The team from north of the border plays north of the Mexican border versus the Padres tonight in game No. 2 of three game set. Let’s hope this one doesn’t end in a Jesus Guzman walkoff in the bottom of the 36th.

No Melky tonight, so Anthony Gose gets some reps versus a left-hander. Might as well just go ahead and speed bag my own balls.


In case you missed the shit that went down earlier today… Brandon Morrow to the DL and Ricky Romero outrighted to Buffalo. Yup.

Ramon Ortiz has risen and will start tomorrow, Barry Davis tweets.

Maybe you’re unwilling to click-through Barry Davis’ tweet linked above, so I’ll let you know that he also notes Juan Perez and Todd Redmond are both unavailable tonight.

Esmil Rogers will start on Friday, and could see some innings in relief of Ortiz tomorrow, Wilner tweets.

Scott MacArthur tweets the latest on Jose Reyes’ rehab. He’s going side to side, turning, and stuff.

Via Gregor Chisholm, John Gibbons intends to have Chad Jenkins back with the club for a start on June 11.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman takes an in-depth look at the successes of Casey Janssen this season.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Anthony Gose (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
3B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
LHP Mark Buehrle (L)

San Diego Padres

CF Chris Denorfia (R)
SS Everth Cabrera (S)
3B Chase Headley (S)
LF Carlos Quentin (R)
2B Jed Gyorko (R)
C Yasmani Grandal (S)
1B Kyle Blanks (R)
RF Jesus Guzman (R)
LHP Robbie Erlin (R)

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  1. The hill are alive with the sound of DJF comments!

  2. Oh god, Lind in the lineup, and Gose lead-off. Plus DeRosa at second. First game I’m going to be able to watch most of in two weeks and I’m already getting a sinking feeling….

  3. I hate this comment system.

  4. Rasmus doing a lot better lately. Lots of fire burning in the outfield and some smooth home runs.

  5. Hey, anyone know what tattoos lind has? I cant be bothered looking it up, but saw words on his left bicep and am curious what it says.

  6. guessing they’re not gonna score a ton tonight. c’mon staff ace mark buehrle.

  7. They look nice and loose.. I smell a winning streak. 3 is a streak.

  8. As Tabs points out, JP caught 18 innings yesterday and hes going to catch again today.

    Boy we really dodged a bullet there!

  9. Romero gave up 5 runs in 6 innings today by the looks of it…but he didn’t walk anybody. Put him back on the 40 man!

  10. This is the most fantastic defensive infield ever.


    Cool piece on the shitty Jays compared to the 1930 Phillies. Since the season is a wash, might as well just talk smack now.

  12. Flex that left bicep, Lindy.

  13. Colby RBI!

  14. Our lefties doing damage again the LHP….
    Another weird night.

  15. Lil Looper!

  16. Rasmus seems really like hes figured something out and made a fundamental change in his approach.

    As opposed to the phony “changes” of Snider/Romero et al

  17. Colby is having excellent ABs. He is not having the jpa style 3 or 4 pitch ABs resulting in k’s anymore. Impressive.

    • Jp and Rasmus comparisons go no further than high k%…Colby is a good baseball player…JP is not…

  18. One thing I really appreciate is how our pitchers realize that blowout games are not entertaining. I like how they never let our offense run away with it. Keep things close for the fans. Keep us interested.

  19. Can we all for one night leave boni, jp and cleatus alone and agree that Izturis is a steaming pile of shitbag fuckhole…he has NO redeeming tools at all…

    • How are you at herding cats?

    • Rasmus doesnt belong in that category of shitbags. But yea, izturis sucks but i cant decide who is the worst out of izzy, boni, and jpa.

      • Izturis by far…JP has power, Boni has speed, Izturis has no discernible tools whatsoever…

        • Izturis is supposed to be alright at getting on base. But thats not saying much comparatively to those shitbags.

        • The only thing in his favour is a history of doing better than he’s shown.

