Toronto Blue Jays v San Francisco Giants

76 years of high five.

R.A. Dickey two-hit the San Francisco Giants in his last time on the hill, pitching into the ninth inning in what was probably his best start of the season. He pulled a similar trick in Kansas City back in mid-May, then followed it up with a six-inning, two-hit, seven-strikeout gem against the Chicago White Sox, who he faces once again tonight, as the Jays open up a three-game set and a seven-game road trip.

Which, perhaps, is to say that, even if he looks good again this evening, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s finally going to break out. He might, but… baby steps, people. Let’s maybe just worry about this game for now, eh? And with it being the first time he’ll throw to Josh Thole since last September, perhaps there’s reason to worry…


Alex Anthopoulos was on Prime Time Sports tonight, and Alex Seixeiro of the Fan 590 tweets that AA said Brandon Morrow threw a bullpen today, and then will head to Florida tomorrow, along with Jose Reyes, as both are getting set to get into some rehab games before rejoining the club.

Darren Oliver is back with the Jays. “Everything went good,” he says, according to a Shi Davidi tweet. “The shoulder is much better, just like it should be.”

John Lott tweets some comments from the Jays’ first round pick in last week’s Rule 4 draft, Phil Bickford, who says he’s very excited for the opportiunity, and was “obviously under instructions not to say much more.”

The White Sox had a video tribute to Mark Buehrle after the top of the first inning, according to a tweet from Scott MacArthur. The left-hander won’t pitch this series, but return for the first time to face the club he pitched in 390 games for over twelve years, logging over 2400 innings and starting Game Two and saving Game Three of the club’s 2005 World Series sweep of the Houston Astros.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star notes that DeMarlo Hale is behind the bench for the Jays tonight, as John Gibbons is away at his son’s graduation.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
C Josh Thole (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Chicago White Sox

CF Alejandro de Aza (L)
SS Alexei Ramirez (R)
RF Alex Rios (R)
1B Paul Konerko (R)
DH Adam Dunn (L)
LF Dayan Viciedo (R)
3B Jeff Keppinger (R)
2B Gordon Beckham (R)
C Hector Jimenez (S)

RHP Dylan Axelrod

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  1. When RA’s knuckle isnt working they should take him out as they are just lobs over the plate. Must be the weather

    • If I’m Gibbons, I’m warming up the bullpen pretty early for every Dickey/Johnson/Morrow start. They start to fuck up by the 2nd inning and I’m pulling them. They don’t deserve any rope… they haven’t earned any.

      • If you’re Gibbons, I probably wouldn’t mind shooting the shit and having a beer with you.

      • That’s a good idea. Have Dickey start every other day and if he doesn’t have it yank him after the first. Like having a first-inning closer.

  2. Dunn’s Home run count is higher than his average

  3. take 2 out of 3 from Texas. Then 8 of our 9 hitters make a junk baller look good. On top of that our ace gives up 4 RBI’s to a guy hitting 177. I love these guys

  4. CLETUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m surprised they didn’t just put the 3 runs on the board the second Dickey hit Konerko (who is scuffling badly) with 2 strikes…you could see that HR coming from a mile away (which is about how far it went)…christ, when knucklers go bad it’s a horror show…at least it’s still early?

  6. Just a nice smooth swig to quiet the trolls…nice work colbylocks…

  7. FLOW

  8. Gonna be one of those games eh?

  9. dickey

    NL 8 er in 20.1 ip 3.58 era

    AL 42 er in 67 ip 5.64 era

  10. If you take away all the times Boner didn’t get a hit, he’s batting 1.000. Isn’t that right Wilner?

  11. Fucking boni and izzy are just brutal. Feel like ive said that 16 times every game.

  12. fuck I loathe Bonifacio

  13. Classic Izturis and Boney

    • I saw this line up when it first came out and it just looked awful from the middle down. Reyes coming back will help but shit – we need wins right now.

      Get Derosa in there. Izturiz – sorry you can play when Boni or Kawasaki need a break.

