Holy shit, it seems as though we’re actually nearing the light at the end of the tunnel when if comes to the injury and recovery of Jose Reyes, who has been out since April 12, and remains just 43 plate appearances into his Blue Jays career. And while I don’t have a whole lot to say about it– except to maybe point out how the injury to Reyes, the most crucial one to have befallen the Jays this year, genuinely seems to be clearing up ahead of schedule, which surely must be a shock to the system of the tin foil hat brigade who are so sure that the front office has been nothing but a bunch of FILTHY FUCKING LYING MOTHERFUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS when it comes to not being clairvoyant about the diagnoses they proffer when players get hurt (seriously: morons)– um… awesome!

No, but really, I’ve got nothing to offer here except to point out that this is awesome, and lost season or not, seeing Reyes on the field again is going to make this whole exercise a shit-tonne more fun.

And hey, it’s his birthday!



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  1. I agree. Whether this season is lost or not, it’s going to be hella fun watching him play again.

  2. Probably back 14-17 days?

  3. PLEAYOFFS!!!?!?!?!?!!


    Just missing the donkey in this post.

  5. He would probably need a weeks worth of rehab games. So maybe next weekend against BAL??

  6. if not for how fucking good he is, i would really dislike Jose Reyes based solely on the way he dresses

    • Yea, imagine if jpa and bonicrapio dressed like that.

    • Then you would be an asshole who judges people based on the way they are dressed, which is only appropriate to do against people in plaid shirts, sweater vests, thick framed glasses and ironic facial hair.

  7. My hungover armchair GM’ing 6-11-13

    This team needs some kind of spark.
    Dangle one more prospect and get us a second basemen that can hit.
    Daniel Murphy, Evereth Cabrera, or Chase Utley.
    I’d even be willing to take a chance on Neil Walker or Rickie Weekes.

    Jays aren’t going to win games unless they score a lot of runs the way the starters are performing. And the price for starting pitching is ridiculous if you’ve been reading about the bidding for Rickey fucking Nolasco. Get a bat and try to outscore everyone else like Jays of the early 90′s

    Trade Gose and Izturis for Utley.(I know he’s seriously injury prone)

    Phillys old and tired, they need a rebuild.

    • Maybe Reyes is that spark you seek? And at no additional cost of prospects to boot.

    • I’d take Murphy, but what would it take to get him.

      • He’s 28 on a 1 year 3 mill deal. Arby eligible this winter.
        .288/.325/.442 triple slash.

        I don’t think he’d cost too much. Prospect and one of boni or izturis to take his spot.

    • Why would anyone trade any of those three?!

      I fail to understand why people think they can just name three of the best players at their position and demand the Jays trade to get them.

      • Agreed. Everth Cabrera is a 27-year-old shortstop with a .369 OBP and great speed on the basepaths who’s under team control throguh 2016. I don’t think there’s any way the Padres trade him for anything less than a package that includes Aaron Sanchez.

        I’d get into Chase Utley, but I think this explains why the Phillies won’t move him for Gose and Izturis or Bonifacio better than I ever could:

        Daniel Murphy is a decent player who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, but I don’t think he’s that much of an upgrade over what we have, bad as the production at 2B has been so far.

      • Not only that, but expect to trade shitty players as well!

  8. God bless Reyes. Gibby said he’ll need about two weeks worth of games. Reyes figures one week.

  9. I was at the game on Sunday. They showed Reyes on the Jumbotron and he got a huge ovation and came out of the dugout for a cap tip. The guy wasn’t even playing and the fans went crazy. I can’t wait to see him on the field again.

  10. OK, im excited as the next guy but lets not act as though he is going play in these rehab games and then definitely be ready to play for the jays in a couple weeks. He could get re inured, he could have a setback..he might not be as far along as he thinks, until put in game conditions.

    basically, cautious optimism is what is needed here.

  11. I’M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

  12. Great news, thanks for the info. i think a another phrase like ” the straw the sirs the drink ” would be great. Anyone ?

  13. Interesting tidbits from Eno Sarris’s twitter feed @enosarris about Dickey. Apparently he’s still playing through his bad back, it’s preventing him from throwing the fast knuckler, but he’s playing through it rather than take a likely 4-6 week break to heal fully.

  14. Every time I hear ‘Good news’ or ‘Great news’ I think ‘The poison slime pipes are flowing again?’

  15. Judging by his pointing in the pic, there is a donkey hanging out by his feet

    • A ridiculously small donkey heading up the elevator with Reyes to his BDay bash.

      Oddly enough it seems quite likely.

  16. Quiz time, who’d be the most fun to get drunk with:

    Vince Vaughn
    Jose Reyes
    Louis C K
    Cinematic Legend Gary Busey

    • I want to snort cocaine off of Gary Busey’s dog then drink whisky and eat Cinnabuns with Louis CK

      • I’m guessing CK has a bit of a mean streak when he’s into the whiskey.

        • Louis did a classic stand-up routine about about fat men like him eating Cinnabuns and Busey told Maxim that his lowest point as an addict came when his dog rolled in his coke stash and ““I went in like a cropduster with my nose flying first and snorted the cocaine off the dog.” I guess my cultural references are too obscure

    • Go motorcycling with Gary Busey, not wearing helmets, after hollywooding 25 rails of blow.

  17. Mushrooms with Reyes and the donkey.

  18. I’d be really pleased if the Blue Jays finished the season at or above .500. I’d like to think that’s not yet out of reach…

  19. Reyes looked pretty good doing that simulated base running drill in that clip they showed during last night’s game.

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