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Dun dun dun… according to Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet, John Gibbons is saying that Edwin Encarnacion will see some time at third base while the team travels to National League parks with Brett Lawrie out.

At ESPN.com (Insider Only), Keith Law has a new mock draft up today, in which he calls the Jays the biggest wild card of the top ten, as they “don’t seem to be enamored with any of what’s likely to be available for them.”

Last week KLaw updated the top end of his top prospects list, moving Aaron Sanchez all the way up to 13th in all of baseball. Sanchez, he says, has started to see his performance catch up to his scouting reports, which presumably is linked to the fact that he’s not walking guys quite so much.

One more KLaw thing, as Aaron Hill appeared on this week’s edition of his Behind The Dish podcast, talking about getting drafted back in 2003.

Sticking with ESPN podcastery, Alex Anthopoulos showed up to chat with Buster Olney on Baseball Tonight back on Tuesday.

At Getting Blanked, Drew takes Jon Trolololosi to task for his pontificating about Brett Lawrie’s out-of-control play, which apparently we’re supposed to believe had something to do with the freak injury he suffered on a routine slide earlier this week. It didn’t.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail gave his take on Lawrie, noting that “despite all the fuss Lawrie generates by virtue of his status as the highest-ceilinged Canadian-born player the organization has ever had, it is remarkable how reserved those in the upper echelon of the organization are when it comes to discussing his future.”

In the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin suggested that Lawrie’s disgraceful behaviour of last weekend has been swept under the rug.

Elsewhere in the Star, Scaachi Koul writes looks into the raising of beer prices at the Rogers Centre this year, and how it has dramatically cut into the tips of vendors.

Elsewhere still, Brendan Kennedy looks at the call-up of the flamethrowing Neil Wagner, and at Jose Bautista’s lifetime pass to any ballpark, something all ballplayers receive after eight years of MLB service– aka his two tickets to paradise.

Pivoting off something Dirk Hayhurst has been saying, Bluebird Banter polls its readers about whether Ricky Romero’s future may lie in the bullpen, so that he won’t know when it’s going to be his turn to pitch, and so he can be pulled quickly with minimal damage if things start going tits up.

Great stuff from Shi Davidi, as he speaks to Alex Anthopoulos about Romero’s struggles, and also has a look at what’s happening on the farm, and in particular with long-term prospect Mat Smoral.

From gamereax, it’s Jose Bautista crushing one from Paul Maholm that was absolutely put on a tee for him.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun wonders if Andy LaRoche is a call-up candidate.

At MLBTR, Marc Hulet looks into the progress of some minor league conversion projects, including the Jays’ Justin Jackson, who has moved to the mound after years as a shortstop.

Both the Tao of Stieb and Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet look at the Jays’ viral hero, Munenori Kawasaki.

Steal of Home‘s home run damage report for last week shows that the blast from Colby Rasmus off the Rays’ Alex Cobb was the second most “damaging” homer of the 2013 season.

Lastly, FanGraphs mourns the passing of Dr. Lewis Yocum, one of the most important doctors in Major League history.

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  1. please don’t play Edwin at Third, please don’t play Edwin at Third, please don’t play Edwin at Third, please don’t play Edwin at Third…

    • Why? Derosa isnt much better and its only for a few games.

      Most importantly it allows us to put Lind in the lineup, which is going to more then makeup for any defensive shortcomings of such an arrangement. Without Edwin at 3B, one of our best hitters rides the pine. Thats not a good thing.

      • Edwin’s track record for hitting while playing 3B is not very good… if I recall. Although, the ability to bring DeRosa off the bench as a defensive replacement doesn’t sound so bad.

        • Come on. That just an exercise in irrelevent narrative building.

          Hes not going to magically forget how to hit because he trots out to 3B a few games.

          Fact is, he figured how to hit last year. He wasnt that fantastic a hitter before 2012 regardless of what position he played. He’ll be fine at 3B and it allows us to use our best lineup.

          • Part of me says that if Miguel Cabrera can do it Edwin can do it. But another part of me remembers how atrociously atrocious Edwin was at 3B and how by his own admission it affected the other parts of his game.

            It’s not narrative building. A faulty syllogism? Almost definitely. It certainly makes sense conceptually, at least when we’re up against righties.

        • Edwin didn’t hit so well regardless back then. Plus he has a nice multi-year deal now. If anything, before he might have been nervous about his job. Not any more.

      • guess you’re not familiar with his old nickname.

        • Oh, right, the nickname. That changes everything.

          • I don’t think playing any position makes you forget how to hit, but the number of errors E5 commits at 3rd may have an effect on his whole game. I’m still all for having him play 3rd, as his bat even at bad times is better than any other option we have, I was just making the comment.

            Also, the idea that he learned how to hit last year seems flawed to me. He has always shown good power. I think the position change allowed him to clear his mind of his terrible (TRBL… terr-ible) play at 3rd. His batting has definitely improved, but well before last year he showed his power potential.

