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The Jays currently lead the Braves 9-1 after a two-run J.P. Arencibia shot in the bottom of the sixth and a three-run Edwin Encarnacion blast in the seventh, but Arencibia’s long, hard ding dong wasn’t the most eventful action of the former inning, as Brett Lawrie ended up leaving the game with an injured ankle.

It can’t be stressed enough that it wasn’t nearly as immediately serious-looking as the injury that befell Jose Reyes back in April– Lawrie remained in the game at first, and may have been more inclined to leave because of the scoreline. But it was obviously a bit of a painful incident, as turned over on his left ankle as it got caught on the second base bag on what appeared to be a botched hit-and-run with Emilio Bonifacio at the plate.

Bonifacio ultimately grounded into a fielder’s choice in the at-bat, and Lawrie winced noticeably as he moved from second to third– as you can see below– pulling up limp, then leaving the field under his own power, heading straight down the tunnel, followed quickly by trainer George Poulis.

The club has since announced that it’s a left ankle sprain, and that Lawrie is day-to-day. Get your tin foil hats ready, folks!

Here’s Lawrie as he first starts running hard on the ankle after Bonifacio singled.



And here he is as he begins walking off the field…



Juuuuuuust perfect. Not Reyes, but not good. Plus, Lawrie was two-for-three at the time of his exit.

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  1. I’ve got EB grounding out in that play.

  2. Didn’t Bonifacio ground out to second?

    • You’re right, yes. Meant to correct that before hitting publish, then completely spaced– honest!

  3. Has anyone on this team ever seen a slide?

  4. Lawrie’s face always makes me lol, especially when he’s running.

  5. That’s one rough-looking picture.

  6. magical 2013 continues!

  7. Baseball gods paying back…They took Lawrie out since Gibbons wouldn’t.

    • Exactly. Lawrie has been smited or is it smoted?

    • really? your wishing injury on a player, while acting like a douchy teenager, is unfortunately our best option at 3rd base now?

      • Guy is an idiot. He is on a message board commenting following the crowd. Just like everyone follows the crowd against rob ford because it is the cool thing to do.

        • hahaha… did you just compare Lawrie to CrackMayor? Brett’s got a wee bit more trolling to do before he can trend worldwide like RoFo. RoFo’s on a whole different planet of troll.

  8. As an ex-player who never learned to slide correctly (and I have the permanently gimpy left ankle to show for it) – I know what he feels like.
    But hopefully it was just a bit of hyper-extension, rather than any kind of ligament tear. He walked off OK – and if he gets some ice on it right quick, he could be back in a few games.

  9. My rocket scientist firend says that a tinfoil hat would in fact make it more difficult for the government to read your thoughts.

  10. I don’t have my “Jayspeak” translator handy but doesn’t the phrase
    “ankle sprain, day to day” translate into “in a few days we’ll be telling you 1 month on the DL” ?

    • Hey, check this guy out! All new material over here folks!

    • +1. Sad but probably true.

      I don’t like playing with a short bench. Especially if we go to a National League park in 2 games.

      • I’ve read enough of your comments to state confidently that you are always, metaphorically speaking, playing with a short bench.

  11. I like that this comes 4 hours after the Blue Jays post a photo of him cheerfully posing with his bobblehead which depicts him sliding feet-first into a base.

  12. His slide didn’t look that bad, I think he just caught his cleat on the base which caused all of the shenanigans.

  13. Lawrie will be back in a few days.
    Even his white blood cells are super-hyper/jacked busy-bodies.

    • Yeah, I thought he was mangled after his tumble into the camera bay last year but he came around, kind of.

  14. Ballerinas do that all the time.

    What’s the big deal?

  15. Look at Rivera giving him the glare right back.

  16. Funny all the glee Im seeing from Lawries injury on forums and on Jays Talk.

    Pretty sure the temp in Toronto went up 5 degrees from the heat created by the collective rubbing together of hands all thriughout the city.

    I dont get it. Heres a guy who is dumb, yes. But he plays hard. Runs out EVERY single play. And most important, the team is worse without him. And the majority of you clowns seem to be enjoying the shit of him getting hurt.

    There has definitely been a changing of opinions. He no longer gets a maple premium at all. The fans and media cant wait for him to fuck up so they can shit on him some more.

    • People from downtown toronto are fucking stupid. I am from downtown any mistake you make you are crucified ie. Ford now lawrie.
      STFU you gucking hipsters go back to bathurst and queen and make a buck cleaning someones window. You get a real job and think you have a voice now.


  17. does anyone know why no one slides head first anymore? seems like it would limit these sort of injuries but perhaps their hands at risk of being stepped on. i dont know.

  18. Ryan Ludwick of the Reds slid headfirst on opening and tore his labrum and will miss most of the season.

  19. at what point do you give up on Mr. Glass (a.k.a Brett Lawrie) and explore other options at third base? A part of me thinks that if there weren’t so many other injuries already on the team that a solid backup option at third would be on the team. Cocky, Rah! Rah! type guys who haven’t really proved shit in the pros and are hurt all the fucking time tend to wear thin on teammates. Even a downgrade at third may prove to be a positive to get rid of a guy so fucking irritating. I look at Arizona and their no- bullshit approach to young players. If your attitude sucks, you’re gone.