  14. remember when alex said dickey would get even better? great call there

    • I’m tired of AA making excuses for this team, and Dickey, and Dickey himself making excuses all the time. Lets face it Dickey has been a jerk off from day one coming to the Jays.

  15. I think I hate Bonifacio more than Izturis. Wow…

    • Boni is marginally worse. Izturis has a higher career ops and more importantly obp.

      • No #’s to back it up but Izturis seems to have fewer at-bats that simply annoy the shit out of me compared to Bonifacio who is sky-high on that list.

  16. Looked like Les Nessman on that flyball.

  17. I am confused by this 1-2-3 inning thing…
    What just happened?

  18. dickey vs bono who wins?

  19. just call him E.R.A. Dickey . . . ugh

    • “Life is short, so why not enjoy the game?”

  20. I love Lord Melkington.

  21. All right no GIDP!

  22. Maybe Ramirez has watched too many hilight vids

  23. Am I the only one who is developing an unhealthy infatuation with the Brunette next to the dude in the Hawks Jersey?

    • Very nice…bit young but…very nice!

      • Sometimes I feel so alive
        Sometimes I see so clear
        Just like the way we always were
        So young and free from fear

        I lose my fear of war and dying
        And all the clouds just disappear
        Only my mirror sees me crying
        Each time I lose another year

    • I’ll be the judge of what is unhealthy.
      Where is she sitting?
      I can’t see anything in the fog – but maybe it’s just nature’s Photoshop.

  24. Gibbons wouldn’t have put dickey out again?

  25. i forgot that the White Sox had a bullpen full of 100 mph throwing centaurs…where do they get these fucking guys?

  26. I randomly just noticed that I cut all the Jays and White Sox on my fantasy team.

  27. I just wrote a huge fucking tirade on an older post.

    This is my plea for SOMEONE to actually go back and read it.

    It was the Searching for Meaning post about Jose’s ejection. Please, humour me. I wrote too much for nobody to read it.

    • Ctrl + C. Ctrl + V.

      I’m too lazy.

      • You asked for it:

        Ok, I’m late to the game here, so nobody is going to read this. Too bad, because I’d really like to illustrate just how fucking stupid this post is.

        The state of… let’s call it Jays Nation is fucking brutal. There are seemingly two factions. There are the absolute morons that want to bench Bautista and undo the Marlins trade. Then there is the group lead by Stoeten and Wilner who seemingly believe that you shouldn’t question the players or the organization. Certainly not without this ridiculous burden of ‘proof’ as if this was some sort of hearing.

        Well I represent the middle. I have followed the Jays for about 25 years. I watch virtually every game, even in the worst of seasons. I’m not one to overreact to minor bumps in the road, but I can’t — for the fucking life of me — understand this new fad where calling out player behaviour or under performance gets you labelled an idiot by bloggers or talk show hosts. Fuck that.

        Jose Bautista is an enormously talented baseball player. He is one of the most feared power bats in MLB. He has a cannon of an arm and plays excellent defense. He runs out ground balls and generally displays absolutely every on-field attribute one would hope for in a player.

        He also seems to be a tremendous leader. I always see him talking to his teammates and I gained a lot of respect for him when he implanted himself in the middle of the Lawrie situation.

        But let’s not pretend that he doesn’t have a GIANT cry-baby attitude when he’s slumping. Let’s not pretend he doesn’t frequently berate umpires.

        Let’s be clear here: you can appreciate Bautista as a great player and you can ALSO call him out for his one glaring shortcoming. Especially because it’s something that he can control. It is a weakness that he can fix. His outbursts are not good for him or the team.

        Overall, he’s still a giant positive for a baseball team. But that doesn’t mean we, as fans, can’t hope that he’d wise up and be even better.

        Beyond that, what the fuck did you actually write?

        1. Fuck you. Jose might have been wrong, but how dare you get upset about it! You’re a mere fan!

        2. Fuck Griffin. And the rest of you. How dare you suggest that something is wrong with this team? Can’t they just vastly underperform without anyone getting upset and searching for reasons why?

