough today, then you may be able to carry your disappointment home in a reusable shopping bag.

Fucking teenagers playing hockey, man.


TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Chad Jenkins RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
C Matt Wieters (S)
DH Danny Valencia (R)
2B Alexi Casilla (S)

Miguel Gonzalez RHP

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  1. Turned on game from the Rogers Blue Jays on Demand. Saw three pitches – foul, ball one, swinging strike two, double to right, O’s up 5-2.

    Game turned off.

  2. Team Leader JPA tried to have Delabar waste a fastball and Wieters says thank you.

  3. @Jesuscristo, teams dont tank in the mlb you idiot, however they do greatly benefit from their position

  4. wtf parkes


  6. Might as well get in one more tease before the game is over

  7. Yan Gomes’ WAR after 20 games = 1.1.

    JPA’s WAR after 46 games? 0.2.

    Hope Esmil Rogers was worth it AA.

    • You are right in that gomes would be a perfect challenge for JPA with respect to the catcher’s position, the catcher will always have a better WAR than the relief pitcher with much less outings

  8. Come back part deux.

  9. Anybody see the sportnet guys spelling in the pregame? Zaun’s key to the game was to ease off the accelerator. Graphic game up spelling it “exhilerator.”

  10. This mess of a season is on AA.


  11. What’s the take-away from a roller coaster ride?
    From this game win or lose?

    Whatever you decide …

    • 1. Delabar cost the Jays at having at least a tie game going to extras
      2. Both teams had many runners LOB


  13. Oh boy Gibby and Lawrie going at it

    • Hopefully Gibby puts him in a fucking headlock. I’m so sick of Lawrie’s shit and his fucking ego. Newsflash? You aren’t good.

    • Lawrie needs to be benched for several games for this. Burning an option to Buffalo isn’t going to prove the point to him any more. He’s an insolent little bastard. You don’t call out a teammate and/or coach during a game. Markakis would have thrown him out anyway. Its especially rich coming from Lawrie, who’s shown about as much base running skill as headless chicken.

  14. Lawrie can go fuck himself, always has to be a part of the show…we cant afford to get Adam fucking Lind thrown out at the plate there…that run doesnt mean shit. Probably crying because he loses an RBI..yelling at Rivera like that…what a fucking whiny cunt

  15. What we’ve learned today is: Lawrie needs to grow up and JP may be growing up…

    • But is still horrible defensively…

    • JPA is showing he’s willing to help the team by smacking that hit the other way in the 9th. We can only hope it continues. Lawrie seems to always get himself into trouble before he learns from it.

  16. Gose walkin’ at the bigs. Never thought I’d see that one.

  17. Here comes a veteran walk

  18. Sit down and grow up, Brett.

  19. Did lawrie actually say my bad

    • It’s about time both he and JPA got a little tough love.

    • It seems like he may have in the postgame handshake line…at least he didn’t act even more petulant by ignoring Gibby postgame.

      • I saw the Lawrie-Gibby handshake. Gibby’s large enough to let it go I think but JB’s been working on Lawrie too.

        • Yeah, Joey Bats was the first one between Lawrie and Gibber (not that they were about to come to blows or anything) in the dugout. The camera then kept coming back to the dugout and 1/2 the shots were of JB talking to Lawrie. At one point, JB said something and Lawrie seemed to say (and have the facial expression) “I know” in a manner that suggested he realized that he was being a complete douche. JB for PM!!

  20. Fuckin A!!!!

  21. Wow. K-money. I’ll give massive credit where credit is due. Good job.


  23. Holy shit that was awesome!


  25. Fuck ya

  26. Don’t get off the boat.

    That is all.

  27. ok trolls, how about them apples, oranges and pom poms?

  28. Awesome win.

    But the FAT GREEK still needs to go.

