Don’t you dare call it Sunday Night Baseball, this isn’t Puerto Rico in 2001. Yes, the Blue Jays and Padres will play a game at night on a Sunday in San Diego tonight, but it’s not of the ESPN variety. Nah, that stuff is reserved for the powerhouse clubs, like the Angels, Dodgers, and Cubs.

I’m not sure what will ultimately classify as ‘rock bottom’ when it comes to looking back at the 2013 Blue Jays season. Ramon Ortiz taking the hill while looking to avoid a sweep at the hands of the fucking Padres might be it.


Jose Bautista was named the Honda Player of the Month for the Blue Jays, the club announced via a press release. Joey Bats in the two-hole FTW.

Josh Johnson used his rehab stint as an opportunity to try a new grip on his changeup, Gregor Chisholm tweets.

John Lott gives us the latest on Dustin McGowan, who holds a 9.00 ERA in six appearances with Buffalo.

More from Lott as he updates the latest line on Ricky Romero, noting that today’s no decision marks his first start at Triple-A without a walk.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
3B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Ramon Ortiz (R)

San Diego Padres

SS Everth Cabrera (S)
CF Alexi Amarista (L)
3B Chase Headley (S)
LF Carlos Quentin (R)
C Yasmani Grandal (S)
1B Mark Kotsay (L)
2B Jedd Gyorko (R)
RF Will Venable (L)

RHP Edinson Volquez (R)

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  1. If uerle and JP had just held onto the fucking ball, we could very easiky be going for the sweep.

  2. Is a shelling of Volquez’ shitballs too much to ask?

  3. Nailed it. Feels like rock bottom for sure. Increasingly hard to stay positive. Still lets hope the Reverend pulls one out tonight and goes 7 strong.

    • Stay positive? I might agree there’s no need to be negative, but positive as in optimism would be pretty ridiculous now. It’s June 2nd and we’re already at the watch the game fo the sake of watching baseball stage. Personally I have no interest in watching Ramon Ortiz get shelled by the fucking Padres. I’ll throw the game on while I lie in bed, but I sure as fuck won’t be staying up for the whole game, high fiving my dogs whenever the Jays score a run, and that fucking sucks. Hopefully I’ll stay awake long enough to see what way JP can give the opposition a run tonight!

    • The Reverend? Why are we not calling him Razor Ramon?

    • Worse case scenario: hit rock bottom, then start digging.

  4. Mark Buerlw post game : “Maybe we’re just not as good as we think we are”

  5. No walks and only 3 wild pitches!

  6. Seriously…with his OBP being as high as it is, does anyone else think it would be a good idea to move joey bats to hit 3 and move Lind up to hit 2nd?

  7. Nah, rock bottom will be when they’re trying to avoid a sweep by the Astros.

    • ….After having a no hitter thrown against them by the newly acquired Marlin-turend-into-ace-superstar, Kevin Gregg.

      Where is that bastard nowadays anyway

    • Holy fuck the angels got swept by the astros!! Thats one thing that hasnt happened to the jays this season at least.

  8. Alright you salty dogs, grab your balls n hold on. Ortiz round…3 is it now?

  9. That fucking parrot’s got to lose a little weight.

    It’s sapping Eddie’s strength.

  10. Well there goes my hopes for Ortiz throwing a perfect game

  11. They may lose 100 games for all I know but I can watch the Adam Lind resurrection every night.

  12. Time to move J.P down the batting order.

  13. The inimitable Lind/Cletus Combo strikes again.

  14. Lind was DOA had that been fielded correctly.

    Yay Cletus!

  15. “Take educated chances”

    Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, Pat Tabler.

  16. The Blue Jays are a joke.

    AA is a fucking moron.

    And we fans are the biggest fools of all.

    • Some of us seem to be more equal than others.

      Let’s agree to disagree on the particulars.

    • Do you even know what you’re saying? Or do you think that post has some rhythm that makes it worthwhile?

      Either way, you’re a fucking idiot.

  17. You keep using the word “fan”. I dont think you know what that word means…

  18. You guys think that if JP hit 8th in these NL games he’d take a few more walks?

    Me neither.

