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“I’ve joked about his hanging around the MLB margins, but the video of Ramon Ortiz’s injury is utterly heartbreaking,” tweets Jay Jaffe as he presents a link to Mike Axisa’s piece at CBS Sports on the incident last night at Petco. He’s not wrong.

Former big leaguer, and current awesome Twitterer and MS Paint artist, Fernando Tatis, is on the same page, tweeting, “I pray for Ramon Ortiz the video makes me cry too.”

Per a team release the Jays have sent Mickey Storey to Buffalo, noting that they’ll make a corresponding move tomorrow. Seeing as Josh Johnson is already set to start for the Jays in San Francisco, that would seem to be the coming move– though it’s possible Ortiz will also be placed on the DL, with additional help being added to the roster as well.

You can hear Josh Johnson speaking to reporters about his rehab process in this audio clip from TSN.ca.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks at the Jays’ options for the next time they need a healthy starter, which because of off days isn’t until June 11th. R.A. Dickey will face the Giants on Wednesday, with Mark Buehrle taking on the Rangers Friday, and Chad Jenkins getting the ball Saturday.

Similarly, John Lott looks at this conundrum in the National Post. Lott also looks at the utter loss the Jays are at when it comes to figuring out what to do with Ricky Romero. In the Star, Richard Griffin suggests giving Romero a game plan– like pitching with Vancouver until September 1st– and sticking with it.

Nick Cafardo continues his crusade against fucking sanity in the Boston Globe, once again pretending the Jays will entertain trading their two best hitters for prospects this summer, and finding someone who’ll play along: “Rios, Bautista, Encarnacion, and you can add Justin Morneau, are definitely the major guys scouts are focusing on,” said one American League GM. “They can be game-changers. Nobody wants to give up their prospects unless they are game-changers. Every struggling team is going to reach D-Day where they say, ‘OK, are we sticking with our personnel and hope to win with it next year or are we going to retool it?’ Toronto is going to do that. Chicago is going to do that. Philadelphia is going to do that. The Dodgers are going to do that. They may all come up with different conclusions, but the conversation will take place.”

On the occasion of his return to San Francisco, Melky Cabrera spoke to reporters– and Gregor Chisholm provides a transcript of the Q&A over at North Of The Border.

Back to Twitter, Parkes lays one down that pretty much perfectly says all that needs to be said about tonight’s Yankees lineup against the Clevelands: “Lyle Overbay will play RF tongiht for the New York Yankees. This is like me stepping into the role of dentist for an afternoon.” Drew looks at the situation in a more favourable light (slightly) at Getting Blanked.

Speaking of the Yankees, in another Getting Blanked post, Drew notices that Vernon Wells sucks again– also: thunder!

In Richard Griffin’s latest Bullpen post at the Toronto Star, he looks at how the Jays’ overused relievers have truly come through for them this season, among other things.

Mark Zwolinski of the Star talks to Brett Cecil, who, with a couple of demotions on his own resume, understands a thing or two about what Ricky Romero is going through.

Dirk Hayhurst is over R.A. Dickey and his post-game spirit quest updates regarding his mysteriously missing knuckleball.

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith gives a great primer for the draft, which begins this Thursday, with the Jays holding the tenth selection.

Todd Devlin of MLB.com looks that the impact that Roberto Alomar’s assistance has had on the Jays’ infield defenders this year.

Fantasy Trade 411 gives a positive review of the changes Adam Lind has seemed to make since coming back from the minors in the middle of last season.

Didymus Henley reflects on the clusterfuck of a season the Jays have had so far over at Dumb Shit I Think About.

Lastly, I really thought today was going to be back to business as usual around here after a weird couple of weeks, but I found out last night that a friend of mine had died way too fucking young, so… yeah… so much for that, eh? I’ll get around to hijacking last Friday’s Griff Bag at some point, for sure. Sorry we never reconciled, Frenchie. RIP.

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  1. Did someone say “spirit quest”?


  2. Who I see as available (that might have any remote value) is maybe Lind, Rasmus and Johnson.

    None of those guys will get you too much though. And I don’t know who we have to replace them. Gose, Drabek or Hutchison and ?

    Of course I’d love for someone to drool over JPA’s HRs and offer up something for him.