          Small comfort, I know.

        • I disagree. Boni may have plus speed and Maicer .ay not have any plus tools. But hes merely “below average” across the board, wbich IMO ranks him hihher then Boni, because after his “very good” rating in the speed tool, hes “abominible” across the board.

          • I’d disagree and say Bonifacio has much more offensive upside than Izturis…and Boni has improved a lot at 2nd with consist reps…

            • Good thing we don’t have Maicer locked up on any sort of deal.

              • +1. So the Jays dump Lind because AA loves Kelly Johnson. Then AA dumps Kelly Johnson & gets Maicer Izturisas an upgrade?

                Not good.

                Buerhle should send one of his pitbulls after maicer.

                very frustrating to watch but what a lovely looking Petco park

  20. Jay’s are gunna rake this game. Bet on it.

  21. Blanco’s done hard time in multiple South American prisons…did his time like a man, just kept his mouth shut, refused to cooperate and never wore a wire…he had a great knack for uncovering snitches…he also developed some good blade skills while he was in there

  22. Oh my God, I just realized we are the 2013 Miami Marlins.

    • Hopefully the Jays can get a franchise-altering talent in the 2014 draft with their number #3 pick.

      Oh fuck, who am I kidding? They’ll just pass on the next Troy and pick up Ricky 2.0.

  23. We learned nothing from last night it appears.

    Too bad.

  24. This year sucks

  25. Fuck! Buehrles best option wouldve been to go to home there probably.

  26. This team is bad. That is all.

  27. Make me fucking vomit…

  28. At what point is this season considered an unmitigated disaster?

  29. Lets review the defensive shittiness last inning.

    Edwin trips over his legs.

    Buehrle gets a grounder to the mound and chokes by not being decisive and has to throw to first instead of second or third.

    buehrle gets another grounder and instead of going home and getting out of the inning with one run, he chokes.

    so once again the plan of attack of the other teams is to just let us beat our selves.

  30. #lovethisteam

    World Series favourites!

  31. Wow this ump is shit.

  32. I find it funny that Joe public, the stupid, no nothing, reactionary fans, were way out front in their assessment of this team and season. The people that apparently know baseball, like Wilner and stoeten are still waiting for the team to get hot, while still calling the pessimists idiots. Well looks like the pessimists were right way back in April. But hey its only June.

    • It’s early bro. Early.

    • Well, the experts were right about the team’s offense…it was way too good to be playing as bad as they were. it has come around.

      now the pitching…man o man the starting pitching…has sucked beyond belief. I dont think anyone could have predicted that these guys would suck this bad this long. When they werent getting beat up by hitters..they were getting hurt.

      now the one thing that was predictable was that this was not going to be a good defensive team. but i dont think we knew how bad it was going to be.

      bad defense and bad starting pitching is going to lose you a ton of games no matter what offense you have.

      the pen has been pretty good. in fact it was the “question mark” pre season and yet its the only thing that has been decent.

      the pen ERA is not that low..but that is misleading as there have been a few blow up games from guys like lincoln and storey after games were already out of hand.

      • Anyone with any modicum of intelligence knew that there would be questions about the starting rotation…

        Morrow is not a consistent starter.
        Happ is fine as a #5.
        Romero had a terrible fucking year, with no signs of improvement.
        Dickey would have to transition to a new league… he’s a fucking gimmick pitcher.
        Johnson is injury prone like no other.
        Buehrle has been historically bad against the AL East.

        Right now this team does not have one major league quality starter. You need to rebuild the entire rotation for next year.

    • @bruce +1.

      Stoeten has calmed down & accepts the reality of the situation. A few weeks ago he admitted on the podcast that they were f*cked.

      Wilner spends his nights beating off negative fans like Mohammed who told him that AA should never let Dickey climb the mountain.

      The sad part for the “experts” is that they can’t use it’s early anymore or other teams win the AL East will collapse.

