Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays

I got nothing today. Here’s to hoping the Blue Jays can escape the top half of the first inning without spotting these overachieving shitlords a 3-run lead. Chad Jenkins will make his second start of the season, while Miguel Gonzalez takes the mound for B-More.

Give us a series split here so we can prepare for the Atlanta Braves with some semblance of optimism. Go Jays.


Josh Johnson surrendered just one hit and one walk in four innings with the Bisons yesterday. He also struck out three.

TSN’s Scott MacArthur provides some encouragement via Twitter with a photo of Jose Reyes working with strength coach Bryan King.

If you make it to the park early enough today, then you may be able to carry your disappointment home in a reusable shopping bag.

Fucking teenagers playing hockey, man.


TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Chad Jenkins RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
C Matt Wieters (S)
DH Danny Valencia (R)
2B Alexi Casilla (S)

Miguel Gonzalez RHP

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  1. “Give us a series split here so we can prepare for the Atlanta Braves with some semblance of optimism.”

    Preparing for the Braves automatically includes no semblance of optimism. A split is probably the best we can hope for (it’s a reach). One win is realistic/likely, and being swept would not be a surprise the way things have been going (i.e. we’re hoping for a spilt with the O’s on the back of a AA pitcher, when we should have won the series).

  2. Madani said one more rehab start for jj then he’s back

  3. Just gotta go 4 and 2 to be .500 on the month.

    April – bad
    May- average
    June – good
    july- great
    august – average
    september -great


  4. It’s not teenagers this time. It’s cars driving in a circle.

    • Sportsnet’s been marketing the hell out of picking up broadcast rights to the IRL. This is in large part due to James Hinchcliffe being one of the best drivers on the circuit, while being from Oakville, ON. If the hype to results ratio is equivalent to certain other Sportsnet properties, Hinchcliffe will DNF today at the Indy 500 due to mechanical issues. #lovethisteam?

    • Fuck Rogers and SN1 – all 4 games in the series?
      I’ve never watched streamed games before – but this has turned me onto it. It’s been the Baltimore feed – and they’re way better then the Buck/Tabby/Zaun shit we usually get.
      Jim Palmer is a bit of an obnoxious homer – but generally they’re pretty fair, and great to listen too.
      Live Streaming might be the way to go – who needs any Rogers Cable?

  5. Should we make a big/little deal from what RA said after the game when asked about the roof being open? He said something to the effect of ‘they know what I’d prefer’ or something…..

    • I’d prefer he stopped making excuses.

      • I’m so sick of Dickey and his fucking excuses. Man up like fucking Melky Cabrera and perform you worthless sack of shit.

      • It didn’t seem like he was making excuses, quite the opposite. It’s refreshing to hear/read a guy say that what happened was his fault. It seemed like he was giving a honest (though PC) answer to a direct question about the dome being open.

    • If Dickey pitched for the Yankee’s in a retractable stadium, don’t you think they’d close the roof every single time he pitched for as long as he went in the game? Just another example of the huge disconnect between the stadium and the team

  6. Let’s see what Leroy can do.

  7. Emilio Bonifacio has as many home runs as Travis Snider.

  8. I hesitate to do this, but it must be done … and, for me, it is akin to Sir Francis putting his coat in the puddle so the lady can cross … a dirty job, likely to be attacked for doing it …

    I am going to centre out Mr. Riggs, but he should not take this personally as he represented a lot of others who are frustrated, angry and upset that this team is not winning and that somehow their personal distress is justification for attacking whomever they feel like at the moment OR because they spend money and give attention to the team, the team owes them wins. This is a poisonous attitude. First of all it does not help the individual, but creates negative waves that bounce back on themselves. It does not help the team which is suffering through an incredibly difficult start to this season and it fundamentally does not make any sense as I will explain below.

    I offer the following rant, written a week or so ago when the banshee wails reached a crescendo in here and published too late in the day … I began paying attention to baseball in the early 50′s, listening to the Toronto Maple Leafs games on a crystal radio set with headphones at night in bed … the announcers were reconstructing the games from ticker-tape summaries … the entire experience took place in my imagination as it does for most of us today … unless we are playing.