  19. Maicer seems a waste of payroll and roster spot. Was he bad with the angels? Or did AA overreact to the black hole that was hill then Johnson? There’s been a fair amount of bad luck, but if Izturis is going to be super terrible, that’s all on management.

  20. Jays have sucked since Buck came back.

    I want Devlin.

  21. oh god so much for staying up for this game.

  22. Just wow. Ortiz is the epitome of shit.

  23. I think Stoeten may be right. Rock bottom. Time for the dead cat bounce.

  24. So….umm..yeah….this is what ramon ortiz really is.

  25. Well, I’m out.

    Can’t watch 7 more innings of this.

  26. Didnt they have two outs and a man on first? with no runs in?


  27. 3 run shot = rock bottem

  28. So remember when we were 10-21 and it was rock bottom..and then we started playing better and started to turn our record around? well after tonight we will be right back where we started..11 games under 500….another month gone.


  29. Gameday must be broke. It just told me the oitcher bit a 3 run shot. LOLZ!!!

    Srsly tho, what happened with Volquez? K? Ground out?

    • I don’t know how to feel really. On one hand, no team has unlimited depth to cover these injuries. On the other hand, the rotation has sucked nuts and AA was relying on Ricky to bounce back and Johnson/Morrow to stay healthy… not the best gamble to take.

      • Well, most organizations have guys like the dude the padres threw last night. Not good but not going to embarrass you. We lack rotational depth in terms of quality minor league arms. we were developing them and were about to have a nice armament. But no more.

  30. Ramon Ortiz is the worst starter in the entire league. It will be obvious given a large enough sample. I can’t believe the Jays are wasting innings on this piece of garbage.

    • What else is available, stretching out Cecil? I’d hate to mess with a good thing.

      At least he can get out of the second. Can’t say that about Nolin/Romero.

      • Basically any other pitcher on the 40-man roster that has ever started a game is a better option than Ortiz. Even Weber or Lincoln.

  31. Looking around the bigs, it would appear to me that in order to win consistently, you require depth in a lineup over star power.

    The most productive lineups are the ones where there are solid hitters at 6 or more slots. They just have to be decent hitters mind you,. not great.

    not many teams have what the jays have. That is two star sluggers like jose and Edwin. These guys are big time studs. Problem is there are too many soft spots in the lineup. You are better off with slightly above average production at 4 slots than 2 star players and two pieces of shit. we have several pieces of shit unfortunately.

    • The problem with the superstar talent is that it is very hard once these players become injured/slump to make up for the production. Bautista is slumping hard right now and it has shown in the last few games. A timely hit or two from Bautista and we might be looking at sweeping the series tonight.

      That is partially why I worried about “rushing” the rebuild process through the Marlins/Dickey trades. The team has absolutely no depth in the high minors ready to step in and take over. All the depth is in A-ball or lower. I think another year or two would have helped the Jays immensely in building AA/Beeston’s goal of a “sustainable winner.” You need to establish that pipeline of talent… right now there is a huge drop off between the major league roster and the vast majority of the prospects.

      With that being said, I remember reading something (I think it was in a chat with Swydan) stating that he liked the A’s organization, but teams like the A’s tend to fail hard in the playoffs because their strength comes from depth, not superstar talent. There is no doubt the Jays have this talent in Bautista/Reyes/Melky/Encarnacion to win in the playoffs, but not the depth to get the team there.

      Not much can be done about it now… AA is committed at least until the trade deadline.

  32. is ok now to take solace in 4th (as it stands) draft pick in what’s supposed to be a particularly good draft for the top 3-4 picks? Bcs I can’t see much else to cheer for, except the bottom.

  33. Steady Eddie.

  34. That gave me very little pleasure. I am emotionally numb.

    FWIW I actually think theyre gonna come back and win this game. Still disguested.

  35. Joey Bats O for SanDiego-christ his avg has falen 26 points since last wed 295>269. FFS!

  36. Encadwin!

  37. Stop saying fucking “Double E” Buck. Its beyond ridiculous

  38. Don’t despair! This game is still in reach! The Jays usually hit well against pitchers who wear their hats to the side.

