May 26th vs Orioles

Batter pLI WPA
Cabrera – LF 2.05 -0.188
Bautista – RF 2.50 -0.192
Encarnacion – 1B 1.51 0.034
Lind – DH 2.12 -0.038
Arencibia – C 1.90 0.389
Lawrie – 3B 2.68 -0.137
Gose – CF 2.53 -0.096 Pitcher pLI WPA
Bonifacio – 2B 1.38 -0.111 Jenkins – SP 1.15 0.030
Rasmus – PH 4.12 0.120 Weber – RP 1.66 0.057
DeRosa – 2B 7.37 -0.131 Loup – RP 0.67 -0.055
Kawasaki – SS 3.29 0.942 Delabar- RP 1.10 -0.124
Total 2.41 0.592 Total 1.10 -0.092

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Munenori Kawasaki, 94.2%
Griffin: Jose Bautista, -19.2%
Impact At-Bat: Kawasaki Walkoff 2-Run Double, Bot 9, 79.4%
Impact Pitch: Manny Machado GIDP, Top 6, 15.7%
Highest Leverage AB: Bautista Groundout, Bot 8, 7.79
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: J.J. Hardy Lineout, Top 5, 2.99
Lineup Contribution: -12.3%
Pitching Contribution: -37.7%
Average Leverage Index: 1.55
Chart explanation

- Chad Jenkins’ line: 5.0ip, 8h, 2er, 3bb, 2k, 88 pitches, 7 swinging strikes, 42 game score, 4.06 FIP.

- Miguel Gonzalez’s line: 5.2ip, 4h, 1er, 3bb, 7k, 101 pitches, 13 swinging strikes, 61 game score, 2.18 FIP.

- Thad Weber got himself into and out of a bases loaded jam in the 6th, Aaron Loup gave up an Adam Jones home run and recorded 4 k’s in 2 innings of work, and Steve Delabar appeared to let two nails get driven into the coffin in the 9th, thanks to a hit-by-pitch, wild pitch, intentional walk, and Matt Wieters 2-run double. Naturally, Delabar was credited with the win.

- What can even be said about Munenori Kawasaki? 3-for-5 with 3 RBI including the game-winning walk-off double in the 9th, followed by a post-game interview for the ages. It sure seemed like everyone on the team really, really enjoyed getting the opportunity to mob him in the field and give him his moment in the spotlight.  He now claims a .247/.345/.320 slash line in 36 games.

- What can even be said about Brett Lawrie? With Adam Lind standing on 3rd in the 9th and the Jays down 5-3, Lawrie flew out to right and appeared to be gesturing and yelling for Lind to attempt to tag up and score. After Lawrie returned to the dugout, Gibby fed him his lunch until Bautista intervened. GIF! Lawrie now claims a .199/.260/.368 slash line in 36 games.

- J.P. Arencibia drew a walk, which means you should buy a new toothbrush and change the brita filter.

- The 2-3-4-5 hitters combined for 9 hits and 5 runs. As a team the Jays tallied 12 hits and 6 walks.

- Adam Jones destroyed the Jays in this series, with 7 hits and 4 home runs over the 4 game set.

- Jim Johnson continues to struggle, giving up 4 runs on 4 hits and a walk, blowing his 4th save in his last 5 chances.

- The Jays managed a series split, outscoring the O’s 29-27 over the 4 games.

- The (21-29) Blue Jays now open a quick 2-game set, (or 4-game home-and-home, depending on how you look at it) against (30-19) Atlanta.

- The series opening projected match-up is Mark Buehrle (5.18FIP, 0.1fWAR) v Tim Hudson (3.74FIP, 0.6fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gif via Scott Johnson, who you already know is the best}

Apologies for my absenteeism, kids. I took a small vacation and then became superstitious after the Jays started playing better baseball. A Kawasaki walk-off happening the same day of an Arencibia walk let me know that The Game wants me back. Cheers, folks. Let’s hug and make up.