    And, for those who think this is just attacking back, I submit, that this is barkin’ not bitin’

  9. … so I have little patience with entitled youngsters (under 50) who think that winning is the point of baseball … no one IN the game dare think that way because believing it’s about winning is a losing proposition … it’s about playing the game the right way and well. Winning is a result that occurs along the way; much like life when you think about it …

    for example, Adam Lind works MUCH harder at baseball than anyone writing here and people pissing on him are just ignorant, cowardly and lazy … looking for an easy target to vent their own self-loathing and unresolved anger issues on … this has become endemic and now the whole team is the target … (and now Adam is no longer the pet target like he was in March and April)

    a team, their management, their owners AND their FANS are a large network and anyone using the network for purely selfish, personal reasons is a drain on the network’s energy. So a fan gives support and, yes, lives and dies with the team, but does not use the team as a whipping post for their own lacks, longings and hubris – that’s for children who are expected to grow out of it and participate whole-heartedly in sports and life eventually … when things go wrong and this year it seems that the goings wrong are amplified in the face of our tremendously high expectations coming in … when things go wrong we all understand the agony and some of us realize that the players and management are experiencing this much MORE intensely than ourselves; like 24/7 rather than just during a game. DJF has been a place where gallows humour and irony have become a way of working through this and there is a core of reader/writers in here who maintain that. Towards the end of last year and early this year we have been joined by a crowd of whining babies who are not getting enough milk … this is not fandom; except in a weird fantasy way … and it’s worse than trolls, in fact this crowd are local trolls, they are trolling for support for their own shittiness and projecting that on the team and making things worse.

    I totally disagree with Andrew about the relative value of team spirit, momentum and “chemistry”, but I am not going to argue with him about that here, because I don’t think it furthers … I believe that he threads the best and finest line between team support and valid critique and is an example of how to do it. This is his house, so don’t pee on the sofa and then walk on through. Start a blog called BJ_Whipping Post for those of you who think that is the way to be, but leave the word FAN out of it.

    Bitch like a man, eh?

    • Who would have thought the 2012 Jays would have been superior to this year’s team?

      Hopefully they start a legit tanking strategy soon so they can restock the farm.

    • Quite the rant, Smelly.
      From one old guy to another,your example of Lind is way the fuck off.
      A history lesson.
      Lind won a SS award, got a contract,then proceded to shit the bed.
      He couldn’t play LF defensively and isn’t the best at first either and when he did play first his back acted up.
      He’s a slow runner.
      He admitted, before the 2011 ST, that his offseason workout consisted of 20 minutes a day.Not exactly working hard on baseball.
      He was released off the 40 man in 2012 and no team in baseball picked him up, not exactly a valuable commodity.Untradeable at any price..
      He admitted his turnaround this year, can be creditted by him “not playing stupid ” .
      So now he’s taking pitches,playing smarter and with more purpose.
      Maybe because it’s a contract year?
      I said before the season that Lind had better start caring about hitting and playing better or he’d be out of baseball.
      Funny what a little motivation like 7 million dollars will do.

    • Dude, like, your negative waves are bringing me down, man.

      Baseball is entertainment and if the product sucks, the fans can and should critique/bash/boo and send out all the negative waves they can until the supposed providers of entertainment actually hold up their end of the bargain.

      And I’m still trying to figure out that, if the negative waves do nothing except bounce back onto one’s self, then how do they somehow effect the interrelated network which feeds off the individual pieces (but apparently not the negative “it bounces off of me and sticks to you” waves)? Mind blown. Apparently, the last batch of ‘shrooms was too strong.

  10. Nice play. Jenkins sucks.

  11. Why Riggs?

    His point was that someone did not do their due diligence on Mr. Dickey, brought on, by 2 innings of wind-blown knucklers … hey, he pitched like a man under very difficult circumstances, more likely the result of some important person bringing someone to the game and wanting the roof open. The Baltimore announcers mused that a Cy Young winner should be able to have the roof closed if he wants. They also reported experiencing swirling winds at field level prior to the game. There are a LOT of variables in a baseball contest that cannot be pre-calculated.

