May 27th vs Braves

Batter pLI WPA
Cabrera – LF 0.44 -0.011
Gose – PR/LF 0.01 0.000
Bautista – RF 0.36 0.036
Encarnacion – DH 0.35 0.047
Lind – 1B 0.35 0.070
Arencibia – C 0.50 0.000
Rasmus – CF 0.40 0.151
Lawrie -3B 0.20 -0.003 Pitcher pLI WPA
DeRosa – PR / 3B 0.01 0.040 Buehrle – SP 0.82 0.229
Bonifacio – 2B 0.18 -0.001 Lincoln – RP 0.10 0.018
Kawasaki – SS 0.36 -0.040 Weber – RP 0.07 0.003
Total 0.33 0.250 Total 0.58 0.250

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Mark Buehrle, 22.9%
Griffin: Munenori Kawasaki, -4.0%
Impact At-Bat: Colby Rasmus 2-Run Home Run, Bot 2, 15.9%
Impact Pitch: Dan Uggla Strikeout, Top 6, 6.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Rasmus Home Run, Bot 2, 1.26
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Brian McCann Groundout, Top 6, 2.22
Lineup Contribution: 25.0%
Pitching Contribution: 25.0%
Average Leverage Index: 0.45
Chart explanation

- Mark Buehrle’s line: 6.0ip, 5h, 1er, 2bb, 6k, 111 pitches, 8 swinging strikes, 62 game score, 2.06 FIP.

- Tim Hudson’s line: 6.0ip, 8h, 6er, 2hr, 2bb, 1k, 110 pitches, 7 swinging strikes, 31 game score, 8.06 FIP.

- This was the best-case-scenario Mark Buehrle start. He worked quickly and effectively, escaping the only real trouble he faced in the 6th thanks to a ground-out and called 3rd strike to Dan Uggla.

- Brad Lincoln pitched two low-leverage innings and gave up a home run to Evan Gattis that seemed completely inevitable all night. Thad Weber cleaned up the 9th.

- The Rasmus family was in the house and big brother Colby exploited his experience at playing in front of big Tony. Colby opened the scoring with a 2-run shot (8) in his first at-bat and doubled off his younger brother Cory in the 7th. Cory Rasmus finished with 3-earned runs, 3 hits, and 2 walks in 2 innings of mop up duty.

- Edwin Encarnacion drove in 5, kicking the lead to 4-0 in the 3rd with a two run TOOTBLAN and taking the parrot for a walk (14) against Cory to seal it in the 7th.

- J.P. Arencibia (12) went deep in the 6th.

- Adam Lind went 1-for-3 with 2 runs thanks to a lead-off opposite field double in the 2nd, and 6th inning lead-off walk. He’s up to .304/.401/.496 on the season.

- 9 runs on 11 hits and a walk for the good guys.

- Brett Lawrie went 2-for-3 and left the game in the 6th after sliding awkwardly into 2nd on a successful steal attempt. He’s listed as day-to-day with a sprained ankle which is JUST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE, MAN. Just think about it for a second. One day Lawrie shoots off at the mouth so we all turn on him and then he gets mysteriously “Injured”?!? Bet he’ll be out WAY LONGER than day-to-day, you guys. So we all forget about disliking him and go back to buying flex packs because Kawasaki will stick around around!! THIS THING GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, MAN! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

- Hard to imagine a more all-around quality performance from the team. Buehrle cruised and the heart of the order did the things they were supposed to do. 

- The home-half of the series wraps up this afternoon at 12:37 EST, the projected match-up is Brandon Morrow (5.35FIP, 0.1fWAR) v Paul Maholm (3.57FIP, 0.8fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gif via Scott Johnson}

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  1. Re : Hard to imagine a more all-around quality performance from the team. Buehrle cruised and the heart of the order did the things they were supposed to do.

    That was so wonderful to read………. *single tear of joy*

    • The game sounds so easy like that eh? Starter throws strikes and and the heart of the order does what it’s supposed to.

