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In his most recent mail bag for the Toronto Star– in a passage I came about via MLBTR, not because I was reading any of his answers– Richard Griffin wrote about Alex Anthopoulos and 2013, explaining that the judgement of this season “being a total failure can only be made if he starts a firesale at the deadline and continues in the off-season to quickly turn some of his off-season acquisitions into prospects. He would invariably receive less in return than what he surrendered to get them and that would turn this into a massive failure.”

That, to me, seems pretty screamingly fucking obvious– especially when you add in the fact that the 2014 Jays already have Bautista, Encarnacion, Reyes, Cabrera, Lawrie, Lind, Rasmus, Arencibia, Bonifacio, Izturis, Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Happ, Janssen, and everyone in the bullpen, save Darren Oliver, under contract. And, y’know, because other potential 2014 contributors in the system include Anthony Gose, Marcus Stroman, Drew Hutchison, Kyle Drabek, Ricky Romero, Sean Nolin, A.J. Jimenez, and perhaps eventually even Aaron Sanchez.

They don’t have a tonne of payroll flexibility, but they have a very strong core of players– currently playing at a 89-game pace for over a month, since May 5th, despite hardly having Morrow, Happ, and Johnson, over that stretch, with Reyes having been out for the entirety of it, and R.A. Dickey only having started to turn it around in his last two starts– and plenty of moving parts that will allow Anthopoulos to tinker.

Pretty simple, right?

Not according to Nick Cafardo, who once again is stoking the fires of dumbfuckery in the pages of the Boston Globe, and seemingly using the Jays’ notorious tight-lippedness to do so.

To wit:

Alex Anthopoulos stuck his neck out and dealt for National League Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey from the Mets, and Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, and Emilio Bonifacio from the Marlins. What did Anthopoulos do wrong? Nothing, really. He gave up top young talent for All-Stars.

Didn’t work, but I give him credit for going for it. You accumulate draft picks and good minor league talent to keep or to trade it for established players.

If you’re the Blue Jays and all you’ve been associated with is fourth place and you’re losing your fan base, what else can you do but go for it?

What’s happening in Toronto is a nightmare. People in the organization have no idea if Anthopoulos is going to cut bait or stay the course.

I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest that maybe he’s referring to cutting bait in terms of only 2013, but this is the guy who has already been on about the “possibility” of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion getting dealt, so…

And holy fuck, “didn’t work,” he says as fucking flippantly as humanly possible. Except… no. It didn’t not work. They played like shit for eighteen games. They were an OK 6-7 after winning on April 15th, they’ve gone 17-14 since May 5th, and in between was a dreadful 4-14 stretch. Other than that, it’s been OK– maybe not as good as it should have been, and certainly not as good as was expected or is acceptable, but definitely not headed into some kind of batshit, “blow it up, get prospects, and try again in three years” territory.

But hey! Since whichever front office person Cafardo spoke to wouldn’t technically “tip his hand,” why not characterize it so as to maximize the negativity? Gotta keep those Boston readers thinking there’s blood in the water, eh? Gotta keep on hammering away at this completely bullshit narrative.

There is zero chance the Jays start shipping out large numbers of core, under-contract players here and begin positioning themselves to punt already on 2014. Why am I so confident of that? Because it would be extraordinarily fucking stupid.

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  1. “If you’re the Blue Jays and all you’ve been associated with is fourth place and you’re losing your fan base, what else can you do but go for it?”

    Is he aware the TV ratings and attendance have been significantly up in the last few years? They just got done packing in more than 120k over that Rangers series. Just seems like a strange thing to say at this point in time.

    • ‘strange,’ or completely in line with what we would expect from someone like him, who’d like nothing more than the sawx to swoop in & steal a guy like joey or edwin? it’s basically trolling mixed with wishful-thinking.

    • Fastest they’ve reached 1M in attendence since 1997.

    • He’s talking about before the trades were made you glorious idiot you.