    I think that talking about the variables and comparing the adjustments players are making to them, is interesting, but that screaming for someone’s head is stupid. It might take 3 or 4 months for Mr. Mottola to get JPA and BL to pay attention and produce some more Lind-like plate appearances. I think they both arrived from AAA with pretty solid approaches that have wandered off … they also appear to be stubborn, emotional characters. [I'm doing to you - screaming folks, what you think somebody should do to them ... will take more than 25 paragraphs]. When Reyes returns, 1 -5 batters look as good as any other AL team and some small improvements from the rest and the offence will be adequate to support the pitchers who should not be any worse than the rest of the league – no team has the pitching they would like to have.

    The hockey season is different, but the Red Wings had a start, in a short season, as bad as the Jays and are now playing at their peak when it counts AND their coach will not be fired if they fail to win it all. They have great fans who know how to support a team. Toronto fans have to learn how to take what happened to the Leafs (and Jays) as a step forward, rather than a reason to leave the boat.

    Stay on the boat, folks … enjoy the ride … enjoy debating whether there is a Captain or not, but stop screaming that someone has to die.

    • You don’t have to teach old dogs new tricks when they’ve retained their common sense and perspective.

      Good on ya, dawg.

    • How about demanding a good product and fan experience? Do you think the Yankee fans would put up with this shit? What about the Red Sox?

      Sox have one bad year, next year? Second place.

    • LOL wow you must have really took my rant to heart ol dawg. Getting all personal calling me out in a seperate post. My comments on Dickey were not based on those 2 innings, but the season as a whole. Anyway I don’t have the time to argue with a guy who writes a book trying to prove to me what a fan is.

  12. D’oh.

  13. Grind out those at bats JP.

  14. JP says fooey on this full count nonsense.

  15. Man every single Orioles player is having an insane year thus far. And 90% of the Jays have yet to get halfway to their peak. Obviously our pitching is helping the opposing team, but still.

  16. Where is Buck this weekend and who is this doing PBP on my TV?

  17. The lineup 5-9 is a fucking joke. The fucking orioles have a way deeper lineup than the jays do. Its sad.

    • I LOVE how much shit these guys talked about the Orioles in 2012. Then they stated it was unsustainable in 2013. Jays can’t buy a championship. Fuck, the Jays can’t even buy their way out of last place with a 120 million dollar payroll.

      Great team.

      • Parkes and Law have yet to admit they were wrong about the Orioles.
        Maybe this team is just good.
        Better than the Giants, anyway.

        • Parkes will be wearing his Orioles shit as soon as they win rings since it will be the hipster thing to do. Then he’ll post some coming-of-age bullshit over at Getting Blanked.

          • When the Jays are good again, Parkes will be wearing blue and posting on this site semi-regularly.

            • When will that be? I figure one more rebuild plus the return of Gillick or the hiring of Friedman. So we’re looking at 2018, earliest?

              • I cautiously say 2015.

                Even if this team gets its shit together over the next few seasons, it’s already rotting.

                Trade Johnson and Bautista at the deadline and get a head start on it.

                • Dump everybody. BA’s top 100 should feature 20 Blue Jays by August 1st.

                  • Exactly how are they going to acquire quality young prospects for this collection of derelicts and bad contracts?

                    • You’re probably right.

                      But teams are going to see how other clubs turned around players like Aaron Hill, Kelly Johnson, Alex Rios and Vernon Wells. They might just assume its an organizational problem and they can “correct” it.

                    • So wells wasn’t good for almost his whole career here until he signed the contract. He was also shit for the angels in 2011 and ’12

                    • Yankees have a track record of turning these guys around.

                      Get coaches like Kevin Long.

      • As they say in Baltimore.
        “It’s not luck,it’s Buck”

  18. Can one of these fucking pitchers on the jays find a way to get out machado and davis??? It would help a lot.

  19. Well, whoever Matt Devlin is, I like him.
    Nice not having to listen to a retard doing the games for the last two days.