    • It is encouraging news in a way as if he plays at 3rd that means Lind is playing first which means they have enough faith in him not to fuck up at the plate. And truth be told Lind has been hitting better which makes it more desirable for him to stay in the game over say De Rosa, Bonifacio, Izturis or Kawasaki the only other options to play third. Unless any of you want to see Bautista play third? So yeah Edwin will probably suck at third but it will be made up for the fact that he still plays and that Lind can play too.

      • I type too slow on the phone. What RobA said but longer. I cant believe I am writing these words but Lind’s bat needs to be in the line up.

    • Why not Bautista at third and Gose in right?

  2. That home run damage thing seems really dumb. He at least needs to change the name… damage doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what he is “measuring”.

  3. Where’s the djf pod?

  4. Stoeten, did the sandwich give you constipation? The Daily Duce has not been coming daily.

    • stoeten is a lazy bum who steals fom the score.This is his first “substantial” contribution in the past 7days.

      • There was a real post just yesterday inviting baseless trade speculation, aka the best kind of post. The site has been a bit barren the past few weeks though, I’ll give you that.

        • This comment was sponsored by delicious Coors Light by the way. Did you know that despite amazing innovations like the Cold Certified can and the New Double Vented Wide Mouth tabs Coors Light has managed to maintain its deliciously low price point. Amazing, simply amazing.

  5. I seem to recall Edwin didn’t really start hitting until he was moved off of 3rd. God knows if there’s a connection, but it kinda seemed like once he could relax about his defence, he started crushing it.

    • what about how he wasnt good before 2012? Its not like he pkayed 3B all those years he was crap.

      The fact is, he finally realized his potential in 2012. That has absolutely nothing to do with what position he played.

      • He actually did play 3B all those years he was crap on the Reds. Not saying that’s the cause of his shitiness, but it is the truth.

    • You don’t think that had more to do with an off-season spent working out with Robinson Cano?

    • I think his settling at first had more to do with the fact that he fnally started hitting and we needed his bat in there everyday so the logical landing point was 1B

  6. So who did Law project the Jays to select?

  7. Morosi’s idiotic accusations aside, it does sort of bother me when a player gets injured stealing second while the Jays are up by five runs. A lead is never safe I suppose but, fuck, loosing both Reyes and Lawrie for stretches for the sake of 90 feet in games where the Jays are ahead by a considerable margin feels more like stat padding then anything else.

    • He’d have had a red light if the manager felt it was not worth taking the base. Not saying it was not a bad idea, but I don’t think a steal of 2nd is simple stat padding by the player. Plus he’s still not guaranteed the base.

      • I suppose you’re right. I guess it was only the sixth when he tried to steal but still, that seems like poor/almost disrespectful coaching if Gibby’s not red lighting base runners with a five run lead. You’re risking a base runner in a situation where you can afford to be a little more conservative and you’re sort of piling on a team you’re beating fairly handily. That said, I guess with the power on the Braves no lead is safe….but still,…you know?!

    • Why is his suggestion (i.e. accusation) idiotic? Just because Drew and Stoeten say so? Looking at the video it looks like he slid through the bag, as opposed to “catching a cleat.”

      I can’t give any sort of definitive statement, but the fact that he was less than prudent when timing his slide isn’t something I can dismiss.

      • One part of his shoe looks fairly well anchored to that bag while the rest of him keeps moving.

  8. Re: Jays the biggest wild card of the top ten/ “don’t seem to be enamored with any of what’s likely to be available for them.”

    Hmmmm…… considering the new bonus pool rules, could it be a decent strategy to punt both the 1st and 2nd round this year if they want to make a super splash in 2014?

    New CBA, you so crazy.

    • How exactly does the slotting system work? Every year, a team has a certain amount of total dollars available depending on where their picks fall. And if they don’t sign their first round pick, it rolls over to next year.

      Okay, here’s my question. Does the bonus allotment for your first rounder roll over to next year along with the pick? Or is it just whatever leftover cash you have from signing your picks the previous year? Or can you spend your entire bonus allotment for 2013 whether or not you sign your picks, then have a 2014 bonus pool which includes the value of your total 2014 picks, which would mean that you can double count your 2013 first rounder – and I’ve gone crosseyed. Stupid CBA

  9. Juan Francisco just DFA’d by Braves this has an AA pick up written all over it

  10. It is definitely disconcerting how much Lawrie has regressed since his rookie year (in plate discipline, I mean). And what happened to the power? I still have faith because I love the guy, but I don’t blame Jays brass for trying to tamper expectations.

  11. Does anyone know if JPA is even being considered for catching dickey again?
    like is he even catching side pens?
    or is blanco just automatic every 5 days now?

    • does anyone else wonder if blanco is still here in order to (try to) teach JPA how to call games better … might be the impossible dream, or just might be taking longer than expected.

  12. I agree we need Lind’s bat in for RHP but I’d sooner have EE at 1B, JBau at 3B, and Lind in OF.

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