  2. my ears were bleeding listening to PTS the other day. cox seems unaware that no one is yearning for a marty york replacement among the mainstream TO media, because that is who he is now. damian cox is marty york.

  3. JJ IS THHE ONLY core player who should be traded

    • I’d be okay with trading buerhle if someone wants the contract. Not smart to trade pitching I know but that would open up some money to spend elsewhere, and next year we will have a lot more depth at sp

    • Disagree – Oliver and Davis should also be in there. Lind, Rasmus, JPA, some of the depth bullpen arms, and even Cabrera should have their names floated around to see if the Jays can get more value for them then they are worth because it’s the deadline. Basically, any player here for the next 2 years stays, everyone else is up for grabs.

      • You aren’t going to get big league players for Rasmus Davis Lind or Jpa so trading any of them would significantly lower your teams chances for next year if you can’t sign replacements during free agency.

        And chances are free agency you have to over pay so you wonder if it’s worth it.

    • I think I’d rather hang on to JJ. I can’t imagine his trade value is all that high right now (better then the comp pick and accompanying bonus pool money that you’d get from qualifying him?) and I can’t imagine that he’ll be set to get the big money longterm deal I’m sure was dancing in his and his agents head in the offseason. See if you can extend him another year at a reasonable rate.

  4. Not only do the people of Toronto not know what AA is going to do – neither do you, asshat.
    You’re guessing, spitballing….and in the business of selling papers. Throw enough monkey shit on the walls, and see what sticks….man, I wish I had learned that journalistic approach in my university days.

    • yeah! derp derp derp.

      all stoets is saying is that:

      a) making any significant moves involving the core group (i.e. specifically, those under contract who were recently acquired) is a bit dumb, all things considered, and

      b) AA isn’t dumb.

      • I believe he’s referring to Cafardo.

        • ah, i see. i guess i was thrown off by the ‘you’ in his rant, thinking he was referring to the guy who, y’know, wrote the article he’s commenting on. but yeah, he references ‘selling papers,’ so i suppose.


          • I don’t know. the “you” is very telling. Either way, both the original article and the reactive blog post would probably fall under the editorial category of writing. And from my understanding, editorial writing includes a lot of opinion.

            • Sorry for the ambiguity – the “you” I referenced was indeed directed at Beantown Hack.
              I should have made that clear from the onset.
              Now I feel shame, me.

      • What kind of douchebag says derp derp derp?

  5. “and you’re losing your fan base,”

    The TV #s and attendance disagree, but I suppose “facts” that don’t conveniently fit your narrative are a bother.

    • And using strawmen doesn’t seem to be above your commenting.

      Cafardo isn’t saying that the Jays currently are suffering from a lack of fans, he’s saying that previous to the last couple years they were. AA may have accelerated his plan to counter-act the poor attendance records.

      The Jays were 23th in attendance in 2012, and haven’t been in the top half since the glory days. That is a team that needs to do something to drum up interest.

      • Drum up interest? Are you kidding me? I’ve, literally, never seen more Blue Jays hats/jerseys/t-shirts/licence plates/etc. in my life (with the possible exception of late 80′s/early 90′s) than I have in the past two years.

        There is no concern over the fan base dwindling, but rather butts in the seats. The fan base is incredibly large, folks, it’s just that they weren’t shelling out the bucks to sit in the ‘Dome to see the team. Once the winning returns (and it’s on the way), attendance will be back in the top half of the league, there’s no question.

        • I didn’t say the fans haven’t responded, they have and that’s great.

          Cafardo is just saying that it’s possible that the pursuit of fan interest played a part in the moves. And it certainly is possible.

          And the team has been terrible, the Jays rotation is 14th in the AL in ERA, which is behind even the Astros. That is a fact. This has been a disaster, and it’s perfectly normal to speculate on what is going to happen as a result.

          • “Cafardo is just saying that it’s possible that the pursuit of fan interest played a part in the moves. And it certainly is possible.”

            Isn’t this just another way of saying that AA was trying to put a winning product on the field to get butts in the seats?