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  1. a JPA walk and a Muney walk-off.. what is happening to our 2013 Toronto Blue Jays??

  2. you’re back!! huzzah!

  3. Good to have you back Zubes

  4. Great win. Lawrie has some major roid rage issues!!

  5. Nice to see Muni make up for his throwing error that gave Baltimore the walk-off win last month. Yayyy parity!

  6. In that Gibby GIF, he is definitely mouthing to Reyes, “Hey, he wants your job.”
    I love that Gibby.

  7. Delabar pitched to the score.

    • He’s the real hero in this game. Great leadership shown by the Delabarber, setting it up for the awesome win like that.

  8. “- J.P. Arencibia drew a walk, which means you should buy a new toothbrush and change the brita filter.”

    Audible laugh.

  9. The Zubes is fucking alive. Call off the search party.

  10. A walkoff win, the most potent of the troll repellents

    • I recommend you listed to Roger LaJoie at the earliest opportunity. I predict today’s big question will be “if the jays can’t take a series from the Orioles, is the season over?”

    • Unfortunately not. They just focus on the easiest negative thing to fixate on, which was Brett Lawrie’s boneheaded moment in the 9th.

  11. 2 walk offs in a week……please, lets get 4 straight vs the Braves….my birthday is coming up

    • lol oook

    • I think it’s entirely possible, as they are sort of built the same way we are. I think it’s gonna be a slugfest; wouldn’t want to be pitching in this series at all

      Also, happy day of birthing!

  12. Did anyone else notice Brett’s antics earlier in the game? Rivera put up the stop sigh when he was rounding third and heading for home, he must have thought he could score on that play too. He raised his arms like “WTF”. This wasn’t an isolated incident.

  13. Re: the Lawrie stuff. I think Gibby and JB handled it exactly as they should. He doesn’t need some kind of heavy handed discipline.

    Was it immature and whiny of him? Of course. He’s young and hot headed. He’s also showing that he gives a fuck and wants to win. I have no issue with that.

    • But what he did in the 9th is selfish and stupid

    • Depends how you interpret it – wanting to win, or wanting to get an RBI on what was a meaningless run unless Arencibia could subsequently score from 1st.

      Seems to me that Gibby handles this stuff about as well as you can … call it bullshit, move on. The more frustrating thing is Lawrie never seems to really admit he was in the wrong after these things.

      • haha…no kidding. all the questions they asked him were leaning towards him making an apology in the answer and he nimbly avoided that

      • There is no interpretation of the events that could lead you to believe that he was motivated by “wanting the team to win.”

        Regardless of whether Lind tags up and scores or not, they’re still down a run. If the tying run on first scores, then Lind will have scored. That tag up would have made no sense. So the ONLY way Lawrie could have been “thinking about the team” is if he didn’t know the score or doesn’t understand baseball 101. Which would both be pretty fucking pathetic.

        Occam’s Razor leads me to believe he was pissed off because he’s batting sub-200 and was angry about not getting credited with a sac fly and an RBI.

        It’s the most logical conclusion. And it’s fucking ridiculous.

        I’m really close to unstitching my goddamn Lawrie jersey. That’s bushleague, bro.

        • He wanted the team to get another run, to call Brett an idiot and then think he has the mental capacity in the heat of the moment to think about how a 0-1 is going to make a difference in his stat line vs a sac fly is ridiculous.

          A man was on third with less than 2 outs, he hit a deep fly ball and thought it was deep enough to score a run. Lind did the smart thing, Lawrie was thinking for the moment and not thinking what really was going to help his team win.

          • But that’s ludicrous!

            Baseball is thinking-man’s game. It’s a game of anticipation. Anyone who has played even remotely competitive baseball should know that you have to analyze the situation BEFORE the ‘heat of the moment.’

            IE: When you’re on base, you need to be thinking about how many are out, which fielder’s have good arms, who’s on deck, etc.

