Toronto Blue Jays v Atlanta Braves

The Jays return home from their west coast swing to open a three game set with a very good Rangers team, and while they seem to have stabilized themselves enough to keep from falling farther back in the supposed race for the playoffs, um… could they maybe win some fucking games? Like… a lot of them? In a row or something?

Like, wouldn’t that be kinda alright?

It’s not like they’re not capable. No, really! And shit, they get starters Nick Tepesch and Justin Grimm from the Rangers this series– albeit sandwiching a start from the maddeningly magnificent Yu Darvish– so it’s not like they don’t have a fighting chance here. Even with Esmil Rogers set to take the hill tonight.

And… like… A.J. Pierzynski is hitting third, and Jeff Baker fifth for Texas tonight. It’s not like they’re that goddamn fucking good. GAH!!! FUCKING 2013!!!


Esmil Rogers should be good for five innings tonight, according to John Gibbons, via a tweet from Brendan Kennedy.

How about this tweet from the Buffalo Bisons: “Third straight 1-2-3 inning for Ricky Romero. Has retired 10 straight and now has a 1-0 lead as we head to bot 5th.”

Shi Davidi tweets that there’s no timetable for Brett Lawrie’s return, and that the third baseman is currently in a walking boot. Awesome.

More injury stuff as Kennedy tweets that Brandon Morrow is “feeling better,” but not throwing, and has no timetable for a return as yet. Ugh. He adds that Gibbons says J.A. Happ has played some catch, but is “still a ways off still.” Double ugh.

Kennedy also tells us that John Gibbons figures on playing Josh Thole more than Henry Blanco does– but more like Dickey starts plus day games after night games. The notion of a platoon was not addressed in the tweets.

According to a tweet from John Lott, John Gibbons declined to make a comment on the rumours about Chien-Ming Wang starting for the club on Tuesday. The ex-Yankee’s acquisition is still unofficial, of course.

Davidi tweets that Darren Oliver is set to make a rehab appearance for Buffalo tonight, and could be back with the Jays as early as next week.

“Dickey said he wasn’t consulted on Blanco decision and didn’t want to be,” tweets Brendan Kennedy. “Asks to be kept out of those convos, bc awkward position.”

At Sports Illustrated, Jay Jaffe takes an in-depth look at the Jays’ desperate acquisition of Chien-Ming Wang.

Lastly, here’s something interesting: according to his feed, prospect Roberto Osuna is headed back Lansing (presumably from Dunedin), and has been tweeting about his arm feeling better. So… has all that “may need Tommy John” stuff turned to “may not need Tommy John?” Fingers crossed!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Texas Rangers

SS Elvis Andrus (R)
2B Jurickson Profar (S)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
DH Adrian Beltre (R)
3B Jeff Baker (R)
LF David Murphy (L)
CF Craig Gentry (R)
1B Chris McGuiness (L)
RF Leonys Martin (L)

RHP Nick Tepesch

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  1. Cox is on PTS talking about trading Lawrie. Uhhhh…

    • Been listening. Didn’t recognize his voice at first and literally said to myself, “Who the fuck is this moron talking right now?”

      “Oh… Cox.”

      • “I didn’t say I want to blow up the team, but this team doesn’t work.”
        “They promised a champion, they failed to deliver”


  2. I like this new attitude from Ricky. Or, Buffalotude?!

  3. I’ve been watching Romero tonight on MILB. The first inning was not great. He would have been touched up for 1-2 runs if he had not picked off the first basehit. It’s like in the 3rd inning he finally got out of his head just started throwing again, and he’s doing well. His Ball/Strike ratio leaves a little to be desired, but still.. It’s not that bad. Thrown less than 10 pitches in each of the 3/4/5th innings respectively. I hope like hell that Wang and Jenkins give him at least another month or two down there before they try him again. I’m seeing light at the end of this tunnel though. And it’s purdy.

    • Keep in mind these are the completely subjective observations of a guy who really liked Gustavo Cachin back in the day…

      • And then he fucking blew the sixth inning. But man, good promise in 3/4/5. Ah fuck, I give up trying to root for this guy.. Until 5 days day from now.

  4. In case you’ve already read the Threat, I just added a note about Roberto Osuna heading to Lansing and perhaps talking about his arm feeling better.

  5. I’m cheering for Rickey. It’s not often that a guy gets his (metaphorical) pants torn off and has to stand bare-arsed in front of the entire snickering baseball nation for two seasons now.
    He sucks it up, presses “reset” and goes. He’s too young and too good to end his career with visions of other crash-and-burner types.
    I’m with you, guy.

