Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

After a fantastic performance last night from Esmil Rogers, the Jays have a half-decent to put themselves in the drivers seat tonight, with a possibly resurgent Mark Buehrle on the hill, taking on Justin Grimm. The Jays got to Grimm for four third-inning runs last Sunday, but their bullpen couldn’t hold the lead after Josh Johnson turned it over to them following just five innings of work.

Speaking of Sunday, Johnson left that start with a blister, which apparently is still bothering him, as the Jays have rearranged their rotation to accommodate it. Scott MacArthur of TSN was the first in my feed to tweet that Johnson has been pushed back to Monday, with Chien-Ming Wang now set to pitch on regular rest on Sunday, with R.A. Dickey going tomorrow.

Tonight, though, it’s Buehrle and the joke stadium– but also Justin Grimm and the joke stadium, and a few hot hitters in the middle of the Jays order. Why not us?


Speaking of Scott MacArthur, great stuff at, as he speaks with Chad Mottola, who is taking it slow with the horrifically slumping J.P. Arencibia– and trying to turn the negative of his current performance into a positive. “When you have fear in this game it tends to get really fast and you are 0-2 every time,” he says. “Then when you start seeing some pitches, recognizing them out of hand instead of just hoping, then we’re starting to go down the right path. That’s kind of where we’re at now. I think he’s kind of hit rock bottom and seeing the results and saying ‘Okay, I’m ready’ type thing and that’s when it’s easier as a coach.”

For some reason, according to an official tweet from the Seattle Mariners, that club has D’d Kelly Shoppach FA in order to sign Henry Blanco. OK then.

Tonnes of injury updates via Gregor Chisholm: Drew Hutchison threw live BP today and will throw a simulated game Monday. Sergio Santos threw long toss and will throw a side session either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. In addition to the sim game, Jose Reyes did some sliding drills today, and could play a rehab game for Dunedin on Monday. Brandon Morrow threw 40 pitches today and is scheduled to pitch in a game again on Monday. John Gibbons says Morrow will need at least two rehab starts, and that Reyes could be two weeks away still. Kyle Drabek is due to pitch two innings of an intra-squad game next week, as he recovers from Tommy John. Brett Lawrie is out of his walking boot (though other tweets were saying he’s almost out, I’m pretty sure), though there’s still no timetable for his return.

Regarding Josh Johnson, Gregor adds that John Gibbons says that the club just wants to give the blister time to heal, and with the rain out on Wednesday they could do it without asking anybody to pitch on short rest.

Lastly, Chris Toman notes that Ricky Romero had his best outing of the year today, at the time of his tweet, having thrown six scoreless innings, giving up just two hits and three walks.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Texas Rangers

2B Jurickson Profar (S)
SS Elvis Andrus (R)
DH Lance Berkman (S)
3B Adrian Beltre (R)
RF Nelson Cruz (R)
C Geovanny Soto (R)
1B Chris McGuiness (L)
CF Craig Gentry (R)
LF Leonys Martin (L)

RHP Justin Grimm

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  1. If they can win tonight……30-36 looks amazing compared to what it was a couple weeks ago.

    • It would also make them 29-28 against teams not wearing pinstripes.

      • I’m not going to bother looking up what the White Sox and Giants were wearing in our 3 losses to them, but they wear pinstripes.

      • @Max, That’s a Wilner Stat. Wilner likes to take the Jay record out against the yankees 1-8, to make them look good.

  2. Rogers is starting two days in a row?

  3. 5 – 2 against the Rangers and Rockies makes it 33 – 38.

    14 – 9 into the All Star break and the Jays are .500. It’s a stretch but Reyes and Morrow will be back by July. Hutchinson, Drabek, Perez and Santos are getting healthy.

    Dickey can’t really get much worse and Thole has to atleast add some value over Blanco.

    Hell even Romero didn’t allow an earned run his last start in AAA.

    Dare I say things are looking up?

    • Reyes Is back soon

    • They’re looking up, but don’t think playoffs or you’ll just let yourself down.

      A playoff berth for this club would be the most improbabl run since…. OK Oakland’s was more improbable last year.

      • Yeah playoffs will be tough, but if they can at least get to a point where they’re in the conversation then it’ll look good going into next year. At the very least it may silence some of the blow up the team fire AA and bring back Cito fuckheads.