    Going to be a very tricky trade deadline for AA no matter how the next 8 weeks goes.

    • It’d be kinda cool if he called up Thole and we got some idea of what Thole can do over those next eight weeks. But I’m not sure how to make that play with the need to pump Aaron Cibia’s value up before the deadline.

  3. Neither side would ACTUALLY do it due to the optics, inter-division rivalry, and the fact that the Jays could easily contend next year, but if the Sox offered up Bogaerts for EE you’d have to think about it, no?

  4. If I’m AA, I’m hiring someone from the Rays organization to come in and evaluate what we do with our pitchers.
    1) According to Zaun on PTS, Rays have had 3 Tommy John surgeries in a DECADE.

    2) According to a recent Rays telecast, the Rays have used 18 different starters since
    the beginning of 2008.
    That includes the two youngsters who started last week.
    By comparison, the Jays have used 11 different starters this year.
    Think it was 12 last year and many of those were different guys from this year.

    3) According to a CBS game summary, heading into the June 1 games, 363 of the previous 380 games had been started by players drafted or signed internationally by the Rays.

    Obviously, they are doing something right and it is not a fluke.

    Of those pitchers, only Price and Neimann were first rounders.
    (Hellickson and Cobb 4th round, Moore 8th)

    If I’m AA I want a guy to come in and put us on the track to do what the Rays are doing.

    • I agree. Without being negative or trying to “blame” someone, it seems to be a bit beyond “luck” as far as our pitching injuries go. And beyond just injuries, who is the last real home grown pitcher that has had sustained success?

      • gotta be halladay no?

        • I posted on Zaun’s blurb 2 or 3 days ago. He also said that the Rays have an overall philosophy on pitching and that one aspect of it is to NEVER rush a prospect. They have an elbow and shoulder strengthening exercise regimen that every player is expected to partake in twice a week and they keep track of who has and hasnt done theirs. I believe it’s the same throughout their minor league teams too. This SI link is about the Rays and their pitching ideas.


          A poster after me (BRawk) added that he saw the same Zaun item and added that they (the Rays) also
          draft only pitchers with clean deliveries and focus on fastball command. That put me in mind of
          The Braves who do the same thing. I’d be willing to bet their injury totals are low too.

        • A year ago I would have said Romero.


          • What has happened to Romero makes me sad. I really think it would be beneficial for the Jays and Romero to get some outside help for him.

            Anybody know a Pitcher Whisperer?

      • Shawn Marcum?

    • Just speculation on the Rays, could that be because all of their pitchers are so young? It seems that when guys get old they are traded before they get expensive.

      • Cough, Hutchison, cough.

        • Hutch Perez and Drabek are all just out of the minors.

          • Should’ve added also that James Shields who came up through the Rays system swears by the exercise regimen and says he is still doing it and will til the end of his career. It’s probably no surprise that his nickname is “complete game James” .

  5. Not sure what “a weird couple of weeks” means, but I’m sorry to hear that Stoeten. I’ll wear my black on black button down plaid shirt in your honor.

    Real tragedy about Ortiz. He was a real warrior for the team, and I’m sorry that we’ve inflicted our curse on him. I wouldn’t wish pitching for the Jays on anyone right now, except Mark Buehrle who I’m pretty sure is indestructible.

    So, does this mean Jenkins is here to stay? The team doesn’t seem to have much faith in him, but he’s pitched pretty well, albeit for maximum 5 innings.

  6. Very cool band, and I remember him from that party that time…sad.

  7. Sorry to hear, Stoeten. That’s really shitty, and as you said, way too fucking young.

    • +1. Very sorry to hear about your friend Stoeten. May he Rest in Peace & play good Music in heaven.

  8. I firmly believe the jays are due for some sort of a break here at some point. Whether thats Reyes back and playing sensational right off the hop, or lawrie finding his stroke, or josh johnson and morrow’s potential to match their performance, mcgowan to actually do something, or jenkins to quietly keep throwing quality starts…. something.

    • Yes, a break is due. With a bit of luck, they might actually be able to finish the season at .500. I wouldn’t have dreamed in my worst nightmare I’d be saying that at any point this season, but such is baseball.