  29. So if I don’t bitch about Brett Lawrie am I still allowed to be a Jays fan?

    • After todays particular hissy fit by Red Bull Rager, no, you are not allowed on the boat anymore…goodbye. :)

  30. When Reyes and Davis get back, Bonifacio can fuck right off this team. Kawasaki should have his spot on the bench.

  31. I think we can all agree that was awesome.

  32. No tease this time! Holy shit what an entertaining last few innings

  33. Palmer on Kawasaki coming to bat in the ninth: “Who knows what this kid will do? He has willed himself to have a good game.”


  35. Zaun just ripped the shit out of Lawrie.

    • They need to get a leash on this fucking kid. I thought that was one of the main reasons they brought Gibby on board is to rein him in.

      • No of course it wasnt. Gibby was brought on because hes a pretty good manager re: matchups and bp usage. He wasnt brought in to “kick some ass”

    • Slow hand clap to Zaun for his post game comments.

      Lawrie’s a whiny sucky baby and should shut the hell up when you have a slow runner at 3rd vs. a good arm, and the Jays at bats in the bottom of the 9th may have been the best sequence all season, imho.

  36. It’s Kawa-sake time!

  37. So Jim Johnson and Rodney are no longer mythical “established closers”?

    You mean there isn’t some magic pixie dust that enables pitchers to raise their game in the 9th inning of games? What a surprise.

  38. Holy shit I lost my voice

    Kawasaki you beauty

  39. Wow, huge win that keeps us on an upward trajectory. A series loss at home to Baltimore wouldve put on in a downtrend.

    As it stands now, in our last six series, weve won vs. Boston (2-1), SF (2-0) and TB (2-1) while splitting two 4 gamers (Balt and TB) and losing to NY (2-0).

    Basicly weve lost one series of our last six.

  40. Positive things from today. Aside from the shocking clawback win! Even more positivity!

    1. I think Kittenz uses Britney Spears as his walk-up music. He’s working extra hard to endear himself.

    2. LAST game on Sportsnet One for a while. So sick of the Baltimore booth + the guy saying “adieu” – really…

    3. Someone on the Blue Jays [+ in an authority position] was mean to Brett Lawrie + not because he fucked up the game + the Blue Jays lost. So it’s a win-win.

    • Yeah I ahve to agree it couod be a good thing Lawrie had this blow up. It seems like he hadnt been held to much account, but finnaly Gibby sorted him out, and then Bautista did as well.

      I think Brett needs to be torn down in order to grow. Hes going to learn, and I think hes going to be a big part of the future still.

  41. Kawa just went all Bautista on us. Holy shit

  42. I always knew Delabar was a winner

  43. I want a picture of Kawasaki jumping into the arms of the team. That was fantastic.

    • I’d love a picture of that, too. The stream I was watching on was so choppy I only saw every few seconds of video.

  44. this is so fucking sweet … we’re playing a team that is better than us, out-playing us in the series and Matt Weiters has not been hitting well and has a Jose B day 4 for 4 etc. and YET?

    We WIN!

    Excitement, Drama, Super High Entertainment Value except for our poor troll contingent, sucks to be them …

    A new record for hits between these 2 teams in a 4 game series 100 or was it 101?

    • Today’s comeback kept the Jays on a positive trajectory for May. I can’t wait until Reyes gets back. If the Jays can get through May at 2 games over .500, a .500 record at the end of June is realistic. The season is far from over.

      • Get real, the season was over a month ago. They’ll be better in the second half, but this is an 84 win team at the absolute best. The hitting has been much better in May, but the starting pitching has sucked all season. The starters have a 5.59 ERA for fuck’s sake.

  45. That was some fantastic ab’s in the 9th. Seeing pitches, and going the other way if thats all thats being given to you.

    I think that was JP’s first non-HR swing of the season. Wonder if it was an accident or some coaching.

    • I know people like to shit on “chemistry”, “playing for each other” and all that shit… but that was it in the 9th inning right there. Well, apart from Lawrie being a dick.

      The Jays have shown some real cojones on this homestand. Could easily be 6-1, maybe 7-0 if we had JJ instead of Nolin.

