Afternoon baseball on a Tuesday!

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  1. Cibia, Aaron Effin

  2. Time to let the Big Dog eat Colby

  3. These 2 gamea have been great to watch…barring the top of the first today.

  4. Aaaasssd

  5. Bummer.

  6. wtf JP…

    It’s like he doesn’t want people to like him

  7. That was gay.

  8. Dammit, atleast force them to get through the pitiful bottom part of the lineup

  9. Need another shutdown by Cecil

    • Cecil has completely changed.
      I used to cringe when he went to the mound.

      They should try to get him to mentor Romero.

  10. Take that strUggla. 4 strike K.

  11. Damn! Cecil just destroyed them there.

  12. Holy shit Cecil good now

    • all thanks to steve delebar’s velocity program. Its too bad that;s not what’s wrong with ricky

      • While RR’s going through this crap, the velocity programme probably wouldn’t hurt. I remember he used to throw 95mph, and havent seen that for a while. Who knows? Nothing else has worked.

  13. Forgot the Jays were playing early. What happened to Morrow today?

  14. Not bad at all Cecil! Never thought I’d look forward to your appearance.

  15. #stadiumlavvvvv

  16. Cmon Izzy take the walk. Donr swing. You suck at that.

  17. Lead off walks come back to score somewhere around 90%

  18. Holy shit…a Boneface bunt that didnt roll foul

  19. Gose. Base hit here. Watch this boys

    • Yeah Tks Brnojack. Just looked it up myself. I could’ve sworn I heard that from Gerry Howarth.

  20. That was fagotty.

  21. Coors Lite Iced Tea….fuck you. Nice acronym though

  22. Dont fuck this up Delabar…

  23. Odd that Jansens not up. He normally is in this situation (tie game in the 9th at home).

    Man we cant take anymore bad news.

    • They’ve done that when they’ve already had to use Delabar in game.
      I feel confident with him out there.
      Still have CJ if it goes extras

    • Report on Rotoworld that Janssen was “not available” today with “shoulder soreness.”

  24. Holy goat tits, my gonads are perspiring.

  25. Morrow is an enigma, but he seems to be getting progressively worse. Mzybe he has arm issues-dunno. He has to start executing on this illusive “potential” we keep hearing about and of which he shows flashes of brillaince interspersed with too many dogshit performances. For a guy who was to be our no 2 arm after Romero ( another story) or Dickey, he is not cutting it. At best at the moment, he is another one of our 7 number 5 men. Hope he figures it out soon because we got a ton of guys that can go 8-10 every year.
    Forward Soviet

    • The problem is that when Morrow is off, he’s not even a number 5. He looks like another Ricky Romero out there and gets shellacked early on. Rode hard and put away wet in the 2nd inning…

  26. Why isnt Delabar throwing his splitter when he’s ahead?

  27. Hooooo boy…

  28. destroy gattis, do it now

  29. Crank up the drama, why don’t you?

  30. (Fucking Delabar)^10

  31. fuck this gattis is a beast, why can’t we ever draft a stud like this just once

    • Tons of talent. I dont know if its just his stance but it feels like if you go anwyhere in zone or even just outside it hes going to crush you.

      That said, Atlant needs to be REAL careful they dont get seduced by a great year or two and make a big commitment. Guy is a headcase of the first grade. The kind of thing he has (legit suicidal deprssion)….Im not sure if that ever “goes away”. I think its always in the background and I think its the very rare individual who can conquer that thing.

    • Anybody coulda had him.
      Jerry just said he was drafted in the 23rd round.

  32. Fuck Yes!

  33. Yessssssssssss

  34. Too. Fucking. Close.

  35. Eat shit Gattis

  36. At work watching my computer screen through ESPN Gamecast…that was tense.

  37. Walk us off boys.

  38. Where’s Casey?

  39. Weber has been ok but I would like to have seen CJ come in here.

  40. Thad Weber?

  41. CJ must be hurt….?



  43. Jansen has to be hurt or something. Why else would fucming Weber be in there jnstead of Casey?

    • That would really suck. 2 starters down already, Morrow goes out early and now you don’t have your supposed two best relievers (Oliver)? Brutal.

  44. CJ wasn’t even warming up in the 8th

  45. What the fuck is Weber doing in a tie game in the 10th?

    It’s a miracle that it’s at this point when you had to use Ortiz for 3 innings already. Why fuck it all up now?