        Stay on the boat.

        • I’m always on the boat, but this ’13 team breaks my heart.
          Every time I allow a bit of hope to creep in, they crush me like an ant on a sidewalk.

          But I’m still here.

      • We got to hope there is a low wild-card win threshold this year.

      • Let’s just focus on climbing up the standings. First, we’ll catch the Rays… and so on to the top ;)

    • Tulowitzki out for the Colorado series.

      Fowler has a bruised hand and may be out.

  4. Why the fuck is jpa still starting against righties over thole? This is fucking ridiculous. Gibbons has got to be hold accountable for this shit. A good manager realizes when its time to shake things up. I generally think gibby is, but he has fucked this up.

    • You’re preaching to the choir man.

      Time will tell what Gibby is up to.

    • Remember when JPA went 4 for 5 with 2 HRs in his big league debut? And everyone thought he might turn into a monster thumper in the Jays lineup?

      Good times.

    • That .233 OBP is hard for a manager to resist

      • Like, has gibbons watching this piece of shit all season?? Plus, when you factor in his career stats its even more of a head scratcher they still run this PCL all star out there every day.

        • I’m thinking we should have jpa take batting practice against Ricky romero. If it is all about confidence, striking out ten batters in a row should make you feel good. Ricky will be back up in no time!

    • I think whenever you see Buehrle on the mound you’re going to see JP behind the plate. Besides, Gibby had him batting 7th, it could have been worse.

  5. I kinda really enjoy watching Buehrle pitch. Sure beats the fuck out of Steve Tracshel

  6. On the golf course and the boat.

  7. That was JPA-like

  8. Hear me, JP? I’m creepin up on ya

  9. da fuck kawasaki

  10. I hate Nelson Cruz

  11. beauty

  12. He makes taking a walk look so easy.

  13. Making dinner + on the boat.
    Low-scoring games in Texas officially freak me out.

  14. New drinking game.
    Drink every time they say short hop. I think I’m at 4.

  15. Alright! Now we’re in business.

  16. Here we go…cmon Cletus

  17. COLBY!!!

  18. CLETUS!!!

  19. Biatch!


  21. Fucking right!!

  22. Attaboy rasmus!!! Thank fuck jpa is no longer hitting in the 5th spot at least.


  24. “it is the forth inning, I know.”

  25. JP’s back in the okay range again.

    • Streaky.

      Finger’s crossed.

      • It’s not like he doesn’t know he sucks.
        He’s better than this.

        • Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you
          If you’re young at heart.
          For it’s hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind
          If you’re young at heart.

          • To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
            There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see
            To the ends of the earth, would you follow me
            If you won’t I must say my goodbyes to thee

          • And if you, should survive to 105,
            Think of all you’ll derive
            Just from being alive!
            And here’s the best part.
            You’ve got a head start,
            If you are among the very young at heart!

            Aces SP!

    • JPA hitting a homerun is the worst thing.
      Well, second worst next to Buck + Tabby + then Zaun [foresaking me! + just when we were getting on!] saying essentially “it’s all okay now for JPA.”
      Thole will never be free.

  26. That must be the most embarassing hr given up of grimms career.

  27. jpa and boni with BACK TO BACK hits!!! How the fuck is that possible??

  28. We’re going to sweep Texas and Reyes will be coming back soon. Why oh why did we dig ourselves into such a deep fucking hole?

  29. Alright, we all make fun and stuff, but seriously…is it just me, or does Buck sound, like, LEGIT hammered tonight?

  30. Man buerhle is our ace

  31. Attaboy Cletus.

    Now I can go buy that vehicle from Bannermans!

  32. Eddie does doubles.

  33. Meeeew

  34. Can this whole team learn how to fucking slide? Jesus Christ Adam. You are lucky you’re not on the dl too after that…

  35. True

  36. Buck and Pat are juiced

  37. Is this the final year of Rasmus’ contract or do we have him back next year?

  38. Mark Zwolinski just got an unfollow from me. Considering he’s a writer his inability to use capital letters is fucking annoying.

  39. Buerhle reminding everyone that the stats guys are just fundamentally correct about baseball.

    He’s returning to his mean, which is 200 IP, a respectable era, and quick games. This is the Mark Buerhle that pitched a perfect game and lead the White Sox for so many years. His horrific start is a fading memory.

