Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers

Here we are, hurtling towards the midpoint of an otherwise disappointing season, looking for a sweep of the mighty Texas Rangers. A win will vault the Blue Jays into that magic position of just six games below .500. All joking aside, three straight wins and a shot at four today kinda maybe tips the needle of optimism in the right direction just a little.

With yesterday’s marathon 18-inning win, and a taming of the Yu in the books, it’s almost like holy shit the Blue Jays might be able to salvage this thing with a run of decency starting right now.

Josh Johnson takes the ball for the home team, while the visiting swine send M.F. Grimm to the bump.


After throwing four effective innings in yesterday’s marathon, Brad Lincoln finds himself heading back to Buffalo for fresh arm. “That’s the crap part of the game,” Lincoln told reporters.

Thad Weber has been recalled, the club announced via press release.

A number of injury updates from AA’s media session today:

Brandon Morrow will throw a bullpen tomorrow, via Mike Wilner.

Darren Oliver will be activated tomorrow, Scott MacArthur tweets.

Jose Reyes will begin a rehab assignment in 10 days, Brendan Kennedy tweets.

Kennedy also notes that the Jays are only committed to Chien-Ming Wang for Tuesday’s start, and he’ll be on a start by start basis beyond that.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Josh Thole (L)
3B Andy LaRoche (R)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Josh Johnson

Texas Rangers

SS Elvis Andrus (R)
2B Jurickson Profar (S)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
DH Adrian Beltre (R)
RF Nelson Cruz (R)
LF David Murphy (L)
1B Chris McGuiness (L)
3B Leury Garcia (S)
CF Leonys Martin (L)

RHP Justin Grimm

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  1. selfish display by the “leader”

  2. I don’t see an ump show. First strike was good, second it looked like Jose went to me. He definitely needs to get tossed for that shit.

  3. Overall… a pretty good series for the Jays. Can’t argue with 2 out of 3. On to Chicago.

    • Yup on to the next

    • Agreed. I’d take 2 out of 3 against quality opponents like the Rangers all season long.

      • Not when have a 4-0 lead with with two outs and nobody on in the 4th inning and an 0-2 pitch on the hitter. AND its josh johnson vs a stiff. You cannot lose that game and hope to make up the deficit they are in

        that wagner pitch to beltre was horrid. beltre cannot hit anything 95 or above middle in. he is begging for something away. t

        thole made a huge mistake..he goes to the mound and sets the plan to throw up and away.

        that is a huge mistake. it was not missed location. that is where he set up.

        thole must not know the scouting report on beltre.


        • I dont blame wagner at all for this loss. His fastball is pretty straight as it is, and its probably even more hittable when he is tired. JJ needs to go deeper into games when the bullpen is tired.

        • I’ve got a problem with leaving the fate of the game to 2 kids from Buffalo who havent been there 10 days. Why wasn’t the Mgr or the bench coach sending in signals/instructions? I’d be willing to bet it was their decision to pitch away.

    • Taking 2 out of 3 games from texas is generally a good thing, but they cant afford losses like these from where they are in the standings. Also, the way they lost this one is disappointing yet again. I pin this one on johnson. Its unfair to blame a tired bullpen. An ace or #2 starter should be able to go more than 5 innings when the bullpen needs it. He didnt pitch well and nibbled, again. Yes, I know the rangers have a good offense but johnson is supposed to be a very good pitcher. Hes not fucking ramon ortiz. Good pitching is supposed to trump good hitting.

  4. Did anyone see a replay on the check swing?

  5. Bautista behaves like a baby man. This is unsurprising. Professionals should behave as such – leave the tomfoolery to the rest of us.

    I thought tomorrow was an off-day + was compiling a list of films to rent. Instead I’ll hang out with you fine folk.

  6. Funny those idiots who say bench Bautista

  7. I can live with 2 out of 3 against a good team, but this game was winnable with a 4-0 lead. On to Chicago, we’re due for a sweep.

  8. Was at the game. Disappointing result but Texas is a way better team. A sweep is unreasonable to expect.

    Johnson stunk and isn’t helping his trade value.

    I fucking hated the bunt call. Why give up an out with one of your better hitters? Goddamnit

    • Melkman usually bunts on his own. Not sure if that was a call.

