Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

The Jays can ensure themselves a .500 record in May tonight, which may sound thoroughly dis-fucking-piriting, but is actually no small feat, given that they began the season’s second month with four straight losses. Shit, maybe it’s even a nice little way to think of the season itself: playing .333 ball a fifth of the way through, then valiantly pushing their way back to .500, or even a little bit higher, by the end.


And, let’s not forget, they still might not even do it. Two more games in May, and they have to win either the struggling R.A. Dickey’s start tonight against the the very tough lefty Mike Minor, or tomorrow’s Marquis match-up (see what I did there?) in San Diego with Chad Jenkins on the hill against Jason Marquee.

There were no roster moves for the Jays today, though it was anticipated there would be, meaning that the relievers called up for last night’s start– who did a damn fine job, it should be noted– are still hanging around. Some out there in the Twittersphere have wondered whether the holdup is because of Juan Francisco, the left-hitting third baseman with a career .795 OPS against right-handers who was just D’d FA by the Barves. Wouldn’t be the worst move for the Jays to claim him, drop a reliever, and then have he and Mark DeRosa share third base until Brett Lawrie is healthy.


Scott MacArthur perhaps suggests that Jays fans not get their hopes up tonight, pointing out R.A. Dickey’s history of struggles against– and, in particular, in– Atlanta.

Don’t get the locker ready for him just yet, I guess: John Lott tweets that Marcus Stroman didn’t get out of the second inning in his start for New Hampshire last night.

On a better note, Curt Rallo of looks at the improving Dan Norris, who was highly touted when drafted, but had struggled mightily in pro ball until his last four starts. In 16 innings over those four starts for Lansing he’s given up just two earned runs, eleven hits, eleven walks, while striking out 28.

Love this from a Wilner tweet: “Watching Jose Reyes sprinting from foul line to foul line behind the infield. Man, he looks good. Can see why #Bluejays are excited.” Jose could theoretically come off the 60-day DL in two weeks, though indications are that he’ll just be getting into his rehab assignment at that point, assuming all continues to go well.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
RHP R.A. Dickey (R)

Atlanta Barves

CF Jordan Schafer (L)
SS Andrelton Simmons (R)
RF Justin Upton (R)
1B Freddie Freeman (L)
LF Evan Gattis (R)
C Brian McCann (L)
3B Chris Johnson (R)
2B Ramiro Pena (S)
LHP Mike Minor (R)

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  1. Fuck, why am I more optimistic about Chad Jenkins starting than the reigning CY winner?

  2. Is there a stat available to show how many runs JPA has allowed with defensive errors and passed balls this year. I nearly expect it every game now.

    • No but I’m pretty sure he is now officially the worst full time catcher in baseball…

    • It’s called CERA – Catcher’s ERA – and JPA is currently ranked 16th out of 80 MLB catchers. That includes his 6-error night on opening day. In terms of defensive WAR, he’s 43 out of 80 for basically the same reasons. He’s 10th in stolen bases allowed, so he does have an arm that discourages baserunners, unlike Greg Zaun in his later years. He also ranks 11th in fielding percentage, which is good.

      The main problem right now seems to be his communication with the pitchers when runners are on base. 3 of his last 5 passed balls have come in situations where he was clearly expecting the wrong pitch, and all of those situations – every single one – ended up resulting in runs for the opposition.

  3. lol…. oh edwin.

  4. REALLLY are fucking kidding me


  6. That didn’t look fun. A lot of frustration on Edwin’s face there. I know sometimes I have a bad day at work too.

    • yes but your bad day does not effect my day. Edwin’s bad day doesn’t either but you get what i am saying

      • Hah well if I just so happened to be your accountant it’s possible that my bad day could affect your day.

        • I do get what you’re saying though. They are paid to entertain us, and the days they don’t do a good job of entertaining us aren’t very good.

  7. This is awesome.

  8. No doubt they mind fucked EE….putting it out there that he might start at third.

    …holy fuck. Now I sound like the bastard poster of Voice of Treason and JesusChristo.

  9. Lmao this is just getting worse

  10. Man

  11. Its not as if Atlanta’s bullpen is shit either.

  12. Holy shit how was that edwin error not an error? When you wikipedia baseball error that is the play that should be shown on repeat.