      • Actually the fact that JB came in between Gibby and Lawrie and took Lawrie aside showed me a very positive side. Team leaders do that kind of thing.

  46. Does Lawrie get benched tomorrow?

  47. Kawasaki has been one of the few real bright spots on this team, and is well on his way to being the new Johnny Mac (the dude who is not that good, but much loved). Lawrie needs grow up, Gibby is rad, JBau is a beast, Melky is looking good.

    Also, the cameraman really loved a blonde on the first base line today.

    • Kawasaki has earned a permanent spot on this team. I love his unbridled enthusiasm + the fact that he grinds out at bats [regardless of outcome]. A lot of Blue Jays players could learn from his attitude + approach.

      Besides all that it’s FUN to watch someone clearly enjoy + have fun playing a game for a living. It is, after all, just baseball.

    • When Reyes returns…Kawasaki to 2nd, Boni & Izturus stapled to bench (likely with one of them being DFA’d or something). Just a thought since Kawasaki is an upgrade over BonIz for defence, and he always seem to have a 5+ pitch ab.

  48. I think Lawrie has all the skills in the world but think being Canadian and getting the Canadian hype in the press has made his ego to big. Its time for a two week trip to Buffalo just to say your not bigger than the team

  49. Kawasaki!!! He has earned the label of least crappiest crap player on this team. Hope he stays. The guy has good ABs, walks, plays ok d, knows his limitations. Good bench player. The kind the yankees would have. Was lawrie actuallu arguing with gibbons in the dugout? Didnt see it but thats what i heard. What a fucking tool. Should be sent down to AAA.

  50. Still think Lawrie will be a big time player but that was one of the most unprofessional, childish, and inconceivably selfish things I have ever seen a ball player do. He needs a trip to Buffalo to rein that ego in. Gibby should designate Derosa to tell him of his demotion and subsequently fight him

    • “Gibby should designate Derosa to tell him of his demotion and subsequently fight him”

      I’d love to see this

    • I guess Lawrie has promoted himself to manager or coach or something. Thinks he’s making all the decisions. That boy is sucking around for a smack – Rick James style. Ring and all.

  51. Red Sox and Yankees losing. Happy Sunday y’all.

  52. Glad the fucking annoying asshole whiners like Jesuscrisco got shut the fuck up

  53. 25 combined LOB. What a game

  54. Credit to Jenkins, only 2 runs on 8 hits, 3 walks and just 2 Ks.

  55. Kawasaki just interrupted the interview that Arash Madani was having with Mark Derosa. Kawasaki starts yelling I am Munenero Kawasaki and he loves his teammates or something like that. He is hilarious…. We have to get that on tape.

  56. What is Jays record when JPA walks?

  57. What a game. Hopefully this will get them rolling.

  58. A few bullet points:

    -great comeback win
    -Lawrie is a douche of the highest degree
    -Fuck you Cleveland for losing that game. Can’t ever rely on a non ALE team beating an ALE team.

    • Can’t ever rely on a non ALE team beating an ALE team.

      Unless they’re playing the Jays. Yeah, I went there. :P

    • Oh and forgot to add, as much as I (we) rag on him, Arencibia had a really good day at the plate. Took pitches, went the other way a couple of times, actually DREW A WALK!!!!!!!. He had a really good approach. Where has that been all this time?

      • Im sure he has had games like these in the past. He wont keep it up. If he does keep it up the rest of the year, I’ll happily buy a jpa jersey.

      • Well, it does seem that Mottola has finally gotten to Lind, maybe JPA is next on the list, with Red Bull Rager after that.

      • So know we’ll get to hear Pat Tabler tell us the JP has a good approach for the nest three weeks. Holy fuck that guy is a moron. Nice guy I’m sure, but if I hear the phrase “inner half” again I’m going to scream.

    • @blue jay way


      Kawasaki is the new Johnny Mac & randy Ruiz. It;s a feel good story

  59. Why cant the jays go on a run like the angels are? Granted, they are playing the royals and mariners, but still. Jays pitching should be better than what they have.

