Injuries Everywhere!

Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays’ 40-man roster right now runs 47 names deep, thanks to seven guys (Kyle Drabek, J.A. Happ, Drew Hutchison, Dustin McGowan, Luis Perez, Sergio Santos, and Jose Reyes) being on the 60-day DL. Today, according to a team release, Brett Lawrie was added to the 15-day DL, joining Rajai Davis, Josh Johnson, and Darren Oliver.

You could add Ricky Romero’s banishment for the minors for left-arm and right-brain shittiness to the list as well.

Then, of course, we have Brandon Morrow and Casey Janssen. The former left Tuesday’s loss to Atlanta after just two innings, due to soreness in his forearm. Morrow’s four-seamer has averaged 94 on the radar gun this season, but yesterday his maximum velocity was just a shade over 93, with the average way down at 90.4 mph.

The latter pitcher, Casey Janssen, unexpectedly wasn’t seen as the Jays went into the ninth an tenth innings of a tie game yesterday against Atlanta. John Lott explains the situation in an excellent-as-usual piece for the National Post:

Janssen, who normally would work the top of the ninth in a tie game at home, was held out of the game because of “general soreness” in his shoulder, as he put it. He has pitched only twice in the last 17 days, but warmed up often without being used during close games in the last week.

Given that his shoulder is not fully recovered from off-season surgery, a series of unfulfilled warmup sessions “does take its toll,” Janssen said.

“It’s real,” he said. “You’re getting ready to get in a major-league game. You’re firing — at least the last few — as hard as you would in a game.”

So much for the whole thing about B.J. Ryan saying he could only remember warming up and not being used once during his time with ol’ Gibbers as manager, eh? But I guess when things have gone as haywire as they have for the Jays so far this year, you do what you’ve got to do. Until, y’know, for precautionary reasons you can’t.

Thing is, it’s still not as bad as last year, simply because of the depth that the club has accumulated, and the fact that the injuries have, so far, been less catastrophic. Plus, with Jose Bautista’s slow April a thing of the past– he’s posted a .470 wOBA in May, and now ranks sixth in all of baseball in that category– it still feels like any game is there to be had. But it’s bad. Especially for a team that’s already pissed away so much of this season’s margin for error.

The schedule isn’t terribly unkind to them for the moment, at least. Today they kick of the back end of the four-game home-and-home with Atlanta, then travel to San Diego, San Francisco, return for a set with the Rangers, then visit the White Sox, Texas, and return again for the Rockies before heading into a string of ten games against AL East opponents.

The pitchers will have to hit some, Esmil Rogers starts tonight, and the bench is going to be short, temporarily, but at least they can’t be buried by the teams ahead of them in the standings– only themselves.

In addition to Lawrie’s placement on the DL, the Jays optioned Thad Weber back to Buffalo and designated Ramon Ortiz for assignment last night, calling up Todd Redmond, Neil Wagner and Juan Perez from the Bisons. Wagner, who has been excellent for Buffalo– Perez too, though slightly less so– seems the most likely to still be here when the dust settles.

Hopefully that’s damn soon. There are good signs, at least: Casey Janssen says, according to a tweet from Barry Davis, that his shoulder feels “much better today” and that he could pitch today if called upon, while Josh Johnson is getting set to make one more rehab start for the Bisons, which will happen tomorrow, and– assuming the plan doesn’t change– should be back with the Jays to start the first game of next week’s set in San Fransisco, according to a tweet from Mark Zwolinski. Also, Scott MacArthur tweets about a conversation with Morrow, who says he’s not going to throw a side session this week, but will start on Sunday whether he’s 100% or not.

So… is that something resembling a light at the end of the tunnel? Let’s hope so.

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  1. who is the callup for tomorrow as porbably one of the relievers gets sent down after tonight

  2. It’s ok, Lawrie’s just day to day. Oh wait, nevermind

  3. Right brain shittiness

  4. Crap we are actually having Rogers start a game. This is a dark season.

  5. “…for left-arm and right-brain shittiness,” ha ha ha ha, great line!

  6. What I really want to know is which of the Jays pitchers this year will first require TJ surgery. I’m going with Morrow.

    • do we only get to pick one?

    • Well Morrows really the onky one who would make sense. Not all arm pain is created equal. Casey has shiulder soreness, Johnson and Santos the tricep. None of those areas indicate TJ.

      Elbow is bad news, but in baseball terms, the forearm is pretty close to the elbow.

      So betting on Morrow is a good bet if not particularly incisive. Only one pitcher is in imminent danger of TJ and its Morrow.

  7. Seriously, 2013 can fuck itself. FUCK

  8. Stoeten, a few questions:
    1. Is Perez going to come back this year, as he had the first TJ out of all of the guys.
    2. McGowan is done as a starter right.

    • Last year they were saying they were gonna keep him as a starter because of they wanted him to have a steady routine.

      • Pretty sure Drabek was the first in June’12 and then Perez in Jul’12 then Hutch in Aug’12. But they’re saying Perez is making the best progress of all of them. (That may be due to Drabek undergoing his 2nd TJ?)
        Anyway all 3 are throwing BP sessions in ST. No live action til the start of June.

    • According to Drabek,Perez is farther ahead than him or Hutch.
      According to AA, Mcgowan is done as a starter.

  9. The games in the past few weeks have been highly entertaining. Gotta give it to them – even with the injuries, they’ve been fighting their way back into games and keeping it close. Games aren’t automatically over in the 5th now.

  10. Sweet – baseball might be added to the roster for the 2020 Olympics.

  11. “Everything’s fine”

  12. i love how people on twitter are saying that the blue jays are lying about every single injury that befalls them

    • All ball clubs fib a little about this type of thing.

      • Not so much. Hockey teams do, but baseball isn’t a contact sport. There is nothing to be gained, and much to be lost (i.e. trust in the front office) when they continually minimize the severity of injuries.

  13. Of course Lawrie’s ankle swelled up and he will probably be gone for 3 weeks. Because of course. Why do you hate us baseball gods?

  14. I pulled my upper-dorsimus just reading this.
    Imagine if we could catch a break instead of just breaking.

    I still think we can get to .500 by the midseason classic though. There’s just too much talent here for us not to rattle off some streaks. And I don’t mean of the bacon-stripped variety you’d find in Sal Fasano’s shorts.

    Destroy some Braves tonight boys.

    Rogers cutting down the Braves, fuckit, whynot? If Scott Feldman can be sporting a 2.80 ERA then It’s got to be plausible that Esmael can get a quality start.

  15. How fucked is Janssen’s arm/shoulder that warming up for games means he can’t pitch more than twice in 17 games? Fuck.

    • Its certainly got me wondering whether Gibbons was using him only in save situations early on because Gibbons is a fool or because Janssen has been sore all along. It certainly blows that the teams best pitcher is on pace for less than 50 innings, despite no DL visits.

  16. It will be interesting to see what the starting rotation and bullpen looks like next season

  17. Jays are just trying too damn hard and breaking themselves off in the process

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