            Or are you saying that we were all going to fall in love with the personalities of the players and not care about the team record because they are just so damn interesting as people?

            Because the first one is obvious and the second one is idiotic.

            Also, many things are “certainly possible” but that’s just speculation and not journalism.

            It’s certainly possible that AA has been hearing voices for years and those voices are going to tell him to trade EE and Bautista at the deadline. Certainly possible.

            • As I said, “AA may have accelerated his plan”.

              It’s not that he went about building a 2013 winner wrong over the winter, it’s that he shouldn’t have built it all in one offseason. It’s hard to argue that if the goal was 2013 contention that he went about it wrong way. He brought in the players.

  6. AA isn’t fired until Beeston goes

    • And Beeston ain’t goin anywhere.

      He is a pretty well respected name around the league (worked in the Commissioners office I believe) and though I do not go to Jays games, I noticed on the broadcast the other day his name is up there on the “level of excellence?” ( I think that it what it is called) so I imagine ownership probably thinks highly of him as well.

      Nobody is getting fired, I doubt anyone gets traded, everything will be fine and red sox nation (including Nick Cafardo) can continue to fuck off.

  7. On today’s Effectively Wild podcast, Sam Miller said that the Jays were the biggest disappointment of the season, and that if he owned the team, AA would be fired.

    I’ve heard other down-to-earth people in the media say the same thing. This is a ‘nightmare’, why say anything different? The Jays pitching has been really really bad, and you can’t count on it to be playoffs-calibre next year. Something needs to happen.

    • How in the flying fuck is this remotely AA’s fault? He put a great team on the field. They have underperformed. If anything it would be Gibbons’ fault. But really it’s just… what it is. You can’t have an outcome in sports just because you want to.

      Anyway, if you look at how well they’ve played in the last month despite Reyes, Santos, Happ, JJ, etc all being out, you can see they are a perfectly decent team for the payroll they’ve spent.

    • Sam Miller is usually pretty rational. That seems out of character to call for AA to be fired.

      • Look at the AA era objectively.

        He will have had four full seasons to develop his team, and yet the team is no better than they were when he took over. The 2008-09 Blue Jays were much better than the ones AA has been able to put on the field. Payroll has skyrocketed, and AA didn’t acquire his two best players (Bautista/EE).

        GMs are judged on results, and AA hasn’t brought them. I’d probably give him one last shot in 2014, but I understand those who wouldn’t even give him that. Most GMs are fired after four lost seasons.

  8. I think Cafardo is on this as an axe to grind against Toronto for our treatment of Farrell. He’s protecting his crew by shitting all over the aggressors. He could be doing this with Angels; Dodgers – even Tampa (where’s the talk about trading Price?).
    But no Toronto is easy to hate now for Boston, so pile on and give the massholes what they want.

    • no – disagree

      print guys #1 job is to sell advertising…not write fact based stories

      sell sell sell – gotta get those ads generating $$

      it’s the same as the Toronto Star pumping stories about trading Kessel – generates discussion, page views, ad dollars

      simple as that

  9. Also look at the recent games by the Jays… won 2/3 against Tex, 3/4 against SF, split against the Braves, split against the O’s, 2/3 vs Rays and 2/3 vs Red Sox in the past few weeks – the one big negative mark in that stretch is they’ve been swept by the Yanks (not just the two-gamer their last series with them, but also the four straight to close out April) and lost 2/3 to the Padres. These are all pretty good .500+ teams, so they’re not meekly bending over and getting reamed.

  10. Beeston isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Neither is AA.

    And neither is Gibbons.

    The Boston sports media are ridiculous.

  11. The Red Sox & their fat ass media is such fucking trash.

    What that organization & media does when people leave – Theo, Terry Francona, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez & on & on & on…such an ugly, caustic, entitled fucking environment. They all deserve whatever crap falls onto them….I mean, when you’ve got a seemingly chill dude like Carl Crawford taking shots & you for being asshats.

    Cafardo, Pom-Pop Pete Abraham, Dan Shaugnessy, Edes, Gammons & all the rest. Jesus Christ. What a load of garbage.