      • If that’s the case, Gibbons needs to tell Melky to cut that shit out immediately. Because he sure as hell isn’t bunting for a hit.

    • Johnson had a no hitter into the 4th. He was fine unr the Cruz dinger.

    • I loved the bunt. We’re down two in the ninth. Fuck ‘going for the win’ at home. We need to get those two fucking runs.

      That bunt gives us two opportunities to tie the game with a single. With our two biggest run producers due up.

      I can understand the argument for letting Melky swing away, I really can. It’s not ‘wrong.’

      But I like the bunt. It just doesn’t always work out as you hope.

  9. The sweep was there for the taking. 4-0 lead after 3, left guys on base, gave away two outs in the ninth. Coulda shoulda

  10. It is sad to say, but if Chad Jenkins started today, we probably would have had the sweep

    • I wouldnt go that far. Likely same result. Johnson is supposed to be much better, thats the frustrating thing.

      • I’d go that far about Jenkins. Johnson was either going to be lights out or mediocre for us. I’m really not surprised by his performance. At least he’s one and done for the Jays and there isn’t a ridiculous contract that the team has to deal with for years.

  11. this is why you don’t bat lind 4th. he ends up standing on deck in a close game.

    • Huh? You had your two best hitters in the absolute best position to win the game. All the Jays needed was a hit from Bautista or EE. Can’t ask for anything more than that.

  12. First pitch to Bautista was a 50-50 borderline pitch. Could’ve just as easily been called a ball, then you would’ve had AJ and Nathan jawing at the umpire. The point is, it was close enough that Bautista should’ve have been surprised at the call. It really looks poorly when you have your alleged team leader whining and carrying on when the focus should be on getting the big hit with the game on the line.

  13. We already knew the narrative for this game – JJ needed to pitch 6-7 strong and limit the runs to give the Jays a chance – and that just didn’t happen.

    Too many walks – you got Thole and his 25% baserunners thrown out against a very fast Rangers team that JJ let get on base too easily

    Too many weak ground balls hit from Kawa Boni etc against a very good Profar/Andrus tandem up the middle – not going to score a lot that way

    Can’t expect a tired bullpen to be perfect and they certainly kept the Jays bats in it enough to regain the lead

    2/3 from the Rangers is good but this was certainly one of those games that if the narrative played out as expected with Johnson pitching like he should it’s probably a win after that Lind HR

  14. btw, raise your hand if you are sick of boni hacking away at pitches two feet outside followed by the two hopper at his back leg in the dirt.

    fucking guy has had enough time to establish himself as not sucking. pretty much playing every day for over a month.

    he is terrible.

    id rather have least he has some manner of an approach up there

    • +1

      Boni sucks at bunting and sucks at hitting and has zero plate discipline and poor BB to SO ratio

      He is definitely my most hated player even more than JP

      Izturis actually seems to have terrible luck . . . wonder what his BABIP is because he does hit a lot of hard grounders that have been snagged by plus defenders it seems . . . but at least Izturis has a better BB to SO ratio and looks like he has some sort of idea of what he’s doing when he is up

  15. I think the Jays may just have the worst 6-9 in all of the AL

    Astros bottom 4 is even better:

    Chris Carter
    Trevor Crowe
    Matt Dominguez
    Ronny Cedeno

    Put JP in 6th spot (not Rasmus) and any combination of DeRosa/Blanco/Izturis/Boni/Thole/Kawa in the other 3 and it’s pretty compelling argument

    I havent looked at every team but just from quick glance Jays look like they could be the worst . . . or possibly the Royals . . . but yea that is so bad

    • Don’t be ridiculous.

      The Yanks bottom 4 today was

      J Nix
      R Bignac
      C Stewart

      And they played the Mariners…


      Come on man. Hyperbole is one thing, but that just isn’t even close to being a factual statement.