  39. Umm.I pay for fucking these games on the tube but its blacked out because of Sunday night baseball on espn. VIp box working for anyone? i cannot get it to work tonight.

  40. Well, FUCK.

  41. Even if you dont like him, that was very sad to see. Poor guy.

  42. Fuck. Poor guy.

  43. Well, there’s Ortiz’s last major league pitch.
    Tough to watch…he knows that his career is probably done.

  44. Sad shit to see man!

  45. Well that was the end of a career if I’ve ever seen one…to the depth chart!!!!

  46. Well, Ramon, 2013 was gonna get even you eventually.

  47. Glove toss gif will be the epitome of rock bottom for the Jays referring to a grown man crying and probably thrown his last pitch in an MLB game ever. Brutal regardless how shitty of a pitcher he was.

  48. what happened to ortiz?

    • Ortiz pitched, instantly knew his elbow was fucked. Threw his hat down, and became overcome with emotion as he knows he probably just threw his last pitch in the majors.

      Brad fuckin Lincoln in

  49. wtf happened.

  50. I wish I was a more sympathetic person in times like these. That really sucks for Ortiz buuuuuut…

  51. Blanco’s not used to seeing all these injuries the jays are suffering this season…he’s more used to seeing stab wounds

  52. We’ll win this one for Ramon.

  53. I pay for the friggin MLB ticket so I can watch my crappy Blue Jays play every game. But because the piece of shit Yankee / Red Sox game is on – Blue Jays are blacked out for me. Now that game is in a rain delay so I’m paying to watch no baseball

    Fuck the blackout rules

    • I’m in the same pickle. They’ve got some fucking nerve blacking out games I’ve paid for. Sucks.

      • but fox is ending the blackout for saturday games next year……….thank goodness for that at least………..

  54. Man, I watch baseball to escape the shitty sides of reality. Happ and now Ortiz be pulling my heart strings.

    Poor guy.

  55. I must be a horrible person. Im not really bothered hy Ortiz just now.

    • Maybe you are. Youve let the separation of baseball and reality slip too far, so maybe thats a good thing, for you.

      • Or Ive seen enough real suffering to realize that a pro ballplayer blowing his elbow out still ranks better off then abiut 99.9% of the human population.

    • Me too. I know it’s not “right” and I am kind of a shitty person but to me they are just baseball players and I rarely think of them as actual human beings. So when someone shitty like Ortiz goes down it’s “ah too bad for him but let’s move on with this game and everyone else!”

  56. Wait, Wait… What the fuuuccckkk just happened?? Did jpa just have a 12 pitch AB and walked??? Are the jays in first now, somehow??

    • Izturis with a hit now. If Lincoln throws a shutout I believe its written in the rulebook we go to first place.

  57. See JP will take a walk! As long as 2 of the pitches are at his head and he fouls off 6 more balls of course…

  58. Oh, Muni.

  59. as if the jays record this season isn’t irritating enough, they gotta play that horrible gay song by monster truck all the fucking time during the broadcasts…

    #theory of a nickel creed days grace

  60. I’m here now. And on the boat. Let the turnaround commence!

  61. Sweet Mountain River is one shitty song!

  62. I would leave my left unshaven if they score this inning.

  63. Okay, my left nut will remain hairy!

  64. Atta boy, Kittenz!

  65. Adam Lind is a god.

    • Ah shucks, says he.

    • But boy did we ever tear him a new one when he was stinking it up!

      • Well last year he had a 343wOBA / 116wRC+ against RHP.

        He has always been above average when it comes to hitting right handers… he is just being used correctly now.

        It’s also one hot month, so let’s not go crazy. But I still think his numbers warrant picking up the option year.

    • It’s crazy to think that Lind’s option may get picked up now. After how awful he was over the past 2 years. Good for him and good on Gibby for using him properly.

    • Yeah Lind has been great. Being faced with the potential of his current contract being his last made him a good soldier and he’s performed when asked.