  40. I’m at the game tonight. We ends up sitting behind the Jays dugout next to a promo company guy who had Bautista’s bat and cleats. He let me try on the cleats, and as soon as I laced them up, Rasmus went deep. Then I picked up the bat and Arencibia went yard.

    Do I give them back or run for my life with them?

  41. Jays need to play Texas more

  42. Well this is kinda awesome so far.

  43. I’d really like a caprese salad.
    Any chefs in the house?

  44. Buehrle is really buehrleying it up 2nite…I’m enjoying this


  46. Well, Andrus is clearly not a leader.

  47. Ahahahahahaa

    That felt good

  48. Buck actually sounds tanked….

  49. You can never hide a new fielder.

  50. Man boni is fast

  51. Bonifacio sure makes the game look easy sometimes. Does things on the diamond that you just can’t teach. Future HOF’er for sure.

  52. This game has been fuckin awesome.

  53. Jose needs the man in white on the road

  54. Grimm sure is efficient with his pitches while getting shit-canned.

  55. Fingers crossed Dickey can do the same as Buehrle tomorrow. Thatd be fuckin siiick

  56. Nice to escape all the usual negativity tonight.
    Losing really brings out a different vibe.
    But I guess the night is young.

  57. I hope I’m wrong but I have 0 expectations for the game tomorrow. I have already marked it down as a loss in my head. I really hope I’m wrong. I just wish dickey wasn’t so bad

    • Maybe his Chakras, the wind, the humidity, his fingernails and his beard will all be perfect and he’ll give up 4 over 6 2/3…

  58. Im pretty new to the djf message board but I just want everyone to know that i got my first +1. Thanks Karen. You made my day!

  59. For God’s sake – can someone please tie Cletus down and take a razor to that abomination of hair on his….well, it’s more like his throat than his face? Colby, dude – there’s just some guys that can’t grow a beard….and you’re one. Well, you and Sidney Crosby…
    Jesus, you look fucking homeless.

  60. Colby, like gazelle

  61. Even Maice is raking

  62. wow what a whale that is…

  63. Since it’s all peace, love and no trolls 2nite shout out to the Jays bullpen being fucking awesome…

  64. Nice job Loup.

  65. This is the Jays sixth attempt since May 17 to smash through the glass ceiling of 7 games under .500. I hope they keep going and don’t look back.

  66. I wonder what hat Bonifacio’s gonna wear to his HOF induction ceremony?

  67. Why is Buck raising my hopes that Kinsler is going to be back on Sunday?
    If that doesn’t happen I’m holding him personally responsible.
    I’m not exactly the noblest woman when scorned…

  68. I think Trololosi wants a spot on the boat. If only he realized they’re about to improve to 20-15 since May 5. Sounds more impressive.

    Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 5m

    Blue Jays about to improve to 20-19 since May 1. This is not a bad team. Unfortunately, April counts.

  69. Beauty!


    • did you see the look on Beltre’s face when he tried to talk to MK and probably was updated on Japanese …

  71. Kawasaki always leaves Wilner feeling satisfied

  72. Woohoo!

  73. Well that’s an impressive couple of games.

  74. Awesome win.
    Time to crack open a bottle of nice merlot to celebrate.

  75. I wouldn’t be so fast to get rid of Buehrle.

    Another nice win, boys. Is that the third in a row or the fourth in a row? either way it was lovely!

  76. Listening to Buck is even worse now. I’ve seen more excitement at a funeral than I have with him.

  77. Well well well.

    It’s almost the middle of June but this is finally sorta looking a little like the team we wanted to see in April.

    • Yeah I thought we’d have to wait until the All Star for this team to click but they’re a bit ahead of my schedule.

      • @isabella

        +1. The team has played well in Texas over the past couple of years.

        What’s fun now is that the jays are playing well but there is no pressure of making the playoffs.

        If the Jays were in the wildcade race, every loss would end up with people bashing Wilner on Jays talk.

        Thisis a relaxing way to watch baseball.

        The Jays may creep up into the playoff race while no one is watching.

