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At Sportsnet, Shi David talks to former Jays pro scout and professional crosschecker, and the club’s current director of amateur scouting, Brian Parker, who is running his first Rule 4 draft for the club this week, following the promotion of his predecessor Andrew Tinnish to assistant GM a year ago this month. “Minus all the compensatory bonus picks strategically accumulated by GM Alex Anthopoulos in recent years, Parker won’t have the luxury of volume to cover for any swings and misses, increasing the onus on his team to get assessments right,” Davidi writes. “Despite that, he insists no philosophical adjustment is needed.” In other words: the Jays are still searching for impact talent.

Speaking of Sportsnet, the company announced in a press release today their plans to re-brand the Score Television Network as Sportsnet 360. “The new Sportsnet 360 look will incorporate the red and blue colour scheme from the Sportsnet brand family with the familiar oranges and blues of The Score brand, with an arc through the 360 representing forward movement and energy,” we were told in the most press-release-copy sentence ever. Of course, theScore’s website, blogs (including this one), and mobile app will continue to use the name theScore, because– and I know this is going to be hard for some of you to digest, so try to bear with me– we are now an entirely different, independent company. Not, y’know, property of Rogers.

Richard Griffin had a chat today with readers at the Toronto Star, in which he made what might a pretty decent point about Josh Thole, explaining that “Dickey won a Cy with him behind the plate. Arencibia looks down the dugout now and sees Blanco and thinks he has nothing to worry about in terms of being pushed to get better and more selective and less sure of his place in life. Thole had a bad spring but you made that trade with the Mets and sent Buck and took Thole for a reason. Just do it.” Can’t disagree, at this point, though I’d hardly suggest that Arencibia doesn’t want to get better– even if his talk about strikeouts being OK and “baseball people” liking what he does maybe suggests otherwise.

Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area talks about the most anticipated part of the Jays-Giants mini-series that begins tonight in San Francisco: the return of Melky Cabrera. “Cabrera served the side well before he was found to be a pharmaceutical playground, and since we have not yet heard any groundswell for returning either the wins he helped provide or the money those wins generated, we’re going to assume that there is a limit to everyone’s outrage,” he writes. I suspect that maybe there isn’t– though from the city that gleefully cheered on Barry Bonds for years, you’d think there probably should be, eh?

Sticking with the bay area angle, Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles pulls out a bunch of fascinating newspaper quotes from the mid-70s, when the San Francisco Giants were nearly moved to Toronto.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman digs into the data to look at why Adam Lind has been such a better hitter so far this season.

Erika Gilbert hands out more than just letter grades at the National Post, going through the Jays position players and looking at how they stack up at the plate against their big league counterparts. Interesting stuff– if a little fucking depressing.

From the Toronto Star late last week, of fucking course Robert Coello (aka Robert Coell-who?) has a fucking unhittable fucking knuckle-like forkball. Of course.

More good news from late last week: Chris King of Baseball Prospectus (paywall’d) provides a scouting report on Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard, and guess what? Glowing. Ugh.

Hardball Talk passes along a report (since deleted or something) that Mark Teahen, who last saw big league action with the 2011 Jays, has been released by the Texas Rangers’ Triple-A affiliate in Round Rock. “This season alone he was with the Dbacks organization, was traded to the Reds, who promptly sent him back to Arizona after he failed a physical, and then fizzled at Round Rock for the Rangers,” they explain. “Hard to see how this is anything other than the end of the line for the guy.”

Lastly, a couple of draft-related gems, as Matt Garrioch gives you links to everything you could possibly need to know in his draft essentials post at Minor League Ball, while Keith Law is joined on his Behind The Dish podcast for ESPN.com by Baseball America’s Jim Callis for a big ol’ session of draft talk.

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  1. So does that mean that DJF will now be known as DJF360?

    Can DJF get an Ark through the logo reminding people to “don’t get off the boat”?

    And Rogers doesn’t own website or blogs but I heard Stoeten on the Fan590 which is owned by Rogers for which Stoeten doesn’t work for but fratinizes with from time to time.
    I’m confused again.

  2. I’ve done my scouting for the Jays draft over the weekend and let me show you what i’ve found.

    I always like to base my draft rankings off of ‘baseballness’ of the names.

    i.e. Buster Posey was an obvious 1st overall pick while Tim Beckham… What kind of a name is that? bad mistake by the Rays.

    This years hot contenders for 1st overall pick are Hunter Harvey, Kohl Stewart and Billy Mckinney with the clear favorite being Trey Ball. Kid hit the jackpot.

    If I see the Blue Jays take some asshole with a name like Mark Appel, Braden Shipley, or Ian Clarkin I’m gonna be 12 different kinds of pissed off.

  3. Gotta love dat Dickey trade.

    • Trollin for some attention JC?

      Fuck the Dickey trade,I’m still tryin to wrap my head around the fact that oral sex can cause cancer.

      • Thats why one should always rinse with Everclear.

      • Listen, to get talent you have to give up talent, right?

        I’m certain AA did his due diligence on these players and in turn got himself the pitcher with the highest EAR (excuses above replacement) in the game today.

        • You can whine all you want JC,but when you just made one of the biggest trades in MLB history,increased payroll by 50 % , have a shot at the postseason and can add a Cy Young winner to a shakey rotation.
          Maybe, just maybe you do it.
          For the now, not for 5 years from now.

      • They didnt say how much though.

        I’m thinking Michael Douglas better be ready for a barrage of one liners.

      • if someone decides to use their sexual organs to smoke,they get what they deserve!

  4. So. Apparently MLB is set to suspend about 20 players for their connection to that place in Florida. Heard mention Arod, Braun….Melky….

  5. “Not, y’know, property of Rogers.”

    Right. Except that Rogers Media owns 11.8% of TheScore Inc.

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