        Let me address this one: maybe it IS just a statistical anomaly that so many Jays have underperformed. Maybe pitching injuries are just a matter of shitty luck and has nothing to do with the training staff or the way the organization handles pitchers. But since when are fans not allowed to be fucking fans? Since when can we not suggest potential reasons for failures? These days, it seems like you can’t even bring up anything without being called a mouth-breathing idiot that isn’t providing any ‘proof.’

        What the fuck is that?

        3. Fuck you guys. You always complained that other guys didn’t care ENOUGH.

        Well that’s just fucking stupid. I was one of those people that thought that Rios never gave two shits. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but that’s a different discussion (never thought that way about Wells though).

        The point is, Bautista is misdirecting his passion in a way that’s harmful to him and the team. I didn’t want Rios to yell at umps, I wanted him to at least look angry WITH HIMSELF for his continued failure. Or at least run out a grounder once in a while.

        I will never question Bautista’s passion. I can see that he wants to win and he wants to do well. But what we’re looking for is for him to channel his passion appropriately. And it’s not an unreasonable fucking ask.

        4. Fuck. I mean, it was stupid, but what does it matter?

        Well fuck, man. It matters for a few reasons. First, it was fucking 0-1 after that call. The tying run is on second base. I’d like to know that my guy hasn’t lost his shit and has his wits about him for the rest of the at bat. And if you look at the two pitches he swung at, it’s not unreasonable to think that he was too riled up and lost his focus.

        And YES, that could be complete bullshit. Maybe it didn’t effect him at all and he just struck out because it’s baseball, and hitting is goddamn hard. But by freaking out in a completely unwarranted instance, you’ve given everyone permission to question your judgement on the next two goddamn pitches.

        Secondly, it matters because we’re all pissed at how this season has gone down so far. There have been many factors leading to this abysmal record, including a number of games where the Jays have seemingly invented new ways to lose. This was an unnecessary blow up in a critical point in the game. It may (or, admittedly, may not) have influenced his entire at bat. Hell, it may have influenced EE’s at bat (though I doubt that).

        Had EE come up with a game-tying single, it certainly would have been a factor not having Jose for extra innings. So guess fucking what? It matters. They’ve dug a giant fucking hole and we can’t afford stupid, petty shit. And it hurts even worse when it’s from our best.

        I am a Jays fan.

        I don’t want to fire Gibby, but people who suggest that he should be aren’t idiots (or not necessarily idiots, at least).

        I don’t want to bench Bautista. But I do want him to continue to grow and be better.

        I want Lawrie to grow up. And I believe he will, but I’m getting increasingly impatient.

        I want JP to take a walk. Just try it.

        I want someone to teach Colby how to cut down on your swing with two strikes.

        My point is: I want to be a fan.

        I want to call out players who are playing like shit or acting like douche bags. I want to question strategy and training staff. And I don’t want fucking blog comments to come with a burden of proof.

        So fuck you. And fuck this post. And fuck me for being late, writing this exhaustive essay for no one to read.

        • Can someone read this then e-mail a 200 word summary?

        • holy crap – maybe include a table of contents next time

        • Oh, it was about about something I could barely give a shit about.

          Let’s just say I thought it was classy of the ump to wait for Jose to strike out before tossing him. And I’m happy Jose hit two jacks tonight. End of story.

        • “I want to call out players who are playing like shit or acting like douche bags. I want to question strategy and training staff. And I don’t want fucking blog comments to come with a burden of proof.
          So fuck you. And fuck this post. And fuck me for being late, writing this exhaustive essay for no one to read.”

          A word to the wise. When the player you’re reacting to has hit 2 home runs during the game in progress, instead of re-posting, consider yourself lucky that no one read your post.”

          • No.

            I already said that Jose in an indisputable talent. Nobody was every saying that he wasn’t a great hitter. And I clearly stated that benching him was a dumb idea.

            So, no. I stand by every fucking word in that comment (and there were a lot of them).

            • WOW.

              “So, no. I stand by every fucking word in that comment (and there were a lot of them).”

              Do you seriously not see that you’ve dug your heels in 10X worse than Joey Bats ever does?