      We are the Orioles of the 2000-2011 & Rays pre 2008.

      if we are lucky , we will get more than 73 wins this year.

      Reyes coming back helps but the rotation is a mess.

  33. -I slept weird..had a bad dream about a cat trying to bite my knuckle ball nail.

    -my wife farted throughout the night…forcing me to attain an untraditional position..thus reducing my knuckle ball speed.

    -the barometric pressure was three PSI above optimal level for the knuckler

    -the roof was open

    -canadian money feels weird to my hands….it has made it difficult to grip the knuckler

    -They dont have my favorite nail file brand in canada.

  34. Geez i really though buehrle would be kershaw at petco. No joke. I cant even enjoy that this year.

  35. Sad-Eyes Buehrle is looking sadder than usual at the moment.

  36. I had high hopes for this left coast laugher.
    A series sweep, evening baseball.

    I’m laughing out of the other side of my mouth however.

  37. So what are we at right now? Number 5 draft pick next year?

  38. Enjoyed the seasons where the jays had no chance, at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel with all the prospects. Now what’s at the end of the tunnel? An oncoming fucking freight train.

    • This. 1000x this. I could always dream on the Big 3 when I was feeling down. Now the team is fucking screwed until 2018.

      • Wilner blocked me on twitter for saying the farm system was screwed now. Apparently he still thinks there are tons of prospects.

        • Wilner is a fucking pleb. If you just take away all of the Jays’ losses this year, they are undefeated.

          • @jesus


            Last week Wilner said the Jays were 1-8 against the yankees, so without that they were close to 500. Statistically true, but all games count.

      • Just take the blue pill and the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

      • 2013 Aaron Sanchez, Robert Osuna (even with pending TJ) and Daniel Norris are more exciting than 2012 Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard and Justin Nicolino.

        The upside is higher and the superprospect (Sanchez) may be a consensus top 10 prospect by the end of the year without throwing a single pitch above High A.

        As far as pitching prospects go, the Jays are still loaded at the lower levels.

  39. Why the fuck is there a sunday night game tomorrow?

  40. Im slowly checking out. Emotionally, that is. Im too big a fan to stop watcbing though, for some reason.

    The 2013 Jays may have my body. But they cant have my soul.

  41. How long has EEs stance been so…sway-ey for want of a better word? I don’t remember noticing it last time I saw one of his at-bats, about a week ago.

  42. ADAM LIND!

  43. The Man from Muncie doe not disappoint.

  44. Guess we’ll be seeing Lind next year.

  45. Litten face aint fucking around tonite

  46. This season just isn’t making any sense…but fucking right old kittenface!

  47. Holy shit Adam Lind.

    I dunno if the time has come. But at some point why the fuck not see if Lind can hit the occasinal shitty lefthanded starter. Those options might actually be something yet.

  48. The Jays, she is such a cruel mistress.

  49. So…..Lind goes deep off of a lefty….did he just buy himself more at bats against them..even with the DH?

  50. Lind…

    I’m already almost speechless and it’s the 4th.

  51. I liked this team more when I still liked Lawrie. Now I realize he is a douche, I really should not have started following him on twitter.

  52. Same pitch is getting called strike for lefties and righties. Time to swing for it.

  53. Fucking ump is giving this rookie 6 inches off the plate and yet giving buehrle nothing

  54. Looks like jesuscrisco got his next welfare cheque and spent it on internet so he’s back being an insufferable douche that deserves to be Happ’ed

    • He makes good points.

      • You just like him because you’re both negative buggers.

        • Not so much negative as pissed off. What bright side are you seeing to this 400 team?

          • The fact that no one serious thinks this team’s true talent level is .400. There’s a very good chance they’re screwed for this season, but do you think they’ll still be this bad next year? Or that there’s 0% chance of them pulling around and sneaking into the wild card?