            If you’re telling me that Lawrie doesn’t have the mental capacity to know that we’re down two runs and the primary goal is to score the runner on FIRST, then you’re telling me that he’s an idiot.

            Baseball is all about being prepared, mentally and physically, and then when the ‘moment’ comes, you have to just react.

        • +1000 Occam’s Razor reference.

        • Your reasoning is correct, but Lawrie just isn’t bright enough to handle reasoning. Which is why both Gibby and Bautista had to remind him that Adam Lind running on a shallow popup to Nick Markakis would have been game over. But when he was coming off the field, in his very tiny mind, Brett was thinking that Lind should have been able to score, and that would have put them within 1 run of the O’s.

  14. Brett is angry. I myself have an extraordinarily explosive temper at times, so I know how he feels, and sympathize with him somewhat. That being said, I had to quit playing sports, including baseball, because I couldn’t keep myself in check; he needs to talk to a therapist to find out why he is so pissed off in situations like that. It’s a really difficult thing to keep in check, you actually see red at times. He’s a talented guy, and I hope he figures it out, because he’s really young and could have a great career if he gets out of his fucking head.

    On a brighter note, Kawasaki is the antithesis of this; he’s just so goddamned happy! I’m really happy for the little bastard.

    • Congrats for recognizing your emotions and taking charge.
      It takes guts to do what you did, not many would do the same.
      I tip my hat.

    • Absolutely. Everybody out there playing the game wants to wiin. Being the loudest or the douchiest doesn’t make you any kind of mvp. I’m truly surprised he doesn’t get plunked more often.

    • I behaving similarly early on in my life. Except it was rec-softball. I had to stand back and tell myself, you idiot, nothing warrants anger like that and it’s REC-SOFTBALL!

  15. 10:00 games this week :(

  16. Brett was pissed cuz he wanted the RBI. Uber-douchey of him.

    • You don’t know this is what he wanted.

      • If he thinks that sending lead-footed Adam Lind on a medium depth flyball to a RF with a 70 arm and 2 outs left to burn in a 2-run game is sound baseball strategy, he’s dumber than we think.

        • i’m sure a lot of it is pride related. admitting to himself the the fly ball wasn’t far enough for a sac fly and that he’d have to take the oh-fer in a big time situation… if he’s as fierce a competitor as everybody says he is, i’m sure he’s been more pissed at himself lately for hitting like shit and it’s coming through in the ways it has the past few games.

    • He wanted his team to win. Wrong way to show it, but pretty sure that’s what it was.

      • But that runner scoring on THAT play had nothing to do with the team winning or losing the game. That was Brett Lawrie wanting a stat and nothing else.

        I was at the game sitting right next the the dugout and Lawrie was glaring in a very bad way at third base the entire walk back to the dugout.

        There could not have been anything in his mind that had to do with the team winning simply because him making an out whether the run scored or not hurt the teams chances. The rest of the team came through despite Lawrie’s efforts.

        Brett Lawrie is all about Brett Lawrie and nothing else.

        • Great deduction from seeing him glare, except maybe he was seething at the base coach and not Lind. Maybe he thought a play at the plate could move the runner up to second and lead to the tying run being in scoring position. Small chance but there’s just too many variables to claim to know what he was thinking. I’m loving all these junior psyhcologists that are popping out of the wood work.

        • That interpretation seems pretty selective to me. Brett was also the first guy over the fence to congratulate Munenori on the game-winning hit. If he was as selfish as you say, I don’t see him doing that.

  17. All you shitheads condeming Lawrie can go to hell.

    His behaviour was indefensible on that play but it was dealt with. If it happens again I’m sure the consequences will be more severe.

    He’s going to be a great player and when it happens I hope all you holier then thow fucks, bury your heads in the sand or have the balls to admit you’re wrong.

    He wasn’t angry about not getting an RBI you stupid idiots. He wanted the win. Clearly apparent when he was the first one off the bench and jumping out of his uniform when Muney hit the walkoff.

