June 2nd v Padres

Batter pLI WPA
Cabrera – LF 1.73 -0.189
Gose – PH / LF 0.73 0.059
Bautista – RF 1.12 -0.127
Encarnacion – 3B / 1B 0.82 0.021
Lind – 1B 0.93 0.270
Arencibia – C 1.36 0.134
Rasmus – CF 1.69 0.106 Pitcher pLI WPA
Izturis – 2B / SS 1.40 0.013 Ortiz – SP 1.03 -0.348
Kawasaki – SS 1.97 -0.103 Lincoln – RP 0.74 0.059
DeRosa – PH / 2B / 3B 2.32 0.421 Rogers – RP 1.38 0.133
Ortiz – P 1.55 -0.038 Delabar – RP 2.08 0.082
Lincoln – P 1.10 -0.027 Cecil – RP 1.53 0.222
Rogers – P 3.10 -0.093 Janssen – RP 1.82 0.123
Bonifacio – PH / LF / 2B 1.77 -0.024 Loup – RP 0.45 0.033
Total 1.42 0.196 Total 1.29 0.304

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Mark DeRosa, 42.1%
Griffin: Ramon Ortiz, -34.8%
Impact At-Bat: DeRosa Solo Home Run, Top 11, 35.4%
Impact Pitch: Edinson Volquez 3-Run Home Run, Bot 2, 28.0%
Highest Leverage AB: Melky Cabrera Flyout, Top 8, 3.90
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Carlos Quentin Flyout, Bot 7, 3.24
Lineup Contribution: 19.6%
Pitching Contribution: 30.4%
Average Leverage Index: 0.78
Chart explanation

- Ramon Ortiz’s line: 2.0ip, 5h, 4er, 1bb, ok, 38 pitches, 1 swinging strike, 29 game score.

- Edinson Volquez’s line: 5.0ip, 6h, 4er, 3bb, 7k, 98 pitches, 12 swinging strikes, 43 game score.

- The bad: Ramon Ortiz gave up 4 runs in 2 innings of work, including a 3-run home run to the opposing pitcher. In the 3rd inning Ortiz threw a pitch and immediately crouched in pain, favouring his arm. After the initial shock of pain he slammed his glove on the ground in anger. Perhaps sensing that a comeback from a serious arm injury is a long shot for a 40-year old, Ortiz was visibly overcome with emotion while waiting for the trainers. It was a sad scene to watch, and one that also bared a striking resemblance to my reaction upon getting dumped in 2005. From the angry toss to the pain and embarrassment of suddenly having all your friends around asking if he was okay, the only thing missing was a shot of Ortiz slamming a door shut in the clubhouse and throwing someone else’s shirt into the hallway for it to have been full-on vintage Zubes. There was a nice moment shown after the inning where every player on the Jays bench went to the clubhouse to check on him.

- The good: Brad Lincoln, Esmil Rogers, Steve Delabar, Brett Cecil, Casey Janssen and Aaron Loup combined to throw 9 innings of 2-hit shutout baseball. Gibby managed the pen very well, using Janssen to get through the 2-3-4-5 hitters in the 10th. Lincoln and Rogers got to take at-bats!

- Adam Lind went 3-for-6 with 2RBI in the game, collecting hits to every part of the field and driving in the game tying runs with a 2-out double in the 5th.

- J.P. Arencibia drew a 12-pitch walk in the 4th. This was a sorely needed smile after all the earlier unpleasantness.

- Edwin Encarnacion (16) took the world-famous parrot for a walk, and Mark DeRosa (4) hit a solo shot to get the wheels moving on a 3-run 11th inning. DeRosa had 2 hits in the game after pinch-hitting for Kawasaki in the 8th.

- The Jays nearly took the lead in the 8th but Carlos Quentin made a catch at the wall that you wouldn’t expect Carlos Quentin to make, ending the inning.

- Bonifacio stole his 6th base of the season, scoring later in the at-bat after a Anthony Gose bunt turned into a throwing error by Chase Headley. Jose Bautista followed with his only hit of the entire series, a RBI double.

- The Jays collected 15 hits and drew 3 walks.

- I’m sure Bautista will be happy to be getting the hell out of San Diego. He went 1-for-18 in 3 games, dropping his average 11 points and his OBP 15.

