Nifty little picture here of Jose Reyes, by way of Will Hennessy– aka @Williciousness– who tweets that “Reyes made good contact, ran well, fielded smooth today.”

That’s… just… fucking… awesome.

The pic is from the sim game referred to here, by Shi Davidi, who has even more decent news on the injury front:

As for Reyes, I noted in yesterday’s Daily Duce that Davidi quoted him on his progress– and, in particular, how long he’ll be rehabbing.

“If it feels like my swing is there where I need to be, I don’t want to take too long because I need to be here [Toronto] and not down there,” Reyes told him. “When I start to see live pitching and I feel like my swing is comfortable enough to be here I’m going to come up.”

Reyes last played on April 12th, so his time on the 60-day DL can be ended whenever he’s ready.

And there’s more gold on the Reyes front, as Ben Nicholson-Smith writes at Sportsnet about John Gibbons’ appearance today on Baseball Central with Jeff Blair and Gregg Zaun:

Even when Jose Reyes returns from his left ankle sprain, the Toronto Blue Jays expect to continue using Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion in the number two and three spots of the lineup.

. . .

Placing a slugger such as Bautista in the number two spot of the lineup may be an unconventional move, but it means the team’s best hitters come to the plate more often. Studies such as those in The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseballsuggest that batting a player of Bautista’s calibre second gives teams a small advantage over time.

“Over the course of the season that adds up,” Gibbons said.

Gibby. The. Best.

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  1. seriously, just give Gibby a Scioscia contract now. Gibby the best.

  2. First

  3. fuckin awesome.
    reyes is the best player on this team

  4. It’s sad how I have to defend Gibby to 99% of the population. He’s fuckin awesome.

  5. Gibby fucking rocks. They were doing this with the Reds too, slotting Votto in at 2nd because of his absurd .450 OBP or whatever it is now. Makes so much sense.

    I wonder where they put Melk then. His avg. is great but OBP hasn’t been amazing and with his legs being messed up, he hasn’t been running much this year anyway.

    Maybe Reyes, Bau, EE, Lind, Melk? then Rasmus and the rest?

    that could work out well – Lind in the 4th spot with his team leading OBP and sudden infliction with walk-itis, followed by Melk who puts good contact on the ball and move a slow runner like Lind over with ease. Then Rasmus is up and he’s either striking out or crushing the pitch hard somewhere.

    • Flip Melky but ok

    • I honestly prefer Melky or Lind in the two spot because neither of them has any power at this point. I understand what Gibby’s saying, I just prefer for Jose to come up with as many runners on as possible as often as possible. I’m not complaining though. Can’t wait to see what this team really is.

      • It’s not true that Lind has no power. He’s not a monster, but his 193 iso puts him above Votto, Holliday, Pujols, and in the same neighbourhood as Buster Posey and David Wright.

    • “The Book” would say Melky 3rd, EE 4th Melky 5th.

    • Personally, I would rather have the lineup go:

      Reyes, Bautista, Lind, EE, Melky, Lawrie (when he’s back), Rasmus…

      Lind’s current OBP makes him a good fit in the 3 spot and The Book says the 4 spot is the second most valuable spot anyway, so EE is a good fit there. Managers have been turning around Melky to the right side so going EE, Melky, Lawrie means that opposing managers will have to either burn through more relievers faster or have non-optimal matchups against someone.

      Of course, they’ve already said they like EE in the 3 hole so this lineup won’t fly.

    • I just need to point out the irony in all the groupthink on this blog, promoting a love for Gibbons, while these same people trash the “mainstream media” and others for being universally one-dimensional and stupid in talking about the Jays’ failures.

      I think Gibbons is good and bad. I certainly don’t think he should be fired, but I’m seriously wondering what objective criteria people on here use to evaluate him, and give him such a strong backing? Surely, it’s not the performance of the team, which one would think is a pretty solid criterion? I mean, seriously… I love the guy’s approach, his frankness, and the fact that he seems like an awesome dude who is funny, approachable, and level-headed.

      At the same time, I think it’s UTTERLY RIDICULOUS that people will jump down my throat for suggesting maybe this same laid-back approach is a negative when it comes to getting his team to play sharp. We play sloppy and undisciplined. That is a fact. We are poor situational hitters. Fact. We are, statistically, one of the worst fielding teams in the league, and maybe a more task-mastery guy would not stand for that shit?? Maybe I’d understand all the Gibbons love, if, you know, the team were not in last?

      • Oh ya, bring on the hate! Can’t wait for getting personally attacked for suggesting we shouldn’t praise our manager when our team is absolutely TERRIBLE, and we play uninspired and sloppy baseball. I just know Stoeten’s army of backers are just gonna internet murder me for being critical. Because being critical around here (if it’s about a certain subject) will always amount to being yelled at.

        • I like how disagreeing with you is automatically wrong and brainwashed of us (Stoeten’s army seriously?).

          I can list all kinds of reasons I like Gibbons, but not going to do it to someone that is just being an ass about it.

