Georgia high school outfielder Clint Frazier

The Rule 4 draft, aka the amateur draft, goes Thursday, so naturally the rumblings about how it’s all going to shake down are about as close to a fever pitch as they’ll get. Or, at the very least, it isn’t entirely nonsensical to start thinking about what order prospects are going to go in– which is exactly what guys like Keith Law of ESPN and Jim Callis of Baseball America have been doing.

Law produced the third version of his mock draft on Monday at (Insider Only), and for the third time had the Jays selecting a different player with the tenth pick. This time, Indiana high school pitcher/outfielder Trey Ball was the name he went with for Toronto– a player he’d linked the club to in an earlier mock.

In his comment on the Jays’ spot, Law writes that he’s “only heard Ball, McGuire, and J.P. Crawford, with a slight chance they’d go for Bickford.”

McGuire is Reese McGuire, who Law had the Jays taking back in his first mock draft. I compiled some notes on him in a post back on May 17th.

As for McGuire, in his ESPN scouting report, he’s noted for his throwing and an improvement in his hands over last year. “At the plate, however, he’s a real question mark,” we’re told. And [MLB Draft Insider and ESPN draft blog writer Chris] Crawford is similarly less than enthusiastic about a guy who in both Law’s and Sickels’ mocks is being looked at as just outside the top 10. “I’ve seen some analysts put McGuire at the top of their catcher rankings, but I’m a little more bearish on him than others,” he writes. “He gets rave reviews for his work ethic, and he did put up good numbers over the summer, but he starts the year as my forth best prep catcher.”

Not exactly a glowing report, but if the Jays did end up taking him there, obviously it would be because their many eyes disagree. So… who knows?

Interestingly, in his earlier mock Law also noted that he would expect the Jays “to be opportunistic on any player who was supposed to go higher than this and falls, which could mean [Clint] Frazier.” In the most recent version he has the club passing on the Georgia outfielder, but Jim Callis of Baseball America seems to think it’s hardly a foregone conclusion that he’ll be available when the Jays pick. In a must-read piece from Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet, Callis says that he thinks the Red Sox, who pick seventh, may be inclined to take one of two highly touted Georgia outfielders, Frazier or Austin Meadows– provided other prospects don’t slide and land in their lap.

Speaking of the Jays, Callis says:

Another guy who I think is on the top of their prep list where there’s at least a slim chance he gets to them is Clint Frazier, an outfielder from Georgia near Austin Meadows [another top draft prospect].

Those two guys are an interesting compare too. The two best high school position guys in the draft. Frazier has the best bat speed in the draft. He’s probably more likely than Meadows to have to move from centre field to a corner. But if he does he’s got more power, he’s got the arm strength. He’s not the biggest guy, but he can really juice the ball. His bat speed is electric.

Frazier had a better spring — they played head to head and Frazier hit two home runs in a game when everyone was there to see them both. Meadows didn’t have a bad spring, but Frazier captivated people a little more.

Interestingly, Law has Meadows off the board before the Jays pick, Frazier a few picks behind them, and Kohl Stewart, who Callis thought the Red Sox would snap up if he got past the Twins at four, down at 16. So… yeah. Things are still a bit murky out there. Only a couple more sleeps until it all gets cleared up, at least!

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  2. Look , a few years ago we burned our first pick on Jenkins, basically at best a no 5 in your rotation-what basic skills did he have for the first round? two years ago when we had the 11th choice , AA took Deck Mcguire who then became DRECK Mcguire. We wasted a first rounfdpick on that turd?
    What could they possibly have seen in that POS?
    So, we have no 10 this year and nothing after that til no 47. I hope AA and his scouts get ir right this time as there are no more mulligans

    • You’re an idiot. Mcguire at the time was a pick that a lot praised and thought could be a no. 3 starter. Hind sight is always 20/20.

      • I don’t know if you’re just being a dick or if you honestly don’t remember but McGuire was considered a fringe first round talent with a low ceiling but someone who was major league ready from the get-go.

        You’re right that it’s not AA’s fault that he completely flamed out, but the GM has said himself that he learned to take high ceiling high volatility prospects in the draft.

        AA does need to start drafting better. Four or five years should be enough time for draft picks to start making the majors. That’s what Fukstik means by ‘no more mulligans.’ Can’t blame the empty cupboard on JPR anymore.

    • Yeah you’re right. No more mulligans until…what, this time next year when we could have a similar (or better) pick?

      Shut the fuck up.

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        • Reading your posts is literally the same as getting black out wasted. You know, in the sense that my time is equally wasted and feel like I lose as many brain cells. At least with the former there could be funny stories.

          • Latter, obviously. See? Everyone around you gets dumber just by association.

            • I realize your vocabulary and thought process is severely stunted for you cannot articulate adequately your point of view w/o resorting to ad hominem attacks ( you’ll probably have to look that up).
              In any event, you do appear to be a certified member of the tomentose.
              Fuck off-there maybe you understand basic english!

              • I think it’s really cute that you try and break out the flowery prose (as well as the dictionary, no doubt) whenever someone calls you out on your absolutely inane bullshit.

                Do us all a favour. Throw your computer into the nearest body of water and go do something something else.

                • Unlike you, i do know what words mean and don’t need a dictionary-obviously you were too lazy to go look them up so just sit in your pile of ignorance-a truly pathethic individual. If you wish to communicate on this blog pleasa learn some etiquette. until then, do us all a favor and just fade away-no, make that fuck off you useless piece of shit

    • In all the weeks & days leading up to the Draft, everyone…EVERYONE thought Deck McGuire was going to be drafted #6 overall to the Diamondbacks. Every mock draft & pundit had it going that way but the Dbacks shocked everyone that night by taking Barret Loux – a guy who ended up failing his physical, which nixed his deal w/ Arizona.

      Deck was absolutely viewed as a Top 10 pick that year & everyone in the industry thought the Jays did very well to land him where they did. Keith Law was on record defending the pick, noting that grabbing a safe, #3 starter (which Deck was projected to be), who would likely not need much minor league time – was great value for the Jays.

  3. He’s got all 5 tools, but he’s missing a soul.

  4. | tend to group mock drafts right up there with astrology.

  5. So, will the jays pick a college player or a higher upside high schooler

  6. I think BNS has added a ton of credibility and insight to sportsnet…good hire

    Dirk Hayhurst, not so much.

  7. based on the twenty-five seconds i’ve thought about this, i’ll say the jays go with JP Crawford

  8. The draft has essentially been a bust for years and years now. Every time it comes up I promise myself i won’t watch, won’t catch the up[dates, etc….but I always do.

    Ash, Riccardi, and now AA have had terrible drafting records and nothing is ever going to change. This year’s draft will be an epic failure and the Jays will continue on down the path of mediocrity this year, next year, and forever.

    The only thing i can change is that I refuse to be involved. I absolutely cannot be forced to watch or participate in nay way going forward. I don’t care who they draft – I won’t be following it. Furthermore, I will not watch any more games this year, nor will I listen to them on the radio.

    In addition, I will not be back to the site again! I’m out and this time it’s for keeps.

  9. wow dude looks like a curly haired Parkes

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