Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers

The Jays won last weekend’s home series with the Texas Rangers, getting away with one– while picking up six hits and three walks– against the outstanding Yu Darvish, which is what they’ll be looking to do again tonight. This time, though, they’re in Texas, with Esmil Rogers– not Mark Buehrle– on the hill, and with Adrian Beltre back at third base (which he avoided on the Rogers Centre turf) and Lance Berkman back at his usual DH spot, having played in only one of last weekend’s series, at first base.

I have a strange sense of confidence not gloom going into this series, which of course means nothing and will probably be blown apart by weekend’s end, but it’s a nice little feeling, and all too rare of late.

And holy fuck, apropos of nothing, is it just me or are the Jays’ typical home start times– 7 PM on weekdays and 1 PM on the weekend– kind of the fucking worst? Love these 8 PM our time starts, or the ten o’clock ones when the team is out on the west coast. They’re at four and three o’clock on Saturday and Sunday this week, too. Humane!


The Jays signed a bunch of draft picks today (sixteen, to be specific, including their third and fourth rounders under slot), and announced it via a team release. The first one in my feed to tweet about the email was… uh… me.

Ben Nicholson-Smith passes along word that Andy LaRoche has cleared waivers and outrighted to Buffalo.

That doesn’t appear to be the case for Henry Blanco, as reader @DantotheB points me to a tweet from Enis Espinoza of Venezuela’s El Nacional that, when translated, indicates Blanco is on his way to Seattle on some kind of a deal. He adds that Blanco will join the club in Oakland tomorrow, which is also when the announcement will be made. We shall see!

Scott MacArthur tweets that Josh Johnson has had his start moved back to Sunday, flipping with R.A. Dickey, in order to give a blister he’s dealing with a little extra time to heal.

Injury updates from Barry Davis, who tweets that Jose Reyes will play a simulated game tomorrow, and may get into a real rehab assignment as soon as Monday. Fucking right! He adds that Brandon Morrow will pitch in a simulated game on Monday.

One more from Davis, who tweets that, despite being scheduled for all the networks, the Jays will only air live from the first pitch on Sportsnet Ontario, East, and One, with the game being joined in progress following the conclusion of the Yankees-A’s game on Sportsnet West and Pacific… which… if you’re affected by this you’ve probably already figured out.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Texas Rangers

SS Elvis Andrus (R)
LF David Murphy (L)
DH Lance Berkman (S)
3B Adrian Beltre (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
RF Nelson Cruz (R)
1B Chris McGuiness (L)
2B Jurickson Profar (S)
RF Leonys Martin (L)

RHP Yu Darvish

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  1. None of my ex’s live in Texas.

  2. How nice of Sportsnet to stick with the Yankees game into the 15th.

  3. “does anybody no one time it is? 25 or 6 to 4?
    Small potatoes…

  4. WTF SN?!?! Who the fuck wants to see extra inning Yankee/Oakland baseball? Other than maybe the 6 fans north of the fucking 49th.

    I want to hear Zaun with a straight face tell us all that Lawrie should be traded…with a straight face and lip full of chew.

  5. First trade from the jays will be on and who________________?

  6. By the time I call it a night, the Jays will be 7 games below .500 and climbing.

  7. Get this fucking Yankee game off my tv right fucking now

  8. This is complete horseshit!!
    You can switch over anytime now Sportsnet!!

  9. Missed Boni in the lineup. Thought it wasn’t looking as bad for a second.

  10. jpa catching vs darvish instead of thole/?
    they are fukin insane.Golden sombrero for that dichhead again

  11. Has sportsnet started showing the game yet? Lol

  12. The heat and the hot, eh Pat?

  13. Out here on the west coast Jays weekend home games are at 10 AM. I can tell you there is nothing better than rolling out of bed hungover and starting your day with morning baseball. When the game’s over you are just starting to feel ready to step outside and attack the day. I truly feel sorry for those who don’t get to enjoy morning baseball.

    • Sitting out back in the sun with a cold drink in hand at 1pm while listening to the radio ain’t too bad either, my friend.

