Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

Friday night’s 6-1 triumph over the vaunted Rangers was a pretty nice start to the weekend, although, running up against Yu Darvish in game No. 2 today may pose more of a challenge for the local nine. While Darvish takes his near 35% K rate to the hill for Texas, the Blue Jays counter with Mark Buehrle and his arsenal of shit.

Reaching three consecutive wins today would be a nice little accomplishment… the kind that might get something a little more substantial going.

Minimal changes for to the Blue Jays lineup today, but Edwin Encarnacion will swap DH duties with Adam Lind. The Rangers slot Lance Berkman in at first base, give Geovany Soto a start at catcher, and flip a few bums around in the outfield. Let’s make it two in a row versus Texas and send Josh Johnson and his finesse stuff in for the kill tomorrow, ok?


It appears as though the resurrection of Dustin McGowan is nearly complete. The right-hander will be activated today, and John Gibbons intends to use him as a 1-2 inning reliever, according to Shi Davidi.

Evan Crawford has been DFA in order to make room for McGowan, via Steph Rogers tweet.

Elsewhere in reconciliation, Ricky Romero and his newfound ‘fuck all y’all’ attitude pitched moderately well in Buffalo yesterday. Oh, the most cautious optimism.

John Lott has more on the additions of Chien-Ming Wang and Josh Thole, including some quotes from R.A. Dickey on the impending reunion with his old battery mate.

Gibbons confirms that Wang will start on Tuesday in Chicago, via Scott MacArthur.

Darren Oliver worked a hitless inning in his second rehab outing. Davidi notes he could return Sunday or Monday.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Texas Rangers

SS Elvis Andrus (R)
2B Jurickson Profar (S)
1B Lance Berkman (S)
DH Adrian Beltre (R)
RF Nelson Cruz (R)
LF Jeff Baker (R)
C Geovany Soto (R)
CF Craig Gentry (R)
3B Leury Garcia (S)

RHP Yu Darvish

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  1. Nifty doubleplay, shitty camera work.

  2. Sweet DP

  3. Juan Perez, what a guy

  4. JP lives by this simple credo: better to Errencibia on the side of caution – aka swing at everything is better than not swinging at all

  5. i missed it cuz I was still passed out

    But pretty cool that Colby got a rbis triple on a two strike breaking ball from yu fucking darvish

  6. Cmon Colby, you mangy fucking cracker. Smoke one into the seats so I cam go so something else.

  7. In other news, the new Ottawa CFL franchise just officially named their new franchize the ‘Redblacks’……say no to drugs kids and stay in school.

  8. This a bat will determine whether I call him Izturis or IzTurdAss for the remaining of the season.

  9. Does Buck have a brain tumor? He is having a lot of trouble talking today. Check that, more trouble than is normal for him.

    • yea he was trying to say something like “preaches his pitches” and ended up saying “peaches his pritches”

      senility, hell of a . . . . now where was I again?

  10. The best possible outcome for Boneface squaring to bunt is that it throws off the pitcher and he pulls back in time for a ball.

  11. It’s Mr IzTurdAss.

  12. I need to eat breakfast guys.

  13. Wilner says it’s still early – lots of time left for the jays to win the world series this year. Also, Wilner says it’s impossible to OD on jizz

  14. i got a good feeling, but it may be gas

  15. Isn’t reyes supposed to go on rehab this week?

  16. Tabler just said they gave the pitcher a little blow

  17. Just so I can hate him more, does anyone know how many runners JPA has stranded this season?

    He’s already left 7 on today.

  18. how many fucking guys are they going to strand?

  19. We find very interesting ways of taxing our bullpen on a regular basis. If anything happens to Jansen, I say put Wagner in as closer. He has been awesome so far, and 97 mph with movement.

    • I like Perez a lot. Maybe not as closer but this guy’s staying up for the rest of the year, book it.

    • Delabar, bar none. He’s set the bar.
      Delabar then hit the bar.

      • I like Delabar, but he works himself into trouble often enough that 9th innings could be stressful. Like when Gregg was here, although he does have better stuff then Gregg ever did.

    • Also the bullpen just had a whole week off.

  20. That 3rd pitch from Perez was just NASTY!

  21. Tabler catches a lot of flak, but the radio guys are also idiots at times as well.

    It’s pretty questionable to suggest that Lind has “no power”. I mean, he didn’t hit for much power the first month of the season, but since then, he’s been pretty lights out. Slugging well over .500 on the season now.

    I don’t know if I’d call that “no power”. Seems a little strange.

  22. According to pitchfx all but one pitch was well within the zone. And yes he gets charged with a walk…..

  23. Dont we have some insanely shitty record on saturdays?

  24. this intentional walk is stupid. even if they score one run, you can come back. why just give them a free base runner esp with a guy who is struggling at the plate

  25. Alright, the big guys are up again. Walkoff time.

  26. Dont worry guys, Im due up this inning. Surely I will run into one at some point. It’s simple math. If I close my eyes and swing as hard as I can, you gotta figure 1/100 times Im going to launch one

  27. Alright who was calling for extra innings earlier because I might as well just right my day off and get liquored point…….. Just wanted to say thanks.

  28. Well let’s not stand on ceremony boys, time to launch one.

  29. That fan should be shot.

  30. Parrot time?

  31. 1 hit in my last 32 at bats.

