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According to a tweet from Shi Davidi, the Jays have optioned Anthony Gose back down to Buffalo, with a reciprocal move set to come tomorrow. Any guesses? Lot of people thinking Dustin McGowan, which I suppose entirely makes sense. In the National Post, John Lott profiles the soon-to-be former Buffalo Bison.

Health news: “R.A. Dickey is finally healthy,” writes Gregor Chisholm in his post-game wrap for BlueJays.com, following yesterday’s win in San Francisco, which… I thought he was healthy like two weeks ago. Meanwhile, in a notebook post from yesterday, Gregor told us that “the Blue Jays are still waiting for Brett Lawrie’s sprained left ankle to display some noticeable signs of improvement.” He adds that there is no immediate timetable for his return. Ugh.

Speaking of Buffalo Bisons (weren’t we?) and guys with no immediate timetable… Ricky Romero! Apparently the former Opening Day starter has ditched the mechanical changes that he’s tried making all spring, because… of course he has. “It’s my career, man,” he told Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star. “Enough with the mechanical stuff.” Okaaaaaay…

Great stuff from David Laurila of FanGraphs, in the form of a lengthy, must-read Q&A up with Jays hitting coach Chad Mottola, who tells him, “I think it’s OK to push a guy to failure.” More gold, regarding Brett Lawrie: “He’s a high-strung guy who has a lot of movement, pre-pitch. That’s something I’d like to eventually cut down, but at the same time, I can’t take that all away from him, because he’ll have that stuck feeling where he can’t pull the trigger the same way he’s been doing his whole life,” Mottola explains. “He’s got a lot going on in his pre-load that we’d like to settle down, but that’s something that can take years. If he’s competing at the big-league level, and I want to ask for changes mechanically… I can’t get him un-athletic at the same time.”

Gamereax rather awesomely looks at R.A. Dickey’s great outing yesterday.

At Bluebird Banter, Nick Ashbourne examines Edwin Encarnacion’s season so far and concludes that he thinks the best is still yet to come here in 2013.

In today’s minor league report at Jays Journal, we learn that Darren Oliver was doing work for the Dunedin Jays last night.

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports looks at R.A. Dickey, Ramon Ortiz, and the long road travelled.

The Tao of Stieb wonders where Brett Lawrie goes from here.

Michael Grange of Sportsnet and knowing that the forbidden zone was once a paradise tells us about the Jays’ likability problem, or some such nonsense.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi looks at the Jays’ past ways of finding draft value.

Erika Gilbert of the National Post gives us some first-third grades for the Jays’ pitchers, which… except for the relievers, are– as you might expect– kinda horrific.

Tom Hawthorn of the Globe and Mail pens a touching obituary for legendary scout Epy Guerrero, who passed away last week.

Henry Shulman of the San Francisco Chronicle attempts– and fails, in my book– to defend Giants fans’ right to be hypocrites and boo Melky Cabrera, after they giddily cheered Barry Bonds for years like assholes. Good luck with that.

Holy shit, the Wall Street Journal tells the full-on tale of horribleness that is having a Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas– as the Mets now do, having switched places with the Jays over the winter. Um… not that we didn’t know it was bad, but it sounds a whole lot worse than we were ever told. Why is that, I wonder?

Lastly, stay tuned to the ol’ DJF, as I’ll be live blogging draft-related stuff starting at 7 PM… then probably going silent-ish for the goddamn 90 minutes it’s going to take for them to get to the Jays’ pick… then talking about that.

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  1. Is announcing that you’re healthy after you finally have an amazing start the new announcing you’ve been playing hurt after a string of poor starts?

  2. “It’s my career, man,” ????

    Ummmm… “It’s my $25mil Rick. Thanks”

  3. Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I really don’t seem to be too fussed about the statement that there is no immediate timetable for Lawrie’s return. I guess I have sort of lost my lust for this guy. Bat has been undewhelming for 1 + seasons and I’m growing tired of his antics. EE back to third and Cooper at first base, lol!

  4. I found that Romero article in The Star very interesting. A lot of reading between the lines of what Romero was saying that can be done. Him saying “screw it Im doing what I want”, and AA being like “whatever man, do what you gotta do”. And then Ricky saying he’s being careful about who he has in his corner.

    Would love to see you do yet another full length piece on the ongoing saga of Romer-woe…the whole situation is (still) very interesting to me.

  5. Giants fans were right to cheer Barry Bonds because he was the best baseballer. They are wrong to boo Melky because he owns a lot too.

  6. Lawrie will never hit with that stupid waggling, he’s got to go down to the minors and work it out of his swing. How the fuck did the Jays not make him work on that all winter?

    Is the coaching staff in over their heads?

    • Maybe you should work with him since you seem to be an expert

    • Because there’s never been an elite hitter who looks spastic in the batters box?

      • Morons, you’ve obviously never played the sport at all.

        Try hitting an underhand lob with all that herky jerk, it’s damn near impossible to square the bat on the ball. A lot of good hitters waggle but they cut that shit out and get still before the pitch is thrown.

  7. “He’s a high-strung guy who has a lot of movement, pre-pitch. That’s something I’d like to eventually cut down, but at the same time, I can’t take that all away from him, because he’ll have that stuck feeling where he can’t pull the trigger the same way he’s been doing his whole life,”
    Chad Mottola, IMHO a fairly decent hitting coach, thinks that to take the waggle away completely instead of a gradual cutting down would be the wrong idea. Makes sense.

  8. Rickey, putting the ‘me’ back in Romero

  9. It really was mllacagiy watching Les Miles refuse to make any adjustments whatsoever in order to even attempt to try to win the game. He’s like the Andy Reid of college football.

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