              Try to grow. Really.

              • HOW!?

                How do his two home runs today discount ANY of the things I wrote?

                Show me any example of something I wrote that isn’t true two home runs later and I’ll eat my words.

                • Because who gives a shit about what he did if it didn’t affect his performance negatively, and may have even influenced it positively?

                  I’m not saying he’s right, just that it doesn’t matter.

                  • Because the only thing that matters is what happens on the very next day?

                    I never suggested that his hissy fit last night would result in him playing badly today. I think it’s reasonable to wonder if it affected the outcome of yesterday’s game.

                    And I think it’s reasonable to wonder how the Jays ‘reputation’ with umpires could affect a future key play. Or if his behaviour continues, will a future ejection have a big impact.

                    This was not a one-off, out-of-the-blue situation last night. And hitting two home runs today changes absolutely fucking nothing of what I was saying.

                    Think about it this way: if he had struck out three times today and I posted “told ya so!” You would have lost your shit with how much of an idiot I was, right?

                    And you would have been correct. His performance tonight is completely unrelated.

                    • Yeah, he made yesterday’s at-bat tougher on himself, but Joe Nathan isn’t exactly Miguel Batista out there. The fact that he went nuts shows just how much of an advantage he felt he needed to have a shot at Nathan in the first place.

                      No question I would have preferred a clutch single last night but barring that, a good game today was all you could ask for. I’m not overly worried about it.

            • A great post

        • His blog. Deal with it or fuck off.

    • went back and read it … I can feel your pain, but you probably had to say what you did and here’s the thing … I don’t think Jose can stop doing what he did … that’s how he’s wired. I was disappointed that it happened just then for the same reasons you are … but he more than made up for all of that tonight, which you probably didn’t know when you wrote it …

      ? could you not do what you did?

      I don’t think we humans have nearly as much “control” as we imagine …

      • Well thank you for reading it. Seriously.

        I disagree on Bautista. I think it’s something he can fix. But agree to disagree on that one.

        I’m actually more pissed about the overall attitude this year. That being a fan means only questioning things you can back up with sabermetrics. Fuck that.

        • It’s always been that way with Stoeten.
          He’s actually getting better.
          He used to be much worse.

          • Trenches, amen brother.

            +1000 as far as I’m concerned.

            It does piss me off when some of the new wave hipster fucking jabronies come on here and “nyar nyar guffaw sample size mmmmyem don’t blame the jays.” I am a fan. I will be pissed when the players suck. Please note that is not the same as: “Fuck this team, I hate them and all the players suck.”

            I generally really like this blog, but I too have noticed a serious change in Stoeten’s demeanor this year (he himself has alluded to this re: the team going for it and needing a long view when the talent is here, ipso facto, it should work out eventually). I think it’s really just because he feels the need to over compensate and over react to those on here that are true idiots. But ya, saying “our pitching sucks and maybe Dickey isn’t as amazing as we all thought” shouldn’t result in a million people screaming that you should die.

            • Exactly. All of the discussion around the Jays this year reminds me of American politics. Everything is so partisan. You’re either all in and every move has been amazing and every player is great, they need more time OR AA is a moron, we should blow the team up, fire everyone, etc.

              There’s seemingly no room for a middle ground anymore. It’s sad.

  28. I was just wanting Bautista to swing the shit out of that, but I can see why his approach changed being down only run. Would have been great to see a 3 HR night to quiet all those fools crying for his head.

    That strike 3 pitch was filthy tho . . . insane movement at the end

  29. Yoga sure does a body good – Lind’s ass looks great tonight! Now we need a hit

  30. Ugh, this is the downside of Lind having a tiny bit of success vs lefties lately. They’re going to let him face guys like Thornton and Choate (is he still alive?) that absolutely dominate him.

    • At this point in the game, you have to weigh the difference between keeping Lind in the game for the 8th or going for it in the 6th.

      • Oh I agree. That wasn’t an obvious spot to take Lind out or anything. But in general, I fear we’re going to be seeing more faith in Lind when there shouldn’t be.