- Does anyone have any theories as to what has happened to curse the health of the Jays pitching staff in the recent past? Did a bunch of Doc Halladay’s blood get mixed into the bullpen dirt? Is it the ghost of Jesse Litsch? Do we need to let Dustin McGowan throw a few pitches to reverse the curse? I’m not sure how many more guys I can stomach walking off the field without moving their pitching arm.

- If that’s what a lot of the NL WPA box scores look like mark me down as quite pleased the Jays play in the American League.

- The (24-33) Blue Jays salvage one game from the Padres, only losing two despite playing 37 innings against them over the weekend. The (30-27) San Francisco Giants host the Jays for a quick pair.

- The series opens this evening at 10:15 EST, the projected match-up is Josh Johnson (4.65FIP, 0.2fWAR) v Tim Lincecum (3.81FIP, 0.5fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gifs via Kyle and Jake. Great dudes}

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  1. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/blue-jays-pitchers-hurt-at-record-pace/

    I remember reading this article last year and being very hopeful for a healthy 2013. So much for that.

  2. Today’s an off day. Series starts tomorrow.

  3. Any idea on who replaces Ortiz now? Poor guy.

  4. Ortiz is a gamer, at least he will continue to get MLB salary once he goes on DL, which could last all year. Don’t know how it works for next year.

    • With Johnson coming back, not sure there will be a replacement for Ortiz. Does not mean there could be more shuffling

      • Morrow out now too right, so JJ kinda takes that sport…..fucking hell

        have we used more pitchers this year already then last year?

  5. Fucking Jays, no breaks, just bullshit.

    Come on boys, start a streak.

  6. Know what? I say fuck a starting rotation. 12 man bullpen. Let Gibby run it from there.

  7. Jays now have 216 IP from the bullpen. #1 in baseball. Astros at #2 have 212 IP. Royals at #30 have 132 IP

  8. It feels like the Jays might have scored a dozen more runs if this series was at Skydome. Lots of warning-track action and snared line drives.

  9. Yeah count me out as far as NL play goes. Way too goofy. All this extra juggling just because you have to let the pitcher bat.

    Some say this makes for more strategy. I’d argue it makes for less strategy.

    • Different strategy for sure.

    • I never understand the love for the “strategy” of the NL. The strategy is based upon not wanting to have a mandated rally kill every 3 or so innings. Outside of a couple guys the only way you have a decent hitting pitcher is luck. That doesn’t improve the game. Neither does taking out a pitcher who is dealing because his turn at the plate is up in the 6th or 7th inning.

      Who is sitting at home cheering for that? It doesn’t make the game more interesting to see the sheepish grin of a pitcher who comes up with a man on and 1 out knowing full-well that the absolute best case scenario for him is to lay down a bunt that doesn’t start a double play. If you’re asking me whether I would rather see Big Papi or Lind or any of the AL’s DH’s hit rather than some pitcher who hasn’t hit a ball hard since College – that is a no brainer.

  10. Injuries overall are supposed to be random and even out over time

    If that is the truth, we should have about 5 straight years without one injury

  11. At this point all I have to say is that the Gods of Baseball owe us a 1990s-style Yankees WS dynasty after this. Can they not let up even a little?

  12. If Buerle gets injured this year, then we know it’s something in the water here that breaks arms.

    • Yeah I was thinking that earlier. If Buerhle goes down, you know the curse is on.

    • The guys getting injured on the Jays have long histories of being injured everywhere.

      Josh Johnson averages like 100 innings a season, he’s right on target really.

  13. I’m going to need to make some lifestyle choices if I’m going to be buying Britta filters all the damn time now.

  14. I blame socialized medicine.

  15. Maybe the pitchers are overthrowing the ball?

  16. Ortiz’ god fucked him last night. Feel bad for the old guy.

    At least he didn’t go on a murdering rampage of the first born children though.

    • Shhh! He’s still got 1 good arm!
      Hey, the guy had a decent run. At 40 he’s got a little cash. Some guys retire earlier than others and some go out in different ways. I looked up Jesse Carlson the other day.
      He’s out of the game.

  17. Way to make the Ramon thing about you, Zuber.

    “This guy’s career is over, but let me take this opportunity to tell you about me getting dumped.”


    • He put a comedic spin on a tragic event, to make light of the situation, instead of being fuckign DEPRESSING and mourning the probable end of a man’s career, because depressing blog posts are a sure way to increase traffic.

    • dan is not the guy.

      Zubes in the guy.

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