  12. The guy is a shit disturbing idiot who probably gets a hard on when ever somebody writes about him……..

  13. What about the idea of trading johnson if there are 100% out of playoff contention? I could see that… but firesale? come on. The core of this team is here for awhile.

    • Johnson is likely the only one that should be on the trading block, but I can see AA going the whole season with him and trying to re-sign him while also willing to take a draft pick if he doesn’t. And considering JJs struggles this season so far, draft pick compensation might be better than the prospects that theoretically could be offered.

      • if they offer him a contract at the end of the year, it would be what in the neighborhood of $12m for 1 year? If he is only mediocre down the stretch then he will take that $12m and the jays will have another starter next year who is descent and if he does well and turns down the $12m they get the pick. Unless AA gets something special coming back I don’t see JJ getting traded. Additionally from my understanding isn’t the 2014 draft supposed to be much better than this year?

    • JJ has become a huge “problem” for Aa and I ‘m pretty sure they are having internal discussions about what to do.
      At the moment his trade value is low. I mean he hasn’t won a game, his ERA is 6, he makes 13m and has been injured-again, and for the most part has pitched like shit.
      When he was real good his fastball was 96-98, now ,unfortunately, he is in the range of 91-94 which, really, is almost Brett Cecil like. His breaking ball is too close in speed to his FB so hitters are having some pretty good hacks up there.
      If they don’t trade him by 7/31 they have him for the rest of the year and maybe he turns it around-maybe. If the team stumbles JJ may win 5-8 games this year. Then do we offer him 14m as a qualifying offer so we can geta draft choice in 2014? Lot of money.

      It’s a shame because I thought JJ would be great this year but he looks like a mere shell of his former self. His future is not lloking good here and no way will even give him a 3 yr deal now. I think he is gone by July 31

      • My money is on not trading JJ and offering the qualifying offer of 14M. If JJ accepts it, then he gets a chance to re-build his value for a long term contract. If he declines, then AA has some extra money to spend elsewhere and a nice sandwich pick.

      • I don’t get it. The guy was flawless for the first four innings yesterday. A blister put an end to his day. Shit happens. Yes, in Toronto A LOT of shit happens, but it’s not as if the guy walked out there throwing melons. First game back in weeks, dude gets a blister and people are calling for his head. How about waiting until he’s clocked another two starts before selling him for rosin bags?

      • A Brett Cecil comp and pitcher wins all in the same post about JJ. Congratulations for such a terrible comment.

  14. The only guys I see traded IF the Jays have no remote chance a the deadline are JJ, one of our MI guys for a B prospect if someone will take them and a really long shot ballsy move would be to sell high on Lind and try to get an A prospect bat…if Lind keeps this up a contender could surely use a LH power bat for a run…I feel like he’s been bad enough that even if he suceeds in the future I could live with it after his shit baggey for the last few years…

  15. Cafardo is clearly an idiot, but let’s take some basic elements of his coverage of this “disasterous” season and game them out a bit:
    1. The Jays suffered the horrible misfortune of multiple injuries, BUT don’t have a second baseman or the organizational depth needed to fill holes in the infield when injuries mount. Watching the game this Saturday where Izturis, Bonifacio and Kawasaki could barely do anything at the plate (failing to even lay down a bunt twice) doesn’t inspire confidence, let alone watching them in the field where they’re adequate at best.
    2. Josh Johnson is likely going to leave via free agency and Morrow in still not yet poised to fill the #2 starter role given his injuries and lack luster consistency. Where is the top rotation needed to make this team a true 2014 contender?
    3. Catcher is anyone’s guess considering the hammering people are giving JP’s receiving skills and sub-par on base skills. Is he still the starting C in 2014?
    4. What do the Jays do with a now surging Lind? Can they still pick up his contract year or is it best to move him at the deadline in an attempt to fill infield or SP voids???
    5. Rasmus or Gose as CF of the future?