    So, shut the fuck up about Lawrie.

    • But that play had nothing to do with winning the game. The only thing on the line was Brett Lawrie’s RBI once that ball was hit in the air to a defender.

    • Why will Lawrie become a great player? Because he’s Canadian? When he hits at least .270, then he can jaw. Otherwise, Lawrie should shut it since he’s not a five tool guy like Trout or Harper, both of whom have showed what they’re capable of without acting like mega-douches.

      • Real good reasoning there. His behaviour is unacceptable BUT if he hit’s .270 then he can be an asshole and we’ll call him colourful.

        Funny part of this is it’s probably the closest thing to the truth anyone you haters have written about Lawrie.

        If he waqsn’t stuggeling you’d be garggeling his balls instead of calling him petulant.

        He’s got issues, agreed. So does everyone, the only difference is he puts his on display.
        He’s 23 and has huge upside, if you think the right move is to discard this kid then you’re even more senseless then I thought.

        • You don’t call people out when you’re hitting below the Mendoza Line, let alone during a game. If Rivera wants Lind to run, he’ll tell him to run, not Lawrie. Anyway, I never liked the guy and there was a reason why Milwaukee sent him our way. What we are seeing is what we got.

        • I don’t understand why people keep saying that run didn’t matter. You cannot play the game thinking certain runs don’t matter.

    • Seriously man, try to write at least one sentence without calling people names. Then we might make the mistake of thinking you possess logical reasoning.

      I think he will be great and I am happy to have him etc etc yada yada yada.

      But this was a pathetic, petulant display. The run didn’t matter. It was all downside. Plain stupid of him, no matter the intention.

  18. There was also another game earlier in the season with a very similar circumstance. In this game Lawrie hit a sac fly and the runner scored but the team LOST the game.

    Well on that play Mr. Lawrie was all high 5′s in the dugout.

    I’ve never witnessed a clown on Lawrie’s level in professional baseball. Then there is the point that he has accomplished nothing and it’s even worse.

    • Not understanding basic baseball strategy or that particular situation isn’t the biggest crime in the world unless he’s actively altering his approach to try to hit a flyball to score the runner from 3rd on a sac fly in that situation. That would be the only thing that would concern me.

      • So he’s either an asshole or he’s brain dead? Neither seems like a positive attribute.

        • Not either or…more like both…

          why else would the Brewers trade a guy with that athletic ability and raw ability for fucking Marcum? the mental stuff was just THAT BAD

          • You’re an idiot. Marcum was coming off good numbers and a starting pitcher is much more valuable then a prospect in AA.

            You’re just an angry person looking for spots to persecute.

            Look in the mirror assface.

            Lawrie will get reigned in by Gibby. If not then they’lff get rid of him and you’ll get your wish.

            So, again, shut the fuck up.

            • RAWRRR….pinch them please.

              • Getting “rid” of Lawrie is not what we want. He should be learning how to hit in the minors.. he should be maturing in the minors… not in the majors.
                It’s all AA’s fault that some of the current Jays should still be in the minors developing properly, step-by-step. A player who develops slowly level-by-level has the benefit of batting coaches who can spend the time so they can learn how to hit a breaking ball etc.
                When a player is rushed to the majors, he misses those golden opportunities to develop properly.

                Look at Gose…. hitting ,227 in the minors and gets called up.
                For what purpose? To win a ballgame or 2 with his speed? What about his future development?

            • wow. not sure what in my post was so inflammatory to as to elicit such a response.

              ad hominem at its finest.

              if you dont think Lawrie’s makeup was a huge reason why the Brewers moved him, then you are simply factually incorrect.

              fucking asshole mother fucker.

              there. now I feel better.

          • +1000.

        • The point is that it doesn’t matter if he’s brain dead as long as it’s not influencing the decisions he’s making on the field in that situation, i.e. as long as Lawrie isn’t consciously trying to hit a flyball to score the runner, or if it was him at 3rd, he isn’t potentially running into an out.

