It’s the 2013 MLB Draft, and though the Jays don’t pick until number ten– which is probably not going to be until sometime after midnight, if my memory of last year’s pace is correct– there’s still a whole lot to talk about, so let’s do it! The Houston Astros, after passing on him last year, have selected Mark Appel with the first overall pick, and the Chicago Cubs are on the clock.

It’s the DJF 2013 Draft Live Blog!

8:04 PM – The Jays take the high-rising raw flamethrower Phil Bickford. I can deal with that!

8:00 PM – The other Georgia outfielder, Austin Meadows, goes at number nine to the Pirates. The Jays are on the clock.

7:55 PM - The Royals select Hunter Dozier, a college shortstop that Keith Law had at 29 in his final mock, and 53 on his top 100 (or 38th, according to a tweet). Either way, way to go, Royals!

7:49 PM - The best named player among the high-end talent in the draft, Trey Ball, goes to Boston. So… yeah. The draft!

7:43 PM – North Carolina third baseman Colin Moran goes to the Miami Marlins… until he gets good, at which point he’ll surely be traded.

7:42 PM - For those of you too lazy to click the link, that leaves Austin Meadows, Reese McGuire, J.P. Crawford, Trey Ball and Phil Bickford. Only four teams left to pick before the Jays, so at least one of them will still be on the board.

7:35 PM – There goes one of the fist names in the pool of potential Jays picks that I noted in today’s primer post, as the Clevelands take Georgia high school outfielder (or… third baseman?) Clint Frazier.

7:29 PM – Kohl Stewart goes to the Twins at number four, as was expected, according to pretty much everything that was out there prior to the draft. There was one report that I seem to recall having the Jays as being interested in him, but not a lot of people– at least, not the ones I read– thought it was likely he’d fall. Good call on that one, I guess.

7:25 PM - You can’t possibly want me to go digging around for reports on any of these guys who aren’t being picked by the Jays, right? Good.

7:23 PM – The Rockies snap up Jonathan Gray, who seemed like the 1A to Mark Appel’s 1 status in this draft, if you believed anything you read in the lead-up… which, obviously you shouldn’t have.

7:18 PM – Bit of a surprise, as the Cubs take power hitting third baseman Kris Bryant! So… yeah. How about that?

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  1. Would these guys shut the fuck up? The timer on the Cubs hit 0 like 19 minutes ago.

  2. A lottery is about dreaming. So long as AA takes someone that somebody, anybody says has a high ceiling…all is good.

  3. Draft day is exciting but unless your team is drafting a guy like Harper who is the rare talent that everyone knows is going to have an impact on your team, a reaction of anything more “okay they drafted that guy” seems over blown.

  4. Kris Bryant was a Jays draft pick a few years ago right?

  5. fuck me the red sox get a top 5 prospect

  6. Ginger off the board. Nevermind 5 tool, he’s a 6 tool player! Did you hear that voice!?

  7. I wish Harold Reynolds would just shut the fuck up about the MLB team needs when talking about who each team drafts. What the Indians do with Asdrubal Cabrera or whoever doesn’t fucking matter when it comes to who they pick.

  8. The Jays have been stuck it seems in this middling success forever. They are never bad enough to draft really high and get the close to guarantee impact guy and they are never good enough to make the playoffs. God Damn Ricciardi, he should have blown those teams up and tanked them giving them good draft picks, which he would have probably fucked up, but still.

    • Kind of hard to really tank unless you were advocating dealing Halladay and Delgado from those teams.

      • Delgado walked (I think) and Halladay was traded anyway. Signing guys like Overbay was never going to get it done. It was always the same “if everything breaks right we will make the playoffs” if everyone has career year we will make the playoffs. Yes as much fun as those two were I rather (in hindsight) have seen them dealt for far more and draft and sign young talent which we could be watching now.

    • There must be something wrong with your abilities to process or recall information if you think there is anything close to “close to guaranteed impact guy”. Even the number 1 pick is not “close to guaranteed” and once you pass the first overall pick, almost anything can happen. So unless you want the Jays to get the first overall pick three years in a row or so….

  9. I kind of wish they’d cut to the Jays war room and nothing was there but Paul Godfrey in a leather buffalo bills jacket drinking a whiskey.

  10. Cmon’ Tre-Ball!

  11. I hope AA defies conventione here, kind of like Rob Babcock did with Rafael Araujo.

  12. I hope the Pirates pass on Meadows. I want the Jays to draft a pure hitter for the first time since…I’m not even sure.