    These are legitimate questions for a club that likely won’t make the playoffs this year, will have some major payroll issues next year AND that wants to contend in 2014.

    I don’t buy the selloff commercial from Cafardo, but I’ve got no problem with a journo that actually looks at this critically and offers some perspective.

    Lastly, this team isn’t playing a fundamentally sound game of baseball, period! Watch the Orioles or A’s and you’ll see teams that have suffered injuries as well to key cogs, but somehow find ways to win. The Jay, they did everything they could to lose on Saturday and got lucky in pulilng out the win in 18. I just think a shakeup is going to be necessary and AA better be thinking about how he can do that without making it look like yet another complete reorganization.

    • Really, I would start Thole over JPA. Not because I think a catcher is as important in the calling of the game as many want to make JPA but simply because he is an awful hitter.

      Rasmus should be the CFer. Going into next season with Gose as a starter to me would be raising a white flag.

      • I agree. I think JPA needs a good kick in the ass if he’s ever going to become something useful and being benched for an extended period of time might be it. I’d like to think JPA is something more then just a guy who can hit homers, since that one skill doesn’t make up for shitty hitting, shitty obp, and shitty catching ability, but maybe not. and thole isn’t great, but at least he’s a good catcher.

    • A shakeup sure but the jays are all playing worse than their career numbers bar Lind and maybe Edwin. Starting pitching hasn’t even been too bad we just need to get more runs some days (most). Will we make the playoffs this year? It is unlikely the way we have played so far but odds are they will turn it around and play better as a hole going into next year. In an ideal world I would trade Arencebia for anything and find a semi-professional player to play 2nd. Or bring up Goins.

      • Missed a W on whole!

      • Which Jays are actually playing worse than their career numbers?

        And which of those can actually be expected to return to their career numbers. For example guys on the wrong side of 30.

      • Just for fun. Not going to include guys who have never had a full time job because it’s not worth discussing pro-rated part time numbers.

        Lind OPS+ 158 with a career average of 105 coming into this year. That is a huge gap.
        Rasmus is at 102 with a career of 98
        E5 is at 128 with a career of 112
        Bautista is at 130 with a career or 124

        Melky is at 90 with a career average of 101
        JPA is at 79 with a career average of 88

        In fact most Jays are hitting well above their career averages with a couple hitting below.

    • I think if lind continues putting up the numbers he has, AA has to at least pick up one of his option years (which they can still do at the end of this year according to the original toronto star article published when he signed his deal). With the obvious, and widely discussed change to his approach, better results going back to the 2012 all star break, and precedent showing that a) he is capable of this level of production (2009) and b) a history of numerous players figuring ‘it’ out in their late 20s (Bautista, David Ortiz, Alex Gordon to name a few), he might have earned another look. Especially if the increase in results holds over the course of the year and versus lefties, I think you gotta pick up the option – unless he is open to negotiating a lesser contract. Crazy as it sounds, besides EE, he is likely one of – if not the Jays best hitter going back to middle of last year.

  16. Nick Cafardo is suffering from verbal diarrhea

  17. This is from a media market that treated the greatest hitter ever (Ted Williams) like he was the devil

    • From all account Ted Williams was as big an asshole as Barry Bonds……………..and Bonds was probably a better all around player and look how he was treated.

      • Bonds is loved by the San Fran media / fans… I can understand hating other team’s stars but you don’t hate your own who always performed well

      • According to Ted Williams the media started it. Just saying. Man sure did hold a grudge though.

  18. Can we please talk about why Jason Fraser was booed on Friday? Why are Jays fans so moronic when it comes to players returning to Toronto?

    • Really? That’s fucking sad. I was so excited for this year and bought a flex pack as well as additional tickets. I’m basically selling the tickets at this point. Fights, people throwing beer, paper airplanes, streakers (so pathetic), booing everyone who ever dared to play for us… I’m just so much happier at home in front of my big tv.

    • I was there and it was heckling, not booing. It was the bottom of the tenth inning for fuck’s sake! Honestly, I can’t believe you fucking morons. What do you want; we should cheer a reliever coming into a game right after we blew a save on bloop singles and squeeze calls by the ump?