      • Buck and Tabby dont think he’ll be around long and he’s their only lefty.

    • Those guys kill lefties in general. Not just lind. I think if he sticks with this appraoch he will do ok vs most lefties.

    • Choate is active until Oliver challenges him to a duel for the final quickening…

  31. Dickey continues to get slapped around

  32. Sweet Clete make some midnight moonshine please!

  33. Nate Mclouth redux. He should have asked the fans for the ball.

  34. Cletus checked

  35. Grab yer sphincters, JP’s pinch shitting

  36. When was the last time the Leader got on base?

  37. J.P. making outs like it’s his job.

  38. so umm – The Dome doesn’t seem like such a bad place to watch a game after watching this tonight….jus sayin.

    It’s a lot of concrete yea but at least it doesn’t look like Beijing in the middle of summer.

  39. “Let’s pound this guy inside.”
    Oh, Buck.
    It’s like you’re one of us.

  40. The jays never cease a chance to squander an opportunity. Clutch hits win games….see Orioles.

  41. Unfortunately, like many other games this season (yesterday blowing 4 run lead vs Texas, Padres, Seattle, Yankees etc.) this one’s gonna hurt if the jays end up losing. That being said, losing to the White Sux tonight can’t possibly hurt more than Wilner’s rectum does right now. Anyways, is climbing to 6 games under .500 this week too much to fucking ask?

  42. Is it just me or is melky an awful clutch hitter? He always seems like he gets too anxious and swings at garbage pitches. He is a way better rally starter than finisher.

  43. Even if they lose, this can’t be the final score.

  44. Black Magic: making loogeys sexier since 1912.

  45. Why are jays pitchers struggling so much to strike out adam dunn??

    • Because he does 3 things: BB, K, HR…2day 2hr, a BB and a swinging bunt…

    • I traded Rios and cut Dunn and Konerko so I knew bad things were in line this series.

  46. What are the odds we get Rays-Red Sox again after this shit?

  47. C’mon Joey

  48. Shit that stuff is thick!
    Great night for a drunk.

  49. I’d be all for staying on the backstop cam so we can kinda see what’s going on.

  50. And THAT is why you punt the earlier at-bat.

  51. FUCK

  52. You slow footed yeti.

  53. GG back to 9 games below 500!

  54. Cmon rasmus they were conceding the fucking run. All you had to do was hit it by the pitcher. Some of these guys just get too anxious up there with risp.

  55. If only JPA could run like Blanco

  56. JP shoulda slid into first like a tru leader

  57. Well fuck me sideways…just gotnhome to see the cletus JPA AB + EdwinError.

    I am doing no good for thisnteam.

  58. Awright. I’m still on the boat but I have to go below deck for a drink.

  59. Prorate the season jays will 74 wins. Good job everyone!

  60. Bonifiasco much?

  61. Someone murder that Boni fucker


  63. Eeeeeeee-yikes

  64. Ok I won’t defend Emilio any more…no fucking excuse there…

  65. 2 errors in the bottom of the 8th! BOOYAH!

  66. AA just dfa bonicrapio already. Please, I beg of you. Just end the misery. Get ciriaco, negrych. I dont give a fuck. They cant be worse.

  67. When Reyes and/or Lawrie are back, Bonifacio need to be glued to the bench. Pinch-running and nothing more for this idiot.

  68. I hate drinking alone down here…I wonder whats going on above deck?

  69. Note to self:

    Google ‘clutch base hit.’

  70. This is your brain: O
    This is your brain on drugs: o
    This is the brain of Emilio:


  71. Fuck we at this point I’d be fine with a second baseman that can just field and can’t hit worth shit. Bonafacio and Izturis both have been horrendous offensively and defensively. It can’t be that hard to find a glove first second baseman. I don’t even think that would be a downgrade offensively.

  72. This is the FIRST time the white sox have scored 10 runs ALL SEASON.

    that’s how bad our pithcing is

    • The pen has been exquisite for what itabhad tondeal with

    • Dickey is an ace. Stfu. Blame the fog.

