The Jays find themselves in North Tijuana tonight, taking on the Padres, who, apparently, exist.

You want me to do what to that incredibly shitty band Headley? Chase them? WHY???


Holy shit, E5 alert!

“Johnson remains on schedule to start Tuesday in SF. Morrow is still very much up in the air for Sunday in San Diego,” tweets Gregor Chisholm. Ugh.

For your between-inning listening pleasure, be sure to check out today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast. Feel free to skip ahead to the parting shots, if you feel like it.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
3B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RHP Chad Jenkins (R)

San Diego Padres

SS Everth Cabrera (S)
RF Chris Denorfia (R)
3B Chase Headley (S)
LF Carlos Quentin (R)
1B Yonder Alonso (L)
C Yasmani Grandal (S)
2B Jed Gyorko (R)
CF Will Venable (L)
RHP Jason Marquis (L)

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  1. FUCK! I pvr’d this game over 3hrs. ago and just finally caught upto to live play.

    BlacK Magic better start stretching.

  2. Jose has had a brutal game ever since that awful called strike 3 earlier.

  3. Atleast we made them warm up tomorrow’s starter.

  4. bone zone!

  5. Nice play by Boni. At least his D at second is starting to come around.

  6. … this needs to end … please.

  7. This game is a prison…you can’t get out of it.

  8. Thank JPA for all this extra baseball! Who in the blue fuck throws to third when there is no play to be made? On that note, fuck this shit! I’m going to bed.

  9. I’m slowly getting a Bonerfasio…if he keeps this up and adds in 10 steals a month ill be happy…

  10. That rustled my Jimmies

  11. Didn’t Janseen used to be a pretty good hitter in college? How come he didn’t get a shot to relive some decade old glory? lol

  12. Actually looking at richard’s numbers, i wouldn’t have minded him pitching tomorrow.

    • Yeah but it moves everything down the line. Whoever they get to pitch shoukd ostensibly be even worse.

      I have to imagine tbey need to call up someone. Doubt they have someone with the ability to start but who hasnt been used today on the 25 man

  13. Razzmatazz

  14. And the beat goes on.

  15. Where’s ricky when you need him.

  16. Entertaining game.

  17. Is this the longest game since last years opener?

  18. Still rocking Jerry on the radio synced up with the Fox Sports broadcast on tv. What a trooper! #Willner’scackleinthebackground

  19. Is there some fucking subliminal message in this ball game? I can’t go to bed and walk away from this game and 3/4 despite being so committed a comment ago.

    • It’s reminding me of when I saw Inland Empire in the cinema. Toughed that one out. But I know when I’m beaten.

      • First game of a west coast road swing, after playing the night before, turns into an extra innings marathon. That’s pretty much a perfect storm of exhaustion.

  20. Our expensive and “explosive” offense is matching san diegos piece of shit offense out for out. what in the fucking name of all things fathomable is wrong with these fuckers. its like they were hitting the shit out of the ball until halfway through the first game in atlanta..and then went to sleep.

  21. What if it never ends?

  22. That’s it. I’m done.
    Watching the rest of the game in bed. Where I don’t bring my laptop.
    Evenin’ boys…

  23. I’m gonna wait til the midnight hour
    That’s when my love comes tumbling down.
    I’m gonna wait til the midnight hour
    When there’s no one else around.

  24. Strawberry wiiiiiiiine


  25. Do umps get paid overtime?

    • Nah. Gibbons needs him to throw batting practice to the Padres in the 18th so they can get warmed up for tonight’s game.

  26. Once upon a time…

  27. For a brief second, i thought redmond hit a hr

  28. Pat Tabler was born to be a grandfather

  29. Fooled ya

  30. Of course…

  31. Good lord. I went fishing, got drunk, woke up again and checked to see how the Jays did.
    We’re in the 17th? Holy hell.

  32. League rule prevents an inning from starting past 12:59 a.m. If this shit persists, we might see the game continue tomorrow.