  6. Good old AA. He knew all along that Ricky needed to change his mechanics, fail, hit rock bottom, go back to his old mechanics, and turn back into a boss.

  7. Just checking out Wang’s Fangraphs page. He won 19 games in 2006 and was worth 4.1 WAR with K/9 of 3.14. That’s wild. Makes me think he may have decent potential as a mature shitballer, if he didn’t need K’s for his initial success.

    Also, did anyone catch the Fangraphs piece about Kelly Johnson pulling an Aaron Hill and returning to his career year form, now playing LF for the Rays? Motherfucker.

    Good news about Osuna. And… holy shit! The Jays drafted a position player.

  8. In regards to Romero, even a broken clock is right twice a day. I don’t think there’s much else to say about him right now.

  9. Checking in with some serious feelings.

    Liking Ricky Ro’s new attitude. It’s hard to not feel romantic about baseball.

    Yes, the Rangers are one of my sub-teams…but as they are Kinsler-less they hold considerably less appeal for me.

    Also, I would have been on the #freethole bandwagon ages ago if I would have been informed that he could inspire serious feelings.

    On the boat, as always.

  10. At the game tonight, hoping to improve my record to 3-3.
    Nearly took a foul ball to the head.
    Go Jays!

  11. Generally speaking, Wilner’s not really attracted to South American dudes, so replacing Blanco with a cute young purebread caucasian like Thole will definitely get Wilner’s boner juice flowing in a big way. Hopefully Wilner can maintain his focus & professionalism during tonight’s broadcast. If Wilner is unable to control his fantasies/urges it could get pretty messy in the booth this evening. It’d probably be a good idea for some members of the broadcast crew plastic wrap some of the equipment and keep a few extra jizz rags handy just in case Wilner can’t hold it together

  12. I’m still at work but just logged onto Gameday quickly to see how things are going. I see that the Jays are down 1-0 already.

    I find this to be extremely disappointing and I know that the game is now over. I’ll be home soon but there’s no point in me watching. In fact, I may stay late at work so I can at least do something enjoyable.

    I honestly don’t know why I ever think things will be better. It doesn’t happen – they just continue to lose and lose and lose.

    Well, I’ve had it! This is it for me! I refuse to watch any more of this nonsense. I will not watch or listen to any Jays baseball in the month of June. I absolutely, 100% refuse to be exposed to it anymore! Furthermore, I will not return to this site for the remainder of the year and, if I should somehow accidentally do so anyway, I refuse to make any further posts. I’m out!

    and I will not return.

  13. Holy shit this Texas pitchers good. Think they’d trade him to us for Aaron Ceebs?

  14. “Call Me Ishmael” ain’t too shabby himself.

  15. So this Rangers guy averages 6 k/9..he’s about to eclipse that through 3.

    also saw that he had an obscene 70 percent ground ball rate.


    • Just wait until he end of tonight’s game when he posts a 89 game score.

      The Blue Jays are like that guy you pay to take a punch for you so you look good in front of your girlfriend.

      Kind of like Marty McFLy in the first Back to the Future.

  16. Looks promising for a free slice of crappy pizza.

    • When you’re @ the game though…you want it so bad.
      Or maybe it’s just me.
      I am the highly suggestible type.

  17. What’s wrong with trading lawrie? I’m relieved to actually watch a ball game without watching his stupid antics and tantrums. Another year and he will have snider worth.

  18. so you think the umps would make that call against a yankee or red sox player? No fucking way

  19. Id much rather they give guys like Rogers a shot than fucking piece of shit retreads like Ortiz and fuck it…lets put him in that category.Romero.

    Rogers was a failed starter coming out of Colorado. Im willing to give a guy the benefit of the doubt failing as a starter in Colorado. Its not really a fair place to pitch

  20. SWEET!

  21. My Wang is up

  22. JP and Bautista are tied for homers, and JP has 1 less RBI.
    Go JP

  23. Bad move Melky, that home run will prove a rally killer.

  24. The good thing about lind walking is that it “clears” the next inning of a JP leadoff at bat.

    Sort of like in the NL when you want the 8 hitter to get on to clear the pitcher

  25. I don’t get not letting Rogers pitch the 5th….

  26. This is blue jays math: bat the lowest BA guy behind the highest OBP guy = 0 runs scored

  27. It’s kind of messed up when you have more faith in these pitching-by-committee games than when one of our high-priced vets start. That said, Dickey did pitch a gem and JJ looked okay

  28. tepesch has never given up less than 4 hits in a start this year. jays have 1 hit.