    • Absolutely horrible starting pitching. End of story. Coming into the season that would the last thing I thought would be an issue for this team. If it hadn’t been for a huge surge by the Jays bats the last couple of weeks we’d be fighting Houston for worst team. Still the nice thing is you know you have serious potential in Dickey, Morrow and Johnson if they can ever figure things out.

  60. The royals are playing like the April jays now, wow

  61. It’s on the sportsnet website. Do links not get posted in comments or something? or is there a delay?

  62. Deadspin has the Kawasaki postgame interview, aka the highlight of the season thus far

  63. I don’t think Rivera is a good base coach, but he should get an apology from the young douche.

  64. I just want to say a couple things about Gose. He did not have a hit today, but fuck he hit two balls really, really fucking hard, including what would have easily been a triple that Jones made a ridiculous jumping catch on. Then his AB in the 9th was very impressive. Young guy like that, you would think he would be up there trying to “prove” himself by getting a big hit, perhaps expanding the zone….he did not do that at all. In fact, he reduced the zone and was very patient. It was one AB, but it was something that tells me there is hope for him as a hitter. this will get lost in all the hooplah.

    And tell me you didnt think we were snake bit when fucking hunter makes a clean bare handed grab on the one hop rocket hit by JB? when do you see that shit? no deflection, no was as if the ball created a hole in his hand from its force and stuck there.

    • He also broke up a DP in the 9th to keep the inning alive.

    • yup … so many key moments in today’s game … people there will tell friends to go to games … that had to be dynamite in the Dome

    • Very well stated VoT and Spoony.

      My irrational first reaction when Hunter made that barehanded grab was that I hoped he at least broke his hand in exchange for making that unreal play.

    • Yes, Gose looked good at the plate. The Jones catch was robbery, and he wasn’t overmatched by the lefty later in the game. And then he drew the walk against Johnson in the ninth.

      • @blue jay way.

        It will be interesting to see if AA shops rasmus at the trade deadline & give the CF spot to Gose.

        He could still keep Rasmus this year & let Gose go back to Buffalo.

        AA could re evaluate the situation in October.

        The difference in salaries for 2014 between Gose & Rasmus would be about 4.5-5 million for 2014.

  65. Well that was awesome. Just watched the end on my PVR

    Fuck, of all the games why did I have to miss this one.

    This really looks like something that can light the fire.

    • Here’s hoping (i thought the same thing probably 2-3 times this year, most recently after bautista’s game 1 performance)

      • Guys can hammer on Derosa all they want but I love how he called up Muney in the interview and then got out of the way.

        Derosa’s a good shit.

        • @Smasher.

          Derosa is a good guy but can the Jays waste a roster spot on him?

          give the spot to kawasaki

  66. So the game was over just as I left for soccer today, and I see half the world tweeting that gif of gibby and lawrie going at er. I come home, and peruse 5 hours worth of my timeline to find no such gif. Was everyone forced to delete them for PR reasons?!

  67. Esmil Rogers to start on Wednesday. What?

    • It makes a bit of sense. Its just for one start. He will probably go like 3 or 4 innings tops. Then the bullpen will takeover. Thats JJs spot and he is due to come back next week.

      • @afdg.

        Why not give that start to boy wonder sean nolin?

        What was the point of only giving Sean Nolin 1 start??

        Nolin may be shell shocked after his disastrous debut, so give him a second chance.

        • Nolin’s already been sent down so Thaddeus could join the pen.

        • Oakville 69 – I agree with you and disagree with you at the same time. There is a probably that the kid might be shell-shocked, however, i would like the believe the Jays are teaching him a valuable lesson. THe kid was doing very well in the minors, and the Jays just showed him that the Big Leagues will eat up his minors pitching. Maybe he goes down, has a different very of pitching and comes back better in some ways.

  68. can negrych play third? that is all.