  13. JPA wants to impact this game as much as possible since he didn’t start.

  14. Jack Morris on The Fan a few minutes ago: “This is not major-league baseball.”

    • I hate his voice but I like how he actually says it as it is (Jays are playing horrible) where buck and pat just say every player on the opposing team is a “Baseball Player” and that is why we are losing.

  15. Had to break the emergency glass over the Innis & Gunn 750ml bottles for this one.

    You LCBO customers got that over there in ontario?

  16. This Walden guy looks like he does a little jump just before he pitches.

  17. What a fucking of clusters this game is.

  18. If I were younger I would out-troll the troll…. alas I am so close to retirement that I am content to collect my paycheck and not perform my job duties.

  19. and dont forget our 4 5 6 7 8 9 of Derosa Boni Maicer Blanco Dickey, all hitting below 210

    Do you think the line up we had today was the worst in a baseball game so far this year?

  20. JP Arenshitia is the worst catcher I have seen in 30 years of watching baseball. An all-round FAIL as a ballplayer.

  21. When do we play the Astros?

  22. This pitching staff has gone beyond “worse case scenario”. Anthopolous has to be squirming.


  23. goddammit, the way this team follows up feel-ggod games like yesterday’s with absolutely embarrassing faceplants like today is just soul-crushing…you know things are bad when Buck is calling the players out (I have never heard him do that before, ever)…

    and I know the passed ball and Edwin’s fuckup weren’t his fault, but I cannot wait for the Jays to flush that turd Lincoln…he has the loser stink all over him, everything just goes to shit when he’s out there…totally illogical, and it’s my own fault for continuing to watch once he comes in, but still…fuck that useless piece of shit.

    • aside from the bullshit ‘he’s just collecting a paycheck’ line, has anyone come up with a semi-reasonable explanation for why Dickey has sucked so much? The back pain stuff ? Junkball pitcher or not, he’s been very very good for a number of years, until we fucking got him. I just don’t get how someone on the trajectory he was on suddenly nosedives like Olympic platform diver.

  24. I’m sick of this hell.

  25. Look on the bright side: Scalper tickets will be below face value for the entire summer and fall.

  26. This was going to be our year. Damn you Anthopolous for raising our expectations! I was happy reading minor league box scores, knowing that we wouldn’t win at all this year but I could look forward to the future with all that gold in the minors. Now what does a Jays fan have?

  27. Tough real-life and Pythagorean loss.

    I wish I could like another team but no, it will be the Blue Jays until I die with likely many angry and/or sad seasons until then.

  28. holy fuck guys. Its one fucking game. We just split a 4 game with the team witht he best record in the NL. Its not ideal but if the sky wasnt falling before this game its certainly not falling now.

  29. Save a sheet for the next superfan.

  30. Glad we have a AAA pitcher going tommorrow….We have a chance to get a decent start. Sure don’t when a regular SP starts for this team

  31. I wonder is Stoeten has a “Dickey might suck” post waiting in the wings next to his AA piece?

    Hypothetical question – by some miracle the 2013 Blue Jays find themselves in a tie for the 2nd WC spot with the Rays on the last day of the season. Since they play the Rays that day, it would be a win-to-get in playoff situation. Lets say (for arguments sake) that the roof at the dome breaks and is stuck open and the game gets rained out for 4 straight days (anything can happen right? We are discussing something that has the 2013 Jays tied for the 2nd WC spot after all.) – therefore all SP’s are rested and available. Based what we’ve seen so for this season, who would you start?

  32. Lincoln’s a sack of shit. Fuck Gibbons.

    • correction….Lincoln is a FUCKING sack of shit!!! fuck gibbons too that fat lump of shit!!!

  33. As Jays fans we don’t really have a lot to complain about: there are not many teams out there that have won two championships in the last 20 years. Hell, there are teams that haven’t won shit. Ever. And then there is the Chicago Cubs.

    That being said, this is definitely a disappointing season, if not only for the total lack of consistency, and their inability to put it all together at once. It seems like if the bats are going, the pitching sucks dick, and if the pitching is decent, the bats suddenly disappear. It’s really quite frustrating to watch.

    I liked the off season acquisitions — we got Jose Fucking Reyes — and I love Melky Cabrera.