  14. Just noticed that Gibbons moved JPA down in lineup, good

  15. Yes! A single and this game is over! Come on A’s!

  16. How many Ks is Rogers good for tonight?

  17. So what happened to Esmil skipping a start? Or is he now our ace?

  18. Esmil vs. Elvis, good first-name pitching duel

  19. Rangers broadcast team has apparently never heard of the lefty strikezone.

  20. Tailor made DP w/o the shift there. Dems the breaks.

  21. The NY Oak game is like the Tor Tex game last week. Teams are allergic to hitting w RISP

  22. Nice double play!

  23. Guys I’m havin a real bad time

  24. Damn! Darvish is looking hot tonight. That Asian/Iranian blend sure does a body good.

  25. Yeah lets throw all the pitches in the same place. What could go wrong?

  26. Buck called that one…as lousy as JPA has been, even he knows you can’t keep throwing the same pitch to the same spot over and over…Rogers shaking him off and serving it up – beautiful…at least it was only a solo shot

  27. What a mindless…fucking mindless sequence of pitches to Cruz.

    • Buck pointed out that JPA tried to get him to go up and in with the fastball…mind you, it seems that after Rogers shook him off once, JPA didn’t call for it again, so I guess he gets an equal share of the blame…how either guy could think that was going to work is insane…Buck was practically begging them to go in on Cruz…

  28. lmao McGuiness would fit in around here.

  29. If you have as lousy a track record as Rogers does as a starter (granted, a little better lately), should you even be ALLOWED to shake off your catcher?

  30. Bonifacio – like a boss

  31. Do you play some sort of small ball with Muni? Bunt, hit and run or something like that?

  32. Bonifacio sure makes the game look easy sometimes

  33. Safe by a mile, what are they bitching about?

  34. Take that Texas! Our Japanese guy beats your Japanese guy!

  35. I don’t agree with bunting here mind you. Let Melky swing.

  36. Melk bones

  37. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  38. Comon joey let him throw you strikes

  39. Always late, but worth the wait…the bean weasel is in the boat.
    My dude is back tonight after an extended business trip so I might be less present soon enough.
    But probably not, I’m pretty negligent.
    Go Blue Jays.

    • Stop posting for more than 5 minutes and all of DJF will totally know what you’re doing.

      If you’re actually worth the wait, he’ll wait. Ipso facto.

      • He waits plenty on me – he’s a resigned baseball widow.
        Although, he’s now been without baseball so maybe he’ll watch with me…
        But really what this boils down to is I won’t be needing to watch Twins games for…reasons…+ feelings…

    • Speaking of the boat, where is the FamousAmazingCaptain of the ship?

      • Crap.
        Am I the only one on the boat tonight?
        Because I’m totally unqualified for captainship, though I was a heck of a boat bartender.

        • What are you serving up?

          • Ummm – it was usually just beer…but with flair + cuteness.
            The boat was mainly booze cruisey [sometimes more fancy], so no one really cared.
            I was also a waitress + served up a lot of cheesecake.

    • How long do you think that I can wait
      When you know you’re always late
      Always late with your kisses
      Why, oh why do you want to do me this way

  40. Anyone know where I can find a lists of teams sorted by how many double plays they have hit into?

  41. Have to say, although Buck and Tabby get ripped here a lot (deservedly so, mostly), they’ve been pretty good so far…Buck was on Darvish being off right away, Tabby nailed that botched pickoff play that help Melky, they even had some intelligent (if fairly obvious) discussion on what happens to Profar when Kinsler returns…

    or maybe at this point the bar is set so low?…

  42. pumped that JP took that first pitch curve ball…how’s that for a bar that’s been set low

  43. That’s leadershit for you.

  44. Predictable aaron cibia at bat…

    • He struck out…but it looks like he trying to take more pitches. Maybe that means he missed some cock shots thats he might sometimes crush but i like the effort

      • I’ve noticed that too the last couple games. Definitely trying to see more pitches. It’s mainly resulted in watching meatballs down the middle go by, but I’m all for any sign of a process.