    • We’re basically out of relievers and I’m 99.9% sure that we’re saving Lincoln for when the Ishmail Rogers; Starting Pitcher experiment falls apart like a sandwich in the rain.

  46. I want my Janssen back

  47. stupid Gibby justly punished by a lead off homer.

  48. Yeah fuck it, we lost.

  49. That was crappy.

  50. well, I definitely jumped the gun much earlier saying they had lost after the top of the 1st . . . but now I am right. Over.

    Kimbrel vs. the bottom of the lineup. Good effort, Morrow/Lawrie/Janssen will be on the DL by the weekend. Last place baby!

  51. Where’s Janssen

  52. Kimbrel has 3 blown saves already this season.

  53. Cletus has this. He mashes fastballs.

  54. I think their closer needs to use the toilet. What the hell is that stupid stance??

  55. I love the new and improved kittenface.

  56. How the fuck did Lind get the walk??????

  57. Boy if we score a run, we better make sure we score two. This lineup is beyond shit.

    • The Jays lineup is shit? Have you been watching this team for the last month?

      Scoring runs clearly not the problem…

      • Jays are #4 in all of baseball in wOBA for the month of may. Excluding today which I’m sure will only help them.

  58. To The Baseball Gods:

    I promise to swear off loose women and whiskey if we can pull this off.

  59. 3 more walks please

  60. Not a ‘woe is me’ comment, but doesn’t it seem hugely unlucky that the Jays haven’t been able to develop a good pitcher since Roy Halladay? Obviously prospects are a crap shoot and players have uneven developments, but all of our pitchers have either been high potential prospects who completely wash out (Deck McGuire, hopefully not Drabek but…), guys who come out of nowhere and then quickly return there (Josh Towers, Jesse Litsch), guys who have tantalizing potential but can’t stay on the field or pitch consistently (Morrow, McGowan) or talented guys who just completely come apart (Romero, Cecil).

    The only team I can think of that has seen so many good pitchers fail in such different ways is the Yankees, and of course they’re so rich that the Joba Rules don’t apply to them. And that’s not even approaching the fact that all five of our (established) starters this year have somehow managed to pitch below their career norms (though it’s still early).

    O well, if that’s the price of having Roy Halladay for a decade, I’d pay it a million times over.

    • I’ve been beating this drum forever. The Jays have been completely unable to develop talent internally as of late. I don’t know if it is bad luck, bad player development, bad drafting… but it’s really starting to hurt the team.

      You can’t really pin Morrow on the Jays… and most of the guys thus far can’t be blamed on the AA regime. But the farm system is looking mighty bare in light of these big trades and there are some big holes to fill in the big league roster…

  61. #stadiumlaaaaaaaaaav

  62. Boy Kimbrells got the rep but he just looks like a moron if he cant throw strikes

  63. Kimbrels look in stance makes me hate him on a personal level.

  64. Shit. So close.

  65. couldn’t even get my fart out before Izturius and Boni-fiasco got out.

  66. When it comes to the IF combo of Tweedledee and Tweedledumbass, I wasn’t holding my breath for a hit there.

    • I try my best not to be pessimistic about players not named Cordero, but… man I fucking hate Izturis. I mean, it’d be one thing if he just looked like a 55 year old. Or if he just hit like a drunk toddler. But man, why can’t he play some fucking infield defense? Hasn’t he been doing it for 10 years now?

      I can’t believe we’re on the hook for another 3.5 million next year, but not as much as I can’t believe that the contract was a safe bargain when it was signed. I mean, when you sign a slightly above replacement utility infielder with a long track record he’s not supposed to suck ass right?

      Well, okay, Chone Figgins, but still!

  67. @ Formerly the Smasher

    Now you have to consume double the amount of loose women and whiskey to put the universe back in it’s place.

  68. It’s over.

    I like to vent around here, Jays stink and you guys get mad so easily it makes all the losses seem a bit easier.

    22-30 and everyone hurt. jesus fucking christ.

  69. Man Izturis and Bonifacio are total dogshit. Jays have NO bench.
    Oh and Colby? Why the fuck were you swinging at that when the guy was having control problems?

  70. When your late-inning bench boppers are Boney and Itzy – you’re just sorta fucked, no?
    Gibbons must have been shaking his head sadly as he looked at the Murderer’s Row that comprises his bench.
    When Reyes gets back, keep Kawasaki and get rid of Itzuris and Blanco….then bring up Thole and get a hitter. Nygrych or whatever his name is, if you want to go cheap. Yes, I know Itzy is due 9 million over 3 years – but for fuck’s sake, AA , work something out with a team.