            • yes, zero percent chance of wild card, or more accurately and quite seriously actual wild card chance is at about 2%. Next year? If the team is the same, next year is the same. What do u see for next year that would make such a big turn around? Dickey turning 39?

            • Speak for yourself. This team is filled with so many question marks it could be called the Toronto Riddlers.

  55. Did Zaun just say, “Even if he goes 0-4 at least he’s still in the lineup”?

  56. When was the last time the Jays held their opponents scoreless the following inning after they’ve scored?

  57. Come on Izturis, just hit high choppers and little bleeders the Padres have…line drives just result in outs

  58. Gose double yay!

  59. I imagine jesuscristo’s solution is to fire AA, replace him with JPR, and release everyone for nothing

  60. Fuck it, might as well go ahead and steal home here

  61. Fuck sakes, the Padres have scored three runs on a swinging bunt and a chopper up the middle that had some English. The Jays have hit a few hard ones with nothing to show.

  62. Blanco used to work as security/enforcer for some South American drug cartels…now hes in the big leagues

  63. Eddie done good.

  64. Is it too late to be in the boat?

    I’m actually late because of a boating incident, so I feel that’s acceptable.

    My presence is bound to turn things around.

    • Can you swim?

    • Be careful.

      Smasher became obligated to shave body parts last night when he was seen to be a Jonas.

      • I can swim, yes.
        And as a girl I have more body parts to shave. Very tempted to shave my head, but it would take more than the Blue Jays beating the Padres in a meaningless June game for me to do it.

        • I can’t see the Britney Spears treatment turning the Jays’ fortunes around

          • I hasten to add that Smasher’s obligation was self-motivated.

            A stand up guy.

            • That really is taking one for the team! Good on Smasher.

              I’m intrigued by the shape of my head…but yeah, Britney kinda blazed a trail for crazypants time in head shaving so it’s not really an option. Also, I hate summer weather + I have an ungodly amount of hair on my head.

  65. Instead of having him use a bat to hit the ball, maybe Blanco would do better if they let him stab or cut the ball instead…he’s comfortable and skilled with a blade

  66. Four hard hit balls that inning. Zero runs.

  67. Jays should have destroyed this erlin guy. Seemed like they hit tons of line drives and deep fly balls off him. I guess its the petco effect.

  68. Fuck you very much, Carlos Quentin.

  69. E5! So all these years they should have just told him to throw from his knees.

  70. Tabler just said “hot smash” and I giggled…

  71. But seriously folks,,,

    If Edwin can play 3rd,

    Is Lawrie expendable and if so,

    what can we get for him?

  72. @smallpotatoes , fond the website. Playoff chances are much lower than 2%. Listed at 0.2%

  73. is Blanco flashing the signs with his fingers or is that a butterfly knife hes using?

  74. Pretty sure we have hit more balls hard this game than we did in the games recently where we have put up a fuck ton of runs.

  75. I’m really getting a little excited about Gose. If he can just consistently put the bat on the ball he’ll find ways to get on base with his speed.

  76. In this season gone fucked it really doesn’t do the spirit good to have Buck and Tabby blowing the rookie pitcher eating the Jays lunch. Just once I’d like these assholes to remember who the audience is.

  77. Yay JP

  78. I think that may be the first big league delayed steal attempt I’ve seen live…

  79. The jays need an Oakland as 2012 run but that is Probably too late for them even though they were at 0% sometime in June last year?

  80. Uh, isn’t the pitcher’s spot due up soon? Is Blanco hitting there?

  81. Buck just said, fuck don’t let this go to extra innings.

  82. Love those USA chants! ‘murica.

    • At target field a few years ago and the blue jays fans were starting USA chants while the jays were winning…the chants took off, and people around me didn’t understand why i was laughing so hard.

  83. ugh

  84. I gotta say, the “Lo Viste” is probably the dumbest, least fun “thing”.

    Maybe if they were winning we could get behind it. Or if the guys who did it looked like they enjoy it. Or it wasnt used all the time.