  66. Kitten face with 2 rbi ties it up.
    This Voloquez is a peice of work, must drive his coaches up the wall. Avoiding/joking with EE, not listening to his catcher, wild pitches all over the place…and of course the askew hat brim.

  67. Oh no, not another 17 inning affair…

  68. It’s weird having just one hairy nut.

  69. jpa has found his inner kawasaski tonight! Grinding out the ABs!!

  70. Still, I love it when that gentle breeze caresses my hairless nut and makes me jizz. Scouting report says I am a spray hitter. Ask your moms.

  71. Lincoln’s first scoreless appearance in some time and JPA with a 12 pitch walk. Crazy night maybe brings the Jays the win.

  72. That’s my boy. (with apologies to night_manimal)

  73. I wanted a Rasmus jersey but couldn’t do it with him not having a long-term deal (because of the excessive suckage). Hopefully his recent play is a sign of things to come.

    • Rasmus had a fucking great june last year then faded big time. Hopefully he doesnt taper off like last year. Im a fan of his.

  74. Kawasaki makes the good times roll.

  75. They plunked Muni! This is fucking war!

  76. Fuck Rogers, company and pitcher!

  77. I gotta say…askew hats make me slightly racist. Not cool. Pedro Strop is the worst offender.

  78. TOUGH call for gibby here. On one hand, you need length from rogers. On the other hand, you really need that run in.

  79. Kawasaki should of stole and tried to steal a run

  80. That’s what she said! Bwahahahaha

  81. anyone else think that was incredibly stupid strategy?

    rogers is not completely inept with the bat. man on third with one out…dont need a hit to score you do.

  82. Double switches make me horny! Stoetrn did a double switch with my nuts and it was terrific. Such a savvy lover!

    • I concur. I do not fully understand how double-switches work. Neither did John Farrell, if memory serves. Anyone care to explain?

  83. Buck, say double switch one more time! Makes my hairy nipples hard!

  84. Can’t get that shitty monser truck river song out of my head.

  85. Fuck man the red cox just keep on winning.

  86. We was wobbed!

  87. You know colby hasn’t been half bad this season. I’ll take 260 av. with 25 homers and good D from a CF.

    • You know who has had a rough season? JPA. Get ready for an MLB record # of K’s. Has anyone posted about this yet?! Oh wait…

  88. I’m looking forward to Reyes coming back, and the trades that will happen for the rest of the year and that’s it

    • When that SD player (name escapes me) turned a walk into a triple via steals, I smiled when I thought about Reyes

  89. Quentin again!

  90. What a catch

  91. Fuck this song. And our luck.

  92. Will the jays have a fire sale this year?

  93. Goggles is golden.

    • One of the few bright spots

    • I get the ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it thing’, but with the jays rotation injury/shittiness problems, isn’t it time he’s called to step up? End of the day the team needs him as a starter right now.

      • I love what he’s accomplishing right now.

        Hopefully he can repeat his performance for years and years.
        Leave him be.

        • Going to have to agree. Don’t get greedy. He was projected as a high leverage reliever when he was drafted.

          • Yes but he’s been a starter his entire career apart from this year in the majors and minors (kind of assuming that). And he’s had success there before, albeit limited. I think that’s worth more than his projection when he was drafted.

      • Fuck that shit..We’ve seen that shit show.

        How about Casey then…..he was once a starter. Fuck they all were and failed in their own ways and find themselves spitting seeds in the pen.

        Not even with this fucking wraparoundboy’s weighted balls will Cecil be effective going into the rotation!

        Fuckin eh Derosa…..I need sleep.

  94. Dang this has been one hell of an ugly series for jays fans. The Padres have 4 runs on 6 hits thanks to a 3 run home run by the pitcher!

  95. The mascot delivers!

  96. Bahahahaahahahahaahahahaah…Papa Derosa mashed that…

  97. DeRosa the RBI machine

  98. Do they throw that Casey guy out there for one more or do we get to see Mickey?!?

  99. Crap Jannsen is out, whos left in the pen? I am scared


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