  78. Yay for the win!
    But boo-urns for the short game.
    I had no other plans for tonight…

  79. Well everyone, make sure you party proper tonight. As for me it’s a quiet night at home with a Captivator Doppelbock from Tree brewing and probably the new Arrested Development.

    A quiet celebration for a beauty win

  80. Buehrle’s a beauty.

    He’s a keeper.

    • It’s hard to believe that so many we’re ready to throw him on the scrap heap. I’m really looking forward to the second half.

      • Never doubted him. The guy is stand up.He’ll go another 200 IP’s again this year. I wish there was something that could be done to bring his dogs up so he would feel more at home.

    • The two players I’ve said the worst things about are Lind and Beuhrle.

      I don’t know how i feel

      • You stayed on the boat, though. That’s all that matters.

        • Truth, and hopefully all those horrible things I said about Lincoln turn him into a stud, too

        • @GSMC


          I think the past few weeks have been a good learning experience for fans.

          I was at the may 4th RA Dickey debacle when the Jays were pounded by the Mariners & was upset.

          I was lucky to attend last Saturday’s marathon game but had to leave in the 11th inning.

          The Jays are playing entertaining baseball.

          Just remember that a year ago we were bashing Adam Lind & Brett Cecil. Now they play well.

          The JPA bashing is getting out of hand.

      • You know what? FUCK LIND. You were right to give him shit. He got his ass in gear at literally the last possible time. He took a shit the day after he signed his extension and only bothered to get his act together when it seemed like he was going to out on the street. His contract is on a year by year basis from here on out and that is the only way to keep him motivated.

        If Anthopolous loaned him five bucks to get a hot dog after the game, Lind would literally go hitless until AA demanded and received his money back.

  81. I think I want to he a Colby Rasmus post game interview after every game from now on. Whether they win or lose.

  82. Loving these Buehrle starts, guy pitches like he’s double parked. 2 hours, 8 minutes!

    Good line Wilner: “not a lot to be mad about tonight, so should be plenty of lines open”

  83. Buehrle’s been really solid, and fun to watch too. ERA already down to 4.66, which is nothing gaudy in itself, but remarkable considering it was hovering around 7 not that long ago. Looks like he’ll end up with around 200 IP again, like clockwork.

    Two straight nights of the starter going 7 strong feels almost too good to be true. Once Dickey and JJ get their shit together, I suspect the Jays will start climbing the standings real quick.

    • Especially as I’m certain the Yankees are going to continue to poop the bed.
      I’m a fan – you can trust me.

    • Maybe they should give Dickey a rest if the rest of the staff is carrying its weight – let his back heal properly.

      • Yep, he’s shown such tantalizing glimpses of ridiculous machine-like effectiveness when on his game, but every now and then he tosses an absolute turd that just sours the taste. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jenks in there for a start or two.

        • @Spoony.

          True but Dickey set a good example by indirectly calling out Morrow & Johnson for being wusses and not pitching through what appear to be minor injuries.

          • @oakville, don’t get me wrong, I love Dickey and I think he could be a real horse for us at 100% without this back thing nagging him. If he was average/decent-ish every start I’d be tempted to let him pitch through it. But when he goes from Cy Young calibre pitching to Romero-esque shittiness on consecutive starts, it doesn’t seem like he’s forgotten to pitch as much as just lacking confidence/consistency because of his bad back. Just my 2 cents.

            • @spooney.

              I know Dickey is frustrating to watch at times. However, at least he shows up to pitch. Morrow & Johnson seem to be fragile.

              Lawrie is injury prone.

              Just listened to Gregg Zaun on baseball central today. he said that Johnson would probably be gone at the deadline. He also said the Jays should take offers for buerhle because he misses his dogs. He also said that Lawrie could move to 2B & JPA has to play better & can’t have poor at bats.

      • Yeah…I was thinking the other day missing 2 starts would probably be enough.

  84. good win. Buerhle always has some real good starts in him-let’s hope for more.
    Some steaming turds on the team, still , that have to be addressed. Now that fucker JJ has a sore blister-I mean c’mon FFS. I agree he’ll be gone by 7/31. Taking a guy for him now, drafted in 2012 who might make it in 2016 beats fucking around til 2014 then drafting an unknown maybe for the year 2018.
    They’ll take the 14m he would cost, add Olivers 3m and use it to fortify the team in some way ( or pay for Reyes/buerhle and other raises). They will choose from among Hutch/Perez or maybe Rogers for JJ spot next year. A guy who is 0 wins and era of 6 and a lousy K/BB ratio s/n/b too difficult to replace. He was good now he is just WAS

    • @farting.