    I always had concerns about RA Dickey, and it seems they might have been founded; I am actually finding myself slightly irritated just seeing him on the mound. We also seriously have to do something about Arencibia. He is just horrible. I don’t care if he can hit more home runs than the average catcher, we have enough power in the lineup as it is, and he seriously compromises our ability to win games and that mitigates any power he might possess. Then there’s the strikeouts.

    I’m not convinced we can even compete for a wild card spot this season, but there is always next year. Guys I would not care to see on the roster next season: Arenciba, Dickey, Lincoln, Blanco, and probably Josh Johnson too because he isn’t worth a resign at what he will want, nor is he going to want to.

    • Agree with you about Dickey. I still really like the Marlins trade — 6 years of Reyes is fantastic, and Buerhle and Bonifacio have been better lately — and the Jays didn’t give up anything too significant in return. But the Dickey trade never sat right with me. He’s just too unpredictable. He looks downright unhittable on his day, but how often does that day actually come? I wish AA had gone after someone like James Shields instead with that package — a picture of consistency and rock-solid peripherals.

      I’d take John Buck over JP, too.

      • 6 years of Reyes is actually the problem with the deal. Middle infielders don’t age like wine in their 30′s they turn to vinegar.

        He also as an incredibly back loaded contract that was designed to sell season tickets for the Marlins and then stick on another team. Reyes will be the Vernon Wells of this team before his contract runs out.

    • “There is always next year” — the mating call of the Blue Jay.

      Sure, they have won a couple of championships twenty years ago… that’s nice and all, but most people are upset that the Jays have not fielded a competitive team or sniffed the playoffs since then. You bring up the fucking Cubs… well at least the Cubs have had multiple division titles and a wild card berth since the Jays won their last World Series.

      Most people recognize that winning a championship is a crap-shoot/coin-flip the vast majority of the time. The “best” team in the league rarely wins the fall classic… as it is completely reliant on the right players getting hot at the right times.

      Fans of this team just want to watch some meaningful fucking baseball this century. I don’t think that is too much to ask. Fuck World Series rings… a god damned playoff berth would suffice.

      • @jesus .

        You make some good points. I think virtually everyone on this message board had thought that the Jays would be competitive in August.

        Unfortunately, the team has dug such a big hole that it will be tough to come back.

        They are playing better now with more offence. Pitching is a different matter

        • Never liked the 2nd WC concept. Playing a 162 game schedule to play in one lousy 3 hour game. Even if they made it 2 out of 3 it would be marginally better.

      • C’mon JC, at the start of this season are you saying you weren’t just a little excited that they’d be good?

  34. I wonder to what extent the sp struggles are a direct result of arencibia pitch selection and defense (such as framing where he sets up ect ect)

    • Recent estimate on run value of “stealing” strikes by framing: approximately 1 run per 6-7 “steals”. Arencibia’s poor receiving skills might cost the team 1-2 runs a week.

  35. Well there’s still hope to be over .500 in April.
    Baby steps, only a 3rd of the way through.

  36. “Barves”. Awesome. I see the Sportsnet editors have made it over to this blog already.

  37. Who do you think the jays pick next week? a college prospect closer or a impact high schooler with the tenth pick?

  38. I heart Moseby Kidding Me.
    That is all.

  39. Brad Lincoln – Nobody’s favorite Jay.

    • He wouldn’t make me so made if snider wasn’t given up for him

      • Snided was gone anyways. He wouldnt have made the team out os spring and was oht of option. Somebody wouldve claimed him.

        ahes not all that good anyways. Full time platoon player at 25 and lost pretty much all his power.

  40. Dickey’s washed. Cabrerra’s washed. Izturus is washed. Bonifacio. These guys are all washed. The record doesn’t lie.

    • Cabrera? You mean the guy with the .347/.391/.505 slash line in May?

      • “May” is arbitrary. Cabrera has not been great this season, stop lying to yourself.

        • May isnt arbitrary if you think it’s only the 2nd month of the season and his relatively weaker stats occurred in April, the 1st month of the season. Dont forget he hit .346 and .305 in the last 2 years respectively.

        • If you were expecting him to put up the same numbers he did in May of last season, then you are delusional!

  41. Are you like right there in the shower with them all!?!?

    Please….set the scene…Irish spring…dove or some of that body wash stuff.

