Game Threat: Jays @ Rangers

Yep. This is it.

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  1. The old Jays, that throw would have sailed into the bullpen, and been the start of a rally, Jays lose the game.

    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life

  2. Can we play in Texas all the time?

  3. Nice

  4. Could it be that the Jays are actually… kinda good?

  5. Hey, UFC in Winnipeg. I work at the Liquor store next to the MTS Center….thank god I got the day off

  6. March towards .500, steady and sure.


  8. A four fucking game sweep in TEXAS might happen holy shit don’t get off the boat

  9. Four of my Baseball Five play today.
    The Blue Jays with a definitive win.
    Good day, sirs! [and Karen]

  10. Sweet! .500,before the break! Do we dare say over .500?

  11. Meanwhile in former LF’ers:

    -Snider just hit his 3rd HR, rocking a .230 avg
    -Thames is who the fuck knows where

    and i am still scratching my head at the cries to sign Johnny Gomes, he of the 4 HRs, .205 avg . . . i.e. Maicer production

    and for the real stretch – KJ playing LF – well he is back to hitting .240, with a meh .317 OBP and in a power drought

    bless AA for his Melky signing

    • My love for lunchbox is unconditional. There’s nothing I can do about that

      • Me too, his insatiable love of meats and his swing made me a fan.
        I`m pulling for him.

      • I’m here. Lunchbox is never out of style, even if he’s in another city.

        • Lots of love for a guy who’s been a bad major leaguer and who’s only real selling feature is his high draft position and a good minor league career. not much for a guy whose been around since 2009.

          He is what he is. He’s not gonna turn into something else at this point

      • +1. The Jays didn’t give Lunchbox enough rope.

        Melky is fine, but the 16 million saved over 2 years gets you a quality pitcher or 2B

        • They should’ve just batted him against RHP the way Pittsburgh is doing now. Then when he matures, send him against the odd lefty the way the Jays are doing with Lind. The only prob with that whole scenario is, if that had happened you’ve got two LH hitters with the same problem. Things get too complicated:not to mention wasteful.

  12. Look at this way – Jays are 6.5 games back of wildcard, same # of games as Nationals are in the NL. No fucking way Nats don’t make playoffs, so surely the Jays will make it too?!! This me getting in touch with my inner Wilner . . . minus the stained knee pads of course

  13. Muscle cramps for jose

  14. Cecil 3 outs away from the RP perfecto

  15. Roberto Osuna pitched again today. 6 innings, 6 k’s, zero earned runs

  16. Happy to see there are a lot of teams a whole HELL of a lot worse off than we are

    • I watch a lot of Twins games + it’s so frustrating because you see a glimmer of “this could be good” + it’s almost always not.

  17. Cabrera worries me….he runs like he’s got sharp rocks in his shoes. I’m not entirely convinced he’s going to last much longer out in the field.

  18. Soooooo Henry Blanco just hit a grand slam..

  19. First off, had to leave to head out to my own ball game tonight. Came back to check out DJF and you guys fucking nailed it. Funny as hell.
    Second, the Jays are 6.5 games out of a wildcard spot. And for some reason, 6.5 games out sounds sexy. If they get to be .500 by Canada Day, look the fuck out. Things are getting interesting.
    Also, there are a few guys on my ball team who are Red Sox and Yankee fans, and they’ve been making jokes about the Jays all season. I’d just love to rub it in their faces.
    Go Jays Fucking Go.

  20. Interesting stat, over the last 30 games the Jays have the third best record in the entire American League at 17-13.

    Reyes back soon, Buehrle and Dickey turning the corner, I think it’s awfully fuckin fair to be optimistic at this point.

    • Ya know Smasher, there’s no games against the Astros in there….

    • Over the last 5 games the Blue Jays have the best record in all of baseball 5-0. and over the last 3 days Adam Lind is the best player to ever put on a Blue Jays uniform.

  21. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  22. been watching the rangers feed on the past couple days and it might be small sample size but i’d rather listen to their broadcast team over ours any day.

    • Ah hell, just revel in the good feelings + optimism.

