New York Yankees v. Toronto Blue Jays

In a move that actually kinda starts to make the Jays look a little bit like the team they thought they’d be again, Josh Johnson has been activated from the 15-day disabled list, and will take the ball tonight for the Jays for the first time since April 21st (!!?!). Rajai Davis has also been activated, while Ramon Ortiz has been placed on the 15-day DL, according to a team release.

The moves were pretty easily anticipated after yesterday’s demotion of Mickey Storey, and Sunday’s incident involving Ortiz. As Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun put it, “Ortiz delivered a pitch to Chase Headley and as he followed through, his leg almost buckled from the pain he felt in his elbow. He was scheduled to fly to Florida and consult with Blue Jay doctors there, get an MRI and then re-evaluate the injury from there, but the prognosis would seem grim.”

The Jays now have– finally!– a twelve-man pitching staff, though… I’m not sure how long that’s going to last, given that they’re now carrying both Davis and Anthony Gose as extra outfielders.

I guess this could also mean it’s soon to be Jim Negrych time– once the team completes its mid-week mini-series with the Junior Varsity Giants, and the idea of having Edwin Encarnacion at third becomes less palatable, maybe they’d want some extra cover for second while Maicer Izturis and Mark DeRosa move mostly to third– but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think the five guys for three positions seems pretty reasonable, plus, to steal part of an answer from a half-finished Griff Bag, the Jays are Negrych’s fourth organization, and any team¬†could¬†have had him at numerous points, if anybody’d ever seen anything there. I hate to piss on what could be a nice story, but you can’t just look at the this year’s numbers and throw away everything everybody’s ever thought about the guy.

So… yeah… wouldn’t be shocked to see a reliever come up for Gose the second that the bullpen looks remotely taxed [or at the very least, as noted in the comments, Gose making way for Chad Jenkins when he needs to come up to make a start on the 11th]. Until then, shit, at least the Jays are somewhat starting to have the problem of fitting in all their healthy players, rather than finding ways to patch holes created by injuries. Kind of.

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  1. the Negrych story would be nice, but are the Jays not trying to win at Major League baseball?

    if they suck ass in September STILL….maybe a cup of coffee type promotion…so he can tell his grandkids he played balll at the highest level.

    • I’d say the season is pretty done at this point in terms of any playoff ambition.

      Might as well see if Negrych has got anything at the big league level, even though he probably does not.

  2. Fingers crossed for Johnson. A lot of how that Marlins deal gets looked at years from now will be about Johnson. Does he pull it together and get extended by the Jays? Does he get us something at the trade deadline? Do we make a qualifying offer and then see him leave, getting us a draft pick?

  3. And I guess we’re totally ignoring the possibility of Negrych getting cybernetic implants?

    Shoddy work, Stoeten!

    Seriously though, isn’t it possible he changed something for the better? Or maybe is just more comfortable upstairs? I could just be reaching, but, at this point I guess I just don’t see the harm in giving him 5 games to see what happens.

    • Because he would have to be put on the 40 man. Now if Ortiz is placed on the 60 dl that would open up a spot but if he is given 5 games to “see what happens” and he doesn’t stick he would have to be dfa’d and possibly picked up by a different org.

      The entire point of signing him was to pay in his hometown of Buffalo

  4. Are the Jays bringing up Jenkins for the June 11 start? I’m assuming it’s Gose for Jenkins as soon as rules permit.

    • That’s probably what will happen, although that’s still a week away.

      Then can we get Thole up? #FreeThole

      Seems pretty reasonable the Jays could move Izturis at some point no? His contracts not that bad, plus has a history of at least MLB success. Could see a contender picking him up. Then Kawasaki just takes his spot.

    • Yep, my thought exactly. But then again, AA is such a roster spaz that he may do something else before then.

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wouldn’t be shocked if McGowan gets activated within the next week, once he’s eligible to come off the 60-day (placed April 7th). I mean, why not try him out? If he blows up, he blows up.

