Sorry, no Getting Blanked or DJF podcasts today, as Drew is out of the office. Now, let’s drop a reasonably-sized, post-weekend Duce…

Gold from Getting Blanked, as Dustin McGowan *WINK* addresses the 2013 draft class *WINK* WINK*.

In his AL draft review at ESPN.com (Insider Only) Keith Law reiterates his concerns about Phil Bickford, mentions something again about Clinton Hollon’s alleged make-up issues, and is generally pretty meh on the Jays’ selections. Fair enough.

John Lott of the National Post tells us how Andy LaRoche was ready to put his undefeated pitching record on the line in Saturday’s extra inning marathon, and reflects on Sunday’s loss, and the Bautista ejection everybody wants to talk about.

R.A. Dickey starts for the Jays tonight in Chicago, coming off his best start of the season– after which, according to Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun, he said he and his teammates are still hopeful about making the playoffs.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Steve Buffery is impressed with Adam Lind, and talks to Alex Anthopoulos, who has yet to feel the heat from fans, while Bob Elliott looks at Chien-Ming Wang, who starts for the Jays tomorrow, and was never the same after a slide in Houston, talks to Travis Snider with a view to Ricky Romero and the pain of being demoted, and dishes on the Jays’ top pick, Phil Bickford, who he says fits their template.

Sticking with draft stuff, at North of the Border, Gregor Chisholm transcribes the media’s conference call with amateur scouting director Brian Parker, following day one of the draft. In the National Post, John Lott talks about the Jays’ picks on day one, as does Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. Jays Prospects looks specifically at Bickford (as well as Clinton Hollon, and their round 3-10 picks as a group), while Evan Peaslee of BlueJays.com gives us a rundown of the whole draft, as does Ben Nicholson-Smith (up to round five) at Sportsnet, and Shi Davidi in another piece at Sportsnet.

More from Davidi, as he tells us about the return of Jose Reyes, which seems imminent, some improvement shown by Ricky Romero, and the incremental gains of the Jays’ recent roster moves.

In a season of diminished returns, says the title of a Jeff Blair piece in the Globe and Mail, the Jays are bullish about their bullpen.

Another one from Blair in the Globe suggests that, two months in, there are still many unanswered questions for these 2013 Jays.

In case you missed it, MLBTR notes that the Jays designated Evan Crawford for assignment the other day, which was to create a spot for Dustin McGowan– who we’ve now already seen twice!

The Jays also, per a tweet from the club, have demoted Thad Weber in order to activate Darren Oliver off the DL. Black Magic!

Back to Getting Blanked, for the continuation of Drew’s outstanding “My Approach” series, which this time sees him chatting with Evan Gattis. El Oso Blanco! And from back on Friday, Scott Lewis has the always-excellent MLB GIFs of the Week.

Kelly Johnson has returned to career-year form write Matt Klaassen over at FanGraphs, because of-fucking-course he has.

Lastly, must-read stuff from Patrick Hruby at Sports On Earth, as he relates the sports War On Drugs to the US Government’s, and wonders whether the outcomes of these witch hunts are going to be similarly awful for all involved.

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  1. Watching Jeff Blair on baseball central. Turned it off after about 2 minutes

    He does a great job of convincing me time and time again never to read his book

  2. Sports on Earth link takes me to GB’s GIFs of the Week, FYI.

  3. One thing that kind of makes Jose a dumbass was letting the call get into his head and swinging like Colby Rasmus at the next two pitches.

    Can I get a little more info on Wagner? Dude throws 98 MPH. How has he not been on any radars?

    • Wagner probably missed radars because he pitched 5 innings in 2011 and gave up 4 ER on 6 hits, 4 K and 3 BB

      In 2012, he had a 5.46 ERA in AAA over 62 IP

      This year has been unreal for him.

    • I agree there. No problem with his little tantrum, but it certainly appeared the first pitch threw him for a loop the rest of the at bat. Strikes 2 and 3 were not typical Jose Bautista.

    • I think the reason wagner hasnt caught on is because his fastball is pretty fucking straight. Of course, that doesnt mean he is shit necessarily if he has other good pitches to throw but he can be prone to the long ball.

  4. 10 days or less for Reyes? That’s pretty cool.

  5. Kelly Johnson has fallen back to reality the last month. For our sanity I hope it keeps up.

  6. Of all the things that have gone wrong this season, one of the bigger ones is the fact that we have never at anytime had the projected starting 8 on the field together (save for spring training). Reyes and Lawrie have never played together and at the rate things are going, it may be August before they do.

  7. Pretty good AA interview on PTS in the second segment on the national hour. Talked fairly frankly about the Jays accumulation-of-arms draft strategy (ie best player available when particular position players got snapped up just before the Jays picked; finding money later to pay or earlier signability guys).

    Also some news about Reyes who will be flying to Florida together with Morrow by this weekend.

  8. Kinda hoping the Jays punt on Bickford and pick at 9 next year.
    Gimme a BIG BAT!

  9. the jays wouldn’t pick at 9 they would pick at 11. and u don’t pick a guy in the top 10 and then punt the pick. that’s fucking retarded.

    I HOPE…they sign him and he turns into a major league baseball player.

  10. plus as things stand we should be in line for another pick in the top half of the draft next year. im sure they’ll go on an awesome run once their really out of it to take them from 8th to 15th.

  11. “Yeah, just throw your 88mph meatball inside to Bautista. Nothing could possibly go wrong.”

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