Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees

The Chien-Ming Wang era for the Blue Jays begins tonight (rain pending), and that would sure be an exciting thing if this was the era of new Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson movies and Arrested Development seasons, but sadly this is 2013, and those dusty relics of the cultural past are as tired as Wang’s fastball, which averaged at 89.4 mph in his 30-odd innings for the Nationals last year, according to Pitch F/X, down from 93.7 at his peak.

But hey, for a team that’s run out more starters than any other in baseball so far this season, at least he’s not Aaron Laffey. Or Ramon Ortiz. Or Esmil Rogers. Or Sean Nolin. Or Ricky Romero. Or Chad Jenkins. Or R.A. Dickey.


The weather may prevent the era from beginning, though, as Mike Wilner provided this bit of bad news around 5 PM ET– granted, still three hours from the scheduled first pitch:

Fingers crossed! Or… I don’t know, whatever.


John Lott tweets that Luis Perez, less than a year removed from Tommy John surgery, made a rehab start for Dunedin last night, pitching two scoreless

“Last time Jays used more than 12 starters Pete Walker pitched & Buck Martinez managed,” tweets Benny Fresh. “Wang becomes 12th starter of season for Jays.”

Richard Griffin notes some guys getting in early work today: J.P. Arencibia and Sal Fasano were in the bullpen working on mechanics, and Brandon Morrow did some long toss before his bullpen session. In a separate tweet he adds that Josh Thole was working with Fasano– the club’s roving catching instructor– as well, and that Jose Reyes was on the field.

Scott MacArthur of TSN tweets a pic of Jose Reyes, who indeed looks like he’s getting close to game shape.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Chicago White Sox

CF Alejandro de Aza (L)
SS Alexei Ramirez (R)
RF Alex Rios (R)
DH Paul Konerko (R)
1B Adam Dunn (L)
LF Dayan Viciedo (R)
3B Connor Gillaspie (L)
2B Gordon Beckham (R)
C Tyler Flowers (R)

LHP Jose Quintana

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  1. Goggles is good.

    Goggles is God.

  2. For luck I shall repeat….

    Get on the sticks boyz.

  3. Cecil fuckin dealing

  4. Rajai is rockin’.

  5. Fucking right. Now just steal 1st 2nd and 3rd. Lind may or may not get out during that time and JP can have a fourth shot at a runner at third with 1 out or less.

  6. Just to reinforce what a fuckhead JPA is: “I feel like I’m a leader. I feel like it’s something that you’re born with to be a leader. … You’re either a leader or you’re not a leader and I definitely feel like my actions on the field lead to wanting to win.”

  7. Gotta say these 2 games have been the most errors I’ve seen in a LONG time.

  8. Chicago sucks.

  9. Top 10 rally and a fucking light tower blows up. Pffffffft there goes the momentum. No sooner do I type that than Morris says the same. Fuck everything.

  10. Lightning AND fog!?! Golly Gee

  11. Stadium light operator trying to mess with Lind.

  12. Maybe I missed it but has anyone mentioned the jays last three starts have been by Johnson, dickey and wang?


    JPA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 4th times the charm?

  15. We’ll take it!

  16. Flowers really Arencibia’ed that pitch

  17. JPA is so clutch taking those wild pitches.

  18. Only way JPA is at the plate and we score!

  19. Bahahaha fucking knew it. That bastard

  20. Ha ha ha that’s the only fucking way the run comes in with JP Sackofshitia at the plate.

  21. Jpa couldn’t be more excited about that. He was shitting himself. He knew he was going to strikeout.

  22. I was looking at JPA and thinking the only way Davis is coming home was on a wild pitch…


  23. Lol JP is off the hook with the pass ball..thank god

  24. JPA is mad he doesn’t get a chance for an rbi

  25. Thank god! You know jp is gonna K


    Pitcher throws it in the dirt knowing JP will probably swing at it and it gets away! Incompetence pays off again!

    • It was all part of JPA’s plan! Swing at all those awful pitches and eventually you’ll get the wild pitch with a runner on 3rd.

  27. Now JPA can claim he came through as his at-bat led Davis to score.


  29. JPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Kawasaki HR

  31. SakiBombs


  33. Holy shit

  34. Ha ha ha ha Chicago IS actually worse than us. Fucking awful!

  35. Is Flowers really worse than JPA or is he just having a bad game?

  36. There isn’t a hole deep enough for Flowers to crawl into right now…

  37. HAHAHAHA I can’t believe that worked!

    Man the Sox are out 2013ing the Jays!