  33. Noooooooooo….no.no.no Jesus.

  34. Fucking Hell.

  35. No Tears

    Only Dreams

  36. Fuck everything

  37. That was actually the worst game I`ve ever watched.

  38. Well it wouldn’t be 2013 if they didn’t lose in the 17th.

  39. Fuck JPA! Position players should be charged with losses.

  40. Whelp….least we didnt have to see Lincoln pitch

  41. Negrych would’ve had that…

  42. That was fun.


  44. I feel like a midget with a harelip.

  45. I have to stop watching games. I’m going to kill myself. Another one they threw away!

  46. Had to work early today so bailed on this game after 9. Glad I did.

    Was hoping to see a surprising Jays win when I woke up. Of course not.

  47. Fucking hell Lincoln is starting Sunday when morrow can’t go right?

  48. 23-139?

    It’s Aaron Sanchez’s elbow, by the way. Awesome.

  49. Wht more can you say about this team that I already haven’t? How many baserunners they stranded all night. Cabrera is the biggest piece of garbage though: Bases loaded 1 out and 2-0 count and he lines a grounder into an inning ending DP. I knew that kind of opportunity was way too much for any disgraceful Toronto team to take advantage of but not even I thought he would hit inot a DP. I mean, the Jays outdid my negativity! Wow. And it takes a sad sack useless baseball team like this to extend the torture all the way into the night and then lose. You need a fucking therapist to be a fan of a Toronto sports team. They all suck the fucken KNOB.

    • No one can take you seriously trash talking Melky. He’s one of the only bright spots on this team this year, and you go for him of all people.

      Do you watch the games?

  50. Ahahahahaha, I was so disgusted at JPA I went to bed. So glad I didn’t stay up for this.

    I hate him so much. So much.

  51. Now what? I can’t hate the Leafs anymore than I do, and now the Jays. … Thanks a fucken bunch Toronto you sad fucken sack of shit for city.

  52. Fell asleep in the 13th, and woke up when I heard loud cheering that meant the game was over.
    Because this game was so long it means the Jays were a .500 ball club in May, right?

  53. Angel Hernandez was working this game! I hadn’t even noticed. Good job Angel

  54. Nobody gives a fuck about the Argos. Not even the Argos. If Melky Cabrera is a bright spot then fuck, there isn’t a whole lot of light. I went to bed in the 13 because I was so sure the Jays would end up losing it’s almost bordering on clairvoyancy. This team, fucken sucks. I don’t care how you spin it. Tell me, WTF is Bonifacio doing on this team? That pathetic throw to home was so not even close even I felt embarrassed for him.A guy with an arm like that, has NO FUCKING business playing for the Jays unless they’re a joke organization. Bonifacio can’t even throw from second to first without the firstbaseman having to stretch into the splits to make the catch. He’s never gets on base so what good is his speed? And what’s with the fuken terorrorist Muslim look with him and I forgot how many outs there were, Reyes? These guys aren’t terrorizing anybody but their naive fans. I’d fire, AA. If he doesn’t get fired for this, I’ve lost all interest.

  55. JPA is the Andrea Bargnani of baseball. Above average in the sexiest part of the game (HRs/PPG) and a trainwreck in virtually every other aspect of their sport, and poised to perform at historically awful levels because they inexplicably and unjustifiably get large amounts of playing time when equivalent players would have long been cut or buried in the minors.

    • Bargnani is so much better at his sport.

      • Is he though? It’s actually a more interesting comparison the more I think about it. Someone who’s very very good at one thing (JPA’s power, Bargnani’s ranged shot) that most players can’t learn. Someone with holes in their game (Bargnani’s defensive positioning, JPA’s ability to catch) that should be teachable with proper effort. Someone lacking major skills (Bargnani’s rebounding, JPA’s plate discipline) that they will probably never improve dramatically, but without which they can still be fairly successful.

        Both players have shown flashes of improving at the things they are not skilled at, both players have instead regressed in these areas over their careers, both players are barely passable at the professional level at this point. Mostly, I’d like both of them to be playing elsewhere.

  56. Can you fkin READ, Joe, you attention maggot? Look, I get it that one team has to lose and one has to win. That’s sports, but why the fuck is it always Toronto teams on the shitty end? Oh, and Joe, fuck off.

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