    • Unfortunately there is zero chance of Izturis going anywhere. The Jays are stuck with him. And as fucking awful Bonifacio is in every aspect of the game, I’d still rather he be on the bench than Negrych.

      • If I had to keep one…yeah, I’d keep Bonifacio – who can at least play (awfully) at second and the outfield.
        I can’t see any scenario where Itzy gets moved, though – unless AA whips out a bunch of incriminating videos during in the negotiations. But Blanco is slower than Molina, Lind and John Olerud combined. If he hit dingers all the time – fine, go ahead and stroll around the bases…..but when fucking tortoises are beating you down the first base line – that’s a problem.

      • Why? Why would you rather Izturis be on the bench than Negrych? I honestly don’t understand that attitude. Where is the downside? Admittedly he could be worse than Izturis offensively, but only by so much: Izturis is already under replacement. Defensively, we have no reason to believe he’d be much below replacement level (i.e. where Izturis is now).

        On the other side, there is tons of upside to calling him up. Forget Bautista and Nelson Cruz. Look at fucking Nate McClouth! If Izturis was a playing passably, or if he had potential to improve dramatically, I’d say go for it. But he isn’t, and he doesn’t really. There’s literally no significant downside in giving Negrych a try. If he sucks, send him down and we all move on with our lives.

    • Sounds like a plan

  71. Meh, I can take this one. At least the offense isn’t totally dormant like it was earlier in the season.

    I fucking hate this closer bullshit, though. You need to use your best reliever in the highest leverage situations. That’s Casey Janssen, not Thad fuckin Weber.

    • +5. Amen. Why he is using a fukstik just claimed off of waivers in a game we can and must start winning to have any hope at all is beyond me. Weber is just a younger Dave Bush, that’s all-same shit type pitcher. We keep finding ways to lose and then wonder why we sit in last place.
      Look , if we are still in this position 5 weeks from now,(june 30), look for some meaty rumours to start popping up-I said last month that if that shoulkd occur, all players will be subject to trade. It wouldn’t be a blow up or anything but I would look for AA to shake them out of their complacency by dealing someone who has been around a while

      • June is going to be a huge month. Its their last chance at getting back into contention id say. Id say they will need 18-20 wins at least in the month to get back into contention.

    • it’s true about using CJ there, but when TW gives up the winning run in the 13th or whenever, people are going to rip gibby for that …

      the part that is missed is how the 2nd last braves pitcher got our best hitters out with 83 mph right down the middle of the plate with very few pitches … the critical mass(es) in here would definitely call that guy a shitballer if he was ours … i want our shitballers to throw shit the other team is not expecting and therefore can’t hit … how fast it is is irrelevant, no?

      • Believe me. If weber was pitching the 13th nobody would complain(maybe idiots). Because by that point its clear they have no other fucking options. When you have jannesn sitting there and dont use him its perplexing. If he cant pitch, then have somebody else up instead. I would have rather seen lincoln then weber.

  72. Every team has to suffer through shitballers to get through a season. Every team has to deal with injuries. But fuck me – it sucks to lose games right now when there is negative room for breathing because you have literally no one who can pitch in the 10th inning.

  73. but you screamers are the very people that made it difficult to keep Kelly J who would have been quite adequate …

  74. Ishmael perfecto tomorrow

  75. why is Buck S such a good manager?

    because he is willing to sit there and do nothing most of the time …

    in here the screamers represent a mentality that is guaranteed to fail in baseball … when something is not working the first option should be to do nothing and allow things to work out … watch how winning teams do this … and stfu

    • Good strategy. Do nothing.

      • do nothing first so that you have time to examine what is emerging rather than constantly reacting to what you thought just happened …. by doing nothing you can get to the front of the wave, naturally … watch Buck … he’s been managing for over 20 years and is one of the most effective, does not look like he’s on his way to an ulcer … gibby is pretty good in this regard … the many “managers” in here? Not so much.

  76. Looking over the comments attempting to figure out what happened when they brought in Thad ‘what the hell am I doing in the majors’ Weber. I only hand game cast today. FML…we were the home team. Is Janssen really hurt? Was something announced?

  77. Every fucking year this team is decimated with injuries. Jannsen hasnt pitched in 5 days. So if he cant go still why the fuck is he not on the DL? They are basically short an arm in the bullpen. I dont know how many more of these brutal losses I cant take. Thad Fucking Weber. Jesus fucking christ.