      • While I don’t want to say he pitched well it seems when the weather isn’t good, ie fog or rain, it really hurts his knuckleball. Mets fans mentioned this as well and they saw him when he was doing well.

        • … and this is why some “crazy” people think it’s a bit silly to base your starting staff off an ‘ace’ with a by definition unpredictable pitch that produces incredible variance in the result…

    • Well, when you have bonicrapio and izzy on the oppositions infield suddenly scoring 10 runs is realistic if your a shitty team like the white sox.

  73. WTF IS with the Jays they cant get that fucker Dunn out?

    His BA is .177 for FUCK’S sakes!

  74. It’s like these sad sacks just gave up when couldn’t easily tie it in the 8th.

  75. omar visquel is laughing at us

  76. Whats up guys? Been reading these posts for a while now. Helps me deal with the jays slowly stealing my soul. I’d probably murder Bonifacio if I saw him in the street.

  77. In excited for Jose Reyes back, and that’s it for the rest of 2013

  78. They should just DFA Bonifacio at this point, he can’t do anything well, he’s been shit every year except for one 2 years ago which was babip fueled, he can’t even fucking bunt, and he gets so much fucking practice and still just shits the bed every time.

  79. we wouldn’t have done this deal without bonifacio

  80. “I hope you hit better than you field, Bonifacio.”

    Excellent heckle, perfectly audible.

  81. Did the fog just magically clear in time for Chicago to bask in our glorious defeat?
    Even nature is against us. We are, ipso facto, AGAINST NATURE.

  82. Calling a 5 run jack from Mune here…

  83. Thank God that fucking game is over

  84. GG…but not really

  85. Hey look a Lo Viste thingy you can use in your online chats: <o.o

  86. I am a ninja

    I just spent 120 mil

    I have one of the worst teams in the league

    I traded away half the farm

    I have millions in bad untradeable contracts.

    I don’t get criticized cuz I am cdn

    I am a ninja

    • Ok troll what would you have done to add some talent: list them now

      • At least I would have gotten a legit 2nd baseman that can play defense. That is baseball 101. But I outsmarted everyone.

      • I’ve said it 100 fucking times. AA should have spent his dollars on the posting system or signing Cuban players. These fucking players have the lowest fucking cost (do NOT have to trade prospects, do NOT have to lose draft picks). With the posting system, they don’t get to pick and choose what fucking city they go to. Obviously the Cuban players are a little different.

        If AA would have just let this fucking team grow organically with adding some of these players (Puig, Soler, Cespedes, Chapman, Ryu, Darvish…) this team would have been a competitor by 2014. This team has absolutely no depth in the upper fucking minors and that is exactly what pushes you through a long fucking season.

        But yeah, we’re just trollin’ around here. Need to fellate AA errday.

    • hey, but you did juice the system for extra draft picks that you subsequently used to draft guys that would ultimately be traded for stars like dickey, bonafacio, josh johnson..

      • that’s right I took a bare farm system, stocked it with draft picks, then traded half of them for garbage and left the system bare again. see how smart I am?

        • In fairness to AA he didn’t really trade prospects of that much value. Most of them were well over hyped. He just took bad contracts one mostly.

          Syndergaard and D’Anuad could come back to haunt them but the guys in the FLA trade weren’t that important.

          I’m by no means saying AA has done a half way reasonable job because he hasn’t but the farm wasn’t as strong as it’s rating.

  87. This comment section is something else

  88. So all you guys though I sucked huh? Who are the best players on the team? Oh yeah, Bautista and Encarnacion. Who acquired them? Oh

    who did I give up? big time prospects right?

    not really.

    Robinzon Diaz and the rotting corpse of scott rolen.

    enjoy your new “enlightened GM”

  89. Kill this season with fire

  90. The following geeks need to shut their prick holes:

    Jesus Christo
    JP Riccardi
    NInja Gm

    The worst part is I know you idiots are actually fans of the Jays, just disheartened with the start.

    I still hate the way you need to bitch.

  91. The season finale of “Game of Thrones” had less carnage than the Jays 2013 season.

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