  9. I’m sure we keep the core but it would be nice to trade the fodder.
    Lind has played well enough that you could probably find a taker.
    Strike3bia would look real good in a (insert any team name except Toronto here) jersey.

    One positive is with the added wildcards it should be a sellers market.
    Maybe we can get a little more then a pile of sloppy shit for these guys.

    I hope AA comes up with something magical because I think we get screwed in the draft now with the new rules. We can’t overpay to get kids to come to Canada anymore and play in our beautiful concrete mausoleum.
    Back to the safe college picks who have no leverage -fuck my life.

    • Condolences on your friend Stotes.

      Should have said that first, apologies.

    • Can NOT believe Boston picks ahead of the Jays EVERY single round this year. No f**king justice.

      • Interesting about the picks Smasher. But most of those picks are signed. In the last few years it IS a bit weird that 2 of the picks that didnt sign were Paxton and Eliopoulos:both Canadian kids. Then again there was Beede: he didnt sign ostensibly because he wanted to go back to school but if there’d been enough $$ on the table, who knows. At that point the Jays were offering 2.5 mill I think.

  10. this is an asshole thing to say at this time, and if you don’t think i’d say it in public – you’re right, but it is true nonetheless: when someone chooses to put heroin into their body, i’m not sure you can call their death “too soon” anymore.
    my sympathy to you and everyone chris hurt, but seriously: fuck that guy.

    • Out of respect, you should curse the dead privately and keep personal negative opinions to yourself at a time like this for they can really upset the people grieving. Just some advice.

    • Your a dick…

    • Wow dude wtf.

      I’m the first to say that people make their own beds.

      Doesn’t mean you can’t have some sympathy for the guy. Or at least STFU and keep it to yourself. I’m sure you have no vices?

  11. You just said it in public. So you’re an asshole AND an idiot. Good to know.

  12. Oh fuck yes, I just found out we got a baseball team out here on Vancouver Island. They open like this week and I somehow had my head buried beneath a rock and din’t know till now. It’s for a Collegiate Summer League, which I guess means that the players are of the “prospect” variety instead of the out-of-baseball variety. And local microbrews there, and really good barbeque.

    I’m going to be getting sloshed there by myself all summer. About goddamn time we had baseball you can watch here besides on tv. I guess I’m posting here because I just don’t know who to share my joy with, cuz all my friends/family hate baseball except me.

    Joyous day!

  13. Draft thread Thursday?

  14. Gangnam and The Harlem Shake have no staying power on US campuses, but Adderall continues its seductive hold on college students; claims another couple baseball players (adding to the already long list of “wink, wink” ADHD survivors).


  15. Sorry about your loss Stoeten. I, too, have recently lost a friend of roughly the same age. Too many questions and random memories flood the mind. Take care and we look forward to reading new articles here when you are ready.

    May Chris Rest in Peace

  16. Sorry about your friend, Stoeten.

  17. sorry for your friend man. rip.

  18. My condolences Stoeten.

  19. Sorry about your friend, Stoeten.

    I completely agree that we need a major overhaul of the way our pitchers are conditioned and moved through. What happened to Happ and Ortiz, while horrible and upsetting, could have happened to any pitcher. But we seem to have way more stiffness, little tweaks and minor impingements that eventually all lead to TJ than the average team. I’m sure someone has the stats on pitching injuries for the Jays over the last, say, 10 years. Is there anything to suggest that they have ramped on on any kind of a scale or in correlation to any change in staff or philosophy?

  20. Goes down/dustin up?

  21. Lott says “Josh Johnson and Rajai Davis from DL”

    This is a big step gentlemen.

    Davis has been a force against LHP. This combined with Lind 3.0 means that there is a big fat check mark at DH.

    If JJ can be JJ is very important to see tonight.

    here’s hoping to good bye bad baseball, it was nice to know ya .500ish baseball, winning baseball here we come!

    • Even the fucking Astros have now won six in a row. It’s our turn next please. Firmly on the boat captain.

  22. Sorry to hear about your friend Stoeten. Take care and remember this baseball blog is a nice diversion for all of us, but that’s all it is (well it’s part of your livelihood too, but hey I digress). Sometimes real life intrudes on our diversions. Take your time. I’m sure we’ll still be here. :)

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