      • oh i am. just doing it while listening to the opposing broadcasters. unless we’re playing chicago.hawk’s homerun calls make me want to stab needles in my ears to rupture my ear drums.

  23. RUH ROH

    Sean Nolin left his start after on 2/3 of an inning. wah happened?

  24. SWEEP!

    Get home quick and destroy the Rockies.

    35-36 by Wednesday.

  25. Also, on the Jose Reyes front, does anyone know what a simulated game actually is?

    • Seriously. I was wondering that too.

      • Simulated scenarios – so it’s a full game, but they can simulate whatever scenario they want, so they can put runners on base, change the count to 3-2, tell Reyes to bunt. Reyes can strike out and then they can go tell him to go on first base and try to steal

        It’s like those simulation tutorials you play in videogames where you can set up a scenario to practice for real-game

  26. So we have to go 9-4 agains the beasts of the east to get to .500 by Canada Day. That’s a tall order, but not impossible.

  27. Usually a simulated game is with a pitcher, catcher, batter and coach. The pitcher delivers, the batter swings, and the catcher and coaches would assess the result and determine “That’s a hit/fly/out”. If it’s a “hit”, that means you’ve now got a imaginary runner on first and the next pitch, you (as the next batter in the imaginary lineup) would try to hit accordingly to that scenario. Guys on third, with less than two outs…well, you try to hit to the right side, or long fly ball or whatever you’d do in an actual game to score him.
    Of course, catchers and pitchers and coaches can really fuck with the guy, telling him that everything he hit was an easy out, etc. I’ve seen it almost come to blows between teammates. Boys will be boys.

    • Its a weird concept and im guessing they only do it for rehabbing players. Might as well just put him in real minor league games( even half games for now). Fuck, i just really hope he is back next wkend against bal somehow. I cant wait to see him, jbats, ee, lind(cant fucking believe it) and even rasmus hit 1-5.

      • i think the reason for it is that once they go on a rehab assignment there’s a countdown to when they have to come off the dl. so they don’t want to put them back into real action if they might not be able to handle full games because everyday counts once they do. sim games get them a decent idea of their stamina and give them some practice with their timing ect. before they start the countdown to return. if they end up not needing the full rhab assignment that’s fine but if they start the rehab assignment too soon and they aren’t ready to return they either have to be listed back to the dl, get the recall or dfa i believe.

  28. Interesting lineup by gibby today. I think its their best one against LHP (minus reyes). My only worry is EE playing 3rd. Also, Im fucking thrilled JPA and Izturis are finally hitting where they belong.

  29. If the Bluejays actually complete a four game sweep I will shit my pants.

  30. Yanks have lost 5 in a row, Texiera is injured again and today’s lineup has wells, overbay, nix, brignac and stewart in it.
    I don’t know how they were winning early in the season but I think it’s evening out.

  31. Does anyone really miss Lawrie?
    It’s like “Oh, hey…right, he’s not here”.
    The last few games, the defense from third base has been pretty not-too-horrible.

    • When I stop and think about it,that’s an interesting observation.
      The buzz seems to be more about the excitement of Reyes returning and little worry over Lawrie getting back.
      It’s like when he gets back, he gets back.No rush.
      Lawrie, while an exciting defender, isn’t that dramatic of a game changer.
      Whereas Reyes is.
      So much for Stoeten’s theory of fans having “maple boners”.
      We want the best team possible on the field.

    • Izturis making those throws is pretty shaky. And we have EE playing there today.

      I think Lawrie is nothing short of a joke, but he can come back anytime now.

  32. I just looked ahead to who the other guys are playing this week, it looks pretty good from a Toronto perspective.

    Detroit hosts both Boston and Baltimore.

    Aside from that, and a two gamer where the Dogers go to New York, everyone else has to play AL EAST teams, so losses are guaranteed by those ahead of the Jays.

    Even CLE plays KC and OAK plays TEX.

    Point being, if the Jays take care of their own business this week, not much has to happen that is out of their control to be right in the thick of things for Reyes’ return.

    Stay on the boat!

  33. Wang is going to dominate.

  34. Fuck .500 by the All Star break. With the way this team is finally playing, and with key guys still missing, I have optimism that they’ll be 2-3 games over that mark by then.

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