  20. I hope Lawrie has been paying attention to Machodo and see how a young talented players mames the most of his talent. See what he maybe could become someday.

    I wonder if that grat start in 2011 didnt hurt him. Seems like he felt like he was already good enough and didnt need to work on his game, just reap the rewards of stardom.

    Hes not as good as he thinks he is right now. First and foremost he needa to calm the fuck down in the box. Pitchers are using his intensity against him and theyre not going to stop.

  21. So far so good.

    They jut gotta get a little lucky with he 5th starter, so far that is the case.

    Now it’s time to get to Gonzales the second time thru.

  22. Does boni ever suck. He is a poor mans joey gathright without the great d.

  23. Jesuscristo vs parkes would be fun to watch

  24. Orioles 4th best offence, first in HR, best defence …. very hard team to play … we have to learn how to play them, because they are probably our toughest opponents for the next few years … our 1 – 4 is hot right now, but their 1 – 5 are hotter right now …

    Does that mean we should not play the games?

    Fuck no, bring it on … let’s see what happens next.

    On this boat, anything can happen.

  25. Who the fuck is Miguel Gonzalez?

  26. It’s okay guys. Can’t be expected to hit off of aces like Freddy Garcia and Miguel Gonzalez.

  27. I love how tabler just said ” this is where ee gets tough after 0-2″. Then ee just swings and misses the next pitch.

  28. Danny Valencia: “The key is not to try hitting it a long way, because when I do, I don’t” … who is this guy? Yogi Berra?

  29. who said: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice,
    BUT, in practice there is.”

    • It wasn’t this guy.

      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.’

  30. Adam Lind’s batting average is the highlight of the season thus far….

    That and drafting Chris Davis on my fantasy team

    • let’s hope the virus Adam got is contagious … might be the Motolla virus

      … Baltimore announcers said they spoke with Chad Motolla and he said he asked Evan Longoria to talk to Brett Lawrie about hitting and that Longoria said that he couldn’t understand what Brett was talking about. No matter how much you love, Mr. Lawrie, it is clear that he is a challenging person to work with. I think being a fan of a team that can take on this challenge for the potential upside is exciting. Frustrating at times, but exciting. Because you don’t know how it’s going to turn out and it doesn’t matter because you enjoy the ride.

  31. That Bonifacio is a delight.

  32. Ok, so the O’s defense saved them two runs that inning. Say what you want about the jays, but empirically evaluating the O’s you would have to say they are at least as good as Toronto .

    Davis vs EE: Davis
    Second base: shit ties shit

    SS: Reyes > hardy

    3B Machado >>> lawrie

    Lf: Cabrera > Mclouth

    CF: Jones >>>> Rasmus

    RF: Bautista > Markakis (not by much)

    SP: O’s >> Jays

    Penn: O’s > Jays

    Defense overall: O’s > jays

    so tell me how this is a mirage?

    • what? They are cleRly better then Toronto. Whos making the argument that theyre not?

    • The O’s were always supposed to get good eventually.

      I hate the shallowness of the lineup behind Lind, always have.

      And Markakis is a solid OBP guy, but his last four years haven’t been in the same ballpark as Bautista.

  33. It’s crazy to even think this.. But if things don’t improve soon, would Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus be our best trade chips?

    • It’s not crazy at all.IF the team is in the same place at the trade deadline, it makes a lot of sense.

  34. I would also like to see what Tony LeCava can do with this Team. Enough nuzzling AA’s taint. He’s had four years to build something here and the club is no better than the one he inherited, and even less fun to watch.

    • you can’t be serious?

    • Do you really think LaCava has no input with the current Jays lineup?
      If you don’t like AA, LaCava won’t be much different.

      • I don’t dislike Alex.
        I just can’t figure out the hero worship when we are in worse shape than the Cleveland Indians.
        Do you realize it’s very likely the marlins will be rebuilt before we see playoffs?

    • You have to understand that while there are many on this blog that are overly negative and are to the point of caricatures, there is an equal and opposite apologist force that will basically defend ANYTHING the club does. Much like when people defend the Bible by reference OTHER PARTS OF THE BIBLE, the Jays apologists do the same…basically believing that if AA does something, it MUST have made sense.