    jays are such easy pickings for any decent pitcher. 4 hitters batting under .220. what a joke

  29. gotta little sumthin cookin’

  30. Love Melky.

  31. C’moooon Edwin. Parrot wants a walk!

  32. Sweet! erections!

  33. JPA is mad he didn’t get to bat with the bases loaded

  34. Where’s Rob Ford’s crack pipe out, that shit was smoked.

  35. Rally time!

  36. The Man from Muncie delivers yet again!

  37. WOO!

  38. I’ll take sac flies any day.

  39. Nice little inning there…good thing no one hit a homerun to kill the rally…

  40. Ah sweet, sweet double play.

  41. The Melky Man

  42. Melkmania!

  43. It should probably noted that Rivera done real good there.

  44. I hope Melky tiptoes through these latest land mines. He’s been great the last month.
    Seems to keep getting better.

  45. Just wanted to say that Puig has played in 4 games and already has more WAR than JP Arencibia.

  46. Maybe we should just forget about starters and let the relievers have the games :-P

    it’s very loud here tonight.
    The wave has returned with a vengeance

  47. JP heard everyone complaining about his k’s so now he flies out to centre every ab…

  48. Hey DJF guys, in a rare and unusual move, Wilner has decided to seek AND consider the opinions of others in order to help him make an informed decision regarding an important matter. You see, Wilner recently discovered that those Encarnacion bobblehead figurines are actually pretty effective when used as sex toys. Obviously, with the call-up of Thole to replace Blanco on the roster, Wilner’s feeling more aroused tonight than usual. So in terms of anal-lube, should he go with mango or cinnamon flavour?

  49. Woo yay!!!

  50. Wow, Delbs looks good

  51. quick and tidy

  52. Did Buck just say ‘a good way to start the season’?

    The bullpen works. The offence works. If we can get the starting pitching straight we’re gonna be really really good and soon.

  53. Pitching, hitting and defense all working at the same time. It’s beautiful.

  54. Delabar is a beast.

  55. I love games done in 2 hours.

  56. Nice game. Wish I coulda seen it all but was working.

    Awesome job by Rogers though.

  57. Good..done and dusted. Put this one to bed.
    Good portents of potential awesomeness – should this team EVER get it’s full roster going.
    A quality start – an inning or two in relief…and then Janssen or Delabar mopping up.
    A group effort at the plate….all is well tonight.

  58. Well, that was efficient. Two hours, eight minutes and a great 6-1 victory.

  59. Fuck yeah bullpen. 5IP 1H 0R 0BB 7K 59 pitches 42 strikes.

  60. Sportsnet Connected says Dustin McGowan has been activated.

  61. a .500 record seems so far away…

  62. ahahaha that guy on Blue Jays talk is legendary. Dickey, Johnson and Wang firming up the rotation. AHAHAHAHAHA.

  63. Hey great job today, everyone. Excellent commentary.

    I’m off the celebrate my bros 30th bday. Everyone invited.

    except Damien cox, fuck that guy.

  64. Mark Prior had perfect mechanics? Wilner is an idiot.

  65. did anyone read that article from SI that Stotes linked in the threat? this is an actual sentence from that article, i shit you not:

    “. . . to keep him stretched out; it’s his slot Wang will fill”

    cum on Jay Jaffe, you didn’t think we’d miss that would ya

  66. Never forget Dustin’s one hitter vs the Rockies at home, wow

  67. Did I just watch an entire Jays’ game and end up feeling content?


  68. Holy shit, I guess it’s not only the Jays going balls out on pitching per

    Some interesting trends have developed through 10 rounds. Right-handed pitchers have been the dominant asset in this Draft, with 120 righties going in the first 10 rounds. Only 145 position players have been taken so far, and a full one-third of them (49) have been outfielders.

  69. Rangers tv broadcast:

    “Arencibia has 69 k’s to go with 5 walks in 209 plate appearances”

    “That is NOT a good strikeout to walk ratio.

    Pretty good if you’re a pitcher lol”

    “Good point. Lol”


  70. wouldn’t it be interesting if the jays did find Wang, and untill Morrow is back he pitched well for the jays, and also McGowan who is on his way back to T.O actually pulled his body together and they started having them push the team to some success. Heck if the yankees can find success with Lyle Overbay and Wells where can we get random success?

    • I’m starting to wonder if McGowan actually exists in his original form any more. They must have completely rebuilt him from the ground up by now. A soulless cyborg type pitcher is what the Jays need right now.

    Wang starts tues, Crawford dfa for McGowan, and Oliver back by Monday for Perez/Lincoln?

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