  38. lol.

  39. Why didn’t he just tag him?

  40. Harrelson must be losing his shit, whose listening to the Chicago feed that can confirm?

    • He sounds like he might just leave the ball park early tonight.

      • I know all local broadcasters are homers but this guy is next level.

        Just said “Pauly is going to take this right outta here” after that Rios single.

        Lots of “our guys, their guys” and so on. Wow.

    • He went off for a while about how “we really deserve to lose this game”. Then lamented all the errors. Then, the Jays actually did pull in front and he just got really quiet. The “this is hard to watch” comment was mumbled and barely audible.

  41. Holy shit, I have to say it…we do NOT have the worst catcher playing in this game.

  42. I actually kind of feel sorry for flowers. Rough night

  43. Hawk Harrelson “This is hard to watch”

    Suck it!

  44. No one else watching the Spurs kick the living shit out of Miami?

  45. Guess it could be worse than JP. We could have Flowers!

  46. Things we can conclude:
    1) Chicago is not a good team
    2) JPA will not win the Triple Crown

  47. Golden Shower hands on Flowers – that’s gotta be embarrasing having little Maicer Izturis knock the ball loose…Pete Rose he’s not

  48. Ahhh the bullshit Janssen strike calls. Love them.

  49. Janssen is dealing!

  50. What a crazy weird fuggin game

  51. “Hickox blows the two strike pitch and takes the bat right out of De Aza’s hand”

    The White Sox feed is entertaining. I believe that’s also the only time I heard Harrelson use a player’s last name.

    • Pauly is going to take this one right out of here.

      • I still don’t know who the second batter of the inning was, and I can only assume he struck out while I wasn’t looking. The announcers didn’t say a word during or after the at bat.

  52. godammit Buck! you jinxed him!!

  53. Man, Despite Abraham’s best efforts, we might win this game. Thank you Joey

  54. Dunn…..didn’t I see this guy punch a horse in Blazing Saddles?

  55. We need Buck’s home run call put on the Buck Martinez Soundboard.

  56. oh no, casey, no……

  57. ooooooooh shiet

  58. There’s no fucking way Dunn is doing anything in this at bat.

  59. I’d say this game is a coin flip right now

  60. Aw fuck, anyone but Adam Dunn.

  61. all 4 of those pitches were a millimeter away from strikes

  62. Please don’t let this happen… I can’t take the pain.

  63. Don’t do it Casey. Don’t fucking do it to me.

  64. lol this is a story book loss for the Jays

  65. Dunn is a lump of shit. He can’t keep it up

  66. Uhhhhhh

  67. WHAT THE FUCK are you NNSAJAN!

  68. Okay, just walk him and move on to the next guy

  69. Doesn’t it seem like there are a bunch of Jays fans in every road park?


  71. Game.

  72. well fuck!…NOT BAD!

  73. Phew

  74. Very satisfying, boys.

    Stay on the boat.

  75. great win

  76. Woo! Nail biter but woo!

  77. Phew. Everyone can breathe now.

  78. Turns out my feed is about a minute behind you guys

  79. Only 10 innings!! Woooo!!


  81. Thank you! Thank you!

  82. I can’t believe it. The Izturis play at home almost gave me a heart attack.

  83. 2-4 a homer and 2 rbi’s.
    Nice call GSMC

  84. Thanks to JPA’s leadership, we take the game in extra innings! By him not coming through during key at-bats, he showed every member of the team that they have it in them to mount a comeback and win.

  85. Zahn:

    “(Flowers) just got beat up by a hobbit, by Frodo Baggins.”

  86. Are you guys listening to the Jose Jose Joseeeeeeeee serenade?

    • Find me a video of this and I’ll make it worth your while.

      • You’ve got to stop pimping Denver, KyleZ.