      For example:

      Bringing up Ricky Romero after ONE FUCKING START in AA was indefensible. It was yet another sign the team not being able to stick with a plan. It’s not about what was best for the team….perhaps Ricky was the TEAMS best option at the time, but certainly it was not in Romero’s best interest.

      They go all spring training (a long one at that) evaluating Ricky and finally decide he needs a major rework of mechanics and likely some “mental” work.

      He starts in fact not even pitching in games…but sort of just ‘working out’

      He finally gets one start and five inning under his belt.

      Decent start by A ball standards.

      Next step: Gradual progression , right?

      Noo……..lets bring him up to start in the bigs. Reallly? So either your plan to start him in Dunedin was stupid, or this move was stupid..they cant BOTH be correct.

      Now lets look at the drafting strategy:

      McGuire and Jenkins drafts were EXACTLY the type of low ceiling, college player first round picks that people absoutely PANNNED JP for..yet when AA did it, it was smart.

      Lets not get into the Napoli for Francisco bs.

      Rasmus from st. louis was a solid trade…but one could argue we would have been better off just keeping jackson. but still gave up very little in that deal of worth.

      the escobar trade is one where people really feel like we fleeced a team. people seem to forget that we gave up Tim Collins in that trade. Have you looked at his major league numbers? Umm. yeah.

      so while AA is a solid gm..I just dont get this mentaility that he is standards of deviation above his peers.

      just alot of homerism if you ask me.

      much like the media pumps JPA’s tires, they do the same to AA..and people buy it.

      • Ahh,selective memory and hindsight, at work again.
        Especially, Napoli for Francisco trade.
        So everything AA does doesn’t pan out.
        There’s too much evidence to suggest that AA is a great GM.
        Do you need me to list the accomplishments AGAIN?

        • Yes, you need to list out his accomplishments.

          Start with the fact that the team has finished with a worse record than the year before, every year since his first year at the helm.

          End with the fact that, after trying to pacify the fanbase with promises of the future, he gutted the farm system, jacked up payroll for an immediate return (not just for this year – they’re already practically committed to more cash next year than this year with an even lesser team), and they are on pace to, yet again, lower their win total from the preceding year.

          Anything else you care to try to list in the middle of that start and beginning is meaningless.

        • Yes, please do. Can you name 3 AA trade acquisitions, draft picks, or free agent signings that produced above replacement level?

      • Lets not forget the other prospect rushing… Nolin, Alvarez, Hutchison.

        Looks like the Gomes trade is going to end up being a huge bust.

        Get off his fucking nuts people.

      • there is a difference between advocating for NOT decapitating AA and arguing that he is invincible … he is now long enough in the chair to experience a lot of failure and we have yet to see how his adjustments to experience work out … I would have rather seen how the top prospects would have turned out here … but almost EVERYONE was scratching and pawing last year for some Definitive Action … which we now are living in the Muddle of, it will take another year or two to evaluate completely … I expect that Dickey, who learned to be successful in Metsland, will try just as hard to be successful here … when Victor N a mega successful speculator lost 100 million, his friend George Soros staked him 10 million to start over. People asked why? Soros said, “he has already proven he knows how to make 100 million” … let’s keep watching the bouncing ball

        • The action was signing Darvish and Cespedes. That’s what needed to be done.

          • You’re great at hindsight,Jesuscristo.
            Huge question marks with both players.
            They worked out but the gamble wasn’t worth it at the time..

            • Everyone on this fucking blog was busting a god damned nut over the prospect of signing Darvish. Most here were GREATLY disappointed to find out he wasn’t signed.

              Was the risk high? From a monetary value, yes it was. But both acquisitions would have allowed AA to add to the team without using the farm (trades) or draft picks (free agency). Risk is high? Hindsight? We have Buehrle for fucking 2 years / 40 million. Reyes is injured after 10 fucking games (who could have saw that one coming?), Johnson sucks and is injured (shocker), Bonerfuck sucks (another one out of left field), and Dickey can’t handle the AL (wowzerz!).