    • This was pretty hilarious to begin with. Then you used the player personnel approach currently employed by the Arizona Diamondbacks as a shining example of all that is good in major league baseball and it got even funnier. No, no, no, no, no.

    • Well we could’ve had Yan Gomes…

    • I know, right? All the kid has done is produce 5.1 WAR in 204 games by age 23.

      What a bum!! And yes, as you say, none of that matters. The most impkrtant thing is that yiu find him “irritating”.
      Like, look what he did last night….tried to steal second and hurt his ankle. How irritating!!! This team would be much better off with McCoy at 3B. I know the critics would say things like “but hes horrible” and “hes not a good baseball player”. But theyre not seeing the big picture. Just imagine how less irritating he would be!!

    • and its funny you mention Arizona approach to player management, considering theyre the laughing stock if baseball with how they handled their offseason. Trading onenof the games best players in Upton and one of the best prospects in Bauer for essentially peanuts.

      Learn more about baseball.

      • Dude, learn simple math and look at Arizona’s record and how that team plays. Now look at how the teams that scoffed at them are doing. Will they fade down the stretch? Maybe, most teams do. In the meantime , maybe some of you guys can stop sniffing Lawrie’s jockstrap. And yes, it is pretty fucking irritating when Lawrie hurts himself ( again) stealing second. How would trading or demoting him change anything? The guy is always hurt and out of the fucking lineup anyway. Very irritating. Acting like a goddamn football player but being so soft that you get hurt all the time, well that’s really fucking irritating too. That fidgety batting stance and jerky swing with a million fucking holes in it? You guesed it. Irritating. 23-24 isn’t that young in professional sports. You best be figuring your shit out.

    • Let’s describe Lawrie’s day yesterday…

      Takes responsibility for being a douche and apologizes to his team
      Plays good D at 3rd
      Goes 2 for 3 with several good at bats and good swings
      Turns a failed hit and run into a steal
      Hurts himself, but tries to stay in the game regardless

      All under massive media (and keyboard warrior) scrutiny….Yes…lets get him a TripleBTTB…
      (Bag of Burgers and a Bus Ticket To Buffalo)…

      • Yes

      • if sending him to buffalo might fix that awful swing then why not? It’s great he had an ok night at the plate but the problem in baseball is that you have to try to replicate that every night over a 162 game season. This is a guy who is clearly not a finished product, awesome defense and hustle, low baseball I.Q , horrible swing, alienates teammates… I mean, would the minors really be so bad? I know we keep hoping that the team goes on a tear and gets in contention where we will need his defense but is it worth it?

  20. I agree, Lawrie will need to hit a lot better to get away with the way he carries on. I think triple A would do him some good, just learning the game, and working that waggle out of his swing.

    The problem is they got nobody to replace him so he’s going to have to develop his baseball IQ on the fly.

  21. Anyone question why he stole 2nd when they were up 6-1? I remember thinking that it seemed like an unnecessarily risky play with a 5 run lead. Perhaps he was given the green light or perhaps he made a bad baserunning decision but regardless I think it was a bad call (even if he didn’t get injured).

  22. You fucknuts are beyond belief. Cheering for injuries. Well, now you got your benching. Let’s start the E5 tally until BL returns. Go cheer for the Redsox. You already have the Assholes part covered. Just stitch in the M.

    Losers. I hope you get paper cuts or skin your knee when you are bike couriering. What a steaming pile of shit you are.

  23. Is it worth checking the turf in that area? Maybe for micro ridges or imperfect seams? Because Lawrie did exactly the same thing Reyes did in almost exactly the same place. I wonder if his foot caught slightly ahead of hitting the base. Just enough to roll his ankle.

  24. I for one am really sick of Lawries attitude, he is hot headed and doesnt really think about the consequences of his actions before he pulls shit like this but i am on board with Gibby, i dont understand how people want to throw him under the bus when we are trying to win ball games, as stated, the Jays are a much better team with Lawrie at 3rd, we need his defence at 3rd as we saw when he was injured…Now i dont agree with his actions on Sunday I also dont agree with pulling him out of the line-up as this not only hurts Lawrie but hurts the whole team as well….but if he doesnt start hitting, it will then be time to send him down

  25. Apparently he apoligized to the team-time to move on FFS.
    The bottom line is, the team is better with him in the line-up than not.
    Now, do we really want to see Izturis or Mark “slofoot” derosa at 3B for a long time?. We saw that circus earlier in the year and we lost 3-4 games because of horrible D at 3b.
    I for one, hope he is OK and only misses a game or two. The thought of any of those other guys at 3B is chilling. Not to mention that the lousy defenders cuase the pitchers ERA to go up because of balls called “hits” that are misplayed.
    As an expitcher I can tell you that looking around the diamond and seeing a bunch of iron mitts leads one to try to SO batters which can lead to more HRs given up etc-something that Jays pitchers were doing a lot more of before Lawrie came back. Be careful what ye wish for

  26. Injuries fucking suck. Most depressing part of baseball. More than losing by a wide margin. Especislly cause I dont trust Lawrie being ‘day to day’ at all. Could be a while, hope its not, before we see him again.

  27. Oh MAN is that an ugly looking lineup.

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