  46. I never understand why TWTW was an abbreviation for “being lucky enough to be on good teams.”

  47. Nice, Eddie.

  48. does anyone know the lyrics to the song the girl sings in the commercial?

  49. Bonifacio does things on the playning field that you just can’t teach

  50. Hey shitheads, what have I missed?

  51. They should invent a game where the winner is the team that swings at the most pitches in the dirt. The Blue Jays would never be beat.

  52. Yu Darvish is such a dirty pitcher

  53. Wow Esmil pitches better as a starter than as a reliever, I am impressed.

  54. Tip of the cap to Esmil. He’s been pretty decent.

  55. Looks like we got a starting pitcher in return for John Farrell. Pretty good deal if you ask me…

    • Ya, good point. That whole ordeal could be worth it if Rogers can keep this up.

    • I like that, even if I have to stand on my head and keep one eye firmly closed to actually see it.

  56. I am on mlb.tv and am listening to the Rangers announcers. They are talking about Rogers is pitching poorly (but the game is tied). I’m surprised they can talk with Darvish’s balls in their mouth.

  57. The Darvish ball washing continues as he K’s number 8.

  58. If Rogers gets through this inning quickly do you let him come back out for the 7th?

    90 pitches is a lot for Rogers but he still looks really good.

    • I let him pitch himself out of the game or to the end of 7, whichever comes first.

      • I’d just say out of the game. 7th, 8th? I’d let him go until he doesn’t deserve to be there.

        I’ve never really got the pitch count limit for healthy players. If they’re dealing, let them deal.

    • Rogers throws “easy gas”. 95 on that last pitch.

    • He’s been a starter his whole career prior to last year….so.. I say yes.

      Probably depends on whether he’ll stay in the rotation or is going back to the pen when everyone’s healthy.

  59. I don’t think everyone will get healthy. If Johnson, Morrow and Happ come back it would be a miracle. Dickey is hurt. I think Rogers will pitch himself out of the rotation, if he is indeed removed.

    Not off the boat…

  60. Who woulda thunk that Rogers has oitched better then any of our penis monikered pitchers?

  61. The stuff has always been there.

  62. I love me some Cleetus but he’s hacking 3-0 on this guy?
    Need bserunners.

  63. Oh great. Strike3bia is hitting third this inning. Did he get the same playing time promise from AA that Buck got?

  64. Fuck that.

    • I know, like you need to be giving this guys breaks.
      Fuckin Kellog.
      I’m not eating anymore of his shitty cereals.

  65. Now they’re washing Beltre’s balls for being in close on Kawasaki on that play the last time he was up, like it was genius. Kawasaki, although a battler, has about as much power as my late grandmother.

  66. So far, so good. 1 down.

  67. Am I the only one who likes Izturis? He’s slick defensively.

  68. The texas feed is a little behind. Can’t watch the texas feed and get simultaneous FAN 590 sound.

  69. K. Great start. Let Loup get the last out.

  70. Gibby gets away with the bad non-move.

  71. Does Rogers have a reliable third pitch?

  72. Esmil Rogers is an ace. Step aside Dickey.

  73. With the season already a write-off in terms of playoffs (short of a miracle), I’d be curious to see the Jays take an extended look at Lawrie playing 2nd base. Assuming Bautista’s out of the question, try giving Edwin some consistent time at 3rd to see how he handles it. Not saying EE’s gonna be an all-star, but at this point what have the Jays got to lose? If EE reverts to E5 form, by all means, end the experiment and send him back to DH/ first. If EE shows he can hold it down at 3rd, it at least gives the Jays some infield options to think about before assembling the roster for next season. Having Reyes and Lawrie up the middle could turn out to be pretty fucking solid. Barring any major trades or signings, an infield of Lind, Lawrie, Reyes and Encarnacion could end up being the Jays best option going in to next year. Why the fuck not experiment a little bit, the Jays need 2nd base help and it’s garbage time anyway right? As for Lawrie being able to hit above .200, who knows.