        • Unfortunately, AA has only proven he knows how to field a failure.

  35. Jenkins got really lucky there. Though that ball hardy hit was headed into rf.

  36. How hot is Joey Bats? He entered this month hitting .195 after a loss to Boston. The hit he got in his last at bat raised his average to .294.

  37. Jose, for his stellar month, is obviously not seeing the ball well today.

  38. Weber after Jenkins miraculously shiballs his way through only 2 runs? I guess the Jays are throwing in the towel early today.

  39. Not sure i like gibbons using this weber. shitballer in this high leverage of a situation.

  40. Jpa clearly has no idea what this guy throws based on all the mound visits.

  41. This guy is fucking awful. Everything is in the heart of the plate.

  42. Weber might have saved his ass from getting dfa’d. I dont want too see him against lefties anymore though.

  43. ok he barely got out of that.

    But someone tell me why Weber is pitcbing in a 1 run game? Does Gibby truly have that little faith in the lineup that hes throwing i the white flag? Cause thats what Weber on he mound is.

  44. Weber had that the whole time…..

    I wasn’t worried…..



    …..ok maybe a little.

  45. The problem with the umps is they don’t care who wins.

  46. I gotta go play ball, good luck folks.

  47. for those who want to fire gibbons, who the hell is going to take over it aint fuckin gaston again

  48. Jpa walked!!!!!

  49. Jim Palmer explains Miguel Gonzalez … 4 pitches he can throw for strikes … Adam was expecting fastball on 3-2 and waiting for it and got a splitter …

    and now for something completely different

    JPA walks …

  50. My god anything is possible.


  52. Jim Palmer on Brett Lawrie:

    This guy is going to be a good hitter. He just has to learn how to slow the game down.

    I wonder if he’s fast enough to do that?

  53. a fucking joke that this guy struck us out 7 times in 6 innings.

  54. We deserve better than this.
    It’s not much more complicated than that.

    • Explain your sense of entitlement McFart.

      Why do ‘we’ deserve better than this?

      “To every complex problem, there is an answer that is simple, easy to understand and wrong.” (Christopher Hitchens)

      • Because the vast majority of teams have at least fielded a fucking competitor in the past two god damned decades? How is that for a fucking answer?

        • Again with the selective memory,JC.
          Check your history about the Jays and the last twenty years.
          You seem like a smart guy.You just forget the important things.

          • I’m checkin’ bro. I’m seeing a shit ton of playoff appearances here.

          • If you have an actual retort, say it. Don’t try to be cryptic in a false attempt to appear sage. The team has stunk for 19 years straight. This will make it 20. As fans, we want to be entertained. Money and time are devoted to this end (from a fan’s perspective). That expectation includes, to most, the reasonable assumption that the team will be competitive. It has not been. For a long enough time that someone who was just old enough to start actively rooting for the team and logging memories of the squad would have gone through their entire lifetime, up to and including graduating from college, and perhaps even starting a family with another generation of prospective Jays fans, without having seen a worthwhile squad.

        • Then do a fucking ‘Parkes’ and jump off the boat already.

          Find a team that ‘deserves’ you.
          We obviously don’t.

          • Fans of all teams deserve ownership and a front office that fields competitive teams.

            • Again, I ask you to explain this entitlement.

              While you’re at it, why not up the ante and insist on world peace as well?
              There’s something I’d wager we all deserve.

              • I ask you to explain why you don’t understand it’s not an “entitlement,” it’s an implied contract.

                “I support your organization with my time, money and energy. You, in return, promise to entertain me with a competitive ballclub. Playoffs, even, on occasion.”

                The Jays are in breach.

                • Call your lawyer. Good luck with that statement of claim.

                  • And, thus, I finally know what Jean-Jacques Rousseau felt like when being heckled by the village idiot. “Social whozamawazit? Better call your solicitor. Well, except we haven’t invented phones yet, but you get the idea. Owned!”

