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Fantastic stuff from Jim Margalus of South Side Sox, who absolutely excoriates ChiSox broadcast crew Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone for shitting on the Jays’ placement of Jose Bautista in the two-spot in their order, prior to Bautista hitting a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth this week– an at-bat he wouldn’t have had if John Gibbons had used some scrub in the two-hole, like a lot of teams still do.

Another gem here from Matthew Kory at Sports On Earth, who looks at whether hype and expectations have played a role in the underachieving of the Jays, Angels and Dodgers this year.

In a notebook post at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi gives us the latest on how Jose Reyes is progressing. “If it feels like my swing is there where I need to be, I don’t want to take too long because I need to be here and not down there,” Reyes told him. “When I start to see live pitching and I feel like my swing is comfortable enough to be here I’m going to come up.” Fucking eh!

In another piece, crazy as it sounds, Davidi is probably right when he writes about how Esmil Rogers and Chien-Ming Wang are bringing stability to the Jays’ rotation.

Continuing on a theme from this morning, the always-excellent John Lott of the National Post looks at the surging Adam Lind.

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott writes that it’s the Jays’ starting pitching woes that have, once again, undone their season.  ”Maybe, we’re not good enough,” he quotes Mark Buehrle as saying, which… ugh.

Jays Journal gives a somewhat in-depth look at the players the club selected in rounds seven through ten of last week’s draft. Previously they’d looked at the picks in rounds three through ten.

Speaking of the club’s third rounder, Jim Callis tweeted today that the Jays had signed Patrick “Tommy John already” Murphy for $500,000. In a previous post at Baseball America, Callis noted that the slot assignment for that pick was $650,800.

Not Jays-related, but interesting stuff from Jonah Keri at Grantland, as he looks at Albert Pujols and his hundreds of millions of dollars of struggles for the Anaheim Angels.

And speaking of Pujols, Nick Ashbourne of Bluebird Banter notes that the Jays, so far, are hitting like him. And that’s not a good thing.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Ashbourne makes an interesting case for the club to hand the starting second base job for the rest of the year to Maicer Izturis. Meanwhile, Minor Leaguer notes that the Jays have the third longest streak of games played without a complete game from their starter. Hooray?

Lastly, the Tao Of Stieb weighs in on all the big stories of the week. Or… at least some of them. The Lind and Arencibia stuff, mostly.

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  1. you saving the zaun shit for later or what?

  2. For those who get upset at the Yankees finding “gold” in Wells and Overbay etc., Wells is back down to sub .700 OPS and a .237 average. Overbay is not doing much better.

    • Wells and Overbay performed well against Toronto and well against most teams in April. That’s the difference.

  3. what is a “winning player who plays the game correctly”? or Who?

    “MOVE ‘EM!”

  4. hindsight is flawless

  5. I got to say, I kind of like the idea of keeping jbats in the 2 spot when reyes returns. I would be in favour of moving melky down in the order to 6 or 7 to help our anemic bottom third.
    So a lineup like
    lawrie or melkly

    shit bag C
    shit bag 2b

    That lineup would look pretty fuckin sweet against righties, I got to say. Against lefties, well, it wouldnt be as great.

    • Remember when we’d all bitch that Farrell was batting Lind cleanup after struggling so mightily?

      Now I’m waiting for Lind to hit the 3-spot.

    • So according to the lineup construction article, the Jays lineup (after Reyes and Lawrie nreturn) should look roughly like this:


      It then suggests essentially ranking your last 4 hitters by ability but try to get a speedster in the 6th spot if possible. Seeing as that would be Boni for the Jays, I’m not sure that’s ideal. So instead perhaps


      Looks about right to me.

  6. One of Tim/Sid (sorry don’t know the difference) gets owned at 7:00ish.


  8. to give the hawk his fair due … after the HR there was a gap and he murmured, “I love this game” … makes humble of us all …

  9. No wonder pujols isn’t hitting his real age about 40.

  10. LOL, zaun saying they should move lawrie . Because nothing says Im a dumbfuck like moving a toolsy player who has hit in the bigs at age 21, plays great defense, and is cheap as dirt. and 23 years old.

  11. Is Gregg Zaun getting dumber? I didn’t think it was possible.

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