  13. fate wil have us pick a J.P. or a Mcguire, fuck

  14. So the Pirates steal our guy the pick before us AGAIN?

  15. Classic Jays pick.

  16. Flamethrowers are always a good thing until he needs Tommy John.

  17. One thing about those high school arms, man. I get older. They stay the same age.

  18. In his chat today, klaw said bickford cant throw a breaking ball. So i would temper my expectations for this guy.

  19. And he is from California. I like him already.

  20. According to the guys on SI.com he has a heater that can touch 95 and a severe curve in the 78-80 range.

  21. http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-0606-mlb-draft-20130606,0,3176531.story

    Check out the video of the new kid. Another SoCal pitcher.

  22. Man, we seriously just drafted a seventeen year old? What am I doing with my life? I’ve accomplished nothing. Do you know what I was doing at 17? It’s disgusting and embarrassing. I was a lonely lonely boy.

  23. We’ve got a hometown kid out here in Victoria, who started for our new Harbourcats team last night – gave up 6 runs over 8 and got a W – and is projected to go in Round 3.

    His name is Nick Pivetta. It’d be a nice Maple Boner pick, as such things are called around here. But he’ll probably wind up somewhere mediocre like San Diego.

  24. Who do we draft with the 10th pick in 2014?

    Bickford is supposed to be impossible to sign and AA said nothing in the draft really impresses him. All signs point to this being a punt.

    • Tyler beede?

    • Why is he impossible to sign? Get him a suit case full of cash and impossibility may become reality.

      • Next year is a better draft anyway. We’re probably better off using the extra money on our second round pick.

    • Law has him ranked 55th. And not based on signa ility but talent.

      Nit that thats be all, end all, bht its not like we took a risk on a top 5 talent who dropped to 10th b/c of signability.

      lol he prob just said he wouldnt sign figuring someone would use him as a punt and then accept whatever offer they give him.

  25. DJ Peterson: 80 on emotion, 0 on musical taste

  26. Shockey, I was wondering that too after those comments. I guess the strategy is to see if you can get someone to sign for less to save for other picks or else wait until next year. The guy is only 17 so it’s not like one year matters either way if you are playing the long game.

    • What makes it look more like a punt is that Shipley was still available. He’s a better high school pitcher who would probably sign for less.

  27. There was a good chapter in the most recent Baseball Prospectus book (Extra Innings) about how age/youth might be the new market inefficiency in drafting in terms of expected return. Maybe the Jays are noticing this with this pick and DJ Davis last year.

    Although high school pitching was the one group where their study didn’t quite come together under the “younger is better” statement due to injury concerns. Looking over the chapter right now, the exact quote is:

    “In particular, pitchers drafted before their 18th birthday have historically not fared well, and need to be handled with extreme caution to prevent injury.”

  28. Phil bickford? The jays drafted a fucking accountant. Unbelievable they’d do that with hunter Harvey still on the board.

  29. Big fastball, no breaking ball, meh. I’m sure the team has scouted him hard, obviously they think he has a breaking ball in his wrist at some point so now we just wait half a decade to find out.

  30. mothafucker its a crapshoot calm down

  31. mlbtraderumors says bickford had a pre draft deal. they thought kansas city but must have been the jays. sign below slot early? thats what id guess now, anyone know who his agent is?

  32. This kid’s gonna be a rock star. His dad makes him hit a target 10 straight times in a row before he can go to bed guys (see my video link above). He’s 6’4, 200lbs at 17. His fastball hits 97. He can learn to throw a breaking ball.

    But, ya, it’s a total fuckin’ crapshoot dudes, calm the fuck down.

    • Lol. Total crap shoot. Just looking at drafts from the past, it’s so hard to gauge talent when it hasn’t fully developed, with a few exceptions. This could be a bust, but it could also change the fortunes of this franchise in a short period of time. And if his dad has instilled location, location, location with him, maybe they can hire his dad as a minor league pitching instructor. Ok, maybe I went to far with the last comment. At times this year, it seemed like throwing strikes was harder then pulling teeth.

    • Maybe his Father could do this with Romero before he goes to bed every night

  33. The most dominant pitcher in baseball right now was chosen out of high school with the 7th pick. Kershaw has been dominant like no other in recent years, but lets just hope the Jays adopt a policy of developing pitchers similar to the Rays.

    Although they are opposite armed pitchers, there scouting report is very similar. This was said about Kershaw when he was drafted; Considered to be the top high school arm in the draft, Kershaw’s fastball sits in the mid-90s to go along with a big curve and workable changeup. An oblique injury hasn’t scared teams off.