                • Mr. Bojangles, if you are that unhappy, and feel that you are wasting your precious life supporting the Jays, simply jump ship. There are 29 other teams to choose from.
                  There is no contract sweetheart.
                  Stop your temper tantrums.

                  • I’ll kindly remind you that I will not let your small mind dictate the way in which I may or may not conduct my fanaticism, including who or may not choose from. You lose any feigned authority or attempts at appearing to be a voice of reason and moderation that you may have attempted to convey when you can’t properly express your views and you fall back on “if you don’t like it, leave.”

                  • Let’s take this logic to its “reasonable” conclusion:

                    We criticize the team we’re following. That requires us to leave the fan collective.
                    You criticize the people who would criticize the team. That requires you to leave the societal collective.

                    Quarantine yourself from the world if you can’t accept our attitude. Right? What do you believe entitles you to criticize our outlook and behavior? What entitles you to only be surrounded by shiny, happy people?

                    Or should we respect your personal criticism of us as you should respect our criticism of a baseball organization?

                    • Well-said.
                      My problem is that we are being told not only to accept repeated failure, but accept it without identifying the source.
                      The fact is AA has had more time to build a winner than, say, the oft-maligned Dan Duquette.

              • Because I spend a good deal of money on this team.
                Because I love the excellence the organization used to represent.
                Because Toronto used to be a good baseball town.
                Do you realize there’s an entire generation of Jays fans that have no memory of the team being good?

          • Parkes is a joke.
            Well-known to many on the site.
            Doesn’t change that being a fan of this team is an abusive relationship, at best.

  55. Well, I got my fan on just seeing JP finally take another walk.

  56. My just glitched. Told me JPA walked. Any idea who I should call/email to report the bug?

  57. Jesuschristo is an annoying shit head. Just kill yourself you miserable bore.

    • Breath of fresh air around here.
      Some of you dudes, AA could shit in your hands and you’d call it chocolate.

      Twenty starts of JoJo Reyes.

      • What’s the answer to..
        I got a lefty who throws 95+ ,wanna take a chance?

        You do know that MLB changed the rules, because of AA?
        Yea, he’s an idiot.
        Fuck off already.

        • Friedman was doing it first, moron. Look it up.

          AA is a fucking Friedman wannabe. Know what the difference is? Big Fried fields competitors.

        • You fuck off.
          There have been a lot of awful things unleashed on ths fan base in he last 20 years, but 140 innings of Jo-Jo Reyes is way up there.

          • You’re a fan. I get that you’re upset.
            When you learn how baseball works,you’ll enjoy it and appreciate it even more.
            Sorry about the fuck off stuff. I keep forgetting that there are some here who know jack shit about the game and need to learn.

            • When AA and the Jays learn how baseball works, we’ll enjoy it more.

              We get it. You’re a patsy. They have your time, money and energy no matter how pathetic they are. Approaching the game differently does not mean you don’t understand how baseball works.

              You want everyone to get a trophy for participating.

    • It’s jesuscristo. Get it right.

    • JesusChristo is a comedian … McMacFart is a stinker, but ya have to have compassion on someone so far stuck up the judgmental, existential tranche that JoJoHoHo is the argument.

  58. Does Zaun even have teeth?

  59. Can’t believe they ruined that beauty of a Walk by JPA.

  60. +1 Why isnt gibbons fired yet

    • Please tell me both your name and your comment are ironic.

    • Please tell me why we didnt go after Francona. With our rebuilt lineup and a chance to play against Boston, how could he say no?

      Instead we have a ham running our team

      • It’s not Gibbons fault. You can only polish a fucking turd so much.

        The roster he was handed was absolute fucking DOG SHIT. All hype, no god damned substance.

      • Because Francona wasn’t ever coming to Toronto when his first choice was Cleveland. He has ties to the club, including his dad playing there.

  61. A little more careful to Jones might have been nice.

  62. Four hits. Miguel Gonzalez. #LOVETHISFUCKINGTEAM

    • Man I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the bullshit you spew.
      Fuck I’m old.

      • This statement is untrue?

        • Obnoxious.

          • Is it wrong?

