Way back on May 1st, DJF contributers Archi Zuber (@Archizuber) and Scott Johnson (@ScottJohnson48) put their heads together to create a GIF of Edwin Encarnacion “taking the parrot for a walk” following a home run, and what they came up with was a little slice of magic.

Of course, being lazy and shitty at this lately, I didn’t post it here– though Zubes linked to it in a Morning After post. Yet, rather than it simply disappearing into the internet ether, for some reason– mostly because it’s great– nearly a month later, it’s kinda started blowing up.

The GIF was posted on Reddit’s /r/baseball yesterday and already has over twenty-two-hundred upvotes, which brought it to the attention of folks like Jason Collette and Ben Badler, and prompted a quick look at the history of the meme at Larry Brown Sports, who call it the “greatest home run GIF ever.”

So… uh… let’s maybe have another look at it, shall we? I mean, if our thing here is going to generate this much traffic, might as well get in on the action, right?

Yep. Fantastic.

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  1. That is good. Well done.

  2. This parrot gif now powered by Coors Light.

  3. What was with the lack of djf yesterday?

  4. someone do one with him approaching and rounding third, then as he goes to pump fists with Rivera the Parrot flies away.

  5. Those guys have talent.

  6. It should be a Blue Jay bird instead.

  7. Lawrie on the DL, I really annoy myself when I talk like this but AA said just yesterday on Buster Olney’s podcast that he would be fine just miss a couple of games and now he’s done for a few weeks. If you aren’t pretty much certain what the extent of the injury is don’t publicly say he’s fine, its not that hard.

    • I heard that as well. He actually said he might be ready for today’s game. Makes you look sort of out of touch with the team when you say something so definitively one minute and just a few hours later its not even close to true. Did lawrie have some sort of set back yesterday during treatment? Did he do something Lawriesque and prove he could play..and thus hurt it worse?

      • This is Brett Lawrie we’re talking about. I don’t know the guy but I’m sure all indications he gave to management were that he would play through it. Perhaps it took some time (and a day or two of swelling) for everyone to recognize that it was more serious than originally thought.

        And an unsolicited piece of advice – stop listening to the Buster Olney podcast. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

    • Going to play in Atlanta then San Diego, they can’t waste a bench spot on a guy who’s day-to-day. I believe they were forced to sit him on the DL so they could have options for the rest of the week. I think one of the three pitchers they recalled goes straight back down tomorrow for a bench player, either Laroche or Negrych.

  8. Whoa, powered by Coors Light, eh?

    Those guys at Molson must really be desperate. Don’t they know this is a craft brew only zone?

  9. You do know our team is NAMED AFTER A BIRD, right???


  10. Brilliant!

  11. It was/is an awesome gif, being picky, would it be better if it was on his forearm instead of shoulder?

    • I think its generally accepted In pop culture that parrots rest on shoulders.

      • pirates yes, but not handlers. it’s just the way his arm hangs out that seems more inviting for the bird to be on his forearm. Perhaps if when he raised it out a bird came and landed there. That’d be awesome.

        Again, not to take away from the awesomeness that already exists

  12. On the weekend when I yelled out “Take the parrot for a walk, Eddie”
    Got a bunch of quizzical looks. Had to explain it.

    Lawrie is on the DL.
    Did not see the game but did this not result from his stealing a base
    in the 7th inning of a game that his team led 9-1 at the time??

    Q-If so, what the hell was he doing stealing a base in that situation?
    A-That would be playing for himself and padding his stats.

    This on the heels of his petulant temper tantrum in the dugout
    when he showed up both Lind and Rivera because he didn’t get his RBI.

    And that was on the heels of a game in which he deservedly
    got tossed from the game for showing up the umpire.

    Guy is a talented but immature baby.
    In a season that is lost, he might profit
    from riding the buses for a while.

    • Sorry you had to type all of that for no reason. It was a blown up hit and run that the batter (forget who?) swung through.

      Not his call. Total fluke. Bad luck.

    • Conspiracy suggestion alert. Lawrie really is only injured 5-7 days worth and the rest of the DL stint is punishment for the sac fly tantrum and the dumb ass basestealing. I’m a little punchy right now…

  13. The thought of the internet being a “free space” and allied baseball blog/web site allegiance silliness aside, who actually owns this work of art?