    12 strike outs.

  32. Vipbox shat the bed, what just happened?

    • The ump started calling pitches five feet out of the zone strikes so The jays were forced to swing at shit..and hit into a dp

      • Caught that on gameday. I was specifically talking about the delay. I imagine a fan jumped onto the field or something to cause an onfield delay. What freaked me out was Bautista’s single was originally scored a single on gameday , but then was changed to an out during the delay before switching back to a single when play resumed.

  33. Ive always had a hard time thinking about this logically.

    Teams play no doubles defense when they want to prevent an extra base hit, usually in order to prevent a winning run.

    Logically that tells me teams play this defense when they want to ensure that not even a single run scores.

    so then why not play this defense all the time?

  34. Go Goggles Go.

  35. i have this funny feeling JP is gonna hit a walk off – he always knows when to hit a redemption homer to make all the idiots out there forget he has a sub .230 avg and a .250 OBP

  36. JPA is going to go deep.

    deep into wilners ass

  37. Rasmus HR coming up…stay tuned.

  38. So this one is going to the 14th then?

  39. When JP even hits a foul ball he gets this excited look on his face like “wow..i touched the ball”

  40. JP with redemption.

  41. hey maxpower..see right there..that would have been a groundout if not for the no doubles

  42. Where’s ‘Tony Baseball’ Gose when you need him?


  44. yay

  45. The Marvelous Mullet.

  46. I fucking love Tabby’s gearin up for a home run


  48. You doubters. see, JP was just waiting for a “clutch” moment to come through with a hit.

    When it REALLY mattered, he came through

  49. Sweet sassy mollassy.
    Atta kid.

  50. Are they going to bunt izturis to bring up fucking boni?


  52. Izturis is fucking useless. What the fuck is he good at?

  53. what the hell JP. can you fucking do anything???

  54. Fuck, any part of the lineup but this

  55. what are we today? like 1 for 15 with risp?

  56. Why not pinch run Arencibia?

  57. Well why don’t we play a little fucktard ball.

  58. Are you watching David Cooper?

  59. Fuck me, the Jays should have won about 32 different times so far today.

  60. Redemption time DeRosa

  61. ok, we are not meant to win this game. wtf kind of bullshit lucky kick crap as was that. kicks it..saves a single and run…but not just that..kicks it right ot profar who is standing right next to izturis for the tag. wtf

  62. This is one of the most embarrassing and pathetic innings of baseball I have ever witnessed

  63. This is fucking torture

  64. Come on Rosey


  66. ARGH!!!!! Fuck me bloody! How could they blow that?

  67. I knew we were going to 14

  68. Johnson needs to go 9 tomorrow to give all of these guys a break

  69. AND with lincoln coming in..

    Thats the game.

  70. Jays should just abandon any strategy that involves a bunt.

  71. Lincoln in to put a quick end to this one.

  72. I’m starting to dislike this umpire.

  73. Did the first pitch look like a strike live as well as on pitchfx, because that looks like a horrible squeeze.

  74. IF he makes it through this inning i will be shocked

  75. Brad Lincoln, eh

  76. well we know one thing, if we do win this game, it will have to be a multirun homer since we the jays are not allowed by rule to win a one run game

  77. Bringing lincoln in is like punting on first down, you just are giving up.

  78. Jays are going to lose 6-3

  79. weird how the other team can get a bunt down when they need to.

  80. Derosa has had an awful day for a guy who spent most of the game on the bench.

  81. Yeah the same team that has been to the world series twice in the last 3 years. I honestly thought they had a chance to take 2 of 3 from texas.

  82. My pappy said “Son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’
    If you don’t stop pitchin’ that Hot Rod Lincoln”

  83. wow you are one dumb mother fucker linconln

  84. Today in Toronto: two teams who refuse to win.

  85. Lucky to get out of that inning.


  87. anybody at the dome? Can you hear angels singing?

  88. Probably our last chance coming up this half inning. Get it down Jose/EE/Lind!

  89. Let’s get Lincoln the vulture win. C’mon, bats!

  90. You guys know what this means though? thole will probably start to give JPA a rest.

  91. Can we please get that useless piece of shit Lincoln off this team? Even when he somehow manages to not give up a run, I still want to punch that asshole in the face…he got away with it somehow, but what the hell is going through his head when he had Andrus dead to rights?

    Jays, please end this NOW so I don’t have to watch that fucking turd go out there again…

  92. I beg of you Bautista and EE, one of you hit a home run. end this

  93. Following the game at work…holy what a pile of shit it looks like.

  94. Consider this my “FUCK YOU” in advance to Lincoln for what he’s about to do…

  95. Lincoln would be the first pitcher since Perez to be allowed more than 1 inning.

  96. is it just me or is this ump really squeezing the shit out of lincoln..?

    • As much as I hate Lincoln, he IS getting squeezed…at least two breaking balls that were clear strikes…he actually seems to have good stuff, which just makes it all the more frustrating what a shitty pitcher he is…

  97. Just getting that DP setup. Did he get him in the hammy? Because that would be perfect execution.

  98. How many lives does Lincoln have left?

  99. Two scoreless innings for the Lincoln Log.

    wut. i’ll take it tho amirite

  100. It’s gotta be this inning, because next inning is Izturis, Bonifacio and DeRosa.

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