            This team can’t fucking hit good pitching, they can’t hit bad pitching, exactly what the fuck do they do? The pitching gives them a quality start and the batters sit around beating their dicks raw.

            • We’ve had this discussion before jc, I don’t necessarily disagree with everything you say, but your #ALLCAPS pissing and moaning is incessant.

              Trust me, I’d like to see the Jays in first, but that’s not an easy feat. You were comparing the Jays to Cleveland before; how long were they in the wilderness before fielding a decent team this year? Remember, the Jays were looking pretty good last year at this time.

              Just enjoy the baseball game and punch the drywall instead of posting everything that comes into your head.

    • #LoveThisEntitledFanBase

  63. Bonicrapio has been a fucking disaster. Of course mia didnt mind giving him up. I have no idea why aa was listening to anibal sanchez. Just look at his career stats and you know hes fucking terrible.

  64. About to become 10 games under .500 and trending downward. I’m so excited for meaningless summer baseball, AGAIN!

  65. Wow, Boni sucks.



    AA gave him almost half his big-league innings.

  68. Here comes 3 HR hacks by EE

  69. Jo-Jo is now pitching in Korea, by he way.

    AA gave him 20 starts in the AL East.

    • @Mcfart.

      In fairness AA gave Jo Jo Reyes a chance to beat Matt Keough’s record of 28 consecutive starts without a win.

      I wonder If AA could get Jo Jo back. Good times. Better than Esmail Rogers as a starting pitcher

    • For fucks sakes.
      A lefty with 95+ is like a righty throwing 99+.
      Especially if he develops some half decent offspeed or breaking balls.
      It was worth a shot, it didn’t work out.The Jays were looking for starting pitching.
      Somebody else picked up Jo Jo right away,so they thought the same thing..
      Let it go.
      I heard Jo Jo is pitching in Korea, it’s all in the past.

  70. McFart = YunelE

  71. Chad Jenkins is just a born loser. He doesn’t know how to win.

  72. Nope. I like Stoeten, think he has a lot of talent.

    Parkes, not so much.

  73. It’s almost becoming fun to see how they lose everyday. It’s like being a Cub fan!

  74. Oh, Kittens.

  75. Nice!

    A d we just burned through our best hitters in that mini rally, with shit up in the 9th.

    Fucming yesterday all we neded was a hit i he 8th. Tonight same thing. Cant come through.

  76. Jim Palmer, “That run infestation you were talking about, yesterday, has been quelled”

  77. WHERE IS Stoeten

  78. Where is brick top?

    • When the Jays rallied to win the other day, he got quiet and took his bag of negativity cookies with him.

  79. it’s Sumday … feed um dem trolls day at the ballgame blog

  80. McFart and Jesus are making this comment section borderline insufferable.
    How many times have you guys posted? Shut the fuck up.
    You said your piece – now fuck off. What’s your goal – to re-state the present over and over again?
    Real genius level needed for that.
    Way to be the lowest common denominator – over and over again. Congrats.

  81. DFA bonifacio after the game he’s not good or useful at all

  82. Back to the game… I smell a late game comeback.

  83. Gose strikin’ out at the bigs. Never thought I’d see that one.

  84. Cletus!

  85. Fuck yeah!

  86. Gotta go.
    Have a nice day.
    Some of you guys were funny today.
    Intentionally or not, I don’t know but it’s been a slice.

    • I’m a huge Detroit lions fan. This season wreaks of the same shit I’ve come used to with my NFL squad. We seem always in the game but not quite good enough to win.
      Makes for entertaining tv but constant disappointment.

  87. Thunder Thighs gets out of the inning.

    • Definitely had a plan for Bautista. Max effort fastballs high and on the outside edge. Tough to handle for anyone.

  88. Should have hit the ump after that 0-2 pitch was called a ball.

  89. It wouldn’t be a Jays game without the JPA show.

  90. Jim Palmer on Kawasaki’s bow, “It sure is great to see someone who enjoys the game at this level”

  91. Why the fuck isn’t janssen in this game right now?

  92. The O’s are just better. Bottom line.

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