    • Rather than thinking him a stat-obsessed douche (which he might very well be), I think it’s fair to say at least that a) his in-game situational awareness isn’t the greatest (trying to steal home past JB) and b) his competitive fire, while an integeral part of his game, clearly needs to be controlled a little better.

      • I agree… Don’t know why people are assuming his outburst was over a lack of RBI and his batting average dropping versus Lind not scoring and the Jays getting closer to winning. The outburst was immature and ridiculously in any circumstance, but don’t know where the impression comes that Lawrie would be that selfish.

        At worst, it was probably a bit of frustration that he thought he did his job in hitting a pretty deep fly ball (which really shouldn’t have been his job anyway) which wasn’t quite deep enough to score Lind, and where Rivera made the 9 times out of 10 safe call to hold Lind.

    • Yeah, what an asshole. Celebrating an RBI. Jesus man, have you been eating batteries?

  19. What is everyone’s theory on Kawasaki? Was the notebook just a gimmick to make his teammates laugh? I think he plays up the Japanese angle but can speak better English than he lets on.

  20. “Cheers, folks. Let’s hug and make up.”—You don’t get off that easy. If I took off for weeks, and came home and said to the wife ” lets hug and make up” I’m sure as hell she wouldn’t just accept it. I’d have a week of questions and a year of guilt trip thrown at me.

  21. Is it bad that I prefer the Braves starting pitcher in every single upcoming matchup?

  22. You guys can forgive Alomar (a grown man) for spitting in the face of an umpire yet are willing to condemn a 23 year old kid for being immature.

    What’s wrong with you assholes.
    What does this say?

    If Brett was leading our team in Batting Average his behaviour would be forgiveable?

    Hypocritical assholes.

    • When did 23 suddenly become a ‘kid’? I was done university at 23, and I wasn’t allowed to have temper tantrums at the office because the boss made a good decision I didn’t like ’cause my name wasn’t going to get on the PowerPoint slides…

      • I don’t disagree… but it’s not really at all accurate to compare office drones and a coddled, hyped major league baseball player.

        If a junior office staffer did that in front of a customer/client, whatever, there’s a very real chance you’d get fired, and odds are you’re grateful enough for your job not to risk it. Lawrie, not so much

      • You are still a kid at 23.

        • Agree with Riverdale Rat. By age 23 you should have matured beyond stupid adolescent shenanigans. ‘Just a kid’ is an excuse for GenX irresponsibility.

          BTW…Get of of my lawn!

    • I would lay my roll of quarters on the table that this is Danielle defending little brother…

      You can cut off my roll of .25$ pieces anytime Danielle.

    • I see both sides of this.

      It’s not a hard argument to make that Lawrie is still immature and needs a bit more awareness of in game strategies. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to hit a sac fly in that situation, but once it gets up there he’s thinking “atleast we’ll get a run”. When they don’t he’s pissed because he doesn’t really think through the risk rewards of the situation. I really don’t think he’s selfish enough to want an RBI that badly.

      Lawrie is always looking at the reward side of the play. An “I’m invincible” attitude makes people ignore the downside. Stealing home with Bautista up or launching himself into a camera bay for a foul ball are two perfect examples of not even considering a bad outcome is possible.

      I both love and hate this about Lawrie. His attitude and decision making will likely always be an issue, but should improve. Massive potential means you put up with the growing pains for a very long time.

      Real issue for him right now is how to hit a fuckin off-speed pitch in the bigs. If he can get this figured out and calm down his approach a little bit you’re looking at a five tool guy at 3b for a very long time.

      If I was Gibby I’d give him a “rest day” today and have him put in extra bp. Back in the lineup tomorrow.

      • Look on the bright side with Lawrie. At least this year he isn’t making errors because he’s trying to throw the ball to first when he has no chance. So he’s at least demonstrating he has the capacity to stop doing 1 stupid thing every year.

        So, unless he keeps inventing more stupid things to do every year than he’s learning to stop, he should progressively become less stupid as his career goes on.