    Like, “hey did you just Lo Viste that weak little single I just got?”

    Its the worst.

  85. Game over. Bautista hits to 3B. They got a run in the 9th

  86. Unsweepable.

    Yes, it’s come to this.

  87. Is the game really @ 10pm tomorrow night? O-kay. I’ll be late.

  88. Does Zaun realize that Lind was hitting fine the past two months while sitting against lefties? Never seemed to mess with his rhythm.
    Also, this using too much video and scouting bull shit is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  89. Who becomes the sacrificial lamb to this season? motolla, training staff, gibbons, Walton????!$!

  90. sweet mountain river!

  91. Ah they lost, hope their playoff chances don’t drop to 0.1% because of it . I have a feeling it will stay at 0.2%. That’s my good news, feel good story for the night. Playoff chances remain at 0.2% despite the loss.

  92. I think we’re up to the 4th pick in next years draft.

  93. This may be the drugs talking, cuz every second saturday is “what can my nose fit” Saturday. But I’m quite sure today is the day the hope for 2013 died. Feel free to quote me on this.

    I will not stop cheering for the Jays, but I just got realistic. This years is a sad year. 2014 anyone?

  94. Suck for beede!

  95. where is “It’s all over?”
    “Really don’t mind if you sit this one out”
    “my words but a whisper, your deafness a shout”
    I may make you feel, but I can’t make you think’

    I think Litlle Milton was smarter than most Jays hitters who looked Thick as a Brick who just assumed this guy would throw meatballs for them-no fukin walks,cmon!
    Sadly, I now pretty much expect them to find a way to lose, which is what bad teams do consistently.
    Unfortunately, as been mentioned by many, we really do have too many mediocre players ( some really good ones too) who have a disproportionate effect on most games.
    JPA with his lousy defence and OPA, Blanco who is worthless, the @2b trio of Izturis, Boni and Derosa which should be on any instructional video of how not to play 2B and because one of them has to play 2B no matter what we have a gignatic fukin hole every game. Sps that are the worst in baseball on a collective basis. Somebody has got some ‘splanin to do”
    Forward Soviet-Nyet I don’t think so, Boris

    • Dizzy in the head and I’m feeling bad
      The things you’ve said have got me real mad
      I’m gettin’ funny dreams again and again
      I know what it means but
      Buck the fuck up, fukstik.

  96. Game finished comparatively early today.
    What’s to be done with the rest of Saturday evening?

  97. Anyone remember the Mariners series from last year when we traded Thames and Snider, got swept and fell below .500, never to recover? That was when I finally gave up on the season, realizing that the team couldn’t make up the ground we’d already lost. I watched the rest of the season, but with an eye on 2013, not on making a 2012 run.

    I guess what I’m trying to say it that it’s pretty sad that I feel that way exactly 2 months earlier this year…

    • Its only June.

    • see my post. My sentiments exactly-It’s pretty much a long exhibition schedule now

    • I remember that + I think it’s near to when I gave up on the Blue Jays. I mean, I still watched a lot of the games, but primarily started watching one of my other teams.

      • The trick is to simply STOP watching the games.

        It seems that I just cannot help myself. I’ve promised to stop watching before but came back for a while today. Even though I knew the Jays would lose again, I still watched parts of this. I voluntarily committed myself to a facility with no tv privileges a few days ago but one of my fellow patients smuggled in a small tv. I was doing OK with my group therapy sessions but watching yet another loss has set me back again.

        I will not watch another game this team plays until all current players are turned over and the front office has been revamped. Furthermore, ownership must change as well. It’s OK if Gibbers stays though.

        I just cannot be subjected to this any further – I absolutely, 100%, steadfastly refuse to be involved unless the Jays make the playoffs, in which case I will return…as long as they do not lose any playoff games. That would be my cue to jump off the sinking ship.

        I will not return to the site or make any further posts!

        I’m OUT!

