Tonight’s game between the Jays and White Sox has been postponed due to a horrific looking forecast, and because I’ve been lazy and not done anything else today, here’s a post about it!

Don’t believe me? Benny Fresh had it first:

Sure, it’s a disappointing notion for those of us who need our daily Blue Jays fix, but on the other hand… uh… missing an Esmil Rogers start against Chris Sale? Yeah, I think I can handle that.

Shi Davidi tweets that a make-up date is to be announced– meaning, y’know, that they haven’t announced one yet. The Jays don’t travel to Chicago again this season, but the clubs have mutual off-days on August 8th, 19th, 29th, and September 23rd. With the Jays heading home from a west coast swing on August 8th, and the White Sox at home, maybe that’s the date– though Chicago has a make-up doubleheader the following day, so maybe that won’t fly.

Who knows?! Alls I know is, the Jays avoid Chris Sale and head into Texas with Buehrle, Johnson, Dickey and Wang setup to take on Darvish, Grimm, Lindblom, and Holland when they head to Texas for four, starting tomorrow.

So… there’s that.


Ugh. Except there isn’t. Because Shi Davidi just laid this on us:

Sounds kinda fucking dumb to me. But… I dunno… maybe Rogers is the second- or third-most reliable starter at this point. Double ugh.

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  1. This almost never happens at the SkyDome…

    • I can’t remember the last rainout at the Sky Dome. Strange. Anyone?

      • Last year. Well more of a delay than rain out….

        • Not a rain delay, but only one game postponed ever, in 2001 when some aluminum paneling fell from roof.

          What annoys me (sometimes) is that Jays and Rays fans have to suffer under domed stadium to the benefit of other teams. We never get the advantage of having a game called after 5 innings when our starter is pitching well, etc. I honestly think that when there is a rain out, the team whose city it is should loose homefield advantage for the makeup.

  2. Wilner tweeted that its sunny right now in chi fown

  3. Rogers get skipped?

  4. No loss today!!!

  5. You’re god damn right Rogers get skipped. Not going to have the rest of the rotation not pitch on regular rest so that you can give a start to a reliever

  6. Izturis bowling over Flowers last year was heroic, but do they really think he’s such a better option then LaRoche that they DFA’d the guy to keep their Broken Social Scene sized bullpen in tact? Some fucking security seems to me like it should be a priority for this roster.

  7. That sound you just heard was a pheeew from the bullpen. Much needed rest!

  8. Johnson, Dickey and Wang will never get old.

  9. is there anywhere to see a strength of schedule rating? as a totally biased observer, it feels like their schedule has been brutal.

    • Quick Google gets me this. Not really sure how legitimate it is but its something

      • I have two problems with that list; the scoring system makes absolutely no sense and/or is scaled terribly and we need a non-divisional strength of schedule. I do agree with 67s22 (you do know you can pick whatever username you like, right?), though – the only easy teams we’ve played are the Royals and the Padres, but we played them in a weird West Coast weekend night game series and it seems like we always lose those. See Seattle in August last year.

        Good news is we’ll be facing cannon fodder when we go on our Jose Reyes fueled July rampage to the playoffs.

    • We have played 0 games against really shitty teams so far this year (twins, astros,)

    • I am confused about that list, does strength of schedule mean that the more good teams you face the higher the strength of schedule? Thats a really confusing phrase.

  10. As an aside, why does wilner always keep on bringing up that possible acquistin of chase headley so lawrie can move back to second base?

    • I haven’t listened much to Wilner this year, but when he harps on Jays’ targets, he does seem to have some insight. I remember he basically told us for a year straight that if Rasmus became available, he was going to be a Blue Jay.

      The problem with Headley is that San Diego will value him close to the player he was last year – and if you look at this numbers… well, I really have no clue what kind of player he is.

      • yea I am not sure Headley is the type of piece AA could add terribly cheaply and I still think Lawrie is better suited staying at 3b

        AA would be better off pursuing another 2b somewhere via trade. Take a gamble on Ackley? Maybe see if the Pirates want to trade Walker (probably a big stretch there)

  11. Now what am I going to do at work? I hate both teams in the cup final

  12. Rogers pitching tomorrow, per Gibbons, per Davidi.


    • I’m in the minority but i’m ok with this,
      he’s been great for both of his starts,
      the bullpen will have extra rest just in case he comes out early,
      if tomorrow he’s allowed to go 90 – 100 pitches and gets through six with the same sort of results, we’ll have a roster battle on our hands.

  13. Not down with this push the rotation back idea.

    • They just don’t want to skip to get to dickey quicker as there may be a light wind gust that ruins his knuckler

  14. Hey gang, I have a new metric for ya, to replace VORP:

    Value Over Maicer IzTuris


  16. Can we postpone the entire season for a month due to suckiness? At least then we’d have Reyes back and Morrow and Lawrie would be closer to returning.

  17. Esmil going tomorrow means the Jays can get Johnson and Dickey into the Orioles series :)

  18. Damn I missed the chance of JPA getting a non-fatal but Jays’-career-ending lightning strike (out).

  19. Worst homerun call ever last night by Buck.

    • Yeah but we weren’t sitting in the press box. I can see where it might have looked like a fly ball until the last second. It wasn’t one of Jose’s laser shots.

    • On Jose’s? Ya, I’ve seen him get more excited over Robinson Cano singles to the gap.

    • Jack Morris is actually really awesome.

    • The call was so bad that Sportsnet used Howarth’s radio call for the highlights. They never do that.

    • They should hire one of those Latin American soccer announcers who screams “GOAL!” for half an hour every time the team scores. Add some spice to the broadcast

  20. I’m pleased that the game has been postponed. It was quite clear that the Jays were in line for another loss and this allows me to not have to worry about skipping it entirely.

  21. My take-away from the game last night is that Aaron Cibia has competition for worst defensive catcher in the MLB

  22. I’m surprised people are able to come up with strong opinions on ‘push the rotation back a day’ vs ‘skip a guy’. Can someone remind who the good guys in the rotation are again?

    • Guys with penis names > Guys without penis names

    • Well, Buehrle just pitched a solid start I guess. The real argument against pushing the rotation back is the risk that Rogers can’t get any traction and we fuck up the bullpen in the first game of the series.

      Having said that, Ishmail has been pretty decent as a starter. It’s probably worthwhile to see if there’s something there.

  23. MY personal Jays shit list, in order of shittiness:


    • I’m ok with the first 3, but RAD and Cletus over DeRosa and Kawasaki? I don’t care how funny of a guy he is, Kawasaki is absolute shit… and so is the old man.

      • Mark and Colby have both been good. Rest I can agree with.

        What the fuck did you expect from Kawasaki? At least you weren’t sold a bill of goods with him.

  24. I’m in Chicago tonight and was looking forward to watching Sale pitch.

    The FUCK!

  25. id rather have Rogers face the Rangers than Wang

  26. This sucks for me because Wednesday is my night off, but rationally you can’t complain about a free off day on a travel day. It means the pen will be rested for Rogers too.

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