          If you think a manager is only as good as his record, then you have no insight to add so just go away. Go sit in a corner and wonder why Gibbons makes 1/5 of what one of our starting pitchers makes.

      • Maybe hitting and fielding skill has nothing to do with a guy yelling at you from the dugout?

      • I think it’s fair to suggest Gibbons deserves some share of blame for how the team has played thus far.

        At the same time, it’s also fair to praise a manager for making a move that has been aptly demonstrated to be a good move.

        I don’t think there’s any reason to give Gibbons a Scioscia contract, because it’s not like Gibbons is going to suddenly get a lot more expensive down the road because of his performance.

      • Troll

  6. I’ve called for JB and EE to be #2 and #3 since pretty much the start of the season. Now I just need Gibby to bring in Jansen in to a high leverage situation in an inning other than the 9th.

    I know the studies show moving up those hitters has a minimal effect. But here’s my question: how the hell can you prove that? If you are running their stats through in some sort of monte carlo simulation, then you are assuming their stats stay the same. The whole theory is that by facing the 2 best power hitters right in the first inning you put added pressure immediately on the other team. And that this pressure leads to better results for us. The gain you hope to see from this is not just that they get a few more at bats.

    Anyway, Melky and Lawrie are not good enough right now to be #2 hitters and push those guys back. If you HAD to put a #2 hitter in there, can’t believe I’m typing this, it would have to be Lind!

    • Worked for the Yanks too. They moved Cano up to #2 or 3 spot and he has helped them to score early often. Score first and the numbers generally support you winning more times than not.

      Based on his OBP, Lind should be #2 indeed, but probably not gonna happen because of the small sample size. Bau is still the best OBP guy for the Jays longterm after Reyes.

    • For me, if you think about Reyes leading off and, doing what he does best, getting on base, that changes the way the pitcher faces Bautista immediately. He’s likely to see more of them good ol fashioned fastballs that he likes to crush. And if the pitcher doesnt want to face him, you got “Pick Me Up” Edwin Encarnacion right behind him.

      I like.


  8. What an All-Star move by Gibby

  9. Waiting for Reyes to come back is like waiting for that first beer after work on Friday. It seems like it takes forever but is great when it happens

    • And the consequential move to send Kawasaki to Buffalo is like drinking said beer alone because all your friends went to the cottage for the weekend, bitter-fucking-sweet :(

      • Putting aside that he is funny and stuff, he is a weak, low average hitter and is solid at defence but not super special.

        Having said that, I’d still like to have him to give people rests now and then and to pinch run and even for some pinch hitting. He at least makes you feel like you saw a real at bat – fouls off 3 or 4, takes pitches, etc.

        • He’s also a fairly clutch hitter and can lay down a solid bunt when needed. Bonifacio cant do either.

      • On the plus side, I’m actually really excited about a road trip to Buffalo. Hit a day when Ricky is pitching, Munenori and Gose? That’ll be some fun baseball.

  10. Anyone who criticizes the hiring/managing of Gibbons so far this season, and is calling for his head, knows NOTHING about baseball – it’s as simple as that.

    Every time I read a ‘Fire Gibbons!’ tweet, I know I’m dealing with someone who doesn’t have a damn clue.

    Of course, Gibbons can make bad decisions, just like any manager in the history of time, but I’ve told the mouth-breathers who I see in person on a regular basis that he isn’t going anywhere for at LEAST the next two seasons. The team would have to start 1-50 next year for him to get canned.

  11. To quote our bearded leader: “Nails!!!”

  12. Can’t really argue with Reyes-Bau-EE, but where’s the Lind love? Guy leads the team in OBP.

    • Absolutely – you could put him #2, and maybe at some point they will. But right now, JB, EE and Lind are all doing well as things are. Why disrupt it. All that will change is Melky and Reyes switch. And Melky has been a lot better than at the start of the year, but with how great Reyes was and with Melky’s hamstrings, you kind of have to make that switch.

    • Of course you can argue with it… Reyes-Bautista is by the book but if you subscribe to the wisdom (and for the most part I do) of that approach then EE should be batting 4th not 3rd.

  13. There is so much awesomeness in this post.

  14. Here’s my theory:

    Parkes sent John Farrell a copy of The Book.

    Farrell throws it in the bottom drawer of his office desk and never opens it.

    Farrell leaves town for Boston and never cleans out his desk.

    Gibby moves into the office, finds The Book in the bottom drawer and decides to read it.

    Gibby bats Bautista 2nd.

    Thanks Parkes!!!!

  15. Reyes – Bautista – Lind – EE – Melky – Rasmus – Lawrie – JPA/Thole – Boni/Izturis

    That how I would like to see it set up….

    • … this is just the line-up against righties right? Cause there is no way I want Lind batting against lefties on a consistent basis let alone doing it while eating up a spot at the top half of the order.

  16. Fuck me, all this “we” talk drives me insane. You aren’t on the goddamn team.

  17. Gibby the best.

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