    • Why would you do this though? Lawrie played 2B in the minors and theres a reason scouts unanimously said hed have to move to the OF….because he wasnt very good.

      He has a great arm, quick reflexes, and is fearless. All great 3B attributes. He does not have quick hands and good footwork. Those are great 2B attributes

      So why do you take you good to great defensive 3B and turn him into a well below average to very bad 2B? Not to mention at the same time you either greatly doangrade 3B by playng EE there, or you disenfranchise your franchise player by moving him to a position he doesnt want to be. Not to mention Lawrie is a much better 3B then either of those guys.

      It doesnt make sense on any level.

      • I’m not suggesting that Lawrie is guaranteed to work out at 2nd base, I’m simply suggesting the Jays have a weakness at 2nd base and unless the Jays upgrade 2nd base via trade or signing, you don’t have much to lose this season by giving Lawrie some etended time at 2nd base. Lawrie is, athletic, quick, has good reflexes, coordination and a strong and accurate arm. He also can cover a lot of ground. These are all attributes that COULD POTENTIALLY make him a viable 2nd base option. People who saw Lawrie play 2nd in the minors earlier this year said he looked fine. Of course, you’d be weakening your defense at 3rd a bit, but given the choice, 2nd base/SS is where you want to be strongest defensively as they are busier, more crucial/demanding positions. Remember, barring a miracle, this season is over in terms of the Jays having anything to play for beyond pride. I don’t see a huge downside in trying Lawrie out at 2nd for a while just to see what he can do. If it doesn’t work out, no biggie, but who knows, we might all be pleasantly surprised at how a Reyes/Lawrie middle infield looks.

  74. So many props to Henderson Alvarez on his great start for the Jays tonight

  75. Heck of a game by Rogers. Well pitched by the young guy.
    If I were an incumbent in the Jays’ starting rotation – I’d be looking over my shoulder for next season.

  76. Looks like Esmil Rogers has officially established himself as the Jays’ undisputed ace.

    • Having good pitching is good. Texas announcer says “Bonifacio has pretty good speed”. Like saying Bautista has pretty good power.

  77. It’s a beginning.

  78. I hope my man Melk didn’t tear his sac on that one.

  79. Cabrera doesn’t look smooth doing anything.

  80. We need some Angry Bats right now.

  81. Don’t care if I get banned, I have to ask.. What.. in the fuck.. is Jack Morris talking about?

    • Not listening to the Fan so I have no idea. But I have to ask, what about that comment makes you think you might get banned?

  82. Eddie delivers big time!!!

  83. Fuck yeah Edwin.

  84. Edwin!

  85. I guess this Rogers guy is pretty good.

    No, not the repairman, the pitcher.

  86. Texas feed still has Bautista up.

  87. Great at bat by Bautista, getting a walk after 1-2 count.

  88. Lind looks like 2010 – 2012 Lind tonight.


  89. Edwin is a sexual Tyrannosaurus.

  90. Cecil for Murphy.

  91. Without hyperbole, I can say that Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista are the greatest players in the history of baseball

  92. Nother Gibby mistake.

  93. Nice job Delabar.

  94. Hopefully Delabar never gets suspended for having a robot arm

  95. Git yers Cleetus.
    Time to git yers.

  96. Cletus has had a less than stellar outing.

  97. Who had 4 0 0 0 in the Strike3bia batting line pool?

  98. The Swiffer commercials on Sportsnet make me want to punch things.

    • I feel the same way about the dope on the mechanical bull and the bozo with the paint on his face

  99. I find myself masochistically pleased when JP continues to be shit at baseball.

    As a fan, I obviously want any Jay to do well, including Arencibia…..but him shitti g the bed is my secret guilty pleasure.

    • So long as he shits the bed and the team wins.

    • That precise problem is starting to bother yours truly as well.

    • Personally I want to see him do well. I would be pleased as punch if from tomorrow on Arencibia batted .300/.400/.600.

      Now granted, the odds of that happening are pretty slim, which is why most of the fanbase has given up on him. But hey, it’d be nice.

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