I did pretty much this exact same post a year and a half ago, when I went to hang out with Rob Wong (aka @WongSN590) for a segment over at the Rogers campus at Bloor and Jarvis on the Fan 590, and… I think enough time has passed that I can pretty much just copy-and-paste the exact same thing– minus Wall Of Voodoo– but with the addition of the fact that yesterday afternoon, I was on with Rob for three! A full hour, including calls! Which, of course, works out to only a little less than 40 minutes when you factor in breaks and news updates, but still! Plenty of time for some dispiriting rambling, I say.

Click here to have a listen.

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  1. You did well Stoeten.Definitely getting better.
    If I woulda known earlier,I would’ve called in and asked a question..

  2. Heard this yesterday. Great segment. Some real BEAUTY callers.

    Stoeten – what’s it like to have Wilner’s job for an hour?

    • Not quite Wilner’s job.
      Stoeten didn’t interact with the caller but gave his opinions on what the caller said.
      A small but very significant difference.
      That’s not a slam on Stoeten just that Wilner’s callers tend to argue back with him, as they stay on the line.

      • Like him or not, Wilner has the toughest job in Jays land.

        I sort of hoped that Stoeten would have went off on some of these callers to be honest. What a bunch of clowns.

  3. I commend you on your restraint Mr. Stoeten…what a bunch of mouth breathers…

  4. After Stoeten’s parting shot on Friday’s GB podcast, “Easy dog” has a whole new meaning.

  5. Was that Paul Beeston that called in around the 20 minute mark? Certainly sounded like him.

  6. The stench of Parkes remains. Still, good for Radio Radio

  7. Stoeten really should be the host of Blue Jays Talk (and no, I’m not trying to patronize anybody). Stoeten will forget more about the Blue Jays and baseball than Mike Wilner will ever know. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll listen to or read what Stoeten or Jeff Blair will say or write and then everybody else I just disregard.

    • I guess you haven’t been doing much reading lately then…

    • If he was to do Jays talk it would probably a very neutered version of what we see on DJF.

      While I can’t stand Wilner, I doubt he is as oblivious as he comes off as. He has to be a good corporate soldier to keep his job and do would anyone else doing it. While the insight would be better, we’d still have to hear the usual Jays propaganda.

      • I think we need to appreciate that Wilner has to kind of adopt a ‘Combs on Crossfire’ attitude to prevent the floodgates from opening, the levies from breaking (basically, choose your aquatic metaphor). The level of negativity towards the Jays is fairly consistent whether the team is winning or losing. I have some respect for Wilner for not allowing the Barbarians to break down the gate and run rampant.

        However, sometimes he is a complete dumbass. I once listened to him defend the late JPR era moves for over half an hour. At the end of the day if I hate Wilner a little less than I hate his callers I think he’s successfully done his job.

    • Do you not realize that Wilner actually has a vast amount of baseball and Blue Jays knowledge? I’m not a huge fan of the way he interacts with callers, but to attack him based on his baseball knowledge? That shows a clear lack of knowledge on your part.

      • Compared the average fan? Sure. Compared to other writers or bloggers? Wilner lags far behind when it comes to baseball knowledge, IMO.

        In fact, for any fan that knows even the basics of baseball there is zero reason to follow Wilner. If you want early Jays scoops, Shi Davidi is the way to go. If you want a mainstream source for intelligent baseball writing, go with John Lott.

  8. i liked the restraint shown by stoets…was imagnining how he’d have responded in writing to some of these tools that called in. i’m guessing that there’s some cross-over between listeners of wong’s show & readers of Griffen…

  9. Great job Stoeten.

    One small quibble – not sure if it’s the mic or radio experience – but your volume seems to oscilate a bit much.

    Still, awesome to hear some good Blue Jays analysis on the radio.

  10. Yeah agree with the others here, you’ve gotten pretty good at this broadcasting thing. You sound like more of a pro than most of the analysts that get on the air.

    I actually really liked the host they had you with. There’s some personalities on that station I’ll take a pass on. The podcasts are glorious though, by far the most entertaining and insightful Jays baseball talk out there.

    And I count on it, since I work a desk job where I can tune out the mindlessness of my daily routine with my headphones. Seriously, the podcasts are lifesavers for me :D… Keep up all the awesomeness!

  11. I get that guys pain that all the other AL East teams are doing well even though there were plenty of reasons given as to why they wouldn’t do well. It just really sucks that the Jays got the short end of the stick again.

    But every team does get some luck. Look at the Jays. They have two forty home run guys in the middle of their lineup that were league journeyman and cast offs.

  12. johnson, dickey, buehrle for the next three games. not a jenkins or ortiz in sight. one would think the jays might have a good chance to win these games, right? right????

  13. I could sense Stoeten facepalming at the tongue biting doucher.

  14. Podcast today, or too busy getting the game threat ready?

  15. Listened to Stoeten on the fan, good job. The one thing i laughed about though, is how he and the host were saying, if the team had a winning record we woudlnt be talking about these problems. hahaha isnt that the point?
    If the team were 10 games above 500 fans wouldnt be calling for Gibbons to be fired. hmmm…that would make sense then wouldnt it?
    If the team were 10 games above 500 they would be a good team. If the team is 10 games under 500 they are a bad team.

  16. Your style is unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this page.

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