        • Ok you’ve got a problem with fellow patients smuggling in TVs, I have a problem not answering.

          Stay with it man ! Just try not watching for 1 inning at a time…and then 2 and then…… You can beat this thing!

          Of course when you do you wont have the pleasure of posting here anymore.


  98. It is remarkable how this year has gone. It took only 2-3 weeks from the start of the season for the playoff chances to lower significantly, and even though they have chugged along at a .500 pace over the last couple of weeks, with the injuries and continued success of other teams that hope has nearly faded away completely. I just hope Rogers is willing to continue investing in the team and that AA decides to rebuild for 2014 rather than having a fire sale.

    Some things I’m worried about:

    – trading away Rasmus and going with Gose as the full time CF. I think Rasmus is starting to show his worth this year. amazing defense and I don’t think Gose will ever be a better hitter, I would be totally fine with extending Rasmus sometime soon.

    – trading Dickey for peanuts. we invested way too much in Dickey to give him away for cheap. he could regain his form and I am still not worried about his age. he probably won’t be an ace in a blue jay uniform but he is still a starter which this team sorely needs.

    • Rasmus has been quietly improving. Gose looks like a Rajai Davis, fourth OF’er type… or some fucking trade bait.

      I don’t see them getting rid of Dickey because they aren’t going to get fuck-all for him. He’s terrible. They’d have just as much lucky trying to trade Rickey Romero, Josh Johnson, Brandon Morrow, JA Happ, Mark Buehrle, Kyle Drabek…

      This rotation is dubbed… “The Untradeables.”

      Why the fuck would Rogers invest in this team? They had better luck with spending half the money. AA got the payroll increase he asked for and he squandered it, plain and simple. Rogers probably can’t have a fire sale anyway because of the fucking size of these contracts they have for shitheads like Romero and Buehrle. The money coming off the books for Johnson will be spent on the Buehrle/Reyes raises.

      • Hey man, I just wanted to say I hate your stupid fucking posts and I hope you’re having a terrible night. I sincerely hope that knowing that you are utterly loathed for being such a constantly-yipping fucking waste of space hits home and causes you to choke on your own disgusting fucking face.

        Reyes isn’t dead. He’s coming back. That money isn’t wasted and you are very, very childish and stupid to pretend otherwise. Buehrle has been fine. Dickey is hardly making any money in the big scheme of things, and the production of Bautista and EE outweigh their salaries by a great deal. A child of four realizes these things. Rogers should definitely listen to a stupid, drooling fuckfaced fuck like yourself who thinks the money was “squandered.” You are the least intelligent baseball fan I have ever come across in my life.

        You are hated by every single person here. You don’t know a fucking thing about baseball. Stop fucking posting.

        • Oh shit, he mad.

          I’m not suggesting Rogers abort the mission, I’m stating that it is very likely they refuse to increase payroll as a result of this season. This is a business… this is corporate ownership. This isn’t Mark Cuban trying to live out his boyhood fantasies. I fully expect Rogers to compare profitability between this season and last and make the determination on what direction they want to take payroll in.

          I never said Reyes would never come back. Although, there is a possibility that he spends more time of the DL than on the field for the course of the contract. There is an inherent risk present with any player. Given Reyes’ track record and play style, I would argue he is more injury-prone than the average player. I feel the same way about Brett Lawrie.

          I agree with you that Bautista and EE have been signed to very valuable contracts.

          I stand by my statement about money being squandered. The only good deal that AA made this offseason was signing Melky. Maicer was a good deal? Buehrle at 2 years / 40 million? Buehrle is fine? What world do you live in where a 5.42ERA is fine?

          Dickey will be getting a considerable raise next year. Money that is tied up in one player cannot be spent on another. Resources are finite. You look at the money invested in Romero, RA and Buehrle next year and you have over 40 million in 3 pitchers that all suck.

          Face the facts. Stop the fanboy-ism for one minute and think critically.