      • Overbay – .250/8 HR/29 RBI/20 R
        Ichiro – .263/2 HR/11 RBI/20 R/5 SB
        Nix – .255/1 HR/16 RBI/17 R/7 SB
        Stewart – .266/3 HR/9 RBI/12 R/2 SB

        Brignac has only played 9 games so Overbay is the more appropriate pick

        By comparison

        JPA – .220/12 HR/30 RBI/25 R
        Boni – .214/2 HR/11 RBI/18 R/7 SB
        Izturis – .202/3 HR/6 RBI/11 R
        Kawa – .214/14 RBI/16 R/7 SB

        Yea . . . not so ridiculous now is it . . . especially when you use stats

        This doesn’t even take into consideration defensive metrics or on base %

        • Obviously with Reyes and Lawrie in the lineup its a different story but Im talking about the current iteration with shitty Lawrie and no Reyes

        • Good one bud. Correct. The Yankees hitters have been better than the Jays hitters for the last 60 days. Well done.

          • Which was the whole point of the exercise, to show that they may just be the worst 6-9 in MLB right now – never once said those 4 individuals are worse MLB players over the course of their careers or that they can’t and won’t improve

            But feel free to respond with patronizing, sarcastic response rather than refuting it with your own “facts”

  16. You guys remember after the marlins deal, when AA was interviewed, he clearly stated that boni was a huge piece to the trade? How boni could be huge for this team bc of his speed, ability to play many positions, etc.
    Looking back, its kinda funny, isn’t it?
    I totally bought it… How depressing.

    • I’m no Bonifacio fan either but in AA’s defence, the guy hit .258 last year and .298 the year before. His career average is .263. He’s hitting close to 50 point below that this year.

    • Boni has a .663 career ops. He is terrible. Thats all AA needed to look at.

    • Boni was acquired as a bench player along the lines of Rajai Davis. That’s it. Two years ago he was money in the bank. A little less so last year. Known as a much better player, you’d require some kind of magic crystal ball to see the cliff he’s fallen off.

  17. Just in from MLBTR:

    “One reason for the Red Sox’s success this year, as compared to last, is improvements in their advance scouting, says Tim Britton of the Providence Journal. Manager John Farrell was hired earlier in the offseason than his predecessor, Bobby Valentine, had been, and so Farrell had a stronger pool of coaches from which to hire.
    Farrell and GM Ben Cherington both say interest in advance preparation was an important criterion as they hired their coaching staff. Brian Butterfield, the Sox’s third base coach, prepares the team’s infield shifts and is a key figure in the team’s advance-scouting efforts.”

    I give Farrell credit for knowing that hiring Butter would hurt Toronto as much as it would help Boston. Otherwise, the guy’s a bonehead.

    • I always wonder if farrell knew something about this group that would prevent them from becoming a winning team. The red sox were his “dream job” but maybe he had other reasons for bolting? Like how a lot of hitters (esp in the 2nd half) of the lineup are incapable of having good ABs. How pitchers get hurt A LOT on this team for whatever reason. Im probably wrong, but whatever.

  18. Just finished watching the game….I tell you the dvdR purchased 10 years ago was probably the best purchase ever, even if it was like buy a micorwave in 1983.

    Really could have done without the Jose Bautista show at the end of the game. I’m sorry but that shit and pony show is getting old.

    WALK the FUCK OFF and taKE the bad call like everyone else Jose. Your whole Madonna only red M&M show is getting FUCKING OLD!

    I honestly don’t watch a whole lot of other games during the year…maybe 10 not including playoffs. But over the last many years I have watched about 120+ Jay’s games/year. But what the fuck ever!

    Either way…I think the whole Jose ‘almost never’ like strike call’ is just a fucking cancer for this team. Ok….cancer is maybe a little strong but I am just a little tired of it.

    Rant over.

    • -pitch in question was a strike.

      -made count only 0-1

      -jose then swings at two horrible pitches for the strike out.

      even if he felt wronged about the first pitch, how can he blame the ump for the other two.

      when was the last time this guy hit a homer.

      Edwin is a better overall hitter

    • Bautista is a bit of suck with the umps agreed. It looks bad and is no fun to watch but at this point I think you guys need to accept him as is. Much like your drunk Uncle or your cousin that looks up girls skirts, they’re all assholes but they’re family.

      Besides, every other facet of the game Bautista is great at. He’s a good leader in the clubhouse, good with the media, he put Lawrie in check during Sac-Fly-gate, and is a tremendous hitter/LF’er.

      Accept him, don’t judge him on his one glaring fault.

