Toronto Blue Jays v Atlanta Braves

Here are two things that have no business being lumped together, but which I will anyway because I’m not prepared to write a full post about either:

One, Gregor Chisholm was the first to tweet out this nugget regarding the Jays’ most recent DL case:

That’s terrific news, even if Ortiz isn’t exactly the most valuable pitcher the Jays have floating around the fringes of their roster (though, actually, maybe he is). You never want to see anybody go out the way it appeared as though he had back on Sunday night.

Aaaaand two, it’s some bad news for some MLB superstars, and “others”– who technically, don’t forget, could include Melky Cabrera:

Outside the lines is, of course, ESPN, so… yeah, that’s a thing.

Discuss! (And if there are updates– particularly ones with any bearing on the Jays– I’ll include them here.)


As I was publishing this, Outside The Lines released their actual story.

Money quote, regarding Melky:

The players who might ultimately face discipline from MLB include: Rodriguez, Braun, Cabrera, Colon, Grandal, Nelson Cruz, Francisco Cervelli, Jesus Montero, Jhonny Peralta, CesarPuello, Fernando Martinez, Everth Cabrera, Fautini de los Santos, Jordan Norberto, and a number of players who are either identified by code names or whose names appear in other documents not obtained by “Outside the Lines.” All are currently on major-league rosters but for Puello, a top outfield prospect for the New York Mets who is playing in Class AA Binghamton.

One player listed who will be scrutinized but possibly exonerated is the Nationals’ Gio Gonzalez. Gonzalez was listed among Biogenesis clients, but two sources told ESPN that the only substances he received from the clinic were legal.

So… that’s not a good first sign.

However, back in February, when the story first broke, Jayson Stark of quoted Alex Anthopoulos as explaining, “My understanding is there’s no issue. My understanding is that, as of today, we really don’t have anything to be concerned with. He served a suspension and right now, that’s it. His suspension has been served.”

Of course, if he’d been doing more than what he’d been suspended for– or doing it for a lot longer– it could be trouble. It’s not like MLB isn’t kinda on a bit of a fucking crusade on this one, is it? Obviously. So who knows?


With an assist from reader @JulitoFlo, we have the translation of this from Enrique Rojas:

Julio translates:

It certainly would seem flaky of MLB to try to concoct a scenario whereby Cabrera and Colon are told, “Well, you were suspended for X in 2012, but not for Y in 2011,” and I’d reckon the union would have something to say about it, but… maybe? I don’t know. It’s comforting that the Jays felt confident he wouldn’t see further punishment when they signed him– it’s not like they wouldn’t have investigated it.


Some interesting stuff from ESPN’s TJ Quinn, who, despite the Buccigross tweets I used earlier, broke the story.

So… if that’s how they plan to get Braun and A-Rod for 100 games, I don’t think that bodes well for Melky– nor does the fact that Quinn, in his piece and on Twitter, has specifically noted that Gio doesn’t appear to be in peril as part of this, which might lead one to believe that the other names on the list aren’t simply there as idle speculation based on previous reports.

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  1. Holy shit.

    • Does any of this really matter this year if the team is in last place? The way I see it, better to get it out of the way now, so next year, with probably the same roster, we wont have the specter of a star player’s suspension hanging over us.

  2. I think this deserves the two syllable version: holy shee-it

  3. Oh and Texas trailing Boston 4-0 already, fuck off

  4. When Melky signed didn’t AA say that he was confident that Melky would be okay because he already served his suspension?

  5. Braun is gonna take extra shit (and he should) if he comes up dirty in this.

  6. I think Melky is in the clear. Unless he bought more PEDs since then he should be fine.

    He wont get suspended for the same thing.

    • I was thinking the same.

    • Well its more so if the timetable is different from when he tested positive they can have a second case against him. That is the scary part.

    • I think it may depend on how “since then” is defined.
      For example, if there is evidence of several transactions over x # of months, it wouldn’t surprise me if he served another suspension, even if it was last season.

      Kind of a murky area, to be sure. But players can certainly be suspended multiple times for the same thing, if they do the same thing multiple times.