        But IMO, none of this really matters. I just want to see him start hitting .300.

    • Fuck off. I don’t care what age Lawrie is, getting mad at your teammates and coaches in such a vocal manner is bullshit, especially when Lawrie is both wrong (it was definitely the right decision for Lind not to go) and after just fucked up (an out is an out – fuck the sac fly, which is useless in that situation). I would be just as pissed off if Bautista pulled a stunt like that. It’s one thing for Lawrie upset after fucking up there, it’s another for him to take it out on your teammates and coaches in a way that shows just how stupid he really is. I mean, professional athletes as a whole are not exactly the smartest people in the world, but Lawrie is probably still one of the dumbest out of the group.

      • I think it’s one of those things I’ve heard players talk about when they talk about first signing a contract and learning to be a “professional”.

      • That’s the point. Being young isn’t an excuse for being a dick. But immaturity can definitely explain the behavior.

        When Lawrie is 30 he’s probably not doing this shit either.

        He’s definitely wrong here and an apology would go along way towards showing that he can learn. Gibbons obviously isn’t going to take that kind of shit and good on him. Give Lawrie time and he probably will grow out of it.

        • If Lawrie’s issues were solely attributed to being young and immature the league would be littered with kids having hissy fits. It’s not. Enough with the age defence. Lawrie’s make-up has nothing to do with being a better athlete. If that were the case Sean Avery would still be playing hockey.

    • Because Alomar is a hall-of-famer.
      Lawrie has not proven anything except being immature.
      Which we can forgive if he learns from his outbursts.

  23. Love the graph and I’m thrilled you’re back! But I think we should have had a little uptick on the Kawasaki post-game interview which is the best one I’ve ever seen…

  24. Look at the bright side: at least Lawrie didn’t try to steal home when he was standing on 3rd base in the 8th inning.

  25. even if lind tags and scores, they would still have needed an extra-base hit and/or multiple singles to score arencibia (the tying run) from first, in which case lind scores walking backwards. it was a brutal thought process on lawrie’s part, on top of having the audacity to call out another player and coach in the middle of a game, when he has been displaying mendoza-line hitting for the last month and a half.

    the worrying thing is what would happen if it were lawrie on 3B and not lind. i dont think brett is a selfish player and i truly believe that he would do anything to get the team a win, but honestly, playing the game with brainless, hell-bent fury is going to keep him from reaching his potential. there are many ways to play the game, but you cant be so amped up that it affects your ability to make good decisions on the diamond. he needs a major dose of perspective, cause right now he’s as much of a sideshow as he is a ballplayer.

    and of course he gave no apology, at least publicly, after the game. he’s young, and i think he will get better, but he seems to be the type of guy that will need to learn these lessons over and over and over again before he gets it.

    • Who does he have to apologize to… you?… the fans?

      This is between him and his teammates / coaches, who visibly (and rightly) called him to task.

      This is probably the first and last time we see him show up his teammates like that.

      • why should he apologize to the fans? obviously i meant the teammate and coach whom he angrily yelled at as a result of his own lack of understanding of the game. but maybe he did that in his own time, hence why i said “publicly”

        as for this being the last time something like this happens, i hope so, but i wouldnt bet on it. isnt past behaviour the best predictor of future behaviour?

        as i said, i think he will learn, but i think it will be a slow process. he certainly didnt seem overly sorry in his post-game interview and never acknowledged the fact that he was dead wrong if he thought lind should have tried to score.

  26. I’ll probably get ripped for this one but wherever.

    Team chemistry is certainly overrated by the general media, but after watching the game yesterday I can’t see how Kawasaki doesn’t make this team better purely by being on it.

    Stats aside this is a fun guy to play with and that means a little bit of something even at the highest level.

    When Reyes comes back, if Kawasaki’s average is still as high as Lawrie’s OBP I don’t see how you punt him back to AAA.

    • Word.