    Stoeten, this must remind you of the business side of your music days somewhat, non?

    • 10 years ago I created a video of compiled CBC hockey footage set to a hit song. Someone put it on YouTube and it went nuts. I was worried the band would come after me for unauthorized use their music. Nothing ever came of it. This doesn’t answer your question, but hopefully adds a complex layer of intrigue and mystique.

      • I think that you touched on the heart of the matter when you wrote….

        “I was worried the band would come after me for unauthorized use their music. Nothing ever came of it.”

        Back then, although moral, mechanical, and synchronization rights were being violated, as in this case, there was less money involved,and therefore less value in litigation.

        Whereas now, a case could be made that these content providers are directly and consistently profiting from this (ex. Powered by Coors Lt.). Remember this isn’t, or are the others using similar type content using blogspot anymore.

        It’s kinda like music back in the day, if you were a small fry and used a sample, who really cares, but when you start to make (or perceived to be ) making a few bucks off it, people will start looking for their cut.

        Today likely won’t be the day, but I’m guessing that soon, with all this loose use of GIF’s and other sports related content being used by third parties for profit that something will give sooner rather than later.

        And now you know!

    • If it was created by employees of TheScore as part of their capacity for TheScore, and posted/hosted on domains owned by TheScore, it is effectively TheScore’s unless and until they decide otherwise.

  14. I want my bird back

  15. Croch grabs to all on some excellent giffing…

  16. Are you ready for the some shitballing fun?

    Here are the three callups from Buffalo for today (hopefully today only as we are going to need some pinch hitters in the NL..which we will have exactly ..hmmm…..one of if you dont count blanco)

    Todd Redmond
    Neil Wagner and
    lefty Juan Perez,

    that sounds like some shit balling fun to me.

    i guess our pitchers are going to have to hit for themselves.

    assuming derosa plays third….we will have gose on the bench (unless they sit melkey due to no DH) and either izturis or blanco on the bench. this leaves us with blanco as the other position player that can pinch hit and that doesnt really count.

    we better get ahead and stay ahead these next few games.

  17. EE is KoKo B. Ware. Believe that.

  18. Two very awkward slides, Reyes and Lawrie, two injuries.
    In every other stadium including Tropicana, players run and slide on dirt.
    The footing is the same all the way ’round the base paths.

    In Toronto, they run on concrete/turf up to the final few feet
    when there is a dirt cutout for sliding.

    Any chance that the change in footing is partly to blame
    for the awkward slides and the resulting injuries?

    I dunno. Just wondering.

  19. Why is everybody shitting on Lawrie? Baseball is a very emotional game when you play with the passion Lawrie does…. I’m not saying he shouldn’t tone it down a notch but Lawrie brings so much energy to the field and he’s an exciting player to watch, I’m not a baseball nerd like some of you guys and I don’t give a shit when they send down a minor leaguer down to call up another but fuck! Why all the Lawrie haters? anyways my point…. I personally enjoy his tantrums and as long as he keeps them about the game nothing personal like Escobar type shit then fuck it, who cares?

  20. Casey Janssen says…..

    “I’m here a week now … waiting for a mission … getting softer; every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute DUSTIN McGOWAN squats in the bush(leagues), he gets stronger.”


  21. Jays should have a contest to name the Parrot. Embrace that you have someone talking about the team for something other than injuries/losing.

  22. [...] They say site contributers Archi Zuber (@Archizuber) and Scott Johnson (@ScottJohnson48) were the ones who created the GIF. When Encarnacion hits a home run, he circles the bases with his right arm cocked and his elbow [...]

  23. I love when the bird turns his head as Ed rounds 1st….good attention to detail: of course the bird is gonna watch which way Ed is running.

  24. [...] him keep two hands on the bat through his swing rather than one, and it may be the reason he now ‘walks the parrot’ after home runs (as a positive reinforcement of where his second hand now finishes the [...]

  25. Interesting this was posted a year ago tomorrow… and look at May 2014 – Lots and lots of Parrot walking

  26. […] One question about clubhouse wildlife, though. How come there wasn’t a parrot? You know, like the invisible one that Edwin Encarnacion has on his shoulder when he hits a homer? […]

  27. […] One question about clubhouse wildlife, though. How come there wasn’t a parrot? You know, like the invisible one that Edwin Encarnacion has on his shoulder when he hits a homer? […]

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