      I know this doesn’t fit with your o so delicious preconceived narrative, but in Vernon Well’s first game back here with the Angels we gave him a standing ovation both before and after he hit his first inning homerun. His next time up? We booed the shit out of him because he was absolutely massacring our pitching.

      If Frasor had come into the game in a different situation I’m 100% sure we would have cheered him. But it’s a baseball game, not a tea party. Sack up fucknuts.

      • Your explanation doesn’t make much sense to me. But obviously I don’t have big derpy balls like you, ya big manly derpster.

        So if it was any random pitcher you hadn’t heard of, you would have sat picking your nose. But because you’ve heard of him you boo’ed him. Makes sense.

      • Please. It is nothing but drunk assholes who are responding to the fact that they have heard of a player and he is not playing for the Jays anymore. I don’t care when he came into the game. He was a great player for our team and deserves more respect than that. It shows terrible sportsmanship.

  19. Fans are back because this time the team legitimately tried to win, didn’t go stingy with its vast pool of resources to do so, and brought in proven guys.

    If they blow it up, they lose all that. I don’t think I can go back to watching $60mil payrolls and watch seasons get blatantly forfeited again.

    • From a personal conversation I had with Beeston at a luncheon speaking event here in London, ON, I was almost assured that the new ‘floor’ for payroll is in the $100-120 million range for the foreseeable future. I have many witnesses to this conversation, if I need to provide one. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

      • No witmesses needed.
        Beeston backed you up in the press.
        He said,there’s more money if the situation is right.
        Team payroll is an investment that pays off many times over, in content value.

      • More importantly, what is the possible ceiling?

        • @ fukstick

          IMHO,based on strictly a business not baseball decision.

          The luxury cap is the limit,as long as interest remains high,which will be aided by the success of the product on the field.
          But as for the limit, they won’t approach that until on field results are solidified, and only go there if needed.
          A buffer under the cap is neccessary for unforseen opportunities , as they arise.
          This is just my opinion.

        • Beeston said there’s more money if the situation is right. Meaning if the Jays were in contention right now and still at the trade deadline, Beeston would have approved any trade or waiver claim for a high salaried player to add to the mix. As in the 92-93 years when we were adding pitchers such as Cone-head.

      • 100-120 million?

        that doesn’t tell me much. the difference between 100 and 120 million is two core players per year. 100 million vs 120 as a floor is a huge difference.

        its like saying tomorrow it will either be sunny or rain

  20. Cafardo = Troll.

    • Agreed – would also add that based on the play he is getting on this website and the comments section, he’s a damn fine troll – hats off to you sir!

  21. Cafardo is a idiot and without a doubt the sox use him as a puppet to get their lies and propaganda out in the media. You only have to look at the Farrell soap opera, and what they did to terry Francona and Kevin youkulous to see what kinda of people they are!

  22. What a dumbfuck!

    (based only on photo, did not read the article, busy morning at work)

    • Farrell Esque

    • OK, I read it.

      Total nonsense. You gotta love this team. When it starts firing on all cylinders, I think they could win 100 games. Seriously.

      Unless the Jays can win 10 in a row, soon:

      Let Johnson walk. Let some of the kids play. Upgrade 2B. Teach Lawrie and JPS to hit.

      I am looking forward to 2014.

      • Too bad Hill, didn’t have the numbers he had in with the D-Backs last year while still wearing a Jays jersey. I’d kill for him right now, just looking at that.

  23. I do believe that the Jays would consider retooling entering the 2014 season if they can’t claw there way back into the WC race. Guys like Rasmus, Lind, JPA, Johnson, Oliver should be moved for the right price. Buehrle probably can’t be traded, but if the Royals are in the race Moore could do something stupid LOL. I would consider trading Janssen (to the Tigers for Castallenos, and move Lawrie to 2b), closers are fickle business, I’m sure Delabar or Stroman and Santos (healthy) could do the job in 2014.