    • Shit, you’re right.

  5. Johnson and Reyes were players that had me so excited about this year, and neither one of them have played in a month and a half. Johnson is just morrow 2.0, i hope he reminds everyone of what a dominant pitcher he has the ability to be.

  6. they actually still have 8 RP, which is fine when u only need 4 SP

  7. I am really fucking glad see Johnson back. He has so much skill, it would be nice to see some really good starts from him. I also missed Davis; I really like him as a utility player.

  8. Thole not being here is puzzling. It’s almost as if AA doesn’t have the balls to cut him.

    • Him being the Latin Frankenstein.

      • If you were AA, you’d be shitting your pants at the thought of cutting him.

        • Why exactly is that? I would’ve had dealt his ass a long time ago. He probably spends most of his time looking at himself in the mirror whilst singing Def Leppard songs; it’s not like he’s intimidating.

        • Ya because Blanco will cut him right back…

      • If Thole gets called up, it would be to replace Arencibia, not Blanco.

        • Despite the overwhelming hatred of Mr. Cibia on here, I think it is pretty evidently clear that AA sees value in him. I would highly doubt that if Thole comes up it is to replace JPA, clearly Blanco has zero value beyond this year and will be the one to get bumped

  9. I though Davis was going to be out longer. Good news. Still, I wonder if Gibby is going to let Lind get some LHP ABs in the AL. If so and IF its successful/not terrible, Davis may see less play time.

    • I hope not.

      I’m extrememly impressed with Lind so far this year. It’s a great surprise. But they can’t let this override years worth of #’s against lefties. Rajai should always be the choice over Lind vs a lefty.

  10. If the Yankees can bang out a couple months of superb ball from Wells and Overbay, why couldn’t the Jays catch lightning in a bottle. You may as well go with the hot hand right now. Negrych isn’t a long term solution. Kawasaki isn’t either – but he may have inspired a few guys to take the odd walk or two. And that ain’t nuthin’.

    • It’s a shame they can’t be inspired to win more often than once every 3-4 games.

    • doesn’t your mind ever wander and picture lind just raking, johnson morrow mcgowan buerhle and dickey being outstanding, jose winning mvp, reyes just absolutely taking over, boni and davis just swiping bases at will.

    • In what universe is a .298 OBP and a 96 OPS+ from a corner OFer “superb”?

      Must be the same one that a .294 OBP and a 101 OPS+ is superb from a 1b.

      The Yanks are one of the worst scoring teams in the league and the crappy play of Wells and Overbay has a lot to do with that. That’s not even considering the fact that they play in a hitter’s paradise.

      • Yes they’ve come back down to Earth now, but for April they were ridiculous. That was all the Yankees were counting on and they delivered. Nobody expected Granderson to get hurt again.

        • Yanks haven’t been scoring runs all year. Every hit seems more important when you have one of the best pitching staffs in the league. Wells had a few good weeks but has otherwise been garbage. This is true of most every garbage player in the league. A club Wells is no doubt still part of.

  11. AA, the silent assassin, does it again! What a genius!

  12. Are gingers the new market inefficiency?

  13. what’s Tomo Ohka up to?

  14. I see Gose being sent down on Thursday with McGowan coming up so that there’s an 8 man bullpen behind Rogers on the weekend and Jenkins on Tuesday night.

    I see Rajai playing LF against LHP with Lind out of the lineup, and I see Edwin/Lind at 1st with Lind /Edwin DHing against RHP.

    I see Derosa and Izturis playing 3B until Lawrie returns in a couple of weeks. June will be the month that Bonifacio can prove himself day in/day out at 2nd.

  15. so if thole continues to hit the shit out of the ball in the international league (not exactly the launching pads of the PCL) what do the jays do / just let him rot there till septebmer while blanco and JPA stink up the joint with their sub 260 ob’s?

    or is AA using the “Thole is a prospect and must play every day” card?

    sick of this shit.

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