        Well I’m not the world’s most physical guy
        But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine
        Oh my Denver, de-de-de-de-Denver
        Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
        Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man
        Oh my Denver, de-de-de-de-Denver

  87. Making myself an extra rummy rum to enjoy this victory. Well done drunkies. I’m assuming only the best of you posted tonight

  88. fuck wilner just lied again said bautista went 4/45 in his slump. total lie

  89. Good win, despite jpa’s best efforts to provide that “leadership” this team sorely needs.

  90. You know, great that we won and all, but really, the more I watch this team the more I realize we have a LOT of weaknesses and I can’t believe the ineptitude at times.
    Most of you, with various degrees of eloquency, have enuciated the JPA fiasco at catcher.
    We will never , in my view , be a truly competitive contender until we get a MLB catcher and that is not JPA. In 2 consecutive at bats tonite with men in scoring postion, the CHISOX did not throw him ONE strike, yet he managed to sO twice-truly shows his head is not in the game.
    2B is another problem. We have gone from HILL>Johnson>2 degrees of dogshit in Boni and Izzy. Good name for a comedy act but not a keystone combo.
    Starrting pitching-WOW, where do I start. Yes they have had injuries, but every starter with an ERA above 5 , even the spot starters! Going to be some changes there or we have no chance to even make it to third in this division.
    The bullpen has been , overall, exemplary and our lone saving grace ( exceptions for JB, EE, and kitten). Just don’t fall in love with Mcgowan-he’s done like dinner.
    Anyway I keep thinkin they’ll win 16 in a row starting ????

  91. Shit, have you seen this?

    Love the Got heeeeeeem

  92. Zaun doesn’t like JPA!
    On baseball Central today Zaun was talking about what the Jays might do at the deadline: He mentioned that 1 or 2 guys were reaching their arbitration years and they might look to trade them …
    He didnt say JPA’s name but he alluded to a one dimensional player with nothing else to offer.
    On the between innings chats he was also talking about how bad JPA’s pitch selection was (fastball instead of offspeed) for Viciedo in the 4th. and that he swung at 3 pitches in the dirt when he had men on base and no one out. in the 8th.

    • Well if Zauns figured out now, the teeming masses can’t be far behind. His anti-clutchiness recently is what did him in.

      • He’s been at it for a while now. For the most part he won’t mention him by name, but today for example he went on to say that the Jays would be just fine with Thole.

      • I honestly think if Zaun came out of retirement and went straight into the rehab games or anthing..just went right into the lineup..he has a higher OBP than arencibia.

  93. Pre-Janssen Jays lose that one 9.5 times out of 10

  94. Remember a couple years ago when JPA and Romero were part of the Jays future? Baseball is a bitch.

    • Truth, how many teams were we circle jerkin over that Aaron Cibia guy winning PCL MVP?

      Fuckin don’t feel good now does it?

    • A Study in contrasts:
      RR may in fact not have it. He could have been a pitcher who batters decided to lay off of at one point and make him throw strikes: whereupon he started walking them. I think he definitely has the ability, but that ability is interdependant on a severely fragile self image that makes it close to impossible for him to function effectively.
      JPA on the other hand, has an ego so huge that despite all indicators pointing out his glaring faults, he continues about his business thinking he’s just fine. This is a problem for Gibbons and AA to fix and by bringing up Thole, they may have just sent JPA a message.

      • At this point, I feel like they have absolutely nothing to lose by sending JPA down to Buffalo for an extended stay a la Lind. I can’t imagine a Thole platoon with anyone could be worse than JPA this year. The possible upside of JPA figuring it out is worth whatever negligible impact it would have on the team with him gone.

  95. If he keeps this up, Cecil might have to get into the All-Star game. Holy shit he has pwn’ed this year.

    In 60 ABs, Lefties are .117./128/.200 thus far into the season.

    • Might as well mention the righties since, though it’s a small sample size, they haven’t done anything either. He won’t get there though because he’s a nobody. I’m sure people still try to vote Eric Gagne in.

  96. Missed most of the game last night (got in the car just in time to hear Bautista’s home run). How did you folks thinks Wang did overall? I know he got into the 8th, but he did give up the 4 runs…was it just one bad inning? Interested to hear how his pitches were working as well.

    • he was ok, 5th starter until everyone is healthy im fine with that

    • He wasn’t terrible. Especially when compared to some of the pitching outings we’ve had this season. And he made it far into the game which was a plus.

  97. So Reyes is better but he’s going to need to wear an ankle brace for the rest of his carreer?
    That sucks.

    • What’s great to see is not only Reyes, but the Jays have an abundance of pitching that may make it’s way back too. Morrow should be back with the team in two weeks, maybe less, and we may see Drabek, Hutchison, and Luis Perez throwing in games soon too. The latter three I wouldn’t rely upon, but it’s nice to see the Jays getting a shit tonne of depth coming back.

      If only Santos could stay healthy. :(

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