    Lets hope he becomes the gem of this draft. Although I said I liked to see him developed at a considerable rate, Kershaw made 21 starts as a 20 year old. I don’t think it will take long to know whether this kid is going to blossom or crash within the next two years. Call me optimistic, but I have a good feeling about this pick.

  34. Projected rotation of the 2018 World Champion Toronto Blue Jays:


    With Romero to close it out in the ninth

  35. You can’t be upset with the pick when the desirable bats had already been taken. Big meh.

  36. One thing I find curious, most “experts” suggest that throwing a breaking ball at a young age helps destroy kids arms. Maybe Bickford doesn’t have a breaking ball because he was advised not to throw one. If you’ve got a good heater and you can command it in high school nobody is going to touch you anyway as they can’t catch up to the heat.

    • Being able to control heat at a young age is a plus-plus for this organization and can’t help to think that helped him getting drafted here.

  37. I love this pick. AA can say “Take this amount of $ or go back to school”. Either the Jays get this kid on the cheap or they get 9th overall next years (better) draft. This kid is no closer to MLB than next years pick will probably be anyways.

  38. The breaking ball is fine if you have good mechanics and throw them right (ie good instruction). Otherwise just use fastball change up.

  39. A white sox prospect who can’t/won’t do a flip on request??? Pffft send him back to juco!

  40. Who knows if this Bickford kid will pan out or not – obviously it’s too early to draw any firm conclusions. However, judging by pictures of him posted online, he appears to be a strong, good looking kid with soft hands. Also, he’s got a nice ass – young, tight and ripe. If nothing else, Bickford will at least provide Wilner with some fresh masturbation material

  41. Is the second round chosen tonight?

    It will be interesting to see if AA puts the Jays in position to punt both the 1st and 2nd round (both can carry over) and go for a super pool next year.

  42. Law’s rumor was that the Jays would tell Bickford to take less money or go home if they took him 10th.

    Maybe the play is to see if one of the better prospects falls into their lap for the 2nd round and either sign both their 1st rounder and 2nd rounder or punt both to next year?

    Or maybe I’m overthinking this.

  43. The draft is more than just one pick.
    -Jason Parks

    With the Jays, you don’t know how they will play it. Additionally, they have a different scouting director than last year, so who knows how philosophies may have changed.

  44. I’m pretty sure Andrew Tinnish ran the draft last year. I don’t know if it’s Brian Parker (Director of amateur scouting) this time.

  45. Fucking Cards and Rays still end up with decent picks. Fuck it, just wait for a deeper draft next year.

  46. I’ll get excited when I see this organization actually draft and develop an impact major league talent. You have to go back to Halladay…maybe Hill…to find a pick that amounted to anything more than a role player.

    In the time that the Blue Jays drafted and developed Hill, Romero, Lind, Cecil and JPA,
    the Red Sox, usually drafting behind the Blue Jays, drafted and developed Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, Clay Bucholz, Justin Masterson, Jonathan Papelbon, Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, Will Middlebrooks, Jed Lowrie, Daniel Bard, Josh Reddick, David Murphy, Yan Gomes, Justin Grimm, Nick Tepesch, Brandon Belt and Jackie Bradley Jr.

    One of those lists is a tad more impressive than the other.

  47. The player development side of things has been suspect for the Jays, but how could you point out which coaching is at fault? I would think it revolves around extended spring and Hi A Dunedin coaching.

    • That was one thing I thought of…And really the Jays are still feeling the (non) effects of JPR. Most of AA’s picks are still in the minors. Will grant you though the Sox have drafted and developed well:especially seeing as how they’ve picked very low in most drafts since 2000..

  48. Hilarious that you guys were talking deck mcguire bc he popped up in the news today. Pitched a four hit, nine strikeout, two walk game tonight for new Hampshire. Might be a good sign?
    Here is to hoping! Everyone, quick get on the boat!

  49. Found this link about Bickford, has a profile and tonnes of in game photos, enjoy


    • Yikes! He’s been drafted by the Jay’s for – what?- 4 hours? This site says he has “Committed” to the Blue Jays already.

  50. Hollon is a great pick!!! He has been on my radar for a while… He looked like a top 10 guy before his injury last year. He has two plus pitches, needs to develop a 3rd – I think he is a steal!!!!!

  51. Id love to watch one of his games. A 6’4 kid throwing high 90′s heat in HS baseball? It must be like watching The Rock take candy from a baby. (any extremely muscular adult male can be subbed in, and the analogy is still valid)

    • I’m not sure where you live RobA but if you get a chance to watch some elite ( 16 to 18year old) league baseball in your area,give it a look.
      You can usually get a good view right behind the backstop and see the speed and movement close up.

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