          • It is a business, jc.

            And I wouldn’t be surprised if this year was more profitable than the previous few in spite of the on-field results.

          • Oh shit, he mad.

            Shut the fuck up. You don’t get to pollute the site for two months and then try to act like the rather gentle anal reaming isn’t deserved. You’re a terrible fucking poster, horrible human being and also the most shrill and most inanely loquacious post here. Shut up. Shut your goddamn mouth for one series. You started this after the first game and haven’t taken a night off. Stop fucking posting.

            I’m not suggesting Rogers abort the mission, I’m

            I don’t care. None of us care. None of us care about your opinions any more. That’s what I’m saying here.

            I never said Reyes would never come back.

            Yes, you did. You stated that verbatim and I quoted what you wrote.

            I stand by my statement about money being squandered.

            Of course you are, because you are literally a retarded person. And I am talking the kind where you half-wonder for a second if the shambling lump walking forward with an inexplicable smile on its face and congealed back and spine is fully human or if they are shooting some sort of monster flick with a low budget.

            The only good deal that AA made this offseason was signing Melky. Maicer was a good deal? Buehrle at 2 years / 40 million? Buehrle is fine? What world do you live in where a 5.42ERA is fine?

            Opponent OPS over the last month coming into tonight’s game was .664 against Buehrle. That is fine. It was even better the last two weeks. He is fine. I don’t care what his ERA is. Some of the clowns that have been fielding this year couldn’t fill a bowl with dirt if they were locked in the stadium all night. A fair deal is what, $5 million for 1 WAR? So yes, Izturis’s contact is beneath mentioning. Here’s the thing – the main reason that your posts are so utterly contemptible is because you sound like a Yankees fan. You are in here crying like a 10-year old girl with a skinned knee every single day because the Blue Jays do not have an All-Star at every position, because guys got injured and because you don’t understand that a 38 year old knuckleballer that was unhittable last year is EQUAL RISK to a catcher that gets hurt all the time and an A-ball pitcher with good pedigrees.

            I would love to see the team that you would have constructed this year. Please, walk us through it. I’m going to kill myself anyway when you post again, so give me one last laugh before death. You are clearly the smartest guy in the room, so go ahead – this team of yours featuring Hechavarria at short and Mathis at catcher and your time machine that would have gone back to trade Romero before he went to shit and your superior genes letting you — *making you* — stay chiseled and tanned with a spit curl and 32″ rock hard pythons while Anthopolous got fat, that weak Greek pussy, psh. Psssh!

            Face the facts. Stop the fanboy-ism for one minute and think critically.

            Me telling you that I want you to create your own zero emissions vehicle by sucking on the exhaust system until you pass out just to give us a break from your bitchwad posting and to give us 12 hours of recess from you awkwardly campaigning to be the next GM is not fanboyism. It’s probably hate speech but it’s not fanboyism.

            • Unfortunately, despite your childish and poor attempts to belittle jesuscristo, he has one thing on his side … reality.

              The team stinks. The organization stinks. And you’re just a jilted cheerleader looking for reasons to justify shaking your tattered pom poms.

              • Unfortunately, despite your childish and poor attempts to belittle jesuscristo, he has one thing on his side … reality.

                Hahha, yeah, him saying after the fact that he wouldn’t have made the moves Anthopolous did that didn’t work out is sure hard to account for. Twenty minutes after they read the day’s winning lotto tickets, christo comes in here and say what they were. He makes one post for each number and nobody can say dick because he has REALITY on his side.

                The team stinks. The organization stinks. And you’re just a jilted cheerleader looking for reasons to justify shaking your tattered pom poms.

                Easy there, totally-not-jesuschristo. I’m not saying this is a good team. (I will say it is full of likeable guys, easily the most likeable Jays team in years.) I am just asking the dude to refrain from QUITE AS MUCH posting.

                Nice work creating a baseball metaphor that used cheerleaders, though.

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