      I am coming around to your position. Johnson and his “blister” is just the latest strange injury he has.

      At first, it makes sense to keep Josh Johnson, offer him 14 million , & if he accepts hope he’s healthy for 2014. If not, Jays get a 2014 draft pick.

      AA can dump Johnson in July & get a “prospect”.

      AA can use $14 million to upgrade other positions in 2014.

      • what if we are 6 games out of first come the trade deadline and we have all our guys healthy and playing well? why dump him for some shit prospect that will likely never even contribute as much as boni?

        • At that point you keep him and run him into the ground the rest of the way. It’s not like he’s coming back.

        • @Mike Wilner.

          If the Jays are within 5-6 games at the trade deadline, then they have to keep josh johnson.

          The problem with him is he hasn’t pitched very well this year. It would be nice if he could put a couple of good starts together.

        • not if he has stats like he does now. It’s a real big IF, but if they got there and he is still shit, then I think AA would trade for another arm while dumping JJ. We’ll see

    • That’s a bit extreme, but I agree with the sentiment. His pitching mentality just kinda sucks. I get that he can’t throw upper 90s any more, but he hasn’t turned into Mark Buehrle either. It’d be nice if a guy who still has 92-93 mph heat weren’t so afraid of the strike zone.

    • I get that a blister seems like such a minor “injury” for a professional athlete, but do people really not realize how important fingers are for pitchers? There’s no such thing as “toughing it out” for a blister since it affects everything these guys do.

      Here’s a fun experiment: go throw a few pitches, then tape a Skittle to your finger and throw a few more. Compare.

  85. Buehrle has gone 6 or more inning and given up 3 or fewer earned runs in 6 out of his last 7 starts. Not sure what more you can ask for.

  86. call me crazy, but couldn’t we option jpa (maybe let him work his shit out in the minors for a bit) and claim shoppach from the m’s to platoon with thole? 261/.355/.501 in 641 plate appearances against left-handed pitching.

  87. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but i would much rather have jpa.
    Jpa does a pretty good job calling and catching a good game. I know he strikes out like crazy but I think he brings more to the table than a platoon of Kelly fucking shoppach and josh thole.

    • I agree re: Shoppach, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Thole catch half the games. May the best man win.

    • not saying it’s necessarily the best thing for a long term thing. but if jpa needs work he’s got options and they should be used if we can have an acceptable platoon situation for nothing in the meantime. if the jays brass feels that mottola is the guy who can fix him best and fastest then i’d be okay with that but it doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world for a short term thing and if jpa can’t hack it in triple a it probably wouldn’t kill the team to have shoppach/thole platoon to finish off the year. i have no idea how shoppach is defensively but having watched jpa for three years i have trouble believing most catchers wouldn’t be an upgrade defensively.

  88. Colby’s quietly putting together a pretty solid season (now 3rd highest WAR on the team). I just really enjoy watching him play — glides around the field with such apparent ease and the way the ball explodes off his bat when he makes contact is just unreal.

  89. I haven’t read the comments to see if anyone said this yet, but “great stuff from” is not something I see too often on this blog.

  90. It’s been speculated that Reyes could probably be back in 2 weeks in Boston, so who goes out for him?

    • @will

      according to wilner, kawasaki will be sent down to Buffalo because he has options.

      Izturis has a 3 year contract & bonafacio is out of options.

      • hopefully they can send a reliever down instead, like Juan Perez, and keep Kawa up for pinch hitting purposes – I think if the starters can get their innings up, no reason to have an 8-man bullpen – but if things continue the way they are, likely Kawa is sent down because of the options things

        despite his slumping avg., he still is having a better season than either Boni or IZturis

  91. Only 7.5 games back of the wc

  92. Kinsler back today…..

  93. Gents, I’m stuck out here working in Sault Ste Marie for the next 6 months, scanning the radio like mad the last couple days, anyone know where I can catch the game on the radio? I wont have the internets up and running for a few more days.

  94. Fallow me at instagram encadwin

  95. Thole in for jPA today

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