    But that being said this article is a total troll job, the jays core is as strong as anyones in MLB. I would question AA if that were to happen

    • Like Losing JJ is easier when you get hutch/drabek back


    • I don’t know if you watched the Jays between 2009-2012, but if you did I can’t imagine you would advocate trading Janssen. Not having a competent closer is a miserable experience.

      I don’t really see a need to do anything at all this season. Could we really get anything for JJ better than the first round comp pick plus the chance he might take the qualifying? Is it worth trading Lind for peanuts now that he’s on the equivalent of a series of one year contracts?

      I’ve come around to the idea that Lawrie might be a better fit at second than third. He is definitely athletic enough to play wherever he wants, but if his bat doesn’t improve a little bit I don’t see how it fits at third. That should wait till the end of the year though.

      Most importantly, don’t get off the boat! All the pieces are in place for a serious run!

      • I have been watching and have been frustrated with the Jays late innings marry-go-round. But the closer position is still over valued around baseball and trading Janssen is something that needs to be considered, if the season continues as is.

  24. 1) Gotta love the pitching lately. Oakland showed that lights out pitching is how you go on a run. Good sign.

    2) Did you realize the Sox are spending $30M more than the Jays this year? I was sortof under the impression that they were a scrappy underdog team playing above their heads. Turns out they’re the same mercenary Sox.

    3) All of you who hate everyone that’s ever been to the SkyDome, there’s a saying about glass houses and stones you should read up on. There were more fans at SkyDome in the bottom of the 18th than there were in Flushing in the top of the first. The only time anyone booed the home team was when Izturis bunted into the plate in the 15th (and, I mean, are you fucking kidding me Maicer?), the only fans who booed a pickoff were the retards in matching Kinsler jerseys and Cowboys hats, and someone trying to start the wave got told to fuck off.

    I’m well aware that Jays games are not short on dumbasses, and what’s the point of a blog if not to shit on morons? But over the past few months it’s impossible to go one game without someone going on about how stupid the fans are. Given that you hate everyone so much, please just follow the games on MLB Gameday. Everyone will be much happier that way.

  25. Guys, it’s NICK CAFARDO. Why are you giving him this much airtime? What you get from a pig is a grunt and that’s him out there grunting. My advice? Leave him alone to wallow.

  26. What this guy is doing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. He’s anticipating the Blue Jays will “clean house”. So he’s predicting it now, knowing if it doesn’t happen everyone will forget he said it, and if it does happen, he can point to these columns and claim some kind of “inside source” that he won’t identify, to raise his profile in his peer group, thus getting face time on ESPN and Fox Sports among others, which will in turn, raise his stock professionally. He has nothing to lose, if the Jays turn things around he can say the idea was scrapped and save face and if it does happen, he comes off looking very “informed”.

    • AA is in charge not JPR. Ricciardi was reactive as hell. AA not so much. This team has the beginnings of something very very interesting. As has been said, Josh Johnson could be dealt and maybe Buehrle–although personally I’d keep him as a workhorse which we don’t have enough of among the starters. The others are starting to gel and I’d like to see them kept together. I trust AA and I think he’ll stay the course.

      What’s coming out of Boston, that’s just noise. But if anyone asks me, unless the Jays win 99% of their games for the rest of the season, I’m rooting for the Yankees to lay the big smack down on our loud pals to the East.

      • Buehrle would be difficult to move on account of the money he is still owed. The Blue Jays would have to eat a big chunk of that contract. Johnson will be a tough deal until he can show he is healthy and can win (something he has yet to do). The easiest player to move would be Darren Oliver. A lefty reliever for a team tyring to win in October would have high return.

        • Jim…. I think it is safe to say that Oliver is in swan song mode, where JJ has lots of time to re-establish himself as a force. There for, Oliver brings minor league heap pile talent, where JJ would probably fetch borderline major league talent. But that is my opinion of rational.