      • That’s not the point of contention- if you suspended him last year for using the drugs, could you do so again for buying the drugs that he ultimately tested positive for? It would be less suspending him twice for steroid use than suspending him twice for tr same offense.

        • My guess is MLB would argue if he bought the same drugs multiple times over a period of months there would be grounds to impose another suspension.

        • If it was a one-time purchase of the same substance he tested positive for last season, that’s an interesting scenario.

          OTL does say that anyone who denied any connection to Biogenesis would be pursued for an additional suspension. Not sure if Melky mentioned anything about this in his public comments.

          • He should get a suspension for the phony website scheme. I was embarrassed for him.

          • Even if its a different substance, it would bother me if they resuspended anyone. In the case of arod and Braun, at least it shows te ongoing use of PEDs that hasn’t been punished.

            On the other hand, if they can prove multiple unpunished violations in guys like melky… I dunno.

  7. Can we assume that the other 20 arent “big names”? Like are all the names known? Usually they would lead with the names (Braun, ARod).

    Remember that guy that correctly predicted Melky last year who caused a stir just before the season who called this? He also names Cano and Grandy tho.

  8. Gotta think that AA consulted with Beeston before signing Melky. Beeston would know more than most people, about how the investigation would affect Melky’s ability to play.

  9. Honestly (and I dont want to be blaspbemous) but Im a little more worried about EE or Bautista then Melky.

    Not that I THINK either of those guys are on gear, and I would be surprised (or as surprised as anyone could be with these things anymore). But theres a tiny bit of me thats holding my breath until I see all the names on the list.

  10. If theres another superstar on the list tho, my best guess would be Papi.

  11. @WitradoSN 4m
    Nelson Cruz, Yasmani Grandal, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Jesus Montero, Jhonny Peralta, Everth Cabrera among others facing suspension.

    • That will be the question, I guess. Whether he lied about biogenesis (although I don’t get how where he bought it would matter. Arod and Braun at least it’s provided proof of doping. Melky tested positive and was suspended)

  12. Yea I don’t get it, didn’t he already serve his suspension? Or is this a totally different case from the one he was initially suspended for? I mean even if his PEDs was purchased from this place… Does it matter? He was still punished.

    • I think it matters if he purchased PEDs from them more than once.

      • I’m curious to see the games these guys get suspended for.. Would some player get hit harder then others? Im guessing depends how deep the player was involved? Maybe.

        • They are trying for two-in-ones for some players (violation + lying about connection to the company), so 100 games for them if MLB gets their way.

          It’s an interesting situation though for some of these guys. Suspensions wouldn’t be based on positive tests, and what happens to me if Bosch testifies he sold me PEDs 18 different times? A lifetime ban doesn’t make sense, but a 50- or even 100-gamer sounds almost lenient. There is not a lot of middle ground.

      • Why would it matter if he bought it once or 1000 times as long as the only purchases were before he tested positive?

        its not like when a guy tests positive they investigate the situation beyond suspending the guy for a first offense.

        does anyone think that anyone he gets busted was doing the shit for the first time when they did? that is laughable and naive. like the husband caught cheating who claims it was a one time deal

        if melkey gets suspended again for this then the jays and/or melkey must have an incredibly shitty lawyer

        • I suppose it would matter in the same way that it would if you were reprimanded at your job for an infraction and then it was discovered that you committed the same infraction 1,000 other times before you had been initially reprimanded.

      • So, assume I’m a PED user for a few years, then suddenly get caught in 2012. My take is all of my previous PED violations are covered. Only PED purchasea made after s/b suspendable

  13. On the other hand, it’s not like Melky Cabrera has been particularly good so far.

    It’s okay when Yunel Escobar hits an empty .280 since he plays plus defense at a premium position. The baseline for LF is much higher even to just be an average regular.

  14. So does that mean Melky could be slapped with a 100 gamer?

    • Honestly I really doubt it. His name was slapped to this when it forst came out and thats prob why its still attached to it.

      I mean, even if Melky got his drugs from this clinic it would have to be AFTER his suspension to be suspended again.

