Most of my contributions to DJF have been Kawasaki-related, and this one is no different. I just came across this commercial this morning, and it’s awesome. Here’s Kawasaki in a Nishi-Nippon Railroad commercial from 2007. Take a moment and appreciate that luscious hair… after the jump!

Enjoy the weekend my friends.

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  1. should the ttc try and have there own kawasaki transit commercial a la matt boner style?

  2. I was in Chicago sitting 3 rows above the dugout for the Wang start. After the second inning as the Jays came off the field, throngs of Taiwanese fans came down the aisle waving Taiwanese flags for Wang. Kawasaki looked up all confused, pointed to himself and yelled “I am from Japan!” in a confused tone to the Taiwanese group.

  3. Man… I started watching some of the related videos. Baseball in that country is a bit of gongshow.

  4. I am choosing to believe that it’s also him singing that killer tune in the background.

  5. He is Kawasaki and he is Japanese!!!!

  6. where the fuck is Sergio Santos?

  7. Does anybody know .. is Kawasaki from Japan?

    • When Kawasaki was signing autographs at Yonge/Dundas, I asked him this very question. At first he looked a bit taken aback due to my ignorance of his place of birth, but he must have quickly seen me smiling and realized I was in on the joke, at which point he confirmed “my name is Munenori Kawasaki and I am Japaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”.

  8. He needs to start doing videos here right away!!!

  9. Are people going to lose their minds when this guy is DFA’d next week?

    • He won’t be DFA’d. He has options. We’ll see him again in September, or when an injury occurs, or even possibly before the trade deadline.

  10. Kawasaki makes the good times roll man, he ain’t goin’ nowhere when Reyes comes back.

  11. Pretty sure this ad is for an outlet mall that’s easily accessed by trains, not for the transit system itself…

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