          • @DIGITAL JAYS FAN- I understand what you are saying, but both Johnson and Oliver are in the final year of their contracts. The Cardinals won a World Series with that batch of relievers they got from Toronto in the Rasmus trade and having a guy like Oliver that you would have no commitment to beyond this year, who could come up big in the post season would be invaluable. Flags fly forever and a lefty like Oliver who could pitch to a situational batter or give you an inning is a hell of a thing to have. Johnson on the other hand could be seen as a guy you’d trade for and he’d continue to struggle to hold 4 run leads (like yesterday) and you’d have to empty your bullpen. That could mess you up bigtime in a playoff series.Remember, Johnson’s problems go back two years, not just this year, unless he strings together 3,4,5 good starts, he’d be seen as a risk.

  27. Nobody on this team has a “No Trade”.

    Everyone is available for the right price.

    The problem with this conversation is that is it’s about a month too early.

    If the Jays have a good month nothing changes.

    If they have a horrible month I think that the team as a whole will be evaluated as to what will be best to to keep or trade in moving forward.

    If they are somewhere in the middle who the fuck knows.

  28. Brian Mcnann is going to be a free agent next year. Could we see him as a blue jay if we trade JPA?

    • I all for McCann, but there are health issues regarding him being a fulltime catcher. I’m all for him playing half the games there, and spelling time at DH or 1B. We would still need JPA, but only for 80 games, and that sounds much better to me than the amount of games he is back there now.

      Maybe if JPA had more time on the bench to think, he would actually realize what it takes to be a major league caliber catcher. But I’m probably a little delusional right now, and that realization may never come to JPA.

    • McCann is a steady veteran catcher who could stabilize the pitching staff, and he can even play the outfield if I’m not mistaken.

  29. YYAAWWWNNN….. I lost interest at “Boston Globe”…..

  30. I doubt jj will leave the Jays for free agency. He knows this team can be damn good if everything clicks. He is having an injury plagued off year and probably feels guilty collecting all that money. He may just sign with the Jays just to prove his worth. Ok, maybe wishful thinking? Besides, signing a free agent pitcher of his calibre to replace him would end up costing same or more.

    Lind… he’s having a career year. AA won’t get true value for him because of his past. We need him for next season when all of our under performing players start to perform as expected.

    Rasmus/Gose… I like Rasmus’s steady play in cf. Gose may never hit enough to take advantage of his base running skills, similiar to the underperforming Bonifacio’s expectations. People were saying Bonifacio can potentially swipe 80 bases… if he hits enough. Besides, we’d never get value for Rasmus and he is not the problem.

  31. If we’re talking trading core players like Bautista for prospects, then yes, that is insane.
    If we’re talking trading core pieces for different core pieces, that is a different story.

    The Blue Jays were a very good team from ’88-’91
    yet Gillick saw the need to move two core pieces in Fernandez and McGriff.
    We all know who came back and how that turned out.

    It is up to AA to assess the strengths and weakness of this squad and make whatever moves need to be made to give his club its best chance to win in ’14. ’15 and ’16.
    If that involves trading a core piece, so be it.

  32. JPA haters rejoice. Thole in line-up tonight

  33. One note I’d like to make is on how Cafardo’s message got changed and I interpreted it quite differently on MLBTR. In the above quote he reported “What’s happening in Toronto is a nightmare. People in the organization have no idea if Anthopoulos is going to cut bait or stay the course.”

    yet on MLBTR, i read , “The Blue Jays’ situation is “a nightmare,” Cafardo says, noting that some in the organization don’t know whether GM Alex Anthopoulos will stick with the team he has.”

    The first writing is obvious crap. Without knowing that though when I read mlbtr, I took that to mean AA and the Jays were actually considering adding or replacing major league parts – not inducing a firesale.

  34. Anyone think if the team is playing well AA might move the other way at the deadline?

    Controllable players for any prospect not named Sanchez? if not for this year than to fortify the team for 2014.

    I’m not talking superstars here but decent young supplements to the existing core. Like a Bud Norris, Gallardo or Dan Murphy.

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