    • maybe following baseball is unhealthy for you

      • Not baseball. But probably following this team isnt healthy for me. Its an unhealthy addiction.

        • just say, “no” (not easy … )

        • Take a deep breath. Was this really a “brutal” loss?

          It was an entertaining 1 run loss with plenty of great plays (and mistakes) for both sides.

          There’s 110 more games to go. Don’t give yourself a heart attack.

  78. Thad Weber. A waiver-wire retread you couldn’t trade for a bag of urinal pucks. Game over.
    WTF couldn’t Delabar go 2? or keep Cecil in. What’s with the fucking glad-hand to the bullpen phone, Gibbons, you fucking cracker

    • Honestly, are people trying to blame this one on Gibbons?

      • Sure… why not he makes the call on when and who goes in and who doesn’t. He should take his fair share of the blame. His fair share isn’t 100% but it’s not 0% either.

        • I finally got it.

          It’s the fans who are not on the boat who are dragging this thing down. If everyone were on the boat and not either about to jump off, or needing to be rescued for jumping off, or needing to be whacked with a paddle so they can’t get back on. If all the shitty fans were DFA’d to the RedSux maybe then we could keep our concentration on winning this thing.

    • And on tonight’s episode of ‘adventures in hindsight’

    • weber could just as easily have shitballed like braves 9th inning shitballer 83 right down the middle and then gibby is brilliant …


      jays hold travis snider back for 4 years until he’s 26 and turn him into the slavering gattis who might be ty cobb or pete rose, but is just as likely to run his car into a brick wall next week … nobody knows this stuff, so disappointment is a major part of the territory and anger does not make it go away …. in a very imperfect world, baseball is much more imperfect than other things which is why it is supposed to build character …

      this team could still make the playoffs … meanwhile they have become extremely entertaining for those who can take it that way …

  79. don’t blame Gibbons he plays with what he has. Who keeps bringing in the webers Ortizs the Izturis. Still waiting for the gem in a pile of rocks. Ain’t coming. Noin is our top call up at this time.

  80. geez … mune on first tormenting kimbrel which gave colby a chance … this stuff is golden and there’s now lots of it … I know this was missing in April, but not now, …

  81. Ortiz is dfa’d. Weber sent down. Finally!! Curious to see who they bring up.

    • and that’s how it happens … spare parts are consumed … we probably don’t ever have to watch weber again unless he learns to throw real shit, not try to be better than that and eventually might get stroman or mcgowen as the long guy and one of the TJ returnees as a Cecil-in-training … Cecil makes me feel really good … if he can transform/be transformed and knows “the path” there are better days ahead …

      • Yeah, we have all these awesome bullpen arms just waiting in the wings.

      • Well, Cecil and Adam Lind are a great example of what good managing can do for a team. As everyday players/starters they are steaming piles of shit. But used in situations where they can be effective they’ve been great contributors.

        That’s why people who give Gibby shit all the time are morons. Except when he pinch hit Rajai for Colby. That was pretty dumb.

    • 1m
      Janssen said he knew pre-game he couldn’t go. Has been up in the bullpen almost daily since 5/22, and has thrown a lot of pitches. #Bluejays

  82. Man, Izturis looks horribad. Can’t hit, can’t defend, no utility as a bench player. Add a legit 2B and this lineup would be a fucking beast.

  83. Tough Game to watch today, janssen was sore according to the manager
    Ortiz will be back in buffalo no one will pick him up hopefully.

    Three questions:
    1. Lincoln is the mop up guy if Roger’s start (probably) goes to shit tomorrow?
    2. Who are the call ups, I guess its schwimmer and (unknown).
    3. Is the likely DL’ing of Lawrie why two roster spots were filled up?

  84. . With starter Josh Johnson scheduled to rejoin the club in San Francisco next week, the Jays might replace a pitcher with a position player immediately after the Rogers start.
    interesting according to lott

  85. roy freaking halladay did not know until the end of the 1st inning whether he “had it” or not and he was as close to a machine as a human can be … today I was jumping up and down cheering when Ortiz was brought into the 3rd inning because it was SOOO obvious Brandon did NOT have it and was going to be murdered if he stayed. I want our team to be able to adapt to what is and keep going forward …

    the doubting contingent of yankee fans must have been screaming when they brought in the BJ reject crew in the spring … and don’t try to tell me that cashman will try to claim some kind of brilliance for this … you just never really know … to be completely fair we got WAY more than we expected out of Ortiz (thank you, sir for keeping on)

    how to get the braves 2 catching mashers out? probably not by throwing gas at them, they look like they’ve been eating cars for lunch. Dicky might be a lot of fun to see what he can do.