  69. PBS is showing a special about the jays and bisons as well as the toronto/buffalo relationship.

  70. It’s a shame that for such a naturally talented athlete, Lawrie seems like a total bonehead. You’re down 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th with no outs, the tying run still at 1st, what fucking difference does it make whether Lind goes or not? Not to mention Adam is slow as fuck. Going so far as to berate the coaches for it? Fucking stupid.

    It almost feels like he goes up for every AB and just wings it. Fuck, I get the Maple Boners as much as anyone, and I really want him to fulfill his potential. The Vottos and Bautistas of the game are able to channel their enormous thirst for success in ways that actually make them better baseball players, and not just this hyperactive, over-emotional schtick.

    • Yeah, I hate to say it too – but Lawrie’s act is starting to wear thin. I get a Maple Boner as big as the next hoser, but WTF, dude? Chill already. Or at least keep your fucking yap shut til you’ve got a few years into the big leagues. Right or not, I don’t want some fucking 23 year old snotnose fucking punk telling me how to play the game. I’ve got jocks older than you, kid. Keep your fucking opinions to yourself at this tender stage in your tenuous career….or at the very least, bring them up in relative privacy of the locker room. Maybe then, I’ll just slap the taste outta your mouth…but at least I gave you the courtesy of doing it behind closed doors.
      I don’t need you second guessing my decisions on the field.
      I’m glad Gibby gave him the WTF speech. Maybe Lawrie needs to look up Shea Hillenbrand on the Intertube.

      • +1 @ Fastball

        Lawrie should focus on his on field performance. He was bailed out by Kawasaki.

        If the jays lose today, Lawrie becomes the story.

        He plays above average defence but is hitting 200 & getting thrown out of games for throwing gloves & a helmet at an umpire. That is not cool.

        • I’d suggest to Lawrie – start walking the walk before you start talking the talk.
          Maybe a guy like DeRosa or Bautista needs to put a quiet word in his ear before Gibbons decides to sit him for a game or two – just to send an unsubtle message to Mr. Wonderful.
          There was a time when a team captain would brace a snot kid up against the wall and snarl in his ear to “know your role, kid”. Doesn’t seem to happen that much anymore. What do you tell a punk that’s making a million or so a year at age 23?

        • He’s done a lot of douchey things in his brief career, but he definitely did not throw his helmet AT the umpire, he threw it on the ground and it bounced and hit the ump…

          I don’t really even mind the gloves thing, personally, but that’s a matter of taste.

  71. I can’t believe Kawasaki has the 3rd highest OBP on the team (excluding Reyes). Most of the regulars should be ashamed of themselves.

  72. Lawrie haters, back off, it’s only your opinion.

    I freaking love seeing a player who leaves it all out there on the field compared to how many lifeless lumps that passed through here during the Ash/Ricciardi years. Give me this guy any day for my team. He’ll make mistakes and sort it out as he goes and learn from it.

    • I’m with you on this. We had so many dispassionate drones in the past that his exuberance is refreshing. He went too far today, it was addressed, lets move on.

      I hope TSN-Mcarthur is wrong, he thinks Gibby should bench Lawrie tomorrow to teach him a lesson. At 10 games back benching our best third basemen isn’t a luxury we can afford.

    • Nobody is complaining that he is emotional or ‘leaves it on the field” or that he “goes all out” .

      we are bemoaning the fact that he clearly doesnt “get it” if he is complaining about Lind not scoring on a fly ball he hit because now he loses an RBI and gets docked an at bat and his average goes down. had lind been the tying run there is perhaps an ounce of an argument that could be made (and even then, he would have been DOA).

      Lawrie is clearly a mental midget who doesn’t understand the game, lacks aptitude, whose physical gifts are undermined by his lack of talent between the ears.

      now you can be an idiot and thrive in this game, but you have to have the humility to realize you are an idiot and just do what the smart people tell you to do.

      lawrie refuses to even do that at this point.

