Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

Friday night’s 6-1 triumph over the vaunted Rangers was a pretty nice start to the weekend, although, running up against Yu Darvish in game No. 2 today may pose more of a challenge for the local nine. While Darvish takes his near 35% K rate to the hill for Texas, the Blue Jays counter with Mark Buehrle and his arsenal of shit.

Reaching three consecutive wins today would be a nice little accomplishment… the kind that might get something a little more substantial going.

Minimal changes for to the Blue Jays lineup today, but Edwin Encarnacion will swap DH duties with Adam Lind. The Rangers slot Lance Berkman in at first base, give Geovany Soto a start at catcher, and flip a few bums around in the outfield. Let’s make it two in a row versus Texas and send Josh Johnson and his finesse stuff in for the kill tomorrow, ok?


It appears as though the resurrection of Dustin McGowan is nearly complete. The right-hander will be activated today, and John Gibbons intends to use him as a 1-2 inning reliever, according to Shi Davidi.

Evan Crawford has been DFA in order to make room for McGowan, via Steph Rogers tweet.

Elsewhere in reconciliation, Ricky Romero and his newfound ‘fuck all y’all’ attitude pitched moderately well in Buffalo yesterday. Oh, the most cautious optimism.

John Lott has more on the additions of Chien-Ming Wang and Josh Thole, including some quotes from R.A. Dickey on the impending reunion with his old battery mate.

Gibbons confirms that Wang will start on Tuesday in Chicago, via Scott MacArthur.

Darren Oliver worked a hitless inning in his second rehab outing. Davidi notes he could return Sunday or Monday.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Texas Rangers

SS Elvis Andrus (R)
2B Jurickson Profar (S)
1B Lance Berkman (S)
DH Adrian Beltre (R)
RF Nelson Cruz (R)
LF Jeff Baker (R)
C Geovany Soto (R)
CF Craig Gentry (R)
3B Leury Garcia (S)

RHP Yu Darvish

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  1. New Lind!

  2. Fuck off JP

  3. Kittenface on his horse.

  4. Lovely, Lindy.

  5. All right, nice base running by Lind.

  6. C’mon Cletus!

  7. YES!!!

    Lets do it boys. Come on Colby, lets make some CONTACT!

  8. Colby the cheese man! Pleeeeeeese

  9. Jesus Christ… you have to love Lind this year. Fucking contract years ;p


  11. if we dont win it in this inning..then im not only going to stop watching this game, Im not watching until JP gets his next walk

  12. If the next batter hits into a double play, I give up. There are limits to the torture

  13. Solid execution here.

  14. raise your hand if you are sick of the izturis / bonafacio experience?

  15. They found a way to fuck it up


  17. The bottom of our lineup blows so badly it’s almost mystical

  18. Jesus Christ. The Blue Jays hate their fans.

  19. Holy fuck! I don’t often walk away from extra inning games but I’m getting close.

    • I have to work at 3:30 pacific time.

      Really figured five and a half hours into a Mark Buehrle start the game would be over…

  20. Both teams should be assigned a loss at this point.

  21. I’ve had 7 layer dip and a pepsi today.

    Now I’m gonna have a cigarette. This game is ridic

  22. Some great situational hitting there.

  23. Jesus….Boney and Itzy have left the population of Hong Kong on base tonight! These two fucking boneheads are useless. Cletus didn’t do us any favours either, for crissakes.

    It’s like they’re getting paid by the hour.

  24. I want to hate on rasmus there but he has been solid. Iz/boni on the other hand, ive had enough.

    • And the absolute WORST part of that is they’re guaranteed. I’m a big advocate of selling high on those 2 and starting again…..If there ever is a high.

  25. At this point I wouldn’t even blame Lincoln if he loses this game. He actually gave them a chance to win

  26. Can’t wait until Reyes gets back and nails one of these useless fucks to the bench where they belong.

  27. One could argue that Washington is sort of being an idiot not using Nathan yet

  28. Not only has this blown my Saturday – but might not even get a win out of it here.
    This seems reason enough for either Izzy or Boni to get DFA’d after this game – not sure I’ve seen a worse performance over a full game.

  29. Its eerie how similarly shitty boni and iz turd up your ass have been this year

    M Izturis 204 .241 .290
    E Bonifacio 209 .235 .323

  30. Come on Rosey.
    Time to clutch for clutchiness.

  31. Im watching the game, drinking a beer and listening to Joy Division.

    Im just having a marvellous time!

  32. Wow.
    Blonde in the peach shirt.

  33. If you’d have told me at the start of this year that I’d look forward to Adam Lind at bats and Esmil Rogers starts, I’d have laughed in your face

  34. who the fuck is going to play ss? move edwin there and lind to first..and lose the DH?