    • Brandon looks like that way too often for my taste. Sometimes he just can’t get anything low in the zone. At least the offense looks like they are who we thought they were.

      Honestly, after the last two years, I have no idea what could possibly improve the pitching staff. Should we stand pat and let Johnson go and wait for Hutch and Drabek to come back? Looks to me like we need a #2 and another quality #5, but isn’t that what we thought we had in Johnson and Romero?

      Fuck, I dunno. The pitching this season makes even less sense than last, which I thought was impossible.

      • Unless Johnson has a monster second half… I can’t see him being extended. Fuck, who knows if the Jays even have the funds available, or if Rogers will OK it.

        Drew Hutchison could probably slot into the rotation… Drabek STILL Needs to find the strike zone. The problem is that, as this year shows, you would love to keep both in the minor leagues to cover the inevitable injuries. You have to have some fucking depth and right now, that is completely non-existent.

        The farm system is bare, so trades are not really an option… unless you are willing to part with the few bright spots (Sanchez, Osuna)… This means we’re looking at free agency or internally. Luckily, Stroman *should* be ready for next year. And from what I’ve seen, Nolin could be ready given another dozen minor league starts… so who the fuck knows. That doesn’t even begin to cover the inadequacies of the bullpen.

        This team is frustrating to watch.

        • you touch on an interesting point when it comes to $$$. The Canadian dollar has been slipping badly the last three months and has fallen from elction day victory by Haper of 1.06 ( we can afford lots) to just above .95 today, a drop of about 11%.
          While the BJs have hedged to a certain degree, the declining dollar, if it persists WILL make it difficult to keep all the parts AND add some more, so there is that to ponder as well

        • The worse Johnson pitches or the more he’s hurt, the more likely he is to come back to Toronto on a 1 year deal to rebuild his value, I think.

      • Morrow looks a totally different pitcher than he was last year before his injury, when he was racking up those complete game shutouts. Hopefully it’s a confidence thing and eventually he’ll go back to striking everyone out.

  86. So Janssen, Morrow and Lawrie to the DL tomorrow?

    • lol… quite possibly

      • Serious — Arash Madani says Lawrie was hobbling and grimacing with each step he took today. Janssen who knows — I guess he could be ok but you’d think if he was even close he would have pitched today. And Morrow is Morrow. If you told me his arm fell off today I’d believe it.

  87. What the Fuck!! Is this a content free zone here today? Too many cold mountain beer-piss before noon today Stoeten?

    I demand content if I am to be subjected to all these new ads on this site.

  88. i’m obsessed with the bottom of the 9th today … shitballer in who has really unusual reverse splits like lefties batting 0.179 and righties 0.329 or some such … he’s throwing 83 mph tops and right down the middle of the plate and he gets Jose, EE, JPA out in what is the KEY inning … if we’re going to win the game, that’s where we have to do it.

    BUT how does anyone figure out how to work with that other than to just live it out … why didn’t our mashers whack those meatballs? This is the marvel of baseball …. you can’t just go figure, like Joe Girardi who used to be able to figure so much he was wrong and hated by yankee fans … after 5 years or so he probably just goes WTF and goes with his gut … Farrell was in the learning phase of that while he was here, too much figgerin’

    Some of you will remember Paul Quantrill the ultimate shitballer, who seemed to pump himself up to come into the game and just fling it … never looked like he knew where it was going to go, but he could mow most of them down because he believed … I am beginning to like our bullpen because most of them are starting to look like this and Lincoln will be a beast if he can get back to doing what he was good at when he came … relievers should NEVER nibble because then they miss and have to come in and get whacked. Just throw it hard and let it move, “hit that if you can” Most batters who can’t hit a pitch one time will not be able to the next time either, no need to miss in between.

    • Ok, so all RPs should just throw all meatballs all the time. Right.

      • NO, No, and no … Mariano has a great splitter … every batter knows it’s coming and they still can’t hit it … when they do, he’ll retire … a meatball is what happens after pitcher does everything else and finally has to do what the batter was waiting for … if a reliever does not have a pitch the hitters can’t hit, what use are they? Braves guy in the 9th did just that … even though 3 righties against him and that’s his weakest suit, he did what he does best and our best couldn’t hit it. On our side, Loup and Cecil best represent this. Delabar can, but gets too fancy sometimes and Lincoln has forgotten he knows how to do this, was doing it for the pirates.