      • how do u know what he was thinking? Maybe he was upset Lind didnt go because that run wouodve been one step closer to tying the game?

        He certainly didnt seem to broken up 2 minutes later when he mobbed Kawasaki on the field.

        • RobA – Lind would have been thrown out (Markakis made a perfect throw) and the run didn’t mean anything anyway. The Jays needed (and luckily got) more hits and men on base to win the game. If they’d been tied or down one run at the time Lawrie would have had a couple of toes to stand on, but in that situation, he was all asshole.

        • It’s a no brainier that you don’t run there and make the third out when you won’t even be tying the game. Sorry.

    • Lawrie is a complete hockey player, and I mean that in the worst possible way. Somewhere along the line he decided he was a big deal, and he really hasn’t shown that on the field at all. I’m glad he’s in to the game, but he’s such a frat boy prick that he’s really hard to watch this year. His baseball sense is nonexistent. But who knows — he’s really young and is clearly talented and might chill out.
      For now, he needs to do less tweeting and more #battingpractice

  73. It perplexes me at how fast some group up on commenting boards and anywhere else the Blue Jays are discussed to harrumph and tsk tsk together over how the guy who stepped out of line needs to be taught a lesson and how he should now be *punished*. For the sake of Fuck(!). Why are some so anxious to crack a whip? Are you fans of the game and the team or are your headmaster aspirations peeking through? Lawrie’s a young Canadian hothead who mouths off now and again, sometimes stupidly, sometimes not and John Gibbons knows about a thousand times better than anybody here or any other commenting place what he ‘needs’ or doesn’t, as a disciplinary measure. Zaun had his say (and big whoopty-fucking-do) so every other pseudo-outraged follower feels the need to climb up onto that dopey bandwagon to get busy writing headlines in newspapers and comments in blogs about it. Lawrie had a moment of dumb and he knows it. He doesn’t need to go to Buffalo to learn any dumber lesson. Idiots.

    • I didn’t need Gregg Zaun to tell me that Lawrie is a fucking baboon. Being pumped and wanting to win is one thing, but publicly calling out teammates (even if they make a mistake, which wasn’t the case here – Lind would have been out by a mile) is the quickest way to becoming persona non grata on a team. I wouldn’t waste an option to send him down, but he should be benched. If I were Gibby, it would be for five games. This team has nothing to lose by benching a 67 OPS+ hitter for five games.

      Bryce Harper showed a lot of this kind of attitude in JC and the minors, but he has had the sense to keep his comments and his kisses to himself since being called up, without toning down on his commitment to winning. Both he and Lawrie still need to learn that in a 162-game baseball season you can’t go all out on every single play in every single game situation and expect it to be a net benefit for the team. The risk of injury isn’t worth an out in a lopsided game. But at least Harper isn’t an asshole about it like Lawrie.

  74. On Lawrie, time will tell whether he has a long career with the jays but will say that I do enjoy watching a player that, when he’s on the bench, is follownig each and every pitch as if it’s life and death. Wanting to win is an understatement with Lawrie. Lawrie obviously wants to be a major contributor and this .200 BA is eating him up inside. What’s different, imo, with Lawrie at the plate vs when he’s doing well is he was great at working it into a hitter’s count. Now it seems it’s the other way around.

    Anyways, looking at mlb hitter stats for fun:

    - JB with a OB% of .405; Cabrera with a whopping .460 (and a wow .385 BA)
    - surprised to see Rasmus 16th in the league in Pitches per plate appearance. Also, he has yet to ground out into a double play but probably cuz he’ll either wack the ball or strike out.
    - Cabrera/Fielder continue to be a monstrous combo
    - Feilder 33 BB’s #1; JB #4 at 30; JB #3 in BB/PA
    - Colby #4 in the AL in strikeouts; though a few less at bats than the other guys around him so he could/should be #2 behind Houston’s Carter
    - EE’s #1 in # of fly balls – not really interesting but he’s #1 :)

  75. great win, folks

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