      After all, if the oeague suspends him again because he supposedly juiced in 2011 as well as 2012, thats just way too vague. So where is the arbitrary endpoint? Jan 1? Like, if he took his first shot on Jan 1 2012, hes fine, but if he took it Dec 31 2011, that constitutes two suspenaions because it spanned two calender years?

      Taken to the extreme, that logic means every single shot (usually steroid cycles have 2-3 shots/wk) is a seperate infraction. Or if the guy juiced in 2010 as well, that wouod mean his third offense? Which wouod mean hes out of baseball?

      Sorry I just dont see it. Legally its Way to murky for MLB to oull that off. I have to imagine that once your caught, its assumed that you did steroids before the actual day you got caught as well and yur ounishment absolves you of everything up UNTIL THAT POINT.

      Again, wheres he line? If you juice for a month before you actually get caught your ok….but say, 6 months is two offenses? When does the first offense end and the secnd begin, assuming continuous drug use over a period of time?

      Im still convnced Melky is fine.

      • It’ll be interesting to see how MLB handles Melky if at all. But remember, MLB invested a lot of money in to this investigation.. So they wanna see justice!

  15. Im interested in the code name players.

    Those are the big fish.

  16. Of course MLB wont suspend players who might kill someone while driving drunk, but if you do ‘roids, throw the book at them

    • You’re right. They should try to include suspensions for other infractions of the law in their next proposal to the MLBPA.

      • Its only illegal in MLB to use PEDs, not in State or Fed Law in CO as im assuming you mean.

        There for he gets punished by the state for the DWI, MLB would be double punishing him in a way.

  17. @Wilnerness590 2m
    I’d be absolutely floored if Melky Cabrera was suspended because of BioGenesis. He’s already done time for it. #Bluejays #Jays #NothingNew
    Hopefully he’s right

    • He’s right.
      And Beeston woulda checked it out before the signing.
      He was the President and COO of MLB.
      I think he has a few connections.

  18. According to the Business Insider Stoeten retweeted, A-Rod And Ryan Braun can be punished separately for both lying about being tied to the clinic and actually be tied to it, so I guess Melky could also get doubled up for similarly shitty reasons.

    • Did Melky lie about it tho? I assume they mean lying to MLB investigators. Why would Melky lie about a connection when he had no reason to lie anymore.

      Al he had to say is “yup Boesch was where I got the drugs I tested positive for. Thats why my name is there”

      Would make zero sense for him to lie to MLB investigators and I highly doubt he did.

  19. Melky being suspended would just be icing on the cake.

  20. Wasn’t cano one of the people supposedly linked to biogenesis back in the spring?

  21. i hope munanori kawasaki is clean!! his close friends call him hank tomato by the way

  22. God Forbid we lose that .698 OPS in LF. Really 52 comments and most of you come over like washer women. Is Melky really relevant lets be fair we signed the Atlanta Braves Melky yipeee. Hey and for Stoten his WAR in 2013 ZERO big fucking woop. Ninja does it again… we have a ninja that does himself in the forehead with the throwing stars

  23. lol @ “big fucking woop”

  24. I would be shocked if Melky was suspended again, but if he was, it would be another nail in the coffin for 2013.

  25. The union had better fight this tooth and fucking nail. Suspensions without positive tests? BULLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIT.

  26. Hasnt been one report that Im aware of that suggests Melky DID lie to MLB about Boesch.

    Be pretty needless and stupid if he did.

    As well, I doubt MLB nails Arod and Braun for two charges anyways. Its a pretty slippery slope. Im sure every MBer whos been suspended before for this has lied initially to MLB abiut it. They certai ly didnt attempt tonget them twice. Dont see how they can arbitrarily start with these two now.

    • You’re talking about a guy who invented a fake website after he was busted in a lame attempt to cover his tracks.

  27. I know this is what’s called in the trade ‘reductio ad hitlerum’, but Bud Selig getting all hot and heavy on PED users in 2013 is a bit like Hitler being appointed to head the International War Crimes Tribunal.

  28. Wow. I’m going full on Clay Davis length expletive over here. Also, this is pretty exciting, since it’s basically reverse free agency day.

  29. They’re all ready done blow-drying Bucks hair, any game threat?

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