        • Delabar seems to be the guy that nibbles more than anyone other than Janssen. Janssen paints the corners with almost all his pitches, throwing nothing in the middle of the plate. Janssen is our best reliever in case you haven’t noticed.

          How many of the guys in the Jays bullpen are you comparing with Rivera?

  89. Morrow forearm discomfort. Holy Christ.

    So much for Gibby’s bullpen mgmt. Thad fucking Weber in the 10the in a high leverage situation?? Playing to lose. Should have brought in Casey. Pretty obvious. Impossible to get a save since they are the home team.

    • Fuck, so Janssen is hurt now too? Wtf? There is something sytemicly wrong with the waythe Jays mng arms.

    • Do you have reading comprehension difficulties? Casey pronounced himself unfit to go before the game. It’s not like Gibby just forgot he had an unorthodox but highly effective closer down in the bullpen. He’s not the fucking idiot that so many make him out to be.

  90. Was at the Rogers Centre today.

    All you blaming Weber… He gave up ONE run today. His changeup was badass. Maybe not quite ready for the show, but he’s no shitballer either.

    Pathetic, amateur-hour defense in the first few innings cost this game.

    • Wow you must have gotten a way better look at his changeup by being at the game than we did on tv. Fuck off.

      • No. Fuck you, you smarmy asshole.

        Well maybe you’re right. He’s terrible. Given up a single run in the last 8.2 innings pitched in the majors.

  91. The first time I heard the expression ” taking the parrot for a walk” was in the comment section of DJF.
    I can’t remember who the originator was but who ever it was, your semi famous.
    I’m pretty sure the story about why EE started it, is wrong.
    He explained it in an interview in ST I think.
    I ‘ll try to find the link.

    • You are correct sir…I am also pretty fucking sure it was about 4-5 weeks ago in a game treat that it was mentioned for the first time unless the OP came up with it somewhere else.

      However I still think in the tread last year where it was hashed out to be the chicken wing…the ‘airplane’ should have had much more consideration.

    • My vote goes to Archi Zuber, Esq.

    • I can’t find the link I read.
      EE seldom grants interviews but I’m certain I read one within the last year where he explained the “chicken wing” home run trot.It might have even been linked here.
      As I remember, he said he did it after hitting a homerun and it made the guys on the bench laugh so he continued on doing it.
      I can’t remember if or when he said he started doing it.
      Simple enough explanation.

    • At the stadium during one of the weekend games, I yelled out
      “OK Eddie, Time to take the Parrot for a Walk.”

      Got a whole bunch of quizzical looks and had to explain it.

  92. Has this showed up here yet? Edwin & his parrot?


  93. Fuck fuck fuck fuck cunty fucking fuck-fuck.
    JIZZturis and BonaSHITio are gonna be the death of me. Jesus H. Cunty-Wunty Christ those two suck runny dogshit though a paper straw. Why the screaming ass munch can’t one, OR BOTH, of them get injured instead of Reyes, Lawrie, Happ, Johnson, Morrow, Janssen, me, you, my mom and Rob Ford’s crackhead bff?

    I axe ya…

  94. i didn’t even listen to this one at work. I knew it wouldn’t end well and I was rewarded. It’s always the same thing over and over again. I don’t know why I even bother thinking of coming back. I simply refuse to be subjected to this anymore.

    I’m out!

    I won’t watch another game this year, I won’t listen to another game this year, and I will not return to the site to either post or even read any further comments. Do not try to dissuade me this time – it’s for real and this is not a joke.


    • Happy to be rid of you. Please don’t come back if we go on a nice run and get into the playoff race.
      You are not welcome.

      • What? No!

        It’s All Over! is one of my favourite internet characters. Always cheers me up after a loss.

  95. Lawrie headed to DL. Poor dbag cant stay on the field. Wouldnt be at all surprised to see morrow follow him.

  96. #lovetheseinjuries

  97. Maybe Sportsnet Hockey’s twitter feed can send Ricky Ro some ‘good luck’ in the Minors? The Rasmus strikeout in the 10th was ridiculous, easily swung at ball 4. Would’ve been 2 on none out down by one run. Damnit even worse that Kimbrel looked shaky as hell.

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