      I want him to stay on the team as a bench/utility player. I’d rather him than Bonifacio or Izturis.

    • just because it’s hard to prove, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real …

      when Brett L produces at the plate like Derek Jeter, everyone will be talking about “intangibles” … and we’ll love what we hate today …

  27. Is it bad that the second I saw the whole Lawrie angry at Lind/Rivera and Gibby giving it to him in the dugout, the first thought I had was:

    “Uh-oh, the DJF commenters are going to have a field day this one”

    Too bad I was right …

  28. You have a real potty mouth Danielle Lawrie.

  29. Lawrie fucked up; Gibby and Bautista dealt with it. This may end up being a huge learning moment for Lawrie, which would be great for the whole team.

    Can we turn the page and start looking forward to the next series? Jays are on the upswing.

    • Who are all these new names defending the guy less than 24 hours later? It’s not like we’ve been harping on this for weeks. It’s not like we don’t see his talent. It’s not like we regret the trade for him.

      Maybe we’ll begin to let this very rude and illogical action on his part go when he actually apologises to his coaches publicly. After all, he showed them up publicly.

      • I’m neither defending him nor shitting on him. I said yesterday that he needs a little tough love i.e. let the team handle it. I love the guy’s energy, but it can be a distraction at times. I just think it’s time for people to move on. The story’s over.

  30. Ive been following Bretts career pretty close from the beginning and what excitement I had for his place on this team is all but gone. If he was not a Canadian on a Canadian team his leash would been pulled tight and a muzzle slapped on him long ago. He has the raw talent to be a game changer but his emotion impairs him. Worst part of it is he never owns his mistakes always. How often have we heard ‘that’s what got him here, he’s not going to change the way he plays.’ A true professional is always looking to improve and advance their game. Be humble, learn your craft and display emotion at the correct times(Reyes). We had a serious problem with our pitchers being overly emotional few years ago, it’s cancerous and I really think it impacted the product they put out.

  31. It’s time for some Lawrie mojo, just as I did with Bautista last year or was that two years ago?


    • Anyone can write for them, you just have to like watching sports a lot and be willing to work for free.

      It kinda sucks that such a business model of compensating free help with ‘exposure’ and nothing else has proven such a lucrative success.

    • Are u fucking kdding me? there is no way texas does that deal.

      profar for bautista? I’d to that in a heartbeat

  33. Great to have the post back Zubes, lovvveee it

  34. One guy I was really happy for yesterday was Gibby. He might not be the best guy for the job but he seems like a beauty that really cares about his guys. He’d be a fun guy to have a beer with and have him tell a few stories.

    How much did the Sportsnet cameraman love the blond Jays fan on the 1st base/Right field side yesterday? All we needed was some commentary from Musberger to put that into perspective.

    Also enjoyed Devlin on the call, just steady through out. Fun times yesterday, I fricking love baseball.

    • agreed on devlin. it was a relief to have someone just call the game as it is, rather than try to fill every moment with an old baseball lesson or cliche. tabler still drags the IQ of the booth down, but you cant have everything. maybe they should go with devlin for play-by-play and buck as the analyst

  35. “Naturally, Delabar was credited with the win.”

    One weird game, this.


  37. for those who like the ironies and contrasts of baseball:

    Orioles just wumped the Nationals and Gio Gonzalez (one of those AA “should” have got) with 15 hits including 3 more from Machado …

    We just split a series with a very hot team and the commenters all of the Toronto scene are still griping about how bad we are this year … help them find the boat … AND … once they’re on it, help them stay …

  38. So is Kawasaki our new 2nd baseman when Reyes gets back? Is he under control cheaply for quite awhile?

    • Yep, his major league clock started last year so he has options and stuff. He’s getting payed the same amount as Lawrie and Aaron Cibia

  39. not one to complain, but what is with the lack of djf posts the past 5 days, minus the game threads and recaps of course?

  40. get da fuck off your lazy hipster asses and produce some new content!

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