      • Let’s not forget about his defense and cannon for an arm. We would be discussing a two game losing streak right now if it wasn’t for him on Saturday. How quick we forget…

        • So you can say with 100% that jays wouldn’t have scored in the bottom half?

          • Can you say with 100% certainty that the Ranges would’nt have scored 35 more runs before getting the third out in that inning?

          • I don’t believe they scored for many, many innings after.
            But ya, you are right. Let’s be a douche and say that the bautista play wasnt that important.
            I think you missed the point bud

      • I don’t get this attitude. I mean, I ‘accept’ Jose in as much as I still want him on the team (he is, afterall, a tremendous player), but that doesn’t mean you can’t voice displeasure at his unsavoury attributes and hope that he can eventually change.

        Players are people. People can change. Sure, some things are harder to change than others, but people can break bad habits. People can mature.

        So I’ll keep calling out, and hoping for improvement from:

        Jose. Don’t be such a petulant child.
        JP. Dear god, man. I dare you to take a walk.
        Colby. Someone please teach him how to cut down your swing with two strikes.
        Lawrie. Grow the fuck up, bro.

  19. Anyone else thinking trade high on Lind like right now??? There is a chance he’s a 100% healthy and is gonna keep this up but lest we forget the shitbaggery of the past…his value is as high as it’s been in years and we could use a couple prospects to replenish…

    • Totally, if teams think he’s for real then he’ll be attractive with his option years.
      I’ve/we’ve/Jays have been fooled too many years in a row to believe he doesn’t revert back next season.

      • Of course the difference this year is:

        a) Mottola is a 3 seats away in the dugout , and
        b) Lind’s only batting against RHP

        Seems to be working. If I were going to trade Lind,
        I’d want to address some deficiencies in the team as it
        stands now; not wait for a prospect(s) who may be able to help.

  20. JB is supposed to be the leader of the club with not only the young players looking up to him but also other veterans respecting him. But what example does he set with his performance/antics in the bottom of the 9th.

    Yes, Jose is Jose and we all understand we have to take the bad with the good, but perhaps a stronger manager who has the guys to bench him for a day might do the team some good. But I don’t expect that because after JPA had some bad games a week ago, he still remained in the starting lineup batting fourth.

    There is no way JB should be traded but he has to control his emotions for the good of the team. Going through his head he must be very frustrated with his current slump and the ump took the brunt of his frustrations yesterday.

    But this is how the season is going so far. We have won 3 in a row a few times but then we lose such a win-able game. And still so many game below .500.

  21. guys=guts

  22. Jesus. You can’t win with. A month ago they showed no emotion=no heart. Now its too much emotion=no leadership. Holy shit guys.

  23. Will he get suspended? Lawrie got suspended for throwing his helmet at the ground (even if it did take an awkward bounce and brush the umps leg)

    • Lawrie clearly was suspended for hitting the umpire with his equipment not throwing his helmet on the ground.

      That’s like saying to a police officer that you only meant to shoot at someone’s feet when the bullet took an unfortunate bounce.

      Results are more important than intentions. This is true of players just like it’s true of GM’s.

  24. I know it’s greedy to say that should’ve been a sweep but fuck that should have been a sweep. Can’t blame the pitching for giving up 6 runs – Johnson didn’t have it and the bullpen was fucked up from the 18 inning endurance test (we really need a long man, don’t we?). But I was at both games and fuck guys, you can’t let the Grimm Reaper pitch himself into trouble a little bit? That guy was a complete shitballer, and we kept bailing him out by hacking at the ball like lumberjacks.

    Either way, it was great to see the crowds on both days. I don’t know if I’ve ever been around a better bunch of fans than Saturday’s. So fuck off to all of you self-hating fuckers who think Toronto fans are stupid cretins. There’s idiots in any park, but I’ll take the best Jays fans over any others. And if you disagree, I’ll throw a beer at you…

  25. Actual good Jays news in 2013!!!!

    Roberto Osuna, attempting to avoid TJ surgery, pitched 5 scoreless with 5Ks and only two hits yesterday for Lansing.

    Aaron Sanchez is still mysteriously on the DL, but it’s something.

    Sanchez in 2015 if no TJ, Osuna 2016 if not TJ . . . here we come!

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