  2. I’m still confused as to what happened between Gattis and the Jays bench. Anyone?

    • i tried to rewind and see what he said, but couldn’t

      he said something to Aaron Cibia after the HR, thats all i could get out of it.

      Im sure Aaron said something along the lines of….strikeout time or pop up, something to get him going, and then it didn’t work…

    • Gattis is a scary looking man. I feel like he should be swinging a club and hitting woolly mammoths, not a baseball bat hitting baseballs ..

    • I think JPA stopped to look at his HR and it bothered that guy.

      The thing is, all JPA can do is hit home runs so… let him enjoy it. Plus it actually was rather big at the time. And at home.

      So then when he hit his own HR he had to say some shit.

      Edwin assumed he is crazy because of the score.And cause it’s not 1940. People watch their home runs. Get over it.

  3. Man i dont want to jinx him….but Ha….no names

  4. nice to see reyes back on the bench

  5. What the F is Encarnacion doing in that .gif ?

    • He was calling out the Braves bench when Gattis talked shit to Abriham Cibia after hitting the Home Run. The Jays were already up 9-3, so he’s basically calling them crazy or idiots for starting that shit when the game is basically over.

      • Country strong, and country dumb. mind you, Cibia did scream Boom Baby after one of his own home runs the other day so maybe he said something stupid to begin with

  6. Scott Johnson apparently still has a job. Just want to point that out.

  7. When is it okay to start talking about Adam Lind?

    • I’m thrilled with his approach this year….looks like a completely different hitter.

    • If they start getting crazy ideas and send him up against lefties

    • its not, see jinx comment above…..dont do it man! ride this train as far as it will go.

    • Anytime, he’s quietly being awesome in his platoon roll.
      I’m interested in how his counterparts are doing when a lefty is in.

    • 2009, I guess?

      I’m still a little wary because Lind has had hot streaks in the past, but vs Righties? Gangbusters. Now we just need to get Chris Carter and we’ll be golden…

      • Looks like only 6 AB vs lefties this year.

        Wondering if they have him working on this in BP.

    • Don’t mention his name out loud. Cheer in quiet, don’t make eye contact and plug your ears when people start talking about him.

    • I told all of you assholes before the season started that you were being too hard on him because he is still good at hitting righties. Feel free to talk away!

  8. Gattis made EE use his parrot arm in a non-parrot related manner… This is grounds for uproar and indignation.

  9. I love how Bautista has changed his approach at the plate and is looking for more hits rather than to crush the ball all the time. It is a testament to his skill and what he can bring to this team. We need guys hitting for average and that’s what he is doing in the #2 spot.

    • It’s what he was doing in that amazing start to the 2011 season. He’s refusing to swing at anything marginal and daring pitchers to throw something down the gut. Kind of a Lyle Overbay type approach, except from someone who can actually, y’know, hit.

      This kind of approach would work wonders for JPA, but given that Jose is one of the best hitters of his generation that might be too much to ask for.

      • it wont work for JPA because he cant tell if a ball is going to be a strike or not. he basically decides if he is going to swing or not before the ball is thrown

  10. Did I miss the team blurb announcing Esmil Roger’s start on Wed. at the Barves home place? shows him making the start.

    Not a whole lot of options other than Ford’s friend Ortiz or Rickey Ro or that new guy that shit canned. I don’t mind it considering…

    • You missed the blurb.
      It was announced Sunday I think.
      He’s been getting stretched out in side sessions.
      Gibby says he’s not sure if this will be a one off or if he’ll get a second start.

    • I think Thad Weber was being considered.

  11. If Lawrie is indeed out for a few games, I sincerely hope that Gibby does not consider putting Edwin at the 5 for the NL games.

    Also, can we make Matt Devlin the permanent PBP man and exile Buck to the Raptors broadcasts?

  12. do we need to hire someone to teach these guys how to slide? Christ, there must be a major problem with the turf.

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