  35. Bautista’s been kinda shitty the last while.

  36. I think this Wolf only has about 3 or 4 more shutout innings in him. Hold on, Lincoln.

  37. Whoa…uh, interesting defence here.


  39. No one even looks close to winning. And man the jays bp is impressive.

  40. Gameday isn’t showing pitch speeds anymore. I think the guy with the radar gun got tired and went home.

  41. Buck’s going loopy I think…It’s a fucking yakker yellowhammer right there!

    • Until you pointed it out I was nodding @ Buck’s remarks as though he’s some sort of sage. Clearly the game has gone on too long.

  42. There’s something about Baker’s face that makes me hate him

    • Was just going to say – I put him in the Adam Dunn camp – just looks like a big dumb animal

  43. Lincoln has cut more than a run off his ERA so far… what I would say if I didn’t want to jinx him.

  44. According to my SI page, Lincoln hit 96 mph on a recent fastball

  45. does Izturis have glaucoma or does he just smoke a shit ton of Longbottom Leaf in his off-time?

  46. After a certain number of innings, they should make like regular season overtime hockey and have only 7 guys allowed in the field

  47. Lincoln pitched like a man today.

  48. To the bottom of the 17th!

  49. Attn: DJFers.

    Props to lincoln.

  50. OK this is it.

  51. 4 scoreless innings… Nice job Lincoln.

  52. best 4 hitters up next?!?

  53. This is it. Walk off this inning. Lind solo shot.

  54. So I just made the mistake of clicking on the Sportsnet “Gametracker” to see what was going on in the O’s Rays game. Holy shit that thing is laughably bad. the box score starts with the most recent pitcher at the top and the starter at the bottom. wtf

  55. Kittenz is due for a dinger.

  56. Steady Eddie finds a way.

  57. what kind of a name is Jurickson anyway

  58. mew mew mew mew mew

  59. Madam I Am Adam

  60. If this keeps going Dickey might have to get the wrinkles out.

  61. Fucking prophetic root vegetables

  62. once again ump fucks lind on a 2-1 pitch a foot outside and instead of 3-1 it went 2-2

  63. JP started 0/5…then got 2 singles….so a hr seems logical right?

  64. our next three pitchers will be johnson, wang, and dickey.

  65. Need some FLOW

  66. Cletus!

  67. C’Mon Cletus you beautiful southern bastard!

  68. I guess this makes up for the 2 hour game yesterday. This is proof that all things even out in baseball.

    • When do they stop serving beer at the Dome? I feel sorry for the poor sons of bitches that are sobering up.

      • Top of 8 – no beer since then. They close the concessions down after 9 I’m pretty sure. None of them have had a bite since then either.

        • That’s a human rights violation

        • Why should they be any different than the rest of us?
          You mean to say that some of you are eating proper foods?
          Bring some to me.

        • I was at the game & there was only one concession stand near section 218 open after the 11th inning.

          No beer sold after the 7th.

  69. Eddie not picking up the ball and just kicking it is the highlight of this game so far

  70. JP is going to need someone with a gentle touch tonight…

  71. impressive bank shot by Loup

  72. quick – Evanka vs. the blonde in Sportsnet Fan Lab commercial – who ya got?

  73. and exhale

  74. If we don’t win after this, I’ll be shocked.

  75. Eddie’s got that thrown to 1st down. Reassuring, even though I winced everytime it was hit there.

  76. Well since I’ve got time let me tell you about a stripper i saw last night.

    Her name was Denver, she was about 6’1 and approx 175 lbs. She could have probably beat up the bouncers. She walks up on the stage and says “i’ve been a dirty girl” in the most tranny voice i’ve ever heard.

    If i didn’t see her coochie I would have bet all my money she was a man.

    Unfortunately seeing her coochie made me do the closest thing i could do to a full sprint out of the bar

  77. Shitty fans, I would have been all over Baker.
    He wouldn`t have caught that.

  78. Come on Boni, steal home too please.

  79. Sweet! Chaos on the base paths!

  80. omg runner at third again.

  81. Brain fart!!

  82. Honestly? Just straight steal home. I’m not kidding.

  83. Fuck yeah!

  84. Thank You baseball gods!

  85. Rajai!!!!!

  86. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss

    • Am I forgiven?

      • Sure, right after you give me my 3 hours back :p

        • I’m 3 hours behind you, so consider it done.

          Instead of a late lunch, I’ll be looking for a later supper, and early to bed.
          It’s all good.

      • Totally. I want your next prediction to have something to do with the postseason.

        I`d also like some Lottomax numbers please.

        • Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.
          Benjamin: Yes, sir.
          Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
          Benjamin: Yes, I am.
          Mr. McGuire: Plastics.
          Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?


  88. Holy fucking SHIT


  89. There we go win the 2nd most important game of the year.

    Now go win the rest.

  90. Take that boni hate and shove it up your whistling ass

  91. Could the Jays be on the “winning streak that turned the season around”?


    Party in the streets!

  93. The majesty of MahaRajai.

  94. Winner. Woot.

  95. that error was huge. if boni is on first beltre is guarding the line to take away extra bases easy out.

  96. This team is progressing, slowly but surely.

  97. At the end of the game the Rangers went 1-19 with RISP while the Blue Jays went 2-17. What a clusterfuck of a game.

  98. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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