  42. Our starting pitching is becoming a legend.
    With Dickey’s Barfing tonite , we now have all 5 projected starters for the year with ERAs over 5 which is fucking ridiculous when you think about it. Even the ’69 expansion Expos didn’t have starters this abysmal. I don’t think this late in the season a team has ever had a collection performing this bad.( plus Romero shitting in the monors for support)
    I guess the good news is , at least 2, statistically speaking, should morph toward thier LT mean and get better but will they??
    WTF is wrong with these guys?
    Bruce Walton was deemed not good enuf to be the pitching coach this year because we had some, like Romero, get much worse last year under his tutelage-so now we have Walker who is good at what, exactly?? He’s better than Walton?? It’s like politics here in Ontario-basically they are all pretty useless, really just babysitters ( well paid)
    It would appear, at this juncture that the team has 5 number 5 starters with 2 having the ability to move up ( Morrow? and Dickey) with 2or 3 more no 5 starters in reserve. So now what do we do to find some guys to grab that no 2 and 3 bit and run with it?

    Alex said we needed pitching at the beginning of the year. We still do.
    Out here in the fields…I looked for pitchers.Forward Soviet!

    • Although I feel your frustration…. Its a good thing you or I are not a general manager. The reality is that the guys we have are performing well below their career averages, and that given normalized statistics, they *should average out. Still fucking unbearable to watch some nights, but it will come around

    • +1 for the Expos reference.

      I did not see the game but was following in on MLB At bat. It looked OK till Buerhle gave up 3 more runs in the 6th inning.

      It’s baffling how the Jays pitching staff has performed.

      Romero in the minors is scary. Morrow has been Dr Jeckel & Mr Hyde. Happ had a freak injury.

      Johnson will be coming back, so that could be a +.

      Buehrle is OK, but has given up too many runs in other games.

      Hopefully we will see Hutch& Drabek before September.

      • Buehrle is upward trending at this point. Dickey was pitching tonight btw and he has looked just like Morrow. Good start one night, terrible start the next.

        You can talk about working towards their means all you want… but Morrow has always been like this. Ricky is completely fucking lost… and I hate to say it, but he’s probably done. Buehrle is straightening up his act, but he’s getting up their in age and innings pitched and you have to imagine he’s moving further and further away from his prime. Dickey just looks terrible. Happ had a couple good starts… I suppose that is something to look forward to. JJ has looked like shit…

        There just aren’t any bright spots in the fucking rotation. Starting pitching was a major issue last year, its the same bullshit this year, and it’s probably going to be the same next year. Hutch can probably slot in the rotation… but Drabek is total dogshit.

        • @Jesus.

          Yes, I know Dickey was pitching. I wrote the wrong name down.

          At this point you have to hop that Romero will be able to “figure it out” by 2014.

          I wonder what AA will do about this rotation

          • Well for next year, Dickey, Morrow, Buehrle and Happ are probably locks to be in that rotation barring any trades or serious injuries. I assume the Jays won’t be spending any more money so the last spot comes to guys coming back from injury or Romero. Personally, I hope Hutchison gets healthy, regains his form and wins it.

            • You’re wrong to assume that the Jays won’t spend more. Beeston has already said there’s more if needed and are close enough.
              The Jays are providing content across all platforms.The investment in the Jays by Rogers is returned many times.
              The apathy experienced by the fanbase, as recently as 2009, has been replaced by a PR machine that produces revenue for the Sportsnet empire.
              That doesn’t mean they’ll just throw it at anything or any player.I doubt that Rogers will be handing out 6 to 10 year contracts that inhibit roster flexibiity.

              • That’s the key phrase right there… “close enough.” Let’s talk when the Jays can field a .500 team with a 120 million dollar payroll.

              • Maybe. That’s probably my general pessimism in regards to the ownership, despite the most recent off-season.

              • @Radar

                +1. I was at a store today & the manager saw my blue jays golf shirt, so we started talking about the jays. He was optimistic for 2014.

      • Definitely not Hutch. His surgery was last Aug , maybe Drabek. Apparently Perez is making better progress than him though.

        • For 2014 opening day he should be ready

        • Why wouldn’t be Hutch ready for the start of next year? I’m talking about him competing for a spot in spring training.

          And I’d much rather have the Hutch we saw last year than any version of Drabek we’ve seen. Other than that one “magical” start vs Texas (was it?), Drabek has been awful. Pure trash when healthy. He needs to make gigantic strides with his fastball command.

  43. Anyone else notice that Aaron Sanchez has been placed on the DL due to “unexplained drop in velocity.” Sounds like another blown out elbow or (hopefully not) shoulder!

    2013 is the worst year in franchise history for sure. what a trainwreck.

  44. Dickey just isn’t that good. A really nice guy, with a great story, and a few good years of pitching. 3 above average seasons, to be exact. 1 great season. 1 great season. Again, I’ll say it, 1 great season. We shouldn’t be surprised; he is simply regressing to the number 4/5 guy he has been for all his career minus a couple seasons.
    I’m not being a negative dick, I just find it amusing that so many penciled him in as our ace after 1 great year at 38.
    He’s a knuckle-baller for Christ’s sake! Tim Wakefield had a couple good years too… number 1 ace!

  45. I know beggars can’t be choosers and I can just ask for a refund and all that shit, but what the fuck is going on around here?

    Are the Jays really so depressing that we can’t get more than one or two real posts a week? I’d even take a post outlining the number of Delicious Coors Lights it takes to enjoy watching each of the Blue Jays players fuck around the diamond.

    • Just wait until the off season when Sanchez and Osuna are traded for Capuano and the blog hails AA as a tactical genius.

      • That’s not what I mean. Stoeten and I disagree sometimes, often even, but it’s always fun to read his work. I’m just tired of spending all day every day with nothing to look at or comment on but the previous day’s game threat, then get a link dump 30 minutes before the next day’s game threat, rinse and repeat.

        • Stoeten’s a superstar now.
          He will entertain posts by appointment only which can be arranged through his personal assistant.
          He does appreciate ALL his fans but can only respond as his busy schedule allows.
          He loves all us little people and will never forget us but he’s in a different circle now so he hopes you understand.
          Don’t forget to buy the DJF related merchandise available at Walmart and other fine stores.

          • There’s no need to be a dick. It’s still the blog we all know and love. Just crack open a Delicious, Refreshing Coors Light, now with New Double Vented Wide Mouth Openings and chillax, bro.

  46. This team is worse than the Padres.

  47. They should just DL Dickey until he’s actually healthy. Pretttty sure we commited to this guy for 3 years, no use blowing him up in a season where we have a projected ~2% chance of catching the wild card.

  48. The Jays have not one fucking starting pitcher better than a #3 and that fucking sucks.

    We need a true fucking Ace pitcher right fucking now before Bautista, EE, Reyes, etc start to fucking suck.

    • I’ve never understood the whole ‘we owe it to a player to win while they’re in their prime’ sentiment. By the time they suck, there should other talent coming through the pipeline. Name an Ace that is available and i’m sure AA will snap them up.

      • It’s not about owing them.. it’s about owing me a good fucking team for a year or two at least. I don’t give a fuck about what the players are owed.

    • I’d kill for a number 3. The Jays don’t even have that… unless you think Jenkins is a number 3?

  49. jeez no new content today?

    • Welcome to the new DJF!

      For the last week or so there has been scant content. I am thinking of not renewing my subscription…fucking hipsters.

    • It’s like he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Maybe his feeling got hurt too much lately..

  50. stoeten is likely gently cupping keith law’s balls in his mouth

  51. Wilner’s Jays Talk last night was hilarious.

    First caller Mohammed blames Dickey’s poor performance on Jays allowing Dicky to climb
    the mountain Kilimanjaro in January.
    Third caller called Dickey a clown & Wilner hung up on him.

    Wilner acknowledged a 40-40 record is unlikely.

  52. Edwin’s playing third tonight.

    • Thanks for the game threat Blue Jay Way.
      EE at third could be ugly. However, at least we can get both LInd and EE’s bat in the lineup tonight.

  53. You ever make your move and go in to kiss a girl and accidently give her the nose in the eye? Kinda ruins the moment. Unless you’re both drunk.

  54. So whos gonan be up for some late night baseball tonight? Game starts at 9:10 here, off work at 9:30….if Jays are down by the time I get home (15 mins) I’m going to……